Midnight Beast, The - Camden Crawling Lyrics

Last night I was walking down the road
I was struggling trying to find a happy place to go
When all of a sudden pops up a man
With a chicken samosa and beverage in hand
Funny old man with a gummy smile
With piss stained pants, he had no style

It was clear to me he had something to say
So we both stepped back and said take it away

Come one and all to a festival
I wanna teach you all about the Camden crawl

[S:] Right, so you’ve just gotta do a standard crawl
[D:] That’s all you do, literally on your hands and on your knees
[S:] Wow
[D:] Are you ready to crawl?
[A:] Not at all
[D:] Why not?
[A:] Because it’s a stupid idea!
[S:] I haven’t done that for ten years or something
[D:] Doesn’t matter, it’s like riding a bike
[S:] What and they build a whole festival around this?
[D:] Well yeah, it’s called the Camden crawl
This is the chorus, this’ll make you understand why you gotta crawl
[A:] I’m not getting on my hands and knees
[D:] You’ve got to
[A:] I’m not gonna do it

Crawl, through Camden
Throught Camden, crawl
It’s the place to be, with celebrities
Amy, Doherty on your hands and knees
Crawl, through Camden
Through Camden, crawl
It’s the place for fans to see their favorite bands
Sugababes, Lostprophets on your knees and hands

So we’re at a gig still on all fours
But we can’t see shit kneeling on the floor
Our legs are sore and hands are in pain
What you guys doing, you look really gay

[A:] My hands are so dirty, they smell of like urine and poo
[D:] Come on guys, why’d you stop crawling?
[S:] My knees are bleeding, is it alright if I do the other kind of crawl?
[D:] Well that’s the… no… you can’t. You can’t do that.
[A:] This is the worst idea possible.
[D:] What you standing up for?
[D:] Well I was gonna enjoy, you know, the likes of the very special Sugababes
[A:] I love Sugababes!
[D:] …Plan B…
[A:] I love Sugababes! Don’t I say that everyday?
I go “I love Sugababes!”
[D:] Right, then get crawling mate

Crawl through Camden
Through Camden, crawl
It’s the place for I to get high on life
Hold hands, watch bands, we can touch the sky
Crawl through Camden
Through Camden, crawl
It’s the place to be with celebrities
Professor Green, Plan B, come and crawl with me

Crawl through Camden
Through Camden, crawl
Come one and all to a festival
I wanna teach you all about the Camden crawl

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Midnight Beast, The Camden Crawling Comments
  1. Alex Comins

    Stefan in a checked shirt is how you know it's old

  2. Georgia Knight

    They referenced Doherty !! 💛💛💛👍✌️

  3. Jake Swainson

    "Lostprophets on your knees and hands" HA!

  4. gorgeousbabelisious

    Im going to camden tomoz!!!!

    Alex Comins

    went two days ago

  5. Kael Braham

    The Blackout

  6. Gracie Faulkner

    2:28 When Ash offers Dru to hold his hand... Aw!! :)

  7. Meah Barnett

    Lol :3 TMB r amazing <3

  8. Miss Kitty

    "The Midnight Beast are taking over the internet and basically the world whether you like it or not." .... I would not mind.... At all.

  9. HeyThereKirsty

    I love sugababes.... Don't i say that every day :) Awhhhh ash

  10. Megan

    Gav is that you, midnight beast and you on the same video oh god I can't cope..

  11. Musically Medicated

    The Beasts who don't know of this are missing out. I remember watching this ages ago, and it's still making me laugh.

  12. Makala Leigh

    Stef: I haven't done that for ten years or something

  13. ahhhmeow

    still crawling when its raining ...

  14. Max Roberts

    It's sad that most people that claim to be tmbeasts don't even know this song

  15. maddy lawrenson

    I love the sugar babes, don't i say that everyday i love the sugar babes i love you ash:')

  16. jack halford

    Anyone else see the blackout in this vid

  17. angelheart757

    Just Ash for me lol

  18. angelheart757

    Because it's funny?! it's called comedy did your sense of humor drop out your arse???

  19. Jamie Redwood

    "Said and Done" I believe. There's a video somewhere on here of them performing with the guys crawling in the background.

  20. Sentimental91

    1:59 Dru WALKS over to Ash & Stef he WALKS over and says "Common guys, why've you stopped crawling?"
    Ummmm.....Well, why've you stopped crawling Dru? aha

  21. George Hatton

    I dont give two shits what the presenters name is, it will always be "gavla" to me;)

  22. sally Witt

    Can't choose my fave! They are all so amazin !!!!!!!!!!! Aghhhhh :)

  23. Alexie Jenkins

    why 4 tiny nomes?

  24. Kelly Parry Jones

    What are you standing up for?......

  25. Bridget Baggins

    ikr hes a peice of crap . ur right .tmb are amazing and he's jealous that he has nothing going for him

  26. Rosie Foden


  27. felix knott

    hahah when they crawl on stage with the blackout

  28. 19Olka97

    @MyChemicalRomance417 Haha same xD had that on repeat for the past 10 minutes xD

  29. Cody Os

    Gayfacedoctor? couldnt you have thought of a better name. that may be weak but not as weak as your lame ass comment. no offence.... wait no. actually take offence you cuz your a dicktard. :) xx (ussaly im a polite person. now you made me be rude.... shame on you fuckface)

  30. Missysponge

    I'm crying :')

  31. Iona Grant

    "we could touch the sky" it sounds like he sayin "we could touch this guy" @2:28

  32. Chelsea Everitt

    my favorite part is 1:44-1:55

  33. Vicky Wilding

    Stefans hat really flatters his afro :3

  34. hollie wallis

    i love dru marry me!!!!!!! x

  35. Cerys Naylon

    I love how they casually crawl through the blackout gig :L

  36. Danielle Robertson

    i love ashley from 1:45 onwards for a couple seconds how he rolls his eyes and then he said we cant se shit kneeling on floor

  37. stefanie abingdon

    anyone else wish they were in the bunk bed with them ;)

  38. Shelby-lou Weekes

    Mathew Horne!!!

  39. gkbabyy

    The other kind of crawl... <3

  40. DeathByTeddyBears

    this is just terrible. hater comments? well good joke. so fucking funny mate. my sides are splitting. pathetic. now fuck off.

  41. stefanie abingdon

    stefans soo cute in this <333

  42. Cinder Ella

    What you standing up for? xD

  43. Danielle Robertson

    You don't look very happy about crawling about because of you rolling your eye 1:45 and then moaning afterward 1:47

  44. Shelby-lou Weekes

    He looks about four!!

  45. Danielle Robertson

    i love ashley how he say" IT'S A STUPID IDEA"

  46. stefanie abingdon

    fuck off

  47. Melissa Craig

    2:07 - 2:10

  48. stefanie abingdon

    love how no one had commented on this for like half a year now they r on tv and they have heeps of comments on this song lol XD live on original beast lovers

  49. Cheese_w_Snoop

    why do people keep on saying that random guy its gavin from gavin and stacey and everything at mtv rocks is amazing

  50. sophie hoskins

    The blackout!!

  51. thinkofarandomname

    *gnome, not knom

  52. stefanie abingdon

    ily stefan crawl backwards!!<3

  53. stefanie abingdon

    love how the random guy at the beguining is talking bout knoms smashing his head lol

  54. blankxeros


  55. X.BlckRabbit.X

    oh my gosh why is that so improtant

  56. emma karlsson

    @MissAlexEss you said you had stef's hat and i was just wondering where is it from, lol

  57. emma karlsson

    @MissAlexEss WHERE IS IT FROM?????

  58. OhClover

    My fav bit is when as says "we can't see shit n

  59. Hazellen

    1:09 because its a stupid idea!!!!
    i lllllllove sugarbabes dont i say that everyday i love sugarbabes

  60. Neesey

    @OakerNova this is stefs channel

  61. Hannah Stokes

    Stefan "I haven't crawled for about 10 years!" Stefan you were crawling when you were 12? :S xxx

  62. thunderstormin

    Stefan not only does cheerleading in Booty Call but now has taken a go at gymnastics.
    2:03 nice 'bridge'?

  63. Hanny010198

    love they beepde out gay but didn't beep out shit

  64. Jaimé Penman

    Love that The Blackout didn't give a shit! :L

  65. Alex Lillie

    And Lostprohets fdghju

  66. Alex Lillie


  67. loon8loon8

    Stefans backwards crawl! LOL!

  68. Kym Iris

    LOL love how the black out didnt batter an eyelid that tmb were crawling around the stage

  69. charlotte

    'they are taking over the internet and pretty much the world whether you like it or not' - i wouldn't mind.

  70. charlotte

    love how they beep out gay, but not shit or piss haha :)

  71. Hannah Atkins

    ash still loves the sugababes in 2011 :')

  72. Megan Smith

    Ash looks so cute when he says "I love the sugarbabes" xD

  73. Dezza1999

    haaaaaaaa you said do do :D

  74. jade n

    Are they really crawling through The Blackout's set? ;')

  75. Laura AndTheCats

    they were on stage with the blackout

  76. Sarah Desmond

    Do you think Ash loves The Sugarbabes by any chance? x

  77. LauraOwnCharacter

    Dru- Why not?
    Ash- Cause is a stupid idea! :D

  78. johncorneliusv

    Causual freak out when The Blackout came on. Nothing better than 22 amazing bands in one video.

  79. jaredofmo

    This video is awesome, because it has Mathew Horne AND The Midnight Beast!

  80. kelly mccloy

    i havent done that for like ten years or somethin.. stefan you were 12 ten years ago :P

  81. iris tmb

    @justCili02 why ??

  82. coyler71

    1:34 wheres dru? :D

  83. Hannah Wadsworth

    'What are you standing up for?'

  84. lydia barber

    Luv it when they crawl behind the Blackout <3

  85. Hannah Wadsworth

    i love suarbabes, I luuuuuuuurve sugarbabes. don't i say that everday- i say i LOVE sugarbabes!

  86. BeardleDeerdleDumpling23

    22 people don't like chicken samosas.

  87. quinten dieri

    ' i lllove sugerbabes,
    i loove sugerbabes,
    don't i say that every day ?! i love sugerbabes ! ' :D

  88. Moonepy

    Steff: I haven't done that for a good ten years or something
    Steff ten years ago you were 12 lol

  89. muchmaplevideoz

    "My hands are so dirty, they smell like urine and poo!"
    "Come on guys, why've you stopped crawling?"

  90. hayleygen


  91. Paige Griffiths

    I dont know why but i think ashley may love sugarbabes, not sure why i just have an incling :) xxx

  92. Bridget Baggins


  93. Jilia Uskova

    they are super)

  94. Haley Smith

    "Don't I say that every day? I love sugar babes"

  95. karen mason

    I am gonna plan with my mates some time 2 crawl thro camden (maybe)! Anyone else wanna join?!?

  96. pinkdog567

    i acturly did this wiv my 2 other friend in our tmb hoddies soo fun btw i have the GREEN on luv u Dru and Stefan and Ash xx

  97. Lillian Hopkins

    what are you standing up for?