Midnight Beast, The - Big Boys Lyrics

We wrote a parody of a well-known track
And dicked around filming in my parents' flat
Then put it on a well-known video site
And we got a million views in a night

Wasn't it a billion?
I thought it was a trillion.
What the hell?
Let's call it a squillion!
If you haven't heard of us then wake up!
We're the Midnight Beast
We like to say "Fuck"

Toured the UK and sold out some shows
Even though we didn't think anybody would go
Then Channel 4 asked if we'd come in for a chat
And knocked us all out with a baseball bat

We woke up surrounded by staff
Telling us we're funny and "You make us laugh!"
They pleaded and begged to make a beast show
Telling us they'd give us everything
But we said....

Big boys
Yeah, we're big boys
We're much bigger than small boys
'Cause we're big boys
Living in a big-boy world, a big-boy world, a big-boy world
We just moved out

To our very own flat on Channel 4
In our very own show on Channel 4
Then they explained we weren't good enough for Channel 4
But we'd be on the subsidiary of Channel 4

E4! Wooh! It's our new home!
But Made in Chelsea sucks!
Hey leave it alone!
We're not bregging but our show's the greatest show ever made
So thanks E4 for this lemonade

Big boys
Yeah, we're big boys
We're much bigger than small boys
'Cause we're big boys
Living in a big-boy world, a big-boy world, a big-boy world
(We just moved out)

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Midnight Beast, The Big Boys Comments
  1. you love I

    Wish they would do this again. I'm seeing them live this december

  2. you love I

    Damn ash is fit

  3. night mime

    Stefs is the biggest yasss (apparently ash got a boner for the show so it looked bigger 😂)

  4. Denverasop44

    oh yes gimme their dickssss

  5. Morgan Lovejoy

    Ash couldn't wait to get his clothes off..

  6. Kia Norris

    i own ashleys sock, SAY NOTHING:L

  7. Shannan Timbrell

    Really don't think Ash's penis is shy....

  8. Faith Bill

    Two of the backing dancers are dru and stefan's girlfriends

  9. Kristìn

    Lol Dru, hahaha!

  10. Joanna15459

    My god, that was such a turn on at the end

  11. Alice Doodah

    Oh My God- ASHLEY

  12. Jazz Woody

    Can everyone just take a minute.. to look at Ash's face at 0:23 when Stefan says 'Squillion'

  13. Elizabeth Lanham


  14. bakukider

    anyone notice dru naked lol
    dont think hes a big boy more a big girl

  15. charsisawesome

    Ash's sock came out too early tehehehe

  16. kellsbells86

    I'm surprised they let the screaming fangirls get that close to them once they'd removed their clothes. I saw them on stage in Santa Monica last week and was right up against the stage and they were mere inches from me. I couldn't guarantee anyone's safety if they'd done this that night!

  17. MrsHarry Styles

    I meant in concert.

  18. charlie parker

    Love the New AFRO stef ...lol

  19. claudia weston

    stefan should have took off the sockkkk

  20. jadeyxboo

    This was the best thing ever. I wish they did they as the last song on tour, stripping included!

  21. MrsHarry Styles

    If only they did this live...

  22. Sarah Cook

    i bet ur big boys!!

  23. Rebecca Spencer

    boner!! ahahaa

  24. Aspire2Inspire

    its sexy.

  25. Anna Phillips

    Stef is like HURRY THE FUCK UP with that damn sign! I think his penis IS shy

  26. Bridget Baggins


  27. Tamira Bello

    Ash at 1:52, OMFG boner.

  28. rebecca Louise

    why did dru wear that all in one thing?

  29. sophie roberts

    love them xx

  30. shyguytrevis

    don't you mean dru?

  31. JustTwoGirls WhoLoveStef

    That. Was friggin AWESOME.

  32. Truly n Andrea

    Stefan's pubes are like jungles of hair.

  33. ramgolam123

    LOL @ THIS! It should definitely have more views!

  34. Gwen David

    Jesus Christ. Can't cope with Stefs gorgeousness

  35. Danielle Yellowley

    lol the view for the people stood behind them!! <3

  36. Conniev12

    I think stefan is going for the "double afro look" :DD

  37. Cody Os

    gosh there hot!

  38. Mel Beckerson

    fro down below ;)

  39. stefanie abingdon

    silently taking screen shots

  40. LivLol1

    live this its so funny

  41. Gemma H

    Stealthy screen shot...

  42. tananan4

    wow. :')

  43. sazberry

    Errm. Kinda fainted a bit? x333

  44. rachel ankorne

    nice socks...

  45. Becca Bradley

    Dru is just so funny omfg.

  46. Emily Faulkner

    so sexy wanna pull the socks off lol jjust kidding bjut they are sexxy

  47. Shannan Timbrell

    Again the audience isn't excited enough.. WTF? It's TMB on stage practically naked! I'd be trying to get on the stage, not justclapping -.- <3

  48. Biboxism

    you obviously havent seen a boner before ^^

  49. stefanie abingdon

    when stefans at the giant 4 has has a boner ;)

  50. stefanie abingdon

    omg at 0:33 stefan winks and points <3333333

  51. Jungshook

    Ashley definitely has a boner pick with us now ;)

  52. my feet are asleep

    wow their really naked

  53. stefanie abingdon

    i love how even 2 years after it was put up on youtube when i look up big boys by tmb tik tock parody is right under this <3

  54. Ashley Pilkington


  55. wambew

    I would have pulled that sock off them, not even bothered how much trouble I'd get in!

  56. smiley james

    did they actually take the socks off in the end?

  57. Kassy Munnko

    I don't know how many times ive seen this now.

  58. Lea Etherington

    OMG STEFAN !!!!! OMNOMNOMNOMNOM!!!! Yes please ;) lol

  59. stefanie abingdon

    there are no words to describe them they are better that perfect <3

  60. rachel ankorne

    oops, your right. it was always going to be funny

  61. Lara Grafton

    did any one see ash tuck his tube sock in?

  62. Shannan Timbrell

    Sex on legs right there! love Stefans all natural look and love how Ash shaved! but they are definitely big boys ;) but Drew is adorable in his muscle suit bless!:> x

  63. Phoebe lovestmbx

    damn stefan has a hairy thingy

  64. stefanie abingdon

    humana humana humana omg

  65. StarlightSavanna

    Omg Ash.. Absolutely stunnin'..<3

  66. Shannan Timbrell

    Awww Drew! Nice muscle suit bless! As&Steph looking hot as always!:Pxx

  67. Lexy Buckley

    Stef has two afros!!! :D

  68. Lolli Newton

    luv it!!!!! :)

  69. Clare Kate

    ash's socka pokes out at 1:28 ! :')

  70. stefanie abingdon

    no just no. fuck off

  71. Hannah Sjöström

    nawww stefan is so cute at 0:33 *melted*

  72. Jessica Millar

    fuck i new i missed something :(

  73. stefanie abingdon

    i watched the interveiw after this and they aparently took off the socks!!! and we didnt get to see!! dam u internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. woofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoofwoof

    I honestly don't know if you are being sarcastic or not.

  75. letstrysomethingnew

    You're all disgusting cunts that are the problem in today's society, I wish I didn't have to degrade into profanities to explain this but there you go, enjoy your kids and teaching them how chicks with tits and males with dicks are exciting. Oh wait that's normal, sad times.

  76. Issy Sinyoro

    I'd find it hard if i was in the front row not to rip of ash's sock!

  77. MrsHarry Styles

    How does Ash get his eyebrow that high?0_o 1:44

  78. Elisa Fabris

    i <3 them even before E4 :D :D :D and the sock part!! :O

  79. xoraach

    been a fan from the beginning!!

  80. bethTMB simpson

    the midnight beast <3 loooovvveee them AND i liked them before they got on tv...just saying

  81. Erin English Adams

    Ash's Body...<3..

  82. lisa majkl

    dru reminds me of luigi at the beginning

  83. Lexy Buckley

    I now have an obsession with hitting replay.

  84. beevamanbeevatime

    Didn't you see his obvious legit muscles? ;)

  85. Chelsea Burton

    Aaaaaaaaagggghhhhh midnight beast I love you xxxxxxxxx since tic tok

  86. Meg Bowling

    I swear I think you guys are trying to kill me. Well, if looks could kill, Stefan would have had me in the ground a long time ago. I love you guys and i'm so proud and happy for you, and I want you three to know that you've never let me down, almost three years later and i'm still (and always will be) one of your biggest fans (: can't wait for the show and the album! <3 loved the performance by the way, you guys are great live, and not many bands can say that now-a-days :P x

  87. Ben's Long Lost Brother

    i guess he doesnt get over exposed any more!

  88. Eden Andrews

    This is why i love the midnight beast ...who else would do that on live tv:')

  89. rachel ankorne

    I can't believe they actually did this...lol
    looking forwards to their show on thursday, should be funny

  90. Laura Trow-Poole

    Ash hhhnnnngggggggggggggg

  91. Shannon Berry


  92. UtterlyHorsemad

    just beautiful.

  93. vikki p

    love the fact that someone tried to pull the socks off if i were there that would have been me

  94. vikki p

    me gusta

  95. HolCatStudios

    trust ash to say that made in Chelsea was alright -.- i love hi so :)

  96. K A

    i adore dru in every single way.

  97. Eloise Amanda

    What makes you say that?

  98. rubie plant

    rhcp sox on cox?