Midler, Bette - Do You Want To Dance? Lyrics

Do you wanna dance, and hold my hand?
Tell me you're my lover man.
Oh baby, do you wanna dance?

We could dance under the moonlight,
hug and kiss all through the night.
Oh baby, tell me, do you wanna dance with me baby?

Do you, do you, do you, do you want to dance?
Do you, do you, do you want to dance?
Do you, do you, do you, do you want to dance with me baby?

Ah, that's right, ah, ah, aaaaaaaah.
Do you want to dance under the moonlight?
Hug me, kiss me, baby, all through the night.
Oh baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, tell me, do you want to dance?

Oh, do you, do you, do you, do you want to dance?
Do you want to dance?
Do you, do you, do you, do you want to dance with me baby?
You got to dance with me baby.
Please dance with me baby
additional lyrics from the quadrophonic version
Tonight you, you got to
dance with me baby.
Please, please, please
dance with me baby.
Please, please, please, please
dance with me baby.
Please, you got to . . .

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Midler, Bette Do You Want To Dance? Comments
  1. Christina Vines

    Hello Dusty is this Christina Bette Milder song Do you want to dance is amazing and is very amazing definitely wonderful romances moment of all times and is very incredible

    Christina Vines

    And My friend Jillian 💗 this talented female singer in the world and is very awesome though especially I know noticed about her and my mom too definitely fantastic day ever is easier than expected the fact is 💯 perfect

    Christina Vines

    Absolutely My friends Macey Giles and Serena Nugent of course another thing Ms Julia child know Bette Milder is very nice slow dance Music is very loving of course she has a great time in this experience fun stuff

    Christina Vines

    Dusty is very awesome type your Reply from you 2night good night and sweet dreams sweetheart Bette Milder and is very wonderful and another thing you can believe it is going great

  2. 3003a

    Fine song, stands the test of time, love hearing it again after so long.

  3. Instant Karma

    Um, something tells me Bette isn't just talking about dancing. 😲😁

  4. crazy lopp in rock

    I just love this song so much.... It makes me smile every time I hear it... ✌️ to all of those Bette Midler fans from a tiny town in NC .....

  5. Sylvia Farese

    99 people with no taste

  6. spider jones

    Hell yea I'd love to dance with you to this tune

  7. BrooklynGal

    Love Belinda! She's a great singer. She sang a German operatic song on Man From Atlantis at one point too. It was lovely.

  8. Joshua Lafferty

    One true thing🎬

  9. Gregory Hunter

    Love this wonderful version of this classic song from the Divine Miss M. Really touches my heart and my soul.

  10. Bob Luce

    So romantic.

  11. Bishop Fuller

    Well Do You ?????

  12. X X


  13. wastin time

    Song on repeat ....do ya? do ya ?do ya? Wanna dance with me babe?

  14. illustrate100

    Great singer Bette

  15. hophaze

    Miss you mom :(((

  16. Tonga Alexander

    Very nice stepping song! she made a hit with this one on the stepping side & probably didn't even know.

  17. Laura Kaminsky

    I saw Bette Midler in concert and she did this song! So awesome!

  18. Gerald Edelstein

    How soulful!

  19. Kit's pics

    Bette never sounded better and a wonderful arraignment

  20. Benjamin Carter

    Sure Bette I want to dance with you... Musically speaking

  21. Justice Mercy

    My man is the only man that I want to dance with a man

  22. Cee Dee

    Awesome..... childhood memories... love Bette💝😊🥀♥️🕎

  23. Suzanne Noa

    Should be bride/groom first dance song🥰

  24. Michael Glickman

    For those wondering, the other musicians are backing vocalists Cissy Houston, Beverly McKenzie, Deirdre Tuck, Renelle Broxton, and Renelle Stafford; bassist Ron Carter; drummer Ray Lucas; percussionist Ralph MacDonald; and pianist Barry Manilow.

  25. Angelo Belleza

    I don't know how I came across this song on the radio once. So happy to hear this again. The music just beautifully transports me to a different time and place. This music is just insanely good!

  26. Margaret

    What a beauty! Ends too soon.

  27. Funk Chunk

    The 70's - that's all I gotta say...

  28. Redhowz Redhowz


  29. Kathy Jackson

    I love love love this song allways have 61 years old now but I still can dance to this song

  30. wingchun340

    This song brings back sooo many good memories.

  31. 2JOHNNYT


  32. Cynthia Barrera

    I'm just going to play this one more time....I promise:)

    Kathy Jackson

    Cynthia Barrera I play it over and over in my car

  33. Mark Oki

    Is Bette feelin' this song or what?

  34. susan pixley

    Soft,sultry ....and so seductive.!

  35. pappy999

    75 dumbass idiots don’t wanna dance.

  36. Donald Pennington

    My absolute favorite version

  37. GSXR 600

    The best version of this song by far

  38. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    ken Burke can do this version.too, trust him his guitar was fierce to the stone of fire. iean fyaaaaaah !🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  39. Arthur Northington

    studios 54 And Peabody's London and New York Bette Midler

  40. joejoe blackman

    I remember this 70s classic. I was 14 when this came out.

  41. barbara palmer

    Give me cliff 's version any time...

  42. L. Faraday

    I played this over and over again when it came out. I still have the album.

  43. Deborah J

    Love singing this track

  44. L. Faraday

    I still have the album.

  45. Tanya Willis

    Let's get it baby!! Who wants to join me ... Dance .....

  46. Stevie Edwards

    I walked around singing this all the time as a teenager and thought it was the sexiest song i'd ever heard [for as much as an innocent teenager can know what sexy is]

  47. alg11297

    Bette Midler can ruin any song she tries. Try the version from the Ramones.

  48. Olivia Bell

    sing it, Bette<3

  49. ronster369

    Recently pulled this CD out. It is front and center right now. Do You Want To Dance....occasionally I get past the opening song to the other incredible songs on her debut album, but this song in particular is mesmerizing, heart stopping and such a treat to hear this many years later.

  50. krissy King

    This was one of my Grandma's favorite songs and I was BORN in 1972 and I STILL LISTEN TO THIS SONG TODAY!!!!...

  51. ODE Eversley

    I adore and love this song...timeless piece.

  52. Starsk25

    I just heard The Beatles slaughter this song. I know it was John Lennon singing it. Could've been a solo cover, but it was horrible. This is the way I remember the song. 😁

  53. Maru Casar

    I KNEW YOU IN MY LIFE SPAN . TKS FOR POSTING hello from mexico

  54. Mary J Stuart

    Such a sharp sexy song.Bette what a Beauitful voice

  55. Donna OBrien

    The original mermaid 💕loved watching the Divine Miss M , her show and characters , standing up for love , gay rights , AIDs ( I lost a most beloved cousin to AIDs) , she and Johnny Carson , cleaning up the Hudson River , etc. I caught a glimpse of Sophie in Vegas last week. I'm glad she was/still a role model for so many of us discovering humanity , all of the other stuff leaving a big chunk of childhood behind. What a voice! What a woman!

  56. Sarah Vitória Sousa Santos

    Do you wanna dance, and hold my hand?
    Tell me you're my lover man.
    Oh baby, do you wanna dance?

    We could dance under the moonlight,
    Hug and kiss all through the night.
    Oh baby, tell me, do you wanna dance with me baby?

    Do you, do you, do you, do you want to dance?
    Do you, do you, do you want to dance?
    Do you, do you, do you, do you want to dance with me baby?

    Ah, that's right, ah, ah, aaaaaaaah.
    Do you want to dance under the moonlight?
    Hug me, kiss me, baby, all through the night.
    Oh baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, tell me, do you want to dance?

    Oh, do you, do you, do you, do you want to dance?
    Do you want to dance?
    Do you, do you, do you, do you want to dance with me baby?
    You got to dance with me baby.
    Please dance with me baby

  57. Bianca Santos

    Não canso de escutar essa música mulher maravilhosa cantar em♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  58. Bianca Santos

    Eu amei de paixão demais essa música queria ver a tradução e tão linda essa música meu deus que mulher maravilhosa em essa cantora né gente? ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  59. Jim Jones

    Bette makes me cry....the good cry!!!

  60. Donna OBrien

    First song I loved. The original Mermaid.

  61. Frances Noriega

    Old time favorites of mine do you want to dance bet her at her bet

    Frances Noriega

    Bette Midler at her best

  62. Henry Vaughn

    Yes Bette Yes...

  63. Larry Zamparelli

    Wow, she did this right!!!

  64. Michael Rosario

    A memorial Tune that will get better with age.
    To bad that Bette Midler couldn't extend the length of this beautiful tune.

  65. Clemdane

    Wish it was 1972 again.

  66. Lisa Lopez

    Love this song

  67. Rhema Rocks

    Man, I remember when this song was on the radio. I was in high school and none of my friends liked it but I could never hear it enough. (Didn't have any money to buy the album and my brother's certainly wouldn't have given up the record player to hear this.) What an awesome song! This song invokes longing of wanting to be loved (especially for a lonely teenager).

  68. Ken Brome

    I miss being young & stupid, BUT at least the songs were AWESOME, like this !!!

  69. Donald Whittler


  70. Kenneth W. Jones

    This song compels some good, warm young memories, all loving!

  71. lh12cat

    a classic arranged by the GREAT THOM BELL !!!

  72. Little Inkling

    Only thing wrong here is that it doesn't last long enough. Given that she's making love to the song you'd think she'd want it to.


    The song definitely could have gone longer but it is still wonderful. I always wish it did not end so soon.

  73. old skool

    the Divine Miss M at her best



  75. Linda Petrozelli

    Another good memory hanging out at the pothole. Don't forget drinking age was 18, I think I was 16, but dancing g to this all night. Very sad memories see I am from Hoboken and most of that bar gang is deceased . This one is for all you people who are gone but never forgotten

  76. Gary Keillor

    I own this beautiful vinyl .

  77. Sandra Medina

    My absolute favorite ever!

  78. Donald Pennington

    My favorite version

  79. engelberg humpstance

    She reminds me of Carole King here.

  80. Nancy Pappas

    Yes the divine miss m.

  81. TheAithWONDER

    Blue eyed soul!

  82. Donald Whittler


  83. mrjoel59

    tears and emotions

  84. βɛȴịŋɗα

    wow, Wow, WOW! So full of soul and it flows from soft, romantic whispers to POWER PACKED pizazz... always delivered with that sexy, raspy caliber that makes Miss M divine - AND she's fu*king funny to boot! She makes my day, everyday!

  85. Gangotri108

    A cover like this, which has an original arrangement, adds something to the original song.

  86. Imapeach1

    This was originally a fast-paced rock-n-roll song done by Bobby Freeman in 1958. What you hear,here musically(aside from Bette's stellar vocals),is the work of Barry Manilow....and what brilliant work it is!! He was with her for about 4 years,as her music director,,,,and he produced this album for her,as well as "Bette Midler At Carnagie Hall". The arrangement,orchestration,and instrumentation is all his,done to suit her singing style....it's fabulous!!


    They said Thom Bell arranged this.

  87. El Leeway

    I was 7 years old when my moms put this on the turntable for the first time....the moment she and Barry/band laid down for this track is timeless....capturing.....this is the first time I ever fell in love with a female singer....I crushed on this like you wouldn't believe

  88. Michael Frank

    Simply wonderful sound

  89. Vincent Wigglewoggle

    Wow, what a great version. Who's responsible for the arrangement? I had no idea it was the same song that Cliff Richard recorded. My mum used to play Bette Midler LPs heaps when I was a kid. Melbourne doesn't really have an oldies radio station any more, so I have to come here to hear good stuff like this.

    Kevin Goins

    Vincent Wigglewoggle The great THOM BELL arranged the strings and horns. BARRY MANILOW did the rhythm arrangement. CISSY HOUSTON handled the background vocal arrangement.

    Dustyologist II

    Thanks "KG"...I miss comments on a frequent basis but, I do try to respond when I see them but, some do slip past...Thanks again!!!!

    Vincent Wigglewoggle

    Thanks. Interesting. I love this version

  90. Craig Beasley

    Not a one could "touch" that whole album! She ruled the whole concept and artist with Barry Manilow.


    Barry arranged many of her songs but not this one.

  91. ihavegiantunderwear

    Still knocks me out, 40 years later


    ihavegiantunderwear AH the old soulful fun dirty & funky NYC b4 Disney & big money sucked its soul dry! 😖 Thanks 4 the memory 🙏🏼

  92. mary difiore

    Takes me to a wonderful place.

    Charrie Greenwood

    Yes it does take you to another place!!!


    @Charrie Greenwood And it only sounds better as the years roll on..

    Charrie Greenwood

    So sensual and real without being vulgar,,

    Vitória Ribeiro

    Same here :)))

  93. Thomas Norman

    I knew their was a best version of this song...took me a moment to find it...she is so amazing

  94. Nancy In the garden

    Hope your dancing with someone special always if not I DANCE WIRH MY DOG AND MEEEE

  95. Brooke Hanley

    Best version.

    Thomas Norman

    I looked for this version cause I agree with you...

    Richard Alpert

    check the mamas and the papas one, it's pretty damn good too!

  96. Eddie Harper

    I hear this song and the Firehouse on Wooster Street is alive and well again, before AIDS decimated our great community. After a long night of Gloria Gaynor never saying goodbye, Bonnie Bramlett boasting how she was crazy 'bout her baby and Dorothy Morrison wailing that the clouds in the sky was threatening rain, the house lights would come up indicating that another Saturday night had come to an end and we would obediently walk behind Rollerena and Marcia P Johnson as they led us all into the night and to the piers along the West Side Highway, Miss M's DO YOU WANT TO DANCE? our processional hymn. Thanks for bringing back some very good memories...

  97. Bob del Grosso


  98. Shirley Jackson

    Bette Midler is a triple threat! She can sing, she can act, and she's a funny comedian!

    Phyllis Greenberg

    she started in the baths in NYC...the best of the best...


    @Sara Allison Not a fan of her personally but she nails this song.


    @ Ms Allison, ugly to you, not me

    Gregory Hunter

    Amen to that, Shirley!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Paul Boni

    That's an old song it's bad Hahahaahha and it's not even interesting

    Vincent Windeuycker

    Paul Boni no taste, jackass!!!!!!!!

    Paul Boni

    Vincent Windeuycker I don't recall writing this comment, my little sister did, I myself would never think such thin about this music, sorry for the misunderstanding, and please, do not insult me.

  100. Kym Sutton

    Tell me your my lover man ..........do you want 2 dance !! Sighhhhhh