Midnight Beast, The - Die Young (Parody) Lyrics

I'm gonna live me life slow at a comfortable pace
They call me grandad cause it's written al over my face
My behaviour's controlled
No need to make the most of tonight cause we're gonna die old

Live fast die old

Not that old, twenty-three
Got my life ahead of me
whats the point of having fun?
I'll do it when I'm eighty-one
My favorite party's when nobody attends (You know)
I'm in my pants watching a box set of Friends (For sure)

Oh my god they're at it again (yeah)
making my songs sound better again (double rhyme)
Parody is easy, see the words are right infront of me
Ke$ha is the best to do, cause her words are already poo

I'm gonna live me life slow at a comfortable pace
They call me grandad cause it's written al over my face
My behaviour's controlled
No need to make the most of tonight cause we're gonna die old

Live fast die old

Different song, same old shit
Long as it get youtube hits
MSN after ten
You're really gonna do that joke again?
You thought that we'd be better, we been three years now together
Still got semen on my sweater from the one time we met Ke$ha
When I rap I slur, yes I got a lips sir
Least I'm not rapping half pissed like Ke$ha

Oh my god they've done it once more (yeah)
Making a song that makes me look like a whore
Those gorgeous brits, they can't be controlled
The party don't start till we get old

This is the part where the rap breaks down
This is the part where we eat a clown
This is the part where the DJ skips
This is the part where we show our nips

This is a part on a different track when I cry that my dad won't ever come back But he's back....
Shut the fuck up!
He's just an actor

we're gonna die old, live fast die old
live fast die old, live fast die old
(live fast die old)

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Midnight Beast, The Die Young (Parody) Comments
  1. LJ Cool

    This is hilarious and awesome great job guys keep it up

  2. SaintsAwayOllie

    I genuinely think this is the best most well polished TMB song. It’s aged quite well.

  3. Dorie Triplett

    Still a bop

  4. Alyssa Brooke

    That moment when you realize that a British boy makes a prettier girl than you.

  5. Moon Chub

    clicked for stefan crossdressing, stayed for the song

  6. Karmin XX

    1:31 *looks by the door*

  7. Chicken.nugget.edits

    Look in the background at 1:31

  8. Jade

    I mean... anything that starts of with Rickey Gervais is going to be mint.

  9. Summah The *Vegan*

    Was that Shane as Kesha?

  10. Lavenderstar The Dragon

    This is lowkey more inspirational than the original, like, would you rather have one big burst of fun and then die, or live happily for a long time?

  11. S.N Trade

    Nostalgia.. It's been 6 years ago soon.. OMG..

  12. Medieval Fighter

    1:31 look in the background

  13. Bethhh Robbb

    Please do this on the tour !!!!!!!

  14. Rachel Ward

    This literally posted a day after my 18th birthday and now I'm 23 and can finally relate to Ash a lol

  15. Victor F

    2018 vibessssss

  16. Emily

    Stefan is weirdly unrecognisable in his Kesha getup.

  17. Rosie John


  18. Fxmous_ .janiya

    How seen his ASS in the background

  19. Awsten 04

    Ash mate, youre 29 :,)

  20. xBrandon 24

    I love your guys music a lot this is so nostalgic! I hope we can get a 3rd Kesha parody in the same style as your tik tok parody and this! You guys are so underrated nowadays :(

  21. Charlotte Honey

    I love you guys

  22. The green Twins 2

    Oh the joke from kisha tic took parady

  23. meep loli

    just found this channel... I'm so late T^T

  24. Konnor Matthew

    I love these dudes so much

  25. ThanatosLives

    It's been nearly 5 years, and I've only just noticed Dru's arse at 1:30. (And Stef in the mirror for that matter) Good work guys.

  26. Megan Brown

    ‘My favourite party’s when nobody attends’

    Every introvert ever

  27. Nada Mandour

    2017? Anyone...?

  28. alisha v

    This is one of my theme songs

  29. Jewelz Christie

    Love these guys 😃😂

  30. crow

    is stefan a trap now

  31. Megan Meyer

    the middle guy is fucking hoy

  32. Simone de Boer

    this will, form now on, be my jam...

  33. Jess Clark

    5 years later, i'm currently 19 and this actually describes me

  34. ღ Strange bisexual ღ

    i fucking love these guys

  35. angelfruitz

    The awkward laughing at the end though.

  36. Joseph Caskey


  37. chlo

    1 of them look like q

  38. pp king

    starts think of homestuck while watching the video for some reason

  39. Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitten

    1:31 just noticed he's mooning us in the background lol

  40. Blood over intent

    r u sewpied?

    Blood over intent


    Blood over intent

    Stupid sory

  41. LJ Cool

    I love this parody, it is funny

  42. Meytal Mitchell Vainstub

    ! woow that one is my fevorit you guys rook

  43. Liz Homer

    Why is it I get a gay vibe from ash no hate fucking love you guys 😂

  44. Darcie Yelland

    Can we talk about how attractive Ash is or is that just me?

  45. Bladesofdeath

    XD I like how you used some parts from Tik tok

  46. Shayla Velez

    1:31 does anyone notice the butt in the background

    Kiexha Sings

    Yep and stef in the mirror

    makenna hoerner

    i do its nasty

  47. olav

    makes me laugh

  48. Mellow Kat

    I love how you can see the camera in many clips 😂

  49. itakeLs69p.p

    He is a girl I think I don't know any more who cares

  50. avg_lucidpanda

    Still more punk than 5SOS :))

  51. Angel Squig

    Any one else think stefani sounds like Jack Mitchell???

  52. Angel Squig

    Is it weard that when he raps I typ faster

  53. Psixi

    can't help it. i love this

  54. Matt Rich

    1:30 casually in the background

  55. HyliaHope

    Tik Tok was better xD

    makenna hoerner

    i know right

  56. Angelina Guidi

    Everybody Loves you when your dead :) #natalie EFYIYB

  57. ManLike Po

    i have those bed covers!

  58. cat hackett

    that moment when stefan makes a better looking girl than me 😂😂😂

  59. hithereimnobody

    :guitar strums: shit

    I saw their series on E4 it was literally so funny lolololol love you MB

  60. Nat

    do a parody of Busted year3000 please!😂

  61. Renee Speare

    Omg my friend showed me this and I laughed so hard my friend almost passed out watching this because of how funny it was

  62. wonderful videos of ellie

    Are you going to

  63. Hannah OneTwoNine

    Random question, but does anyone know where you can buy Stefan's multicoloured tee? The one he also wore in the Tik Tok parody :)

  64. Iszabel Averina ♥

    its surprising that the boy is so damn pretty as a girl

  65. Jack White

    f**k yes

  66. xcorcist

    This has nothing to do with the video but Omfg im fangirling over the south park things in the room at 1:38 xD


    Also at 1:06 too

  67. #meloon Is bae

    omfg dru!! 1:30 in the background lol

  68. Matthew Hart

    I love your parodys!!

  69. undead X3

    Do shut up and dance

  70. Megan Smith

    Happy 3rd birthday to the 3rd birthday video 💜

  71. Benjamin Ruhle

    I fucking love Kesha she is amazing and I hate when people are knobheads about her FFS she a human being just like everyone else. This parody is amazing. <3

  72. Dandia Švierna

    I love your T-shirt 😂❤️

  73. Dakota O'Brien

    Better. Totally better.

  74. Eve Hellewell

    this is 3 years old,feels like it was uploaded like yesterday

  75. Aaliyah Janine

    your really gonna do that joke again?

  76. Nix

    my new motto "live fast die old" XD

  77. Bennki world

    loves it ur soon funny

  78. Brooke Rule

    That....was absolutely perfect, from Tik Tok to this... Hero's. *air fist pump*

  79. Rita T

    Die old....?

  80. Tindraeriksson Eriksson

    i love you gais

  81. courtney tamara

    Been listening to these guys since I was 13/14 I'm now 18 😂 so weird how long it's been since I first saw Tik Tok

    Juctcallme YC

    courtney tamara same and I'm proud of myself because they are awesome!

    Dijo El Cuervo


    AlanaJ lines

    Me too but I’m still 13, I love them too😍

  82. ana bela


  83. Zarah Pone

    stef uve got some sassy moves over there

  84. Javier Mercado

    +The Midnight Beast you guys are awsome been a fan 6 years :D keep it up

  85. Alice :D

    stef is wearing the same top as in energy!!! unwavering style :)

  86. Lisa Stirling

    just hear to comment on kesha's tit sox really #themondaybeast

  87. Cass Gray

    i am so used to this version, that when i put on the proper version i statt singing this then wonder why the lyrics sound different

  88. Sally Abingdon


  89. Mardy Bum Moore

    0:37- nobody likes you when you're 23....
    Maybe that would have been a little humorous if you were still 23...

  90. Cass Gray

    at 00:28 you see the pervey alien... PEEEERRRVVVYYYY

  91. Cate Larkin

    Having fun at 21 is too mainstream , il do it at 81 x

  92. freddy fazbear girl

    Why are they all so hot wtf

  93. Morgs Oxley

    do andrew got the booty

    he druuuuuuuuuuu

  94. Tereasa Matthews

    I love you guys so much.

  95. bicanoo_magic

    THE HATERS ARE GAY.. This is seriously hilarious stuff.. its not  'oh they have used it again'...it's "Oh how funny was it the first time and now let's make it a cliché of ours.. sometime I think young people are dysfunctional ..loh no wait.. I think that all the time...

    "Go out and conquer the world why you still know how!!!" just my suggestion right!!! LOL

    Zarah Pone

    tru but homophobic

  96. Laura Harrington

    Is it bad i can do this dance and the tik tok dance almost as feirce as you guys.. cause i do them whenever wherever