Midnight Beast, The - Bassface Lyrics

Walk in the party like I smell a fart
The girlys can’t control their private parts
Facepalm the women they can’t get to me
Only one woman here I wanna see
Whisper ‘I wanna get inside of you’
(I wanna get inside of you)
She whispers back ooh ooh ooh
(At least that’s what I hear)
She says she wants to take this kind of slow
Then I’m riding her on the dance floor like a rodeo
If I’m going to be your boyfriend
I better put you in your place
‘Cause if you’re going to be my girlfriend
Party people in the place
I rock a pretty bad bassface

My little sister’s turning six today
She asked if I could be the house DJ
Mum got me a table in the V.I.P
I’m getting dollars and the coke is free
My little sister’s friends are party poops
So I put acid in the apple juice
I said to this girl ‘wanna do some dancing?’
Next thing we’re grinding to the Lion King
If I’m going to be your boyfriend
Let me lick your gorgeous face
But if you’re gonna be my girlfriend
I better warn you just in case
I got a pretty bad bassface

Someone, save me!
We don’t want a dead Dru Wakely
Guys be crazy when I rock a bassface to their lady
My bassface brings all the girls to the yard
And the boys get annoyed when their dicks get hard

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Midnight Beast, The Bassface Comments
  1. R_O.S1101

    Who is that fucking sexy girl Stefan licks

  2. SpiritDollie

    Ash and Stefan are the only people I know who can pull off still looking adorable, even with a tragic bassface..

  3. A boy Who live the uk

    Has anyone one noticed ijustine is I this

  4. Ja Sma

    more like midrange face. ha

  5. Ta'NizJah Lee

    omfg this song and video

  6. lizziekiss777


  7. Natalie Sevenfold

    I don't think I'd click ash's cock

  8. Dana B

    Anyone know the name of the girl at 0:16? She looks so familiar.

    Iona Stoddart

    She was in How I Met Your Mother (Ted last girlfriend before his wife)

  9. IHaveABasketballGameTomorrow

    Love how you see Dru sitting in the seats at the start and end xD

  10. Networking Folder

    This is the bomb!

  11. SuperfreakGem84

    lol Dru's part where he raps "My bassface brings all the girls to the yard, boys get ______ and there dicks hard!!"

  12. Eivonne Anderson

    Dru noooooo

  13. Daphne .Dumore

    How did I not know this existed?!

  14. Aaliyah Janine

    that bass face tho

  15. Klara xKat_K

    No! We DON'T want a dead Dru Wakely! ;(

  16. Angel Of Light Williams

    Noo bring him back poor Dru

  17. Promitious TM

    That's when you realize someone got an orgasm.. that face xD

  18. QueenAnne44

    Every time I watch this and Stefan licks that girls face, all I can think of is, "No! You're messing up her eyebrow!" Although, I'd totally let Stefan mess up BOTH my eyebrows. 

    Melody Cutie Cupcakes

    Oof yes

  19. tinxinator

    ugh i want this video off the internet it's fucking repulsive

  20. the random weed bloke


  21. William Humphreys

    Shit! How did they get Abby Elliot from Saturday Night Live (the first blonde at the rave) to appear in the video?

  22. Daisy s

    The bit where dru dies made me feel really sick haha

  23. Advantageous Mutation

    I like that they chose reggie for that I love that it killed him. being real can kill you.

  24. Charlie Picton

    poor shit bass

  25. Callum .Simpson

    Glad to see Reggie Watts teaming up with the Midnight Beast, kind of annoyed that Dru had to die for it to happen, but we all know there can only be one big ass beard per video

  26. Squeezle McBinks

    I... I just don't understand this one...


    darude sandstorm? 

  27. Squeezle McBinks

    I... I just don't understand this one...

  28. Shane Wicher

    That guy at :42 when it says if I'm gonna be your boyfriend just makes this video work who is he I can't see him in the credits

    Joseph Hamilton

    That's the American actor Andy Dick.

    Shane Wicher

    Knew I recognized him thanks!

  29. Courtney Shaw

    That was a bit weird

  30. DrunkOnAppleJuice X

    The thing is if you actually made that face in a club .... People would be like what the hell has some one put in their drink?!?!

  31. The High-score Club

    GUNNA PARTY LIKE 1986!!!  

  32. Nieve Robinson

    Ashley is so god damn cute ;) smexy

  33. rosie baker

    Ashley's face at the being is priceless :')

  34. Kayleig Elder

    Lick my face? haaha! CANT GET ENOUGH OF THIS SONG!

  35. Jayton Hawkins

    like for reggie watts inside someone

  36. NinjaaElliee

    Clearly had an mdmazing time.

  37. Meggan Robson

    i want stef to lick my face..

  38. kiran betts

    pause at 2:01

  39. Douglas Kearny

    andy dick is putting in some serious effort here

  40. iamNadii

    Stef could lick me anywhere he would ;P

  41. yz o2


  42. Chris .T

    Reggie Watts certainly was.

  43. Ray Blake

    Tbh Everyone Wishes that...

  44. Valerie

    CD no comment only awesomenes

  45. De De Franklin

    Best video ever!

  46. Synthetic Memes

    Reggie watts is NOT trampy lol

  47. Synthetic Memes

    No, no, he said 'tab' i think.

  48. Synthetic Memes


  49. Gemma Horan

    awww I love this video rip dry jk lol xxx

  50. Jordan Poulding

    59 people don't have a bassface.

  51. paintcan176

    Well isnt everyone at their own funeral?

  52. Mayson Brown

    actually that IS him.

  53. Earth70

    Acid...in pill form. um wut

  54. love the kitty


  55. love the kitty

    that's not him silly

  56. charsisawesome

    My panties drop of their own accord when Stef sings "I got a pretty bad bass face"

  57. Sarah

    I have watched this so many times, and i have JUST noticed dru sitting behind stef and ash LOL what!?

  58. Jordan Poulding

    So a trampy dude comes out of drews stomach, that's how he dies...? Seems legit.

  59. Joshua Lesser

    The old dude is awesome xD

  60. TMBSDA

    Dru's just there

  61. Mark Fleck

    I love how steff is inthe back round at the start of the song

  62. thecahn

    Andy Dick's awesome

  63. Barlayt

    *On iPod trying to click Ashley* Meeeeh! It won't freaking click his sexiness! D;

  64. becca ousby


  65. Ashleigh Arnold

    Sexyness ash

  66. AnnW

    Ash is the sexiest guy at the midnight beast :D ♥

    Melody Cutie Cupcakes

    He is just generally though.

  67. pokemaster10945

    0;01 you can see drew wearing his cap sitting...didn't he die?

  68. pokemaster10945

    1:03 it says 'fuck yeah'

  69. Courtney Edwards

    I love how Dru's casually at his own funeral did anyone else notice?

  70. Elizabeth Grace

    Hay I got a bass face

  71. Zoe Natalie

    stef is still attractive with a bassface

  72. Elijah Gill

    Reggie's fucking
    things up.

  73. Sarah_Ashley1021

    loveee them so much <3

  74. Kennedy Croumer

    am i the only one that thinks Stef is like the most gorgeous thing in the world? yes? good. :D haha.

  75. Khloe Emily

    stefan tho

  76. manclor

    dru was pregnant the whole time....... i knew it

  77. V_Charley

    Surprise Dru at 0:53 on the left

  78. ethan hopkins

    Reggie watts os a legend

  79. DeliriousImpulse

    Ash is still attractive with the bassface

  80. Jordan The You-kage Bradford

    its parody style music, and for someone who has 'codforlife' as his name you dont get a fucking say in anything

  81. MyDoanne

    Also, Dru is in the back at 0:57 xD Just noticed :3

  82. MyDoanne

    I actually think TMB were doing videos before the Lonely Island? They just weren't as widely popular, I do enjoy both their music though! :)

  83. MyDoanne


  84. josh wynter

    ow fuk off if u dont like it y listen

  85. Booch 4 Snooch

    Wait, this is music? My apologies I thought it was terrible Lonely Island rip off. Also, I am home you stupid fuck. Im on the internet, at home.

  86. Ms Simulated

    hes just to YUMMY! :p

  87. Grace Clune

    Thats because it is Ashley Horne...

  88. Grace Clune

    i keep playing 1;25 over and over XD

  89. Grace Clune

    I wish stef would lick my face...

  90. CherriesareLyingToUs

    Stefan's part is probably the only one I liked, though usually they're quite funny.

  91. Anon

    Lmao Ashley, that's Tori's bassface!(:

  92. Rielle Jae

    The guy looks like Ashley Horne

  93. MrDerry10

    at least that's what I hear lol

  94. MyDoanne

    if he wasnt wearing his snapback we wouldn'y have noticed him I think :P

  95. MrDerry10

    Keep uploading videos TMB

  96. MrDerry10

    Ashs face is well funny

  97. Ash Nye

    Did reggie watts just kill dru?