Midnight Beast, The - Life Is A Musical Lyrics

What the fudge was mr jones on about back there
I don't know man but that guy is some kind of crazy
Are we gonna show these kids how to kick it or what
Damn right we are let's do this thing

Life could be cool like American high school (high school is cool)
We dance around and use dollars not pounds (different currency)
Standing on a car playing my guitar
We reached the final curtain that will be we know for certain because

We all love, a happy ending
We're blessed
We're the best
We're all fucking amazing
We all love a happy finish
Let's all have a ball
Because life is a musical
Life life life is a musical
Life life life is a musical

We stick together whatever the weather (sunshine rain)
Brother to brother in love with each other (but we're not gay I mean it ok?!)

We all love a happy ending
Hey look there's a clown
There's no frowns
In this town
We all love a happy finish
Let's all have a ball
Cuz life is a musical

The midnight beast are everywhere
Now everybody throw your hands it the air
The midnight beast are in the place
Now everybody slap your face
Now everybody slap your friend in the face

We all love a happy ending
I once was the lead
Now I'm dressed as a tree
We all love a have finish
No need to have timing
We're all bloody miming
We all love a happy ending
You'll look like a dick
And you'll dance till you're sick
We all love a happy finish
Lets all have a ball
Because life is a musical...

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Midnight Beast, The Life Is A Musical Comments
  1. ItzLivvy

    What up and season was that in?

  2. Peter Sharp

    I swear I saw a video of this and dru was sick!

  3. Megan

    not that it matters but the reason drus parts sound like ash is because they are taking the piss out of high school musical where on the first one zac efrons (playing troy) voice was mixed with someone elses. because of puberty and voice change

  4. angelina green

    I hate Nicole Taylor look at her comment :O she stupid and an idiot

  5. De De Franklin

    I love these guys!

  6. theshadowling1

    That is cause they are making fun of American accents as well.

  7. theshadowling1

    Okay for that "LIFE" at the end, how much can I get that it was ash on the recording.

  8. Jade Porter

    these guys make glee and high school musical look amazingg

  9. hawk ryde

    Yeah cos I saw the series and this is in one of the episodes and dru doesnt sing much

  10. hawk ryde

    call ash and stef idots again huh

  11. Nicole Taylor

    Ash and Stef idiots

  12. inactive183

    Ash and Stef are singing the chorus. You can tell after watching 'Friends For Never'

  13. Helen Gent


  14. Nytheron

    If it is one of them it'll be Ash. Dru doesn't do singing

  15. Nevershoutclobowz Ox

    Ash says "mining' ok?

  16. Nevershoutclobowz Ox

    Does it matter who's saying what, Jesus you can't like the midnight beast that much if you can't understand who's singing which part bro.

  17. Chris D'Avanzo

    Ok, I pretty much love their American accents.

  18. Jojay Dawkins

    They use auto tuner but they sound pretty much the same live :P

  19. Justanotherkaty

    If that is dru singing...WHY THE FUCK DOESNT HE GET MORE SINGING BITS!!
    mini rant done.

  20. Hollye Bear

    I love your user. Giraffes are my favorite.

  21. marcie jeffs

    it is ash singing listen to some other videos

  22. DaniNico3Z

    It sounds like a little bit of Hair Spray along with High School Musical, Glee, and TMB!

  23. Nali Raouf

    dru actually does the drums thats why he sings less

  24. Bridget Baggins

    Like the first video without a ...

  25. Elliot Stock

    ... Just because he is miming in the video doesnt mean its him singing -_- it's not his voice singing. If you watch the acoustic video of video games youll see that stef has to sing drus part at he end of the song because dru isnt good enough to sing his part well. its obvious.

  26. Grace Daniel

    I watched the video.

  27. Maia Lumb

    yep me and my friend slaaped eachother in the face.. i still have bruise:L

  28. Ryan Blaney

    They're kind of like Flight of the Conchords, if there was an extra dude and they were a boyband

  29. Catrin Roberts

    its definatly ash

  30. marcie jeffs

    no its ash watch the show

  31. Elliot Stock

    how did you check? it doesnt sound like ash either tbh...

  32. Elliot Stock

    doesnt mean its dru singing, someone could have sang his part for him, because hes not that good of a singer

  33. Grace Daniel

    It's Ash, I checked. xD

  34. Grace Daniel

    I checked it out for you all and If I remember correctly, it's Ash who sings it.

  35. ambertheyorkie

    lol 'you look like a d**k and your dancing is sick'
    made me laugh so much the first time i saw it in the last tmb episode!

    Random Game

    Bit late, but it's "you'll dance til you're sick"

  36. Josh Folley

    just watch the episodes on YouTube they just uploaded them all so people outside of the UK can watch them

  37. Elliot Stock

    i know that, but it really doesnt seem like drus voice, i dont think he has a voice like that

  38. James Allen

    It is Dru singing, he is saying "We're all bloody miming" to take the piss out of people off High School Musical and Glee who mime. God.

  39. Grace Daniel

    They're all miming, but it's them singing... They just mime during the music video... It's still their voices.

  40. Ben Kearsley

    2:28 Random but funny... i like it

  41. Joanne


  42. [moved to lucyfer]

    Bloody hell..this is catchy XD

  43. Elliot Stock

    No way is that dru singing....

  44. Elliot Stock

    do you understand what miming is? they are miming in the video obviously, so they are all miming, not just dru, but its not even drus voice (i dont think)

  45. Emma Chandler

    Dru sounds immense!!

  46. Lauren Briggs

    sounds so much like hairspray aswell ahaha

  47. Zoe Wright

    Dry sounds amazing in this ... I hope he sings more often in future songs

  48. Jessie Fitzgerald

    Wow Dru sounds amazing in this

  49. Sally Cinnamon

    i keep annoying my sister by slapping her when it says 'now every body slap your friend round the face'

  50. Kimberly Blease

    Dru sounds awesome in this<3

  51. JKO S.D

    she is my sis and liam is a sisie

  52. Shelby-lou Weekes

    But don't forget it's an American High school based song and video!!!

  53. Tori Halley

    I really wish it was, but I don't think so

  54. giraffehatstebs

    Is that dru singing. couldnt work it out last night. Doesnt sound like him

  55. brodie O

    love,love,love this

  56. Jess Clark

    I fixed it.

  57. Jess Jones

    High School Musical + Glee + TMB= LIFE IS A MUSICAL

  58. Jess Clark

    I converted this and put it on my Itunes and my itunes gone weird :s

  59. Jess Clark

    I fucking love you lauren.