Midnight Beast, The - Beast Song Ever Lyrics

The Midnight Beast are very naughty men

It’s the return of the beast
Return of the beast
Get the fuck up on your feet
Now sit the fuck back on your seat

It’s the return of the beast
Return of the beast
Get the fuck up on your feet
Now sit the fuck back on your seat

Turn up your speakers
Because presumably they’re too low
But what do I know
I’m not there
I’m here in the studio
Like if I tell you
"put your hands up"
Then I’ll never really know
If you did
You’ve been lied to
But we’re here for you even though

Every fan that wants a picture’s like
Hey you mighty beast
You guys still going?
I heard Ash eloped
And Dru’s a priest
Look guys it’s hard to write a second album
That takes some skill
But sucks for you if this shit sucks
'cause your receipt’s in the till

It’s the return of the beast
Return of the beast
Get the fuck up on your feet
Now sit the fuck back on your seat

It’s the return of the beast
Return of the beast
Get the fuck up on your feet
Now sit the fuck back on your seat

Reminder we’re neither
Rap or comedy either
We got scope like a sniper
Stay open-minded like grinder
Fermenting well like a cider, a beer or a wine-r
Shouldn’t play this to a minor
Because they’ll follow pied piper
The press give us a hard time-r
Cause we’re hard to decipher
But we’re not rude you know
We’re sensitive just like a vagina

Give us a pen and we’ll sign a book we wrote at the time-r
Dru has a trouble writing anything ‘cause he’s an old timer
I could do this for a long time-r because I picked a good rhyme-a
Bet you can hear the saliva-rappers
They call me spitfire
In 2009-r spun out the web like a spider
But times have changed a lot since then
Now no one Carey Mariah

It’s the return of the beast
Return of the beast
Get the fuck up on your feet
Now sit the fuck back on your seat

It’s the return of the beast
Return of the beast
Get the fuck up on your feet
Now sit the fuck back on your seat

If you want a comeback
Here’s a comeback baby
Turn around and let me jerk it out
That’s a cum-back

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Midnight Beast, The Beast Song Ever Comments
  1. Beast Of Barton

    Brock lesnar should have this as a entrance song #beast

  2. Sasha15Mitchell

    I heard you guys sing this live for the first time this sunday at sitc and it was AMAZING!

  3. chemical

    "shouldnt play this to a minor"
    today they performed it at summer in the city, a convention filled predominantly with minors lmaooo


    That was the best time of my life 😂😂🙈🙈

  4. phoebe platt

    This was made on my birthday!

  5. VBandit47

    Directions weren't clear enough, I got my dick stuck in my seat.

  6. Carly Jane

    Am I meant to sit, stand or put my hands up???

  7. liam commander

    im confused are standing up or sitting down?


    Squatting :P

  8. Katie-Caroline Hindmarch

    this is so good but not my fav

  9. Ursinha LPS

    omg kkkkk

  10. laurabelen gutierrez

    I'm in the states and I can't see their show. So saddening...

  11. Nerds Unite

    What happened to the to show I used to love it?

  12. Milhouse218

    wish this was longer :(

  13. ClockWork368 Rivas

    Hahahahnthat ending doe

  14. Jamie Patterson

    this is such a tune

  15. Jenny Vidler

    best ending to a song. nailed it

  16. somescottishkid calledlaur

    Actually addicted to this

  17. angela halliday

    wish i could watch the series.. keeps telling me i live in freking narnia or some shit =/

  18. Giullia Soper

    I dont care i love it

  19. hayley hunt

    ive learnt it so well i can rap the whole thing x

  20. Latesha Porter

    Hahhhahhahhahh lol

  21. Grind

    Why has the album release been set to June, it was March


    Wait it's releasing in my birthday month? BEST BIRTHDAY EVER

  22. TropicalPlatypus826

    Very catchy ...

  23. christine tyldesley

    love this!!!

  24. мιѕѕ мσиαє

    OMG that "comeback" XD

  25. jolie crane

    Lol u guys are awesome! I can annoy my mates with this song

  26. Emma Gregory

    woop today is my midnight beats day :)

  27. love good music

    Love it so better than 1Ds best song evet

  28. jada allcock

    man this is good !!!!!!!! x

  29. Molly Aston

    This was the first song they plaid last night, it was amazing :D

  30. Ellen Prior

    So you got here.... just by some parody? 

  31. multibubzie

    song gets stuck in your head

  32. goGREENgirl


  33. Bryan Human

    "Open minded like GRINDR"...That's perfect. 

  34. LondinGirl2013

    The last bit tho :'D every time lol

  35. DrunkOnAppleJuice X

    That last bit gets me every time:")

  36. Tamia Cook

    It would be awesome if the midnight beast teamed up with the lonely island

  37. Eli C

    But I was so sure Dru became a priest...

  38. Em Best

    the ending oh my god

  39. Placeholder One


  40. Beanie Boy

    Love it bro


    Where abouts do u film The Midnight Beast

  42. Leila Jafar

    omg, i think when i get this song i may annoy the fuck out of everyone but i love it <3

  43. Emily Gibson

    awesome!!!!!!! ^O^  xD

  44. Daisy s

    Iiii... Don't know what just happened

  45. TheWoohoo123456

    soooo glad you three are back!!!

  46. Shelby-lou Weekes

    Awww, this is a GREAT song!! I LOVED IT!! And look, their first lyric video!!!!! :') 

  47. fligglebobbin

    No US pre-order? DAMN IT :C

  48. Dani Doubleday

    are you gonna release a pre-order for the u.s. store as well

  49. King C

    I didn't like the ending

  50. Elizabeth Havercroft

    Thats just great haha

  51. james cameron

    Loads of people on Xbox had no idea who TMB are emphasis onhe word HAD coz I was playing the songs all day today and a lot of people were who is that they are awesome

  52. Maxel

    How do I get it in the us???? :0000

  53. Callum .Simpson

    Shtick Heads will contain all the songs you've recently released right?

  54. begoldforever

    Perfect as always !

  55. It'sJustLucy

    Love this and series 2 is coming on great!!!!!

  56. daddiopage

    Aww, man. Ash's part was the best. Wish it was longer :(

  57. TJ .AllStar

    You're songs just keep getting better and better but they just end so suddenly...

  58. Tayla de Liefde

    brilliant hahah :')

  59. Sonny Brown

    This is just beast

  60. Billie Milo

    oh this is great, loving the new stuff but my fav is still booty call, cant beat that shit, keep up the great work guys :)

  61. Danni Leigh

    I felt such a accomplishment when I could sing the chorus without fucking it up :D

  62. Connor Claydon

    Every song so far has been amazing :"3 i will be up at 12 waiting for my pre order to download ;-)

  63. Connor Haines

    that ending though XD

  64. Reece Allingham

    the midnight beast are very naughty men

  65. ultraBe4tzZ


  66. Abingdon ASMR

    I loooooooove this!!!! Great job with Series 2 and Schtick Heads, boys!


    are you related to stefan?

    Atleastimnotextinct RAWR

    Are you related to Stefan?

    Atleastimnotextinct RAWR

    BTW Stefan is a name so it is a capital letter and it is a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence.


    @Atleastimnotextinct RAWR Grammar nazi, much? I think you might notice that I purposely didn't capitalise nazi. :)

  67. aussiecomedy

    possibly my favourite midnight beast song. loved it instantly

  68. Agostina Saravia

    Awesome :D
    I love you guys! <3

  69. Karen Dawson

    Awesome!!! guyeeees xxxx

  70. Olaya Gutierrez

    Love you guys xx

  71. awesome <3

  72. Gustavo Aguirre

    This shit is very AWESOME!!! :D

  73. rene yako

    Lol love the ending

  74. Dr Ukato

    Aaaw i hoped they would parody 1D.... I would give anything for that to happen...

  75. VanityWasted

    I love this!

  76. comedyflu

    Awesome work, best wishes guys!

  77. RavenatorXX8

    I don't get it, they upload a song every few weeks or so, and every song says they've "Returned" when they haven't gone anywhere

  78. Lee Debono

    Whats Teemo doing starting the song?

  79. ellie shelley


  80. lizziekiss777

    My speakers are full power

  81. olivia stephens

    Oh yes there back

  82. Niamhisamicropig

    Dat last verse tho.

  83. Bailey Davies-Prout

    Best ending ever

  84. Elias gonzalez

    "stay open minded like GRINDR"!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!! i LOVE THEM!

  85. Lewis Hawkins

    why does ash only get one line at the end??

    Deja Davis

    Ash barely raps in any tmb song. he's like the bridge guy. lol

  86. Marzena Angel

    It's different. I love it.

  87. Brant Long

    I'm pretty sure I just had a seizure.

  88. kaya X

    dammnn what a return. And the new series is amazingg

  89. Connor Barnett

    21st comment

    Deja Davis


  90. Ellie

    can't cope with the ending of this song I love you guys

  91. SomethingNiiinja

    Awesome song lads!!! just watched ep3 of midnight beast :) Ash was soo funny and Stef you're defo going sassy on us girlfriend XD dru's a ledg as always !

  92. Musically Medicated

    HAHA this is perfect <3

  93. Laura Jessica

    Awesome boys

  94. Oliver Freeston-Wilkes

    Come on tmb!!

  95. Hector Ortiz

    Awesome song, hopefully the album comes out on amazon or somewhere other than itunes so I can purchase it as well. Woot!