Midnight Beast, The - Last One At The Party Lyrics

You're the last one
At the party
And you've done
Too many drugs
You're too fucked up
And everyone else is taken
For the fifth night in a row
And deep down you'd rather be watching Netflix
Binging on the new shit
But you're the last one at the party
Again, again

All of my friends
Are only around
With a couple weeks notice
They're all driving five doors
Whilst I'm here basically homeless
Sleeping on my parents sofa
Breakfast with a flat corona
They're Meeting up for weekly yoga
Eating pots of dry granola
Offering me new advice
Like where to find a girl that's nice
And how to unfuck up my life
How to unfuck up my life

You're the last one
At the party
And you've done
Too many drugs
You're too fucked up
And everyone else is taken
For the fifth night in a row
And deep down you'd rather be watching Netflix
Binging on the new shit
But you're the last one at the party
Again, again

All of my friends
Have serious jobs
And I'll never get one
The only talent that I'm
Known for lately, is rolling a fat one
N I'm the only one participating
Cause they all smoke in moderation
Or someone's driving designated
Growing up is overrated

You're the last one
At the party
And you've done
Too many drugs
You're too fucked up
And everyone else is taken
For the fifth night in a row
And deep down you'd rather be watching Netflix
Binging on the new shit
But you're the last one at the party
Again, again

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Midnight Beast, The Last One At The Party Comments

    Dear Midnight Beast I've been listening to your music from day one and I will always continue to listen to your music you guys rock Keep On Keepin On

  2. all wanted thing

    come on guys make parody of baby and love you guys since 2009

  3. Brandon C

    This is your best song! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

  4. bicanoo_magic

    Who else found this because of the newly resleased TIK TOK parady?

  5. Lion Heart

    I like TMB since i was a little boy... Soo keep up the good work GUYS!

  6. Craig Robertson

    My god I thought you guys were dead?

  7. The Carvery

    Lol I was the 1k liker

  8. Melody Cutie Cupcakes

    If they came to my house I'd be screaming the whole time! 😂 Good thing they didn't I guess. Would totally obsess over Ash!
    This song always makes me emotional. :')

  9. Brandon C

    I fucking love the lyrics!

  10. Thomas Whiteowl

    100% chance I would service Ashley's Horne

    The Midnight Beast

    He's love that

  11. A Girl Named T

    What the fuck was up with the balloon head banana girl?

  12. Nancy Depraida

    You guys have no idea the level of joy it brings me to return to this channel after 8+ years to see you’re still making hilarious videos. Thank you for giving high school me some serious jams, the nostalgia is real.

    The Midnight Beast

    Hahaha aw big love! You should come to our tour in September!

  13. Cheeky Toast

    I wish you guys will be more popular soon !!

    The Midnight Beast

    That's sweet! Keep sharing us

  14. Logan Williams

    so when i was like 10 i found “strategy wanking” and became obsessed with that song bc ? kids think sex is hilarious i guess. but anyways i came to see what you guys were up to and found my nEW FAVORITE BAND

    The Midnight Beast

    WOW thats awesome to read! -You seen our latest, we JUST dropped it

    Logan Williams

    The Midnight Beast checking it out now!

  15. Kellie Michaud

    I used to watch your tik tok parody and lez be friends video and im so impressed with you guys now. So glad i decided to see what you're up to cause im digging your newer stuff

    The Midnight Beast

    Sick thank you!! Come and see us on tour too

  16. Nicole

    You guys deserve way more subscribers. Been a fan since Tik Tok Parody :)

  17. DapaChrons

    cheers lads

  18. Indpai

    Came from Daz video, not disappointed.

  19. Theo Marceau

    i love it when you guys do more serious songs

  20. JoNChill

    Glad you guys are still making tunes. Always been a fan

  21. Madness

    You three are the most realistic and hilarious people I watch on YouTube ❤️ (fan of yours since tik Tok lol😂)

  22. Cooper Campbell

    This song makes me feel some type of way, and I wasn’t expecting that from you guys. Big, big fan of the feels.

  23. The Lost-ist

    i love drus new look, a bit neo-nazi esk but dru pulls it off xx

  24. Jack Kerr

    Drew can actually pull off that beard now that he has no hair. Lookin' good bro!

    The Midnight Beast

    Big love mate

  25. AODxBurnzy

    Banging song keep it up man

  26. edgy december

    I fuckin love this

  27. Finnbar

    this reminds me so much of drugs by lil aaron, I love it so much, I need a whole album of this sound xo

    The Midnight Beast

    You seen our new video?

  28. Ally Bby Gorl

    Why is this not viral?!!!

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    Too much autotune :'(

    The Midnight Beast

    Shame you don't dig it, just a vibe :)

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    keep up the strong beard game dru

    The Midnight Beast

    You got it!

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    So like how many times is a normal amount to watch this?

    The Midnight Beast

    1 million..... AT LEAST

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    Why did you do this to your voice?? :(

    The Midnight Beast

    Do what?

  35. Ambie Morgan

    Cant really say tthey dont care about their fans.

    The Midnight Beast

    We LOVE our fans

  36. Louise P

    Aw mannnn! do this again but in Australia and do all 9 at my house yea cool cheers see you there ✌🏼

  37. Brandon C

    This is so awesome, i love the punk vibe to it, great work, and that was so nice of you guys to go to meet some TMB fans, you guys are great!

  38. Radke

    This is so cute!! Although I'm not a big fan of all the autotune in this and the other new songs

  39. Thaddeus Russell

    I love everything about this

  40. Psixi

    1:09 is the only appropriate reaction :')

    Dezza Muffin

    Why thank you, I know right 😂

  41. eimer batchelor

    OMG DREWS HAIR! ash is still the fit one

    The Midnight Beast

    Dru's fitter... HAHAHAHA

  42. SpiritDollie

    Amazing as always guys ❤️

  43. Jackie Hatton

    this is sooo much better, this type of sound is your forte stick to it!!

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    I love Stefan ❤️

    The Midnight Beast

    and he loves you

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    why does this sound like shit for.....like the quality sounds so bad....

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    1:09 the reaction 😅❤

    Dezza Muffin

    What can I say?! I was excited 😫😫😂

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    you guys are amazing

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    i have been a fan since TikTok

    this is so wholesome ahhhh

    so so happy youre creating so much recently !

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    Omg, I love this song and this video so much. Great job guys.

  53. Talisha Abingdon

    holy shit this is honestly your best song to date!! i can't wait to party to this

  54. Will Robinson

    'You're the last one at the party, and you've done too many drugs, you're too fucked up'... mate, I've never related to a song so much in my life 😂😂😂

  55. Daisy Iona

    Aaaaaand 19 year old Daisy has fallen back into her 15 year old love for you lot

    The Midnight Beast

    lovely to hear Daisy and thank you! You heard our new one yet?

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    Last one at my party, first song being played at my next party

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    So happy and privileged to be the thumbnail to this

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    Love this, great song and video! I can't stop singing it xxx

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    Absolutely LOVE this song !!

  60. Shannon Dean

    when your friends are getting married and being successful and they ask you what you've been up to 1:37

    Stay Hydrated

    Shannon Dean GOLD

  61. Pure Julia

    from russia with love! (your fan since 2010)

    The Midnight Beast


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    wait this is a fucking bop

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    Still trying to convince someone to come to your show with me

    The Midnight Beast

    We'll be there

  64. TalkCookieMonster

    It’s so cool how far you’ve guys have came and amazing bangers you’ve made since I’ve first found you (friends for never👌) keep going this music video idea was great!👌

  65. ItsPRabbit

    Slayin it guys!

  66. M&C Gaming

    So annoyed this didnt show up in my notifications 😔 well done boys ! Love the video ❤

    The Midnight Beast

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    This video is so cute, I love it and it looks like you guys had a lot of fun filming💕

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    You guys really are amazing and you are so talented keep up the good work and keep doing what you love, you should have more subs than pewdiepie but that's just my opinion but your truly talented and your great at what you do ❤️❤️

  70. night mime

    I was invited to a few lame parties and i was late for all of them and tbh would rather be binging netflix

  71. night mime

    This song is hella catchy

  72. night mime

    They could've come to my house but i dont live near london so rip

  73. Esty DeeDee

    I love this song but I can't relate because I'm never invited to anything!

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    Has drew just given up with his receding hairline

    The Midnight Beast

    Abi Sample pretty sure he’s just shaved his head? (Dru*)

    The Midnight Beast

    Pretty sure he just shaved his head?

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    Do you guys know the word disappointment? My TMB playlist is in the sixties

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    This is great lads, well done! :)

    The Midnight Beast

    icecreamgirl227 aw thank you!


    Thanks for replying to my comment! :) been a fan for years and I'm excited for the new stuff lol

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    The Midnight Beast

    You are so kind thank you! (Dru)

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    The Midnight Beast

    Ryan Carder each to their own Ryan, but thanks for the feedback...

    Ryan Carder

    I just think it would have been better with more of your natural voice.

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    Smashing lad levels.

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    MAKE MORE CONTENT GUYS! -A guy since Tik Tok Parody

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    Cihan Koc we will dude!! Thank you for the support

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