Midnight Beast, The - I'm So Manly (I Make Men Cry) Lyrics

Life has always told me I was weak
(Not anymore)
Now I’ve got the wings of a bird and the beak
(Of an eagle type creature)

I’m just so manly
I make all the men around me wipe their eyes,
Look down and cry
At the size of my…

Cock so big and manly girls get killed
(All of the time)
Now I’ve got the balls of an Ox and the build
(Of a very big mountain)

We’re just so manly
We morph into an enormous manly man
With giant hands

I can run a mile with a broken foot
(It doesn’t hurt)
I can make a sand storm turn to soot
(Or any other inanimate objects)

We’re just so manly
That the muscles in our arms turn into guns
When we look at your mum

I can climb a mountain with my nose
(It’s like a claw)
Then I ski back down on a petal from a rose
(To show that I’m still a sensitive manly man)

We’ve so much feeling
That the feelings that we’re feeling have feelings too
But I’m still a man

Yeah I’m so manly
I don’t need to sing like bambi
I chop wood for fun
I shoot a gun
I got Numerous charges of hit n run

I listen to meat loaf
I cry but I don’t have tears though
I did battle with a giant snake
And I did a poo on an earthquake

Poo on an earthquake
Poo on an earthquake
I’m so manly that I
Piss and I don’t shake

Poo on an earthquake
And eat a whole steak
Then I’d run a marathon
Without getting a belly ache


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Midnight Beast, The I'm So Manly (I Make Men Cry) Comments
  1. Jessica Dines

    it’s so hot when stef sings in a deep manly voice smh

  2. Tyler F

    Who else goin down memory lane?

  3. Lucifer

    This song was so bad there manliness must have run away like I wish I could.

  4. Cloudy Chances

    Ash looks gorgeous

  5. Melody Cutie Cupcakes

    Lmao This is amazing!

  6. Aziza Brown

    I remember watchingt this as a ten year old when it came out. I probably shouldn’t have

  7. Hannah Sypniewski

    This has been on my workout playlist for like five years now.
    Because if you can run a mile with a broken foot, I know I can keep running too.

  8. autumn potato

    Yup. Nothing says manly better than skin tight trousers and a smiley face penis!

  9. Bailey Davies-Prout

    Sorry mum

  10. Ross Conroy

    dru dru dru dru dru dru dru DRU!

  11. Sally Abingdon


  12. Leah Rentz

    Why are most of their mvs blocked in the us?

  13. ジェイI Look Like a Toe

    These effects are better than most movies lol ;)

  14. jose marmanillo

    fucking perfection

  15. editingricky

    Was Ash actually naked when this was filmed?


    Nah, he is wearing white undies :>

    Kore Boar

    at 1:15 the smiley face reveals the waistband around his butt

  16. Rose Hellzing

    hahaha oh my days haha

  17. Light Spear

    This guy looks like Earl Hickey from My Name is Earl

  18. DaPuncakeGuy

    Note they didnt say step on a piece of lego barefoot and not cry

  19. RonHeartsMe

    Never understood why people didn't like this one, this was always my fav song they did.

  20. Jodie Phoenix

    2:01 Ash's face haha

  21. Roberts Bertulsons

    Da best!

  22. love good music

    Love the song

  23. Reanne_Michelle

    My mum walked in on me watching this and saw Ash mostly naked...

  24. Highlord91

    I'm reminded of Queen with this song xD love it

  25. dodgyrommer

    I saw Ash almost naked. I can die happy now. 

  26. Shabure

    This is probably my favourite song by TMB EVAH

  27. BeardleDeerdleDumpling23

    1:43 oh my gawd XD 

  28. Robert Hazlett


  29. Chris Diamond

    Maiden \m/

  30. ToriThegamer45

    i'm seeing this video and i can feel how my chest hair grow

  31. MSDCblademaster

    Stef and Ash look mega stoned

  32. Al Bone

    That really was a manly hit and run.

  33. Ahmed Alhashimi

    i just wanna see dem giant hands

  34. expire2236

    my mum came in i changed it to porn because its easier to explain

  35. L Green

    havent listened to this one in ages. Just remembered how awsome it is. I love these guys.

  36. Honey Moon

    Tmb are my god's lol

  37. Shady Angrycake

    Yaoi big hand syndrome

  38. EigentlichSinnlos

    stop spreading bullshit.

  39. llebmac Fury

    I'm watching this in a hotel in Paris, and as you already know; hotels have bad internet... It keeps buffering in very dodgy places!

  40. CarpetLions

    Hey!We're maaassssiiiive fans:) Check out our cover of this song!

  41. xx5TAT1Cxx

    Put some pants on ash

  42. Amylouise Jackson


  43. Kyra Nolan

    Poo on an earthquake

  44. Genny Onyenakazi

    I luv stef!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!

  45. Megan Dye

    When stef winks! Omg think I just died :OO

  46. OliviaHannah2011

    This makes me laugh so much! And that's a bad thing, because recently I broke a rib and it hurts to laugh... XD I Love TMB! <3

  47. acrylicjams

    Please. Uncensored version pleeeease.

  48. Annabel Huffer

    Omg ash :) <3 haha new favourite song :)

  49. Vreakful

    There were clearly no greenscreens or sumthin like that used :D

  50. ZERO

    I'm not convinced. Knowing Ash's persona, I reckon he actually did all of that nude.

  51. TheInterwebKidz

    I was like "whaaatt, wheres dru??!!" Up until 1:57 :)

  52. Genna Cummings

    This was released a year ago?? Already? Wow time goes fast...

  53. Papa Kano

    Santa doesn't exist D: lol no I don't. I do have a heart

  54. Baked

    I bet you tell children that Santa doesn't exist . . .

  55. Papa Kano

    Ash isnt naked he's wearing skin coloured underwear but the censor it to make you think he is

  56. Jordan Boyle

    This was released on my birthday last year! Describes me very well

  57. Lucie Ursell


  58. boneo410

    Congratulations sir, you have just blown my mind

  59. MissChar112

    Because he's a babe

  60. SillyBilly666Prods

    People want an uncensored version, but what if I told you that it was uncensored, and that underneath Ash's clothes, a smiley face lurks.

  61. Loopy12390

    why not?

  62. Emily Zaums

    Y? Just y is ash completely naked?

  63. Ray Blake

    Hit and run Dru XD

  64. Youtty Lovvy

    but..but.. you are a boy..

  65. M. D. P.

    marshall pocket amplifier! but it doesnt really fit in yer pocket D:

  66. Alexandria N.

    Wubbywantsflowers49 lol XD

  67. LizzyAndress

    Why censor...Why...

  68. Paleta Lekes

    great effects guys... :D

  69. ItsJustLaurenOkay xo

    stef should grow a real mustache :D

  70. BasicallyTom

    Sex crazed fan-girls. Sex crazed fan-girls everywhere.

  71. Michael Conn

    I'm a girl and I can eat 2 stakes

  72. Tina islivinginahobbithole

    Fuck me.

  73. superkryssie

    I would kill for an uncensored version.

  74. Amelia B

    I love the way it's about being manly, but at the beginning Stef like "I'm so manly, yeah go for it dad" :') cute

  75. SCROOJ

    stfu ugly b itch

  76. Mary Vogt

    I love this song so much!

  77. thinkofarandomname

    dru, you piss and dont shake... but dont aim for the urinal EITHER? yup, defo a manly man :P

  78. John Collins

    @orange959 why?? you sone sorta homophone????

  79. orange959

    you shouldn't say that when the profile picture has you in it.

  80. shayne gyles


  81. Katherine Brown

    I dont think its their manliness that makes others cry...

  82. GloveSlapnz

    I think I have added 100 vies to this song by myself.

  83. EbonyRoseStudio

    This was done the day after my birthday, not that anyone gives a fuck

  84. Grace May

    Ash, hunny, I love ya but that smilie isn't very flattering. Sorry, but it's true...your still gorgeous though

  85. Marissa Staton

    Not one of my favs but I will exept it cause its by tmb

  86. MissCaffeine19

    Why am I only just hearing of this song? I mean, love ashs' nakedness ? Don't need to tell me twice :)

  87. Kyran Adrian

    jesus that chesthairr XD

  88. Rose

    @Caitlin Roberts I thought the exact same thing xD

  89. Reba Riesenberg

    why is there almost no Dru in this video??

  90. Marisa Gibbons

    They have major yaoi hands...

  91. Max Roberts

    Stef really looks like that guys from holyoaks with his moustache. Just me? Ok..

  92. Harry Potter Lover!

    I'm not the only pervert staring at Ash from 1:33-1:37, am I?

  93. Vic Heff

    Ever noticed how ash talks about having a big cock in this vid but in medium pimpin' he says its average? Hmm

  94. Tina Marie

    Never has a man looked so hot in tight leather pants and a mustache...

  95. Courtney Gib

    Uploaded on my birthday ... Thanks Guys!!

  96. ColdestPhoenix

    These guys were tripping major balls on something when they made this lmao!

  97. RonHeartsMe

    This is still my favorite of all their songs and I have no idea why.

  98. missmollysmiley

    you absolute legend!