Midnight Beast, The - Pointless Skit 3 Lyrics

Hi there,
You've reached Ashley Horns answer machine
Leave a message after the tone

Ashley I know you're there
Pick up quick havent got much time

You're not gonna believe this
Its me, its you
I'm the future Ash

The year is year 2044
The world, is a disaster

If this album, Shtick Heads is released
There'll be war

No, no!
The pigeons
The pigeons are coming!

Drew behind you,

Shtick Heads reaches number 1
Its the end of humanity and we know it!

Giant pigeons
Radioactive nuclear pigeons

It was just mean to be a comedy album


End of message

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Midnight Beast, The Pointless Skit 3 Comments
  1. MissBritneystorm

    Why am I watching this still 😂

  2. SarahHannahVlogs


  3. witchywoman2008

    Saw them live for the second time on Tuesday. So glad they sang(?) this. It’s still hilarious.

  4. Natalie M.

    “Drew got found” is the best part

  5. Rose E.

    Lmaoooooooo memories

  6. Holly W

    Still a bop ‘before throwing up all over... was it Hayley?’

  7. Man Like Apri

    How did I watch this when I was 9 😂😂

  8. Melody Cutie Cupcakes

    This is amazing!

  9. Jack Norris

    Haven't listed to this in years and years and years but the words are just etched into my memory.

  10. thewildannasaurus

    holy throwback

  11. Domi Z

    Now I know what I'm going to sing for the rest of my life

  12. Daniel Howlett

    Absolute bop!

  13. Jerry Vang

    This... this was posted at the beginning of my Junior year of high school... I never heard of them until 3 days ago. 👴

  14. 20DK09

    Lmfao ah I love this song I've been here since the tik tok not sure how long that's been but y'all are still great!!

  15. Kay The MilkShake

    Drew you've changed 😂

  16. Aziza Brown

    I remember this!

  17. CarlaSophie66

    Wow, I can't stop smiling when listening to this tune after like seven years. Still amazing!

  18. tijmen131

    I love feeling g...I mean happy

  19. Oh Look It's Nicole

    what a throwback, I loved this so much when I was 12, and now I'm 19 I've rediscovered my love hahahaha

  20. Austin Horner

    Still watching in 2016

  21. Kira Wright

    This song proper takes me back :'D Tunee

  22. Jordan Poulding

    They joke about being asleep at '1 in the afternoon' but that's a daily occurrence for me...

  23. phoebe platt

    damn dru.

  24. Amelie Flint

    Wish I could walk with you😔

  25. DevexxMusic

    Quite possibly my favourite song of all time

  26. ProdicalMage

    "Drew..you've changed" dunno why this has been edged into my brain for years 😂

  27. bobbie hauser

    Still love this song!!!

  28. Asda Bleach

    Nice song

    Asda Bleach

    Wow I really need a upgrade I sent that 5 years ago...


    "I sent that 5 years ago" you know you can see when it was posted right? lmao, 3 months ago.

  29. Sophie Frost

    I'll walk with u

    Sophie Frost

    I don't live in London though :c

  30. Tyson__ __

    oh Fuck 😂😂 I was in year 5 when This came out like holy shit, and now I'm in year 11

  31. Megan Kennedy

    I relate to Dru in this a little too much...

  32. Tanay Aylin

    I became a big fan when tic tok first came out I had your jumpers and books etc 6 years on and I still love you and know every word to your old songs I love you tmb❤️

  33. Keeley Brown

    still love this😊

  34. thequeendarkness

    Who came here because of their tweet today?

  35. King C

    I don't think I'll ever stop listening to this

  36. Makala Leigh

    I'm glad I've started listening to you guys again. But one question, does anyone k ow what happened to mister enigma?

  37. 19melina92

    I remember watching this 5 years ago when suddenly my dad was standing behind me right about when dru puked. He tried to stop me watching youtube videos after that. Because if I had time to look at disgusting things like this, I definitely would have time to get better grades =')

  38. Cass Gray

    "the police came..."
    "i shot them"
    why dru

  39. Tidy Roof Rat Party

    man this was such a tune

    The Midnight Beast


  40. Kira Wright

    Wow I used to be obsessed with your channel and songs ages ago! So glad I've found them again :D

    Kira Wright

    And I'm back one year later again


    Same here haha!

  41. Frippyyy

    never forget omg 

  42. Uma Yusuf

    Wow... That's sums up my sister's life in one song... I didn't think it was possible...

  43. ジェイI Look Like a Toe

    But... you're skipping. I skip too much for my own good I look like a 1950's 8 year old school girl. Dammit -.-

  44. Georgianna Wells

    this was stuck in my head through all of my exams and I nearly wrote 'and theres a cat' in an English essay like twice :\

  45. Chelsea Elizabeth

    This has and always will be my favourite skit, never fails to make me laugh

  46. Danielle Moulds

    London is a city

    The Midnight Beast

    Yes... Yes it is

  47. Hannah Riddall

    Dat voice crack

  48. Jean Higgins


  49. allbeletshappy1

    i cant believe this was four years ago! fuckin eh still love it :) 

  50. Animaljam Fan

    "We feel so gay!"
    "Meaning happy!"
    "And theres a- Cat!"

  51. brokengoatlol

    Omg my names hayley x

  52. Sophie Rodell

    I love the song and videos and tv show and the fact that a great grop has finally come out of London but iv got one question what do the midnight beast call there fans? Cos I really want to now because I am so a super fan

    420 69

    they call their fans TMBeasts

    Sophie Rodell

    Ok thanks

  53. Bieza01

    i could literally replay this forever 

  54. Zaraahfam

    I swear this could be a children's song if it wasn't so inappropriate :p

  55. Grace E

    Lol Drus overdosing on the tic tacos

  56. HANNAH

    So funny

  57. Meghan

    "THAT'S RIGHT!!! ...ya bitch."
    hahaha omg I love them :D

  58. TheMightyBaino

    ya bitch.

  59. Lewis W

    All time favourite :')

  60. Chris Mc

    That's right.. ye bitch. Still fucking amazing.

  61. Nick La-Ahab

    I thought it was Meth, but maybe I'm wrong.

  62. GinnyStoleMyMan

    Awesome music video. What do I notice? It's apparently not illegal where they are to park on the opposite side of the road like it is here.

  63. Corinne'Lucie

    I just love Dru so much :')

  64. Beckie Abingdon

    Not every song, Daddy made me cry...it still does

  65. Leia Collins

    Cbeebies ♥

  66. mal d

    dudes name isnt Andru

  67. Saffaninja Duffyz


  68. Dominic Naylor

    Dru you've changed.

  69. crissy4445

    There was a serious lack of walking in this...

  70. thewildannasaurus

    well that escalated quickly...

  71. Inner Beauuty

    Love itty

  72. beckii tyson

    BYE at 1:40 is just fuckin incredible!!!!!!!!

  73. Jordan Poulding

    "YOU BITCH" "dru you've changed..." HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  74. shalidar179

    Want Dru's hat.

  75. Emilee Justus

    Mr guldenshuh is mad at me for singing this in his class and it being a "disruption" it's a good song though!

  76. Kitty S

    fulham road

  77. Morgan Oxley

    ....Dru....it's Dru....

  78. Rin Sawyer

    Holy crap that is a gigantic cat.

  79. Danielle Barker

    My boyfriend is annoyed cause I sung this in front of him and he has it stuck in his head

  80. Colt v1

    0:53 testipop

  81. hennessy Mendez

    im gonu go do some tictacs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Bob Marley

    OMFG THEY LIED THEY WERE SKIPPING! I feel so ripped off.

  83. Ashleigh Hardman

    I started singing this in Science..

  84. Emily Zaums

    They were skipping not walking!

  85. Bursthooverbag10

    Thats Right! *Ya Bitch*

  86. TwiTchy johnson

    @tonetonus no they are gay walking...get it...j-walking gay walking. Nevermind

  87. That'llDoMacey

    You know that you guys were skipping... right?

  88. Slammed n' Scraped Crew

    lol same style than thelonelyisland - Awesometown

  89. kaya brown

    ? still hot

  90. Evie

    I'd love to walk with them through London town:')

  91. SlurpFanta

    i drink drive get high fuck hoes allll night

  92. Skyler Rush


  93. Amelia B

    The cat lmao X

  94. Jamie Walker

    Thumb up for dru's rap