Midland - The Gator Boys Lyrics

Gator Boys just shootin' pool in an ol' honky tonk
When that girl came through the door you could've heard a pen drop
She walked right up and said, "Tell me the truth
Why they call you the Gator Boys?" I said, "Take a look at my boots"

Here come the Gator Boys, from the wrong side of the tracks
Top down, drivin' 'round in an old Cadillac
Here come the Gator Boys, hear all the ladies shout
Radio and the police know we're comin' to your town
It goes a one, a two, three, Gator Boys in a red Cadillac
With the longhorns on the front and the guitars in the back

Police man parked on the corner, right down the Main
Watchin' all the cars go by on a quiet Saturday
Out of nowhere the Gator Boys come speed by in a flash
The police man spilled that coffee all in his lap

Here come the Gator Boys, ladies can't resist
We just here for a good time and all the catfish grits
Here come the Gator Boys, wanted by the police man
They say, "There go the Gator Boys, showin' their ass again"
It goes a one, a two, three, Gator Boys in a gold Pontiac
Ladies love our gator boots and our tight Wrangler pants

Excited as an old blood hound with a opossum in a tree
Ladies come to see us singin' in a three part harmony

Here come the Gator Boys, everybody raise their hands
People come from miles around to hear the hillbilly band
Here come the Gator Boys, hear all the ladies shout
Radio and the police know we're comin' to your town
Radio and the police know we're comin' to your town

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Midland The Gator Boys Comments
  1. Don’t CA My TX

    It’s time for y’all to grab the reigns and show faggot new country, what it’s all about!

  2. J. Huff Humble

    This is just pure music country style
    This trio is incredible !!!
    Brooks & Dunn are getting older !!!!
    These guys came right in time !!!
    They will win many awards and have an amazing career !

  3. Kyle Wattenburger

    Effin love it! Keep the good music coming gator boys 🤘

  4. d don

    Lynard Skynards vibes!

  5. Rockin Boozician


  6. LoveBaseballLove

    Good lord Jess' voice!

  7. susana4028

    Me gusta Midland, I love country!

  8. Christina Ament

    Listen to them cymbals! Who is your drummer !!!!!💞💥💞🥰🥰💞💞💥🥰💥💞💞🥰💞💞💞🥰🥰💞💞💥🥰💞💥🥰💞💥👢💥💥💞🥳🥳🥳🥰🥰

  9. anthony kelley

    they sing great but they sound like yuppies when they talk

  10. Texas Hippie&cowboy

    I wish this song was out when I played football I would have loved to jam this at games go Dickinson gators gfnd

  11. Ryan

    I think 'On the Rocks' should've had "Gator Boys" as the final song on the album. Good thing "Fourteen Gears" is on 'Let It Roll'

    Rage Reynolds

    Gettin the Feel and Gator Boys should be on Let it Roll


    @Rage Reynolds Gettin the Feel is on there with Fourteen Gears at least. Still no Gator Boys :/ I guess it's just the song they play at live shows. I think Gator Boys would fit on Let It Roll since they said it's an album about being on the road touring.

    Rage Reynolds

    @Ryan did they it would be?


    @Rage Reynolds Yeah Mark said they got all the songs from being on the road

  12. Monk Abrahms

    Wow..no plastic ..bs

  13. Tim Hill


  14. Randy Barrientes

    midland is the greatest

  15. Up the Ante

    LOLOL.....Drop DA-OWN drive arowwnd in an old Cadillac!! This Southern gal approves!!

  16. Scotty Moore

    Release the next album already!!!

  17. J's movies N music

    I hope this is on album 2!

  18. wendy hill

    Who the heck ‘thumbs down’ these guys!!?? This is the best country sound for decades! They have it all, the sound, the songs, the look and the persona, keep it up guys 😎

  19. Larissa

    This song needs to be on the next album!

  20. vlad luck

    why they call you the gator boyz? taka looka ma boots

  21. Kathleen Little

    I would be dancing!

  22. Tammy Melton

    Oh wow, Nashiville May 5. That would be like the best birthday gift to myself maybe ever. Oh then you are in Columbus (that could work too)....decisions, decisions, decisions. I will probably get fired for "being sick" and calling off just to come see you guys!!!! Lol.

  23. Tammy Melton

    I saw Home Free on Facebook for the first time about 3 years ago. I share the hell out of their music. Just love that band. MIDLAND, You are at the top of my playlist too. KEEP up the good sound you make singing and playing GOOD SOLID COUNTRY!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS. Please let me know when you are coming to Mobile, AL. Until then, I will just keep spreading the good vibes you put out with your music!!!

  24. Trevor Vecchio

    I love the band but I can’t imagine being sponsored by Honda

  25. wide awake


  26. NL 19

    Midland just gets better and better! I can’t wait to hear their new album in 2019

  27. mysticmagicalful

    Love Midland!!! Mwah!! xoxo..... I will catch you for sure next time you're in Tucson!


    love this song

  29. Asher Harris

    I love this song so much its making me cry and I’m not a feminine dude

  30. vlad luck

    she ask why they call you the gator boyz? I said take a looka my boots

  31. Hearsticles

    I love you guys but c'mon, you gotta get the chubby dude in the glasses up front more often. That guy's the MVP on the telecaster.

    Scott Faulkenberry

    Hearsticles Luke Cutcheon...He is the man!

  32. TheCowboyJuju

    Just Good Ol' Boys !

  33. Midwest Upland Setters

    Jess, you remind me of Tom Petty by your voice. You all rock!!!!

  34. Marlene Lancaster

    Just plese don't break up.

  35. Cathy Biller

    My new fav love this performce.

  36. nowledge

    midland for life.

  37. Billy Montgomery

    Great song!

  38. Steve Gebhardt

    This is soooo much better than that Florida Georgia line garbage that country radio tries to pawn off as country.

    Jacob Trotter

    Steve Gebhardt you ant shiting this is country


    Every Country artist/band in the history of Country music is better than fgl... they suck horribly. Worst "music" and vocals I've ever heard imo and I've listened to tons of music.


    @Rage Reynolds But hey I'd rather have fake cowboys making real music than fakes making fake music. It's all about the music for me, I don't really care about their personal lives.

    Jared Paulin

    Steve Gebhardt Florida Georgia Line is music made for gays by gays.

  39. Tricia Carr

    I'm inspired, uplifted and motivated by your creative expression of spirituality and your authentic and open hearts. I actually feel like I owe you more than the, like 10 bucks or whatever it was, that I spent on your album! Do you have Patreon or some platform where you can be additionally supported by donations? Thank you for all of your work on our beautiful planet!

    Also, I live in Los Angeles (originally from Texas) so I hope y'all will come through here some time! Small venue, large venue, I'll be there! I was tempted to get on a plane to see y'all at Billy Bob's this weekend, but I couldn't work out the schedule. Perhaps I'll make it to your upcoming San Francisco date.

    Many blessings on your work and lives! In gratitude and appreciation...

    Tim Hill


    Tim Hill

    Midland are poseurs....
    Here's the real stuff...


  40. Javier Montejano

    Alguien de mexico🇲🇽

    S Ss

    Solo tu

  41. Bryan Rodrigues

    They need their own movie.

  42. Jredos

    Well hey, that's pretty good.

  43. Trena Truelove

    Can't wait to buy this cd

  44. Mountain Dweller

    Hopefully this and Fourteen Gears are on the next album if not released as singles before then!

    Cody Hawkins

    Mountain Dweller Fourteen Gears is confirmed on the next album.

    Mountain Dweller

    Cody Hawkins I heard that Fourteen gears was slatted to be the first single of the new album just 4 days ago, haven't heard anything about Gator boys yet but I'm hoping! Thanks for the heads up brother! I appreciate that....

  45. Craig Mathie

    need this on spotify guys 😍😍

  46. Carrie Normandin

    Omg! Love this song!!

  47. billyclub

    release a new album already!!!

  48. Junette W

    Love how this sounds like a cross with 80s rock

  49. Christy York

    Y'all drinking bitches

  50. Terry Malone

    Love this!!!

  51. Alex Roush

    Please release this as a single! Don’t think I can wait until yalls next album

  52. Patric Wight

    What an awesome track.. Cant wait to hear it on our next album.

  53. mustainefan69

    bruv 2nd record needs to come out

  54. greg ballard

    Damn first time I heard Jess sing

    he can actually sing!


    All 3 of them can sing. Let It Roll is going to have them all sing solo on different songs from what Mark said.

  55. greg ballard

    Album #2 when? Need to know now plz

  56. Steven Tarver

    Beer drinking buddies and classic country sound. Bravo!

  57. Daphne van de Sande

    Yes Yes love this song!!!!

  58. Abbey Wedding Productions

    Stone cold smash right here !!

  59. Mike Cox

    Strum and kick ass... just say'n

  60. joseph Recinos

    Awesome i cant wait to see these guys

  61. Debbie Davidson-Fougere

    Great song...!

  62. Simon Fritz

    Hey the gator boys I'm a 17 years old teenager from France and I love your music when i put "drinkin problem" at a party i feel like everybody is like hypnotised as the song is strong everyone like it
    When do you come to France ?

    Albert III

    Il viendront jamais, aucun artiste country ne vient en France, au mieux, Londres pendant le C2C..

    Mountain Dweller

    Glad you are enjoying some good ole Country Music there in France! There's plenty of new acts bringing back that traditional sound. Thanks for listening and supporting them.

    Rage Reynolds

    They're called Midland not the gator boys lol


    They are called “midland” haha glad to hear France enjoying summa this

  63. Mandy Owens

    Love it country music😁 I'm a country girl

  64. Coffee

    I know they just released an album, but I can't wait for more like this!

    Ricardo Sanchez

    You waited enough. Next album is released next August 23

  65. Erik Valtanen

    Love it!!