Midnight Beast, The - Just Another Boyband Lyrics

I see you baby,
Doin' the dance that I saw on the TV
(Doin' your dance, I wonder what's goin' on in your pants)
You know me baby,
If I sing my song you're bound to recognize me
(And you'll sing along, I wonder what's goin' on in your thong)
Your heart is mine, notice that I'm,
Singin' you lines from one of our number one's
When you get home, then you will know
(Fuckin' hell, can you not tell that)

We're just another boy band,
We'll tear your little sister's heart apart,
We're just a fucking boy band,
You might not like us but we're in the charts.
And in a motherfucking boy band,
The girls are underage but we don't care,
And when you throw your panties at a boy band,
After the shows we keep your underwear.

Don't know if it comes as a big surprise
But I'm the token rapper guy
I just sing really high, needlessly randomly improvise
And when our album flops, and all the hope around us dies,
I'm the secret weapon that comes out and says that he likes kissing guys
Drink what we piss,
Shag what we kiss,
Live how we wish,
It's not that easy being me
We may be men, like Action Man,
Our record label made us unable to

We're all doin' things that we know ain't right;
We're wearing sunglasses at night
We've got 100 fans,
That's why we're better than your band
The only fan you have is cooling you down
And it seems to be the only thing that's moving around and around
Just like a circle,
We're simple yet we're known,
We're also square,
We find it hard to go out on our own
Without a problem!
You got a problem? I'll knock you out, alright?
But please don't punch me back we've got our photo shoot tonight!

Boy band,
We hear the birds around us singing,
We're just a fucking boy band,
We're flying but we don't have wings,
And in a motherfucking boy band,
The girls are underage but we don't care,
And when you throw your panties at a boy band,
After the shows we keep your underwear.

We're just another boy band,
We'll tear your little sister's heart apart,
We're just a fucking boy band,
You might not like us but we're in the charts

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Midnight Beast, The Just Another Boyband Comments
  1. Stormie Moore

    This shit still bumps, hell yeah TMB ❤️

  2. Ash T

    This song has aged well watching this Christmas Day 2019!

  3. Ashen Knight

    I remember When I heard this song for the first time.. It's been 9 years ago soon, but nothing changed :)
    ( In Hungary not so much people knows about them :'( )
    Keep up this fantastic work!
    Greetings From Hungary!

  4. Courtney Acey

    8 years later and I still know the lyrics

  5. Eliot Mykal

    I can’t believe this came out nine years ago. I REMEMBER WHEN IT CAME OUT. Oh my god.

  6. Helena Carvalho

    2019 comeback crew?

    kholoud abdu

    Helena Carvalho HELL YEEAAAAA

  7. lola madelein

    omg mad how i was the little sister listening to this at 13 and they DID tear my heart apart

  8. egerazor

    Isn't it cute when you read comments that say "I remember when this came out" and those comments are 4 year old. We really must be getting old

  9. Caitlin Thomas

    Things were so much better in 2010. I didn't have a care in the world, i felt like i could do anything. I felt yung, Im only 16 now but so much has changed...

  10. Nihilistic Atheist

    “The girls are underage, but we don’t care.”
    Is this band involved with the BBC?

  11. Hunter Vail

    I unironically loved and still love this song

  12. Jake Rimmer

    Does anybody know what camera they’re using? Around the 3:10 mark.

  13. Toni Hudson

    Can't wait to see #themidnightbeast 6th December 😁😁

  14. Melanie Mirfin

    9 Years later and this is still awesome.

  15. Hollie

    “Tear your littles sisters heart apart” yeah that was me I was the little sister

  16. booozz z

    Since 2014

  17. booozz z

    If you have ever imagined whta u was going to be one day bt u just quited what u are not and there got huge respect by my side bt u guyz gonna do something with what people feel good after that u could rock the wworld with youre thing a fan from india

  18. Aoife Graham

    ngl this one is a legit banger

  19. emilyspook

    Such a fuckin banger to this day

  20. sinking ship

    0:55 is the best joke in the video

  21. Osiana Dawn


  22. Reanne_Michelle


  23. Melody Cutie Cupcakes

    The Midnight Beast. The best Boyband ever!

  24. Stich Gaming and E. N. O

    Reach I'm underage bbuutt I still think stef is cute!!! 💕 ❤️

  25. Natasha Trimble

    I can't believe it's nearly been 8 years! Still brilliant

  26. Joel Stone

    “The girls are under age and we don’t care”
    Chris Hanson: take a seat

  27. Rose Davis

    How is this song 8 years old this year?! Still a banger.

  28. j sizzle

    over 7 years later and I'm still here

  29. Natalie M.

    i seriously have loved these guys for so long. at least since 2014 lol i remember singing all of these with my friend

  30. piyokodasdeppenkind

    i was underage but i did'nt care... now i'm still a little sister who's heart is took apart... <3

  31. XanderSmash86

    this needs to be Christmas number 1 (yes I know its old I'm not stupid, just stating facts)

  32. _x.rubbish.x_

    0:56 wErE jUsT aNoThEr BoY bAnD

  33. Erin X

    Cheeky lil tmb throwback sesh

  34. Katy Busby

    It’s 2017 and I’m still obsessed with them ❤️

  35. rosie lmao

    coming back to these videos makes me feel so old what the FUUUUCk

  36. staciew52

    Doesn’t feel that long since this video was added but it was about 7 years ago damn I feel old x there was no way I was only 13 when this came out 😱😱

  37. QueenAnne44

    I’ve been listening to this for 7 years, and I just now realized I’d never thumbs upped it!!!!!

  38. Jack Bailey

    Seven years on these guys are still so great 👌👌👌

  39. Paige

    This is still relavent!

  40. Zee Bee

    Oh the nostalgia

  41. Aaron Statham

    7 years later and this is still awesome

  42. kristen johnson

    there so hot💗😊

  43. Marc Gibbons

    Ashley with a rko out of nowhere

  44. Tímea Nóra Seres

    7 years later still awesome band and song <3

  45. Sadie Langstead

    i still get this song stuck in my head now XD

  46. Kitan Kate

    My favourite song as a 14 year old

  47. Lucy Hughes

    They need to tour again like asap

  48. oscar

    my fave tmnb song :3

  49. Nicole Louise

    just realised ash tried to rko dry at 2:38

  50. Lolaiscool

    I was 6 when this came out and I remember watching this when I was 9 and I freaked out because you were swearing but now I listen to this stuff at the highest volume to my whole family

  51. Erica

    Wish the would come to Australia.

  52. Batuhan Topallar

    Bizden de var mı buralarda olan ? 😎👍

  53. Stephanie Mitchell

    This has to be one of my favourites!! This song has literally been stuck in my head for days!!!

    Kenza El Moubarik

    Stephanie Mitchell same here

  54. shannon harvey

    Been a fan since the start. Never gets old!

  55. Alix Night

    So Ash do you like kissing guys now?

  56. Maegan Murray

    "we're flying but we don't have wings"....did they just tease Westlife? 😂 my alltime favourite boyband yet this song is still addictive af

  57. Sunfloweerr

    6 years later and this song is still cool af

  58. S.N Trade

    Im yours fan boys! :33 Keep it up and good luck boys in the future ^^ ! ( From : Just a TMB fangirl from hungary :3 )

  59. Elemental Childd

    this song me get ready to fuck 😂😂

  60. Saiyan Cragus

    All these young fans... I'm 25 now... 😨
    Songs catchy as fuq doe

  61. crissy4445

    Why are the only three people in an audition for a GROUP competing as if they need to impress?

    The Midnight Beast

    +crissy4445 holy shit. Now I can't take this video seriously!!!

    Kenza El Moubarik

    The Midnight Beast just don't pleaaase

  62. Logan-Rose

    I was 11 ...shit how has it been this long

  63. AFunkyHypnoCat

    Almost 6 years?! Wow still quality :)

  64. Melissa Ellis

    "The only fan you have is cooling you down and it seems to the only thing that's moving around and around" was my favourite line when I was 11 and still know it now 😂

  65. Amelie Flint

    Nearly 6 years and this is still amazing ❤️

  66. Kaitlyn Barker

    My favorite!:)

  67. Cody Avery

    still love them💕

  68. wth lucy

    the contract is what i imagine kpop contracts to be like tbh

    Eleanor Byrne

    naega hosh

    wth lucy

    u kno it @Eleanor Byrne 

    BTS got me like 'yah'

    i mean. youre probably not wrong

    Alyssa Brooke

    love your name Bts got me like 'yah'

  69. Frankie Millard

    it's been soooo long since I last listened to this! still remember all of the words though!

  70. Lauren Walton

    gutted the number doesnt work anymore hahaha

  71. Asda Bleach

    I remember listening to this when I was 9 I'm now 87 and it's still gomreat

    Asda Bleach

    *great... Auto corrects a bitch


    Wow, you turned 87 in 8 years....that's awesome 😂😂😂😂😂😂


    @sakura_rain I guess it's more a typo : he listened when he was 79.

  72. Betty H

    was introduced to tmb only a week ago. Hooked. Casually asking everyone I talk to if they've heard of them.

  73. Pete Bloczynski

    I'm fucking trash for TMB tbh haha end my life.

  74. Nadia Raza

    binge watching TMB music videos and knowing all the words and moves 👌🏼👌🏼

    Amelie Flint

    Same 😂

  75. mollie amondson

    Where has 6 years gone?:( bring back the beast !!

  76. Dakota Mabbott

    Still love this as much as the first time, even if it has been a while, I still know all the words :D

  77. hattylew

    I remember when you guys uploaded this.. still up there with one of my fave songs haha!

  78. Kam S

    stef's voice is awesome. I wish these guys were bigger. man this is bringing me back...

  79. caitlin Fish

    6 years later and it's still awesome

  80. Frankie Pepperell

    you guys were my favorite thing ever and now I'm rewatching and remembering why

  81. Kaneki Bruv

    Holy haven't listened to these guys since I was year 10! Amazing how I can still remember the words lol xD

  82. mayaruinz

    I wonder how one direction feels knowing tmb made the best song ever music video 3 years before they did

  83. joe offei

    Is this song really that old😳

  84. Саша Макеева

    still cool

  85. Chelle Castillo

    Damn y'all took me through my middle school years. Coming back almost 6 years later now in college (American) and I now listen to punk music.
    Very strange feel old.
    Still dig it and my childhood crush on ash is still alive

    FrankIeros Girl

    Chelle Castillo. Its funny cause im in my teens. I just started listening to them and i usually listen to punk music. I really like them. Any song suggestions?

  86. Prof-MMA

    I use to know all the lyrics. Time has passed, holy shit.

  87. Hannah Boden

    9 year old Hannah would be proud of me coming back
    still a tune like

  88. Tayla Stone

    Still awesome after the hundredth time I heard it, this is the best song out of these guys in my opinion

  89. professional fangirl

    I love you all so much

  90. Pearl Louise Whiteley

    oh the memories! forever loving you guys!!

  91. Pearl Louise Whiteley

    oh the memories! forever loving you guys!!

  92. Salem Wright

    Ashley is s cute, especially in that Club Scene

  93. bakukider

    Has anyone ever tried ringing the number at the end


    Yeah. My sis did it and apparently Stefan answers on voicemail but it doesn't work now

  94. janina :/

    omg this was my favorite song back then... i haven't listened to this in ages and i still know all the words

  95. Naomi Wade

    Love going back to all the old songs from when they was on the show ☺️ still love all your songs 😍

  96. Tori Jo Mckenzie-cox

    I remember listening to this when I was 6 I am now eleven

  97. Lili Summer

    they were forreal my favourite when I was 15, I feel so old... Still in my playlist tho 😜

  98. Eddie Chandler

    Lol i've been listening to your songs for years,this is the best.

  99. Danie Lee

    I remember when this video first came out an I still know the lyrics by heart, good times

  100. Louise Ridley

    love this song n ur all still fit has f**k 😘