Midnight Beast, The - Fashion Innit Lyrics

Fashion, okay!
Rip my jeans. It's fashion innit.
Roll up my sleeves. It's fashion innit.
Knee high leathers. It's fashion innit.

What? It's fashion innit!

Paint my nails. It's fashion innit.
Got sick details. It's fashion innit.
Spiderwebs. It's fashion innit.

What? It's fashion innit!

[dance break]

Spiky neck piece. It's fashion innit!
Slipnot fleece. It's fashion - is it?
Earl grey tea.

H-h-h-h-h-have you heard the word? It's fashion innit!

Screaming man. it's fashion innit!
Screaming woman. it's fashion innit!
Sacrificial lamb and a hooded clan,
We've been throwing horns since time began.

[dance break]

Who can last the longest in a moshpit with an egg?

So what have we learned today guys?
Don't lose your tickets in a moshpit!
What else have we learned today guys?
Music plus clothes equals fashion!
So what gave we learnt today guys?
Don't bring an egg to a moshpit!
But the main thing we learned today guys is...

WHAT? It's fashion innit!

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Midnight Beast, The Fashion Innit Comments
  1. crazzi-j north

    The lyrics are pretty clever actually

  2. crazzi-j north

    What the fuck is this why was this suggested to me haha

  3. Alex Comins

    First comment in 4 years

  4. love good music

    Love the song. Stefan still looks hot in funny clothes

  5. Megan Smith

    Stefan kinda reminds me of the curly haired goth from South Park in this :D

    pp king

    Megan Smith yassssssss

  6. Grace Clune

    dont bring an egg to a moshpit

  7. mal d

    lol fashion ennit
    what a coincidence

  8. Ann-Kristiin Vei

    Lucky you :(

  9. Bethan dobbins

    Take the blue out of your hear and u could be emos

  10. Kayisawesome100

    who can last the longest in a mosh pit with an egg?

  11. Makala Leigh

    Is the screaming woman Charlotte Binney?

  12. Marissa Staton

    Stefans not wearing a shirt in the moshpit, te-he : )

  13. Emily Horan

    it would be funnier if they threw ash when they sung ' we been throwing horns' LOOL

  14. Rudy Poos

    stef stef stef stef stef stef

  15. Olivia Smith

    I love the midnight beast so much! :3 I have been a beast for 6 months now [;

  16. LauraOwnCharacter

    Naah, sounds like silly place to go... xD

  17. Marissa Staton

    Innit! : )

  18. Nero

    twitter here i come!

  19. Morgan Oxley

    I wish Stef, Ash and Dru followed me on Twitter, they are so awesome :)

  20. Dajai Walker

    posted on my birthday :D x

  21. Ruby Walton

    Ash, Stef&Dru Have Tweeted. Stef Told My Nanny To Get Well Soon&Stef's Following Me:')

  22. Ben Woods

    not atall

  23. thinkofarandomname

    not dru :P

  24. Kirstie X

    I was listening to this when my mate text me 'GET UR ASS ON TWITTER NOW' I went on and found out Stef is following me xD <3

  25. RandomfitsofPanic777

    @meggibecksMCRlover doesn't Dru look like Frank from MCR?

  26. Olivia Griffin

    i love the way stef says innit!!!! awww :* xxxxx

  27. catherine ives

    have you heard the word its fashion innit :D

  28. blackwolf1222

    how did u get him to follow u XD

  29. Jessica Hull

    Yes Ash IT'S FASHION INNIT!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Laura Creelman

    Ash has a Guitar Hero guitar! Lol poor guy can't play

  31. XxxxgeorginaXxxx09

    1:50, elevator music <3 :P

  32. maroonrivers

    Omg dru looks hot

  33. Mimi Greene

    Ash's cheekbones :)

  34. stefanie abingdon

    they are gothic emo camo hot cold sexy funny and...quirky!! how can 3 people acomplish this <33

  35. Nathaniel holland-pass

    tv,e4,thursday,the midnight beast mock bands dont have there own tv show period.

  36. Sarah Crozier

    They actually do really good music for a 'mock' band...says something about today's bands when comedy bands do catchier and more intelligent music than 'serious' one's do. Mucho respect to TMB :)

  37. jhonTD

    Anyone else think that Dru looks like Serge from Kasabian?

  38. Embee

    nah i dance with them

  39. stefanie abingdon

    anyone else feel queezy when they dance <3 <3

  40. Greg Watson

    I have the same guitar as stefan, woooo.

  41. emilyfitzy

    i have no clue why im here but i did bring an egg to a mosh pit :L i don't really like this sort of music but TMB are actually okay

  42. stefanie abingdon

    anyone else see the bowl on stefans head??

  43. stefanie abingdon

    fuck yes

  44. pikpikn00b

    id rather that was not me but my hand ;)

  45. pikpikn00b

    :O wishing stefans left hand was mine ;) 0:04 0:14

  46. chloe mortimer

    FASHION me and alcia have fashion

  47. chloe mortimer


  48. chloe mortimer

    Love these guys <3 xxxxxxxxx

  49. maisy Rose

    stef wearing a cardigan=nom.

  50. stefanie abingdon

    i know the felling :')

  51. Emma F Jones

    Can i still like it even if i'm from england xD?

  52. Abby Haley

    0:05 - 0:23 forever wanting to be Stefan's left hand

  53. stefanie abingdon

    stefan even rocks the emo/rocker look ily stefan<3

  54. Leanna Enderbornasheck

    @ 1:22 They Look Well FIT!!

  55. Danielle Franks

    Stefan is so fit:O and he followed me on twitter, and dru tweeted me... Double yay!!:3

  56. missmollysmiley

    i know :L

  57. missmollysmiley

    Wales all the way buddy, im closer to them!

  58. zwete

    Might have been slightly inspired by Flight of the Conchords.

  59. Leah Roberts

    In the guitar solo part, both Dru and Ashley were both moving their hand lower when it was going higher :P

  60. megan louise

    ashley in the shower ..... hello sexyyyyy <3

  61. Sophie Rolfe


  62. Chloe Stevenson

    Oh my gosh, I nearly peed myself when Ash was in the shower. :D x

  63. Leah Roberts

    This is the funniest one:')

  64. Danielle Franks


  65. Millie Neal

    "who can last the longest in a mosh pit with an egg?"

  66. Vicky Moseley

    @Monsterhigh53 No, he's got a double Fringe!;D3

  67. Dan Patterson

    nahh its sounds like a silly place to go :)

  68. Vicky Moseley

    What the fuck is wrong with Dru's fringe?:D3

  69. Kelsey Bentley

    like if you think they should come to bradford!!

  70. Hannah Stokes

    Omg can TMB get more amazingly sexy! ;) x

  71. SickSickDreamz

    Organization XIII

  72. nina sikes

    i actually like their outfits
    i would wear something like that everyday 0.0

  73. Danielle Franks

    This song is sick I love it soooo much XD

  74. Amy

    'what have we learned today guys?' 'don't bring an egg to a mosh pit' lolol funniest line

  75. Jessica Allen

    I like Dru's purple jacket :D

  76. Danielle Franks

    Love this -3

  77. Charlotte Smith

    LOL love it ;)

  78. dan blud

    dru's face when he gets hit by the egg ahahahha

  79. kevin parkin

    @unicornsareradical NAWWW bb. Canada is better ;)

  80. charlotte

    who can last the longest in a moshpit with an egg?

  81. charlotte

    haha, guitar hero guitars. ;)

  82. Pppauliii

    I've just noticed... what the hell has Stefan on his head at 1:46 ? I'd say it's a peaked cap but looks like it is transparent?

  83. Wibbiff Ann Kirby

    @xiheartTMBx because he is that awesome(:

  84. Billie Murphy

    2 words sssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooo yummy 2 more words sssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooo fit 3 more words I LOVE THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Bobo Sweet

    Anyone else thought of Organization 13 when you saw the hooded clan?

  86. Rhiannon Jones

    Haha love it :) love you guys :D x

  87. Abi Betts

    i love how stef says 'no, it sounds like a silly place to go.'

  88. Hannah Halsall

    who can last the longest in a moshpit with an egg ? obv not dru :) <3

  89. KPietrzyko

    stefan would be the cutest emo boy.

  90. Stormy Spurgeon

    @AllTimeMaisy their not taking the piss out of emo if u would of paid attention it's to A ROCK SHOW

  91. Sally Cinnamon

    don't bring an egg to a mosh pit!

  92. Will Bonney

    their guitars are al guitar hero... lol

  93. sally

    "nahh, sounds like a silly place to go." <3

  94. Beth Bradshaw

    I spell it Hornes, cause i'm a punny genius.

  95. Aga396

    @ReebieJewitt weeellll.. i didn't mean to find someone and start regular fight (which i only saw once so far... and it's only because a lot of alcohol was included), but it's hard to avoid kicking and punching each others while going mental....
    i just wanted to make this description as clear as possible for someone who don't know what's a mosh pit, and that how it looks when you're watching it from the side ;)

  96. Aga396

    @XxWOODYxXTMBxX Mosh pit is this "dance" people do in front of the stage at rock/metal/punk concerts. You know, jumping around, slaming into each other, pushing, beating and kicking others... that kind of fun ;)

  97. Rachel Huntington

    @NDubzanddJB OMG i want to be at your school D: but if it took 2 and a half hours to teach that dance im worried about your school results (': hahha x