Midnight Beast, The - Dead Granny Lyrics

Going 2 Miami with the money from our granny
Now we're in Miami spending money from our dead granny

Granny I'm in Miami with a fat stack bulging
Doing tricks in the sea like a dolphin
Dressed like a sultan,
Practicing my golf swing
Pretending that I'm working out in my own gym

Plenty of towels provided when I need a soak
Two sinks in the bathroom, not a joke
Goose in the mini fridge,
Mother fuckin' dimmer switch
Food so fancy that we don't even know what it is

In the bar buy the whole place shots
Ladies be lookin' at all the cash that we got
Gonna find me a sweet spot, down at the pool
No space savsies towels in the pool

Doing cannonballs,
Skating down the halls
Except that we can't skate at all
But skating sounded cool
Granny would think this is so amazing
Looking down waving
At us in Miami spending her life savings


Complimentary toiletries
Stealin' 'em for our families
Room service... the bomb
Swan dive... towel swan
Friendship bracelets
Smiles on our faces
Dancing in the dark in our light up laces


Sir you're not allowed in here, you're all wet
...My granny died
Can I get some ketchup?
Sorry we're all out
...My granny died
You're not allowed to eat in this pool
...But my granny died
Was everything okay with your meal today sir
My eggs were fried... I asked for scrambled...
And my granny died


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