Midnight Beast, The - Better Than Sex Lyrics

Walking on the beach with you
Writing love songs in my room,
Candlelit dinner for two (that's not better than)

Staying up to watch you sleep
Letting down your hair for me
Biting your lip seductively (that's not better than)

Baby we could keep beating round the bush about this
But it's pretty simple, you make me happy but-

That's not better than sex
You're making me a wreck
You're kissing on my neck
That's not better than

Movie nights and duvet days
Making out and playing games
Hickey marks and soppy names (that's not better than)

Me and you skinny dipping
We're on my laptop FaceTiming
You're showing me a bit of skin (that's not better than)

Look I'm falling in love with you
And we'll probably get married someday, and that's great n everything

That's not better than sex
You're making me a wreck
You're kissing on my neck
But that's not better than sex
You're getting me obsessed
Sending me dirty texts
But that's not better than sex
That's not better than sex
That's not better

My bottle shaken up, but you don't give enough

You touch me, caress me, tie me up, undress me
We do stuff, in handcuffs, we film it, and play rough
We film it, and play rough and that's cool

But that's not better than sex
You're making me a wreck
You're kissing on my neck
But that's not better than sex
You're getting me obsessed
Sending me dirty texts
But that's not better than sex

The first time I met your parents
That's not better than sex
When I gave you the keys to my flat
That's not better than sex
Watching you walk down the aisle
That's not better than sex

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Midnight Beast, The Better Than Sex Comments
  1. Anna Riots

    It's 2019 and i'm back here to say I still love this song xD

  2. Lola Keating

    what a throwback

  3. Kamran Siddiqi

    Even this song is NOT BETTER THAN SEX! hahahaha

  4. Melissa Wright

    I can imagine Busted singing this x

  5. Josh Fenn

    every month this song haunts me

  6. Gia R.

    It’s so catchy but I definitely can’t listen to this at work ...

  7. Oyyou

    One of their best songs imo

  8. Captain Ornella

    This is such a bop honestly wow

  9. Cloudy Chances

    fuuuck I love this song

  10. Sofia Demantino

    Still listening 2019!

    Isaac Fisher

    Low-key slaps doesn't it

  11. AmberAndGolden

    I can't believe this was nearly 4 years ago

  12. Aaron Wilder

    this was awesome, I love this song :)

  13. Ella Hurst

    I have listened to this more than 10 times today

  14. Johan Falck

    Where did you get that shirt? It's an old-school Miami Hurricanes shirt with the pipe-smoking ibis but the colors are off. So weird.

  15. StephiieZee

    This song + video is amazing <3

  16. Melody Cutie Cupcakes

    I love TMB but I've just noticed how I'm so wholesome. How did I end up loving them? Haha!

  17. Family guy has been shit for years


  18. Nimbot

    song goes perfectly with groove jam but thats not better than sex

  19. Bronwyn Way

    I only just saw sex written behind them 😂😂 the detail is so cool! Love you guyssss

  20. Bronwyn Way

    Was I the only one thinking "This song should be an advert for better than sex mascara..." I kept thinking Stefan would turn around and go "That's not better than sex but better than sex mascara is!" :'D No? Just me? Mk...

  21. sans scooby doo

    Listin in 1.25

  22. Super AYR UTD

    Want this play at my wedding

  23. Jay

    Lmao first time hearing about them but that’s not better than sex 🔥🔥🔥

  24. Lil Ambivert

    Girl:Sends nudes

  25. Falz

    sing that to your girlfriend or boyfriend and they would say "all you want me for is sex"

  26. axel glad

    Do ANT one know Where to buy thoose light tubes?

  27. Leyla Jordan

    this song actually great

  28. Hollie Email lol

    fuck me mate

  29. Morgan Rodgers

    For a second you looked like Stifler

  30. snowflakefrankiero

    As an asexual the fact that i love this song but can't actually connect with the message of the lyrics is a strange dilemma

  31. ColeCole Sweets

    Jesus fucking Christ I thought the lyrics were “that’s not better then sex, you’re making me erect”.

    The Midnight Beast

    It’s like that was deliberate 😉

  32. Aimee Mcleary

    I love this, I always manage to get it stuck in my head and when I’m writing stuff down I end up writing the lyrics on my paper 😂 it’s so good

  33. bridie leigh

    Stefs part In the cupboard that is better than sex I can’t lie

  34. Colin X

    I heard this song back in 2015 and I've been looking for it ever since. Finally, at long last, I've found it.

  35. Steyley

    the production of this video is absolutely amazing

  36. Rachel Hatley

    i still love this song so much and this video is insane!

  37. Emma Lopez

    I like how she has a shirt with the virgin Mary on it 😂😂😂

  38. Emma Lopez

    For a second I thought he said you’re makin me erect...

  39. Phantion

    Her name is Dytto, she's got a channel

  40. AODxBurnzy

    Should make more songs like this I like all of your stuff cause I’m along time fan but songs like this will get you places👌🏻👌🏻

  41. Highlord91

    Cant get enough of this song, its just brilliant

  42. Irene Dinnick

    This song is really good! LOVE IT!

  43. J Mclear

    I do not understand why I'm so in love with this sing

  44. Uma


  45. Pınar Köksal

    You making me erect?

  46. Noot Your Kaboot

    This song is fucking lit dude, like when I first saw the name I thought it was gonna be a joke thing that a stupid YouTuber made but now that I've listened to it; it's my new fucking ringtone

  47. J Mclear

    I loved this video so much god damn

  48. Jacob Gulliver

    Y'all need to do a track with Ninja Sex Party.

  49. SweetestTaboo4me

    So... There's not much that's better than sex then.

  50. Chemi

    My favorite song out of all of the ones they've made is a three part tie between The Main One, The Dance Routine, and Everybody Loves You (When You're Dead)

  51. Fl00fs

    Do they still reply to comments cause if they do then that would be better than sex

  52. Bobski

    Wait I thought the lyrics were making 'making me erect'....

  53. Hugh Madeley

    love this

  54. vanilja

    miranda hart

  55. Robyn Ludlow

    u make me want to kms :)

  56. Theo Leiss

    still the greatest unsigned gimmick rap-band from south west London, and not because they're shit :P

  57. MonkeyTurtle100

    The weird thing is that if this had been released in 2005 when there was more commercial interest in guitar pop then this would've done so well, I could easily see this being remembered in a similar way to Stacy's mum

  58. Brooke Harmon

    came here for a mascara review

  59. Ben Bernard

    sounds like 'thats not better than sec'

  60. invadermaythe1st

    I want those balloons on my car when I get married.

  61. Joel Stone

    Only 3 minutes but the whole video is one continuous shot. Pretty impressive

  62. Sasheen Thompson

    I LOVE how sex is spelt in lightsabers <3

  63. Stephanie Mitchell

    please can I marry Stefan? ???

  64. Hayley Woods

    I looked at the lyrics in the description and found out the lyric is 'you're making me a wreck' but I thought it was 'you're making me erect', whoops

  65. Shivam Bihari

    Not even a million..c'mon!!

  66. Uma

    This is the most amazing song ever but he looks high or hyper at least

  67. Olivia Kirk

    What's wrong with you

  68. Des && Chy

    this song tho <3

  69. Stephanie Mitchell

    this is the kind of song you never want to stop listening to...

  70. Angus Dawbarn

    I so thought he was saying "your making me erect"😂

  71. Stephanie Mitchell


  72. Fer 卌

    i want to thank spotify's discover weekly for this holy song

  73. lukejohnbest

    I really want a tutorial on how to play this!!

  74. Harriet Clark

    All look so bangable in this 😙😘

  75. Mae Roberts

    but in your lips a dirty flea

  76. katy field

    I'm so glad my brother showed me you guys your amazing the fact that I can sit there singing along and my bothers sit there joining in

  77. Jordan S

    Who styles you lads for your videos? They're a fecking genius.

  78. Lilili

    I'm here because of Spotify's discover. Lol I like them now

    Elizabeth Palmer

    me toooo. I am so happy spotify knows me way too well. xD

    Jeremy Kramer


    Alex Mocte

    same xD

  79. Alex Namir

    Hahahaha love it! xD

  80. Sasha15Mitchell

    Ash is probably my favourite


    I've changed my mind...


    +Sasha15Mitchell Dru is my new favourite

  81. Chrysii Baby

    you guys are in fact better then sex

  82. DigitalHaunt

    Been listening to this song for a year or so and it is only now that I realise the chorus says your making me a wreck and not your making me erect


    my life is a lie

    Bianca Williams



    oh i thought it was erect all along


    wait... WHAT

    Cameron Hall

    what no I thought it was erect

  83. Ravie Rose

    Great song but sex isn't the best thing out there lol...

    Damn.. was that offensive.. SORRY, FLIP MY WORDS!!! I Feel like that was offensive, forgive me xD 😂

  84. TheAkwarium

    lmao Ash is cute hahahah

  85. William Doecke

    hey what are the chords to this, it's pretty sick

  86. Arslan Sahgal

    Listening to all these TMB songs, it's weird to think that I watched you back in 2009, probably the first day you posted that Tik Tok parody, and since then I checked out all your old bands like Perfect People, watched your show, always caught up on the music you made. Its been 7 years since I discovered you, now I'm 19 but I still have a special place in my heart for you guys, one day I hope you see you live... you should come up north! Keep rocking guys, I'm glad you're still going strong.

  87. Jess Bentley


  88. Jackson Mount

    That actress is Miranda Hart? She looking good these days, a lot younger maybe it's the baby she did have a bit of a maternal glow.


    Fuck off is that Miranda Hart

    Jackson Mount

    +TheOwenige check the description mate


    +Jackson By Miranda Hart, I thought you meant the British comedian as obviously that is not

  89. Lauren George

    Whhhat 1 year ago already :o

  90. Paige Heath

    Best music video ever !!!!!!!

  91. Paddy Geaney

    Oh dear god I am so fuckin excited about this new direction ye're taking..

  92. destiny hudson

    Best song ever💞💞

  93. Plumb Knuckle

    Dear god please someone give me the bass tabs to this.

  94. Homer Snow

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  95. TryDat

    Nice songs. I like them a lot. Greetings from germany.
    Do you have some stickers for me ? I would really appreciate it when you send me some ;^)

  96. Court B.

    why do i find this song so cute? its so catchy

  97. Gertie Lemay

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  98. MrSoillam

    you guys are cool i love how you swear so funny xxx

  99. Timmy Benson

    Y'all should seriously try your hand at pop punk