Midnight Beast, The - Gettin' High Lyrics

Got an appointment
With Puff the magic dragon
There' be only three seats
On the weed wagon

Smoke till we're green
Smoke till we're faded
Hope mum got the snacks in
'Cause dat fridge be getting raideeeeeed

Salad? Saalad fucking sucks
Order three, double cheese, pepperoni stuffed crusts (tip the driver)
…Taking turns, to keep a watch
'Cause we don't want the po po police showing up

Grown ups be jealous, 'cause my life is careless
Fuck work the next day, we smoking that high grade
Erry day is wake n bake, mum's like fo goodness sake
Well you know what mum…
I'm in my mid-20's and I'll do what I like

Getting high every night
Getting high every night
Blazing till morning light
Getting high every night

Getting high every day
Getting high every day
Erry' day's a holiday
Getting high every day

Good times
High fives
Maximum respect vibes
Three guys
Drive by's
Eye drops for red eyes
Light it up and take a hit
Don't be hoggin' pass the spliff

Skate to our dealer
Do a kickflip
He's impressed, so he gives us a discount
He's our friend and he be dealin' drugs
But we be dealin' punches if our dealer dealin' duds

Get those lips ready to suck on that paper
Sharing is caring, inhaling that vapour
We rollin' it fat boy, we're cramming it in
Father forgive us for all of our sins

Getting high every night
Getting high every night
Blazing till morning light
Getting high every night

Getting high every day
Getting high every day
Erry' day's a holiday
Getting high every day

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Midnight Beast, The Gettin' High Comments
  1. NightShadow 316

    Thank you. Nuff said

  2. ciara

    “tHe trAinS nOt cOmiNg fOr aNotHer fiVe miNutEs” *dead*

  3. Rosanna Osborne

    Hashley 😂what’s a spliff 😂 let’s not lie now 😂

  4. thewildannasaurus

    absolutely lost it at “two tickets to forrest gump please”

  5. Alex the gaylien

    When did you arrive?

  6. invadermaythe1st

    When the police catch you... "What's a spliff?"

  7. Phoebe Ann

    When did you arrive

  8. Molly stevens

    "Oh wow" -ash 😂😂😂🤙🏼

  9. Ren Prior

    How have I only just found this after five years of following tmb :"))

  10. Lily-Anne Donnelly

    For some reason the ‘oh wow’ and ‘the trains not coming for another 5 minutes’ always seems to get me😂

  11. Erin X

    Gettin dead granny vibes from this

  12. KiaraTy

    love it

  13. Lewis Alexander Grimr

    I liked it

  14. William DeWayne

    I haven't heard of TMB since 2010 and they popped up in my memories and I just have to watch everything now.

  15. Pegahsus

    2:00-2:39 made me fall on the floor laughing jfc totally made my night lmao

  16. Portia Greenwood

    The end of the video killed me especially when Stefan said 'when did you arrive'

  17. Ellie Chappell

    Confused but impressed

  18. ZoeV

    Maximum respect vibes for shur

  19. bex bailey

    Would love to get high with them :D

  20. pluto

    whits 2 am yet I'm still up watching this

    Dear lord help

  21. Masie Moo

    *into ATM*

    2 tickets to forest gump please!


  22. Chrysii Baby

    can you please fucking please make a shirt for this song I will pre order right now and this song is amazing I fucking love it i listen to it every day because I am in my mid 20s and I do tell my mom I do what I like lmao got an appointment with puff the magic dragon !!+

  23. Emø Ünicorn

    still can't believe you guys are making it to the top... I've been watching you guys since you first came out with the parody tik tok😂 I remember laughing so much and I still do!! honestly you guys are sooo fucking awesome!!! idk what'd I would do without growing up watching your YouTube videos!! still my favs love you all ^-^

  24. Chloe Spragg

    Oh how I've missed you guys

  25. Alice Woods


  26. Sebastian Richards

    ahaha this video reminds me why I quit ahaha awh yeh

    Sebastian Richards

    also dayum that kickflip was fire

  27. Katarzyna G

    Ohhhhh I'm glad I came back to Ninja beasts

  28. Alice Woods

    it's... FUCKING AWESOME!!!1

  29. ZoeV

    Call mum!!

  30. Kahlee Jade

    Crying at the "call mum!!" 😂

  31. 민소래

    They look the exact same way they did seven years ago. 😑😐

  32. Burned for Heresy official

    "When did you arrive"

  33. Euan Christie

    Man, I miss you guys. Must have been 4 or 5 years ago i used to love your music. Tik tok parody was the shit. Wish you had made it to the top like lonely island. Wish you all the best!

  34. pokeablah

    this is amazing

  35. Celeste Horrocks

    They're really pushing the "Ash has a good body" thing hard. Just like his abs ;)

  36. Court B.

    bro i cant stop listening to this shit. it goes so hard. v trippy for some reason?

  37. Sam

    Been subscribed since 2010, didn't know you lads were still going. #Legends

  38. Molly Finnis

    Watched the first 2 seasons of misfits in 2 days and whenever I now see stef all I can picture is Nathan!!! 😂😂🙌🏻

  39. Mr Equinox

    Did they just smoke grass? Gg


    Damn I missed these guys. I would listen to them 24/7

  41. Katie Seneca

    That UNIF top doe😍😍😍

  42. Mollie Star

    "2 tickets to Forrest Gump please!" *DIES*

  43. Kreuu M

    HOLY CRAP I REMEMBER YOU GUYS!!! I was 12 when I heard your down remix and holy crap have you guys came a far way I'm 18 now and I'm giving with this getting high every night! Fock yeah you guys better stay making music I'm getting hooked all over again

  44. Shut Up

    Nah sorry I hate it like wtf? Why can't anybody be normal anymore but anyway gr8 pizza 10/10 would watch you eat again fam

  45. The Internet Explorer

    duuude hahaha this video was funny as fuck. especially the last part with the bad trip haha. "two tickets to forest gump please" to a fucking ATM lmfao

  46. Laura J

    I once smoked chai tea

  47. Laura J

    bloody heck. You absolute flipping walnut

  48. Brynna Kemp

    "BUT WHERE DO I LIVE!?!?!" Stefan is me


    when did you arrive?

  50. Leslie Boteler

    Haha best fucking video haha xD you guys seem like fuckinb awesome to hang out with. 😍😂😂😂😂😂

  51. Nadia Raza

    ash still going on about salad #neverforgetpizzainibiza

  52. Sarah Fretwell

    Pretty relevant today tbh...

  53. rapidd age ryan

    how do these guys only have 430,000 subs? they should 10mill+

  54. Louisa MacDonald

    man I miss their old stuff :( I stopped being a hardcore fan about 3 years ago... I mean I loved them for YEARS, so there will always be a special place in my heart for them... but I miss the old stuff

  55. Louisa MacDonald

    Hashley 😂😂 a-big-bong omggg 😂😂 WAKE N BAKELY HAHAHA 😂😂

  56. Raven Myers

    I love this video, I have always loved TMB and this video just reminded me why I have spent five years watching their videos.

  57. Liam scobie

    is "the dealer" the same guy who was drus dad in die young parody

    Louisa MacDonald

    dude, the "dealer" is Stefan's actual dad...

  58. MyDoanne


  59. euphy_hime

    The ending to this is so beautiful

  60. ash richo


  61. Megan Smith

    if you 'use ya head' and look very carefully at 0:31 then you'll understand my pun

    Louisa MacDonald

    use ya head when u get in bed?

  62. Natalie_02 _

    How high were you guys when you made this video?? Hahaha love the vid guys

  63. Angelina Guidi

    Hahahahahah simon one of the first then im like one of the last. AWESOME VID BOYZZZ

  64. Savage Wingz

    Still gettin' those subs boiiz

  65. Amy Howard

    This is just too good. I like it.

  66. Gabby Geels

    Lol dear lord.

  67. cordiexoz

    I want to marry you all

  68. Voshi

    the train is not coming for another 5 minutes hahahah

  69. bmx mann101

    i like it i also like the way older songs way back in 2009 ninja

  70. Megan Roberts

    The last minute just makes me cry it's hilarious

  71. Anne Hunt

    Love this video. Love you guys x

  72. ManLike Po

    Yeah Steph.... where do u live?

  73. data

    maximum respect vibes

  74. Lachlan Stamp

    man that was pretty fucken legend, i Havant seen me or ay of my friends act like that though

  75. josetegtmeier

    Warning: Do not watch this high!

  76. Danii Brown

    cant stop laughing😂

  77. Se7enity | CSGO + More!

    Wake and bake is pretty damn good ngl

  78. Lana Parsons

    Watched this video too many times.....

    Lana Parsons

    Also ash in a fez......weak😂

  79. shd777ow


  80. cyan star

    I think your dealer may have laced your weed

  81. cyan star

    we all know the inspiration for this song was taken from Ash, he's probably high in this video anyway

  82. spongegobby sque

    is Ash really getting high? i'm pretty sure he's high constantly

  83. Kaisha Jade

    Much relatable 😂

  84. helloo helloo

    that. was. brilliant.

  85. BlueEyeLine

    you should do a song about vegans

  86. charlie walsh

    Jesus Christ, this is golden.

  87. Devin Gibson


  88. animeman1000

    Paranoid as fuck.

  89. KallieShea


  90. Zoe Mariella

    Haha so perfect reminded me of Booty Call days!

  91. ASHA ETC

    so weird. i loved it.

  92. jodie A


  93. rainylele

    Wow I didn't think Ash could be be higher…

  94. Izzy Handkammer


  95. amy

    lol I love you guys. Is there gonna be any behind the scenes?

  96. Sample Text

    They should show this to kids in school as a 'drugs are bad kids' PSA

  97. TheRandomlittleman

    "When did he arrive" brilliant! 😂😂

  98. CrashBangAdam

    you didn't explain what a spliff is? :( :( :(

  99. Anna Lily

    Ohhh so Drew's fake dad is actually their drug dealer!