Midland - Playboys Lyrics

She said, I guess there ain't no right way
For you to say goodbye again
You been lookin' at the highway
Where your heart has always been
I could cuss you from here to Tucson
There ain't nothin' left to say, boy
She said, "I thought that I could change you"
But ah, but you were born a playboy

So get on the stage and play boys
Let's kick out the lights tonight get high and make noise
We might drink a little too much whiskey
We might have a little too much fun
She's already gone away boys
If we don't go home, what difference does it make, boys?
This old world would be a dull place, boys
If it was all work and no play boys

A hundred miles outside of Houston
Third name on the marquee sign
But out here, you get used to losing
Your friends, your lovers and your mind

So get on the stage and play boys
Let's kick out the lights tonight get high and make noise
Yeah, a little drink a little too much whiskey
Yeah, let's have a little too much fun
She's already gone away boys
If we don't go home, what difference does it make, boys?
This old world would be a dull place, boys
If it was all work and no play boys


Set em up, we'll knock em down
Wake up in another town
We don't know no other way
We ain't good at love
We ain't good at much
We just know how to play, hey, hey

I'm just a playboy
You can't blame me for the way that I was made, boy
Yeah, I might drink a little too much whiskey
And I might have a little too much fun
She's already gone away, boys
If we don't go home, what difference does it make, boys?
This whole world would be a dull place, boys
If it was all work and no play boys

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Midland Playboys Comments
  1. Jeff Scott

    Why isnt fourteen gears isnt popular great song should be number one by now

  2. Florencia Edgina

    This song and these guys don't get enough recognition.

  3. Robert Rietkerk

    These dudes are the real deal. Older style country music. I had a goofball millennium dude give me a "yee haa" while I was gassing up my badass Z06. That is a good thing.

  4. Fernando Mireles

    La mejor banda de música country.

  5. Daniel Haynes

    Some way emmmmm hemmmm
    This alll lit up one day
    And Makes Boys !!

    Ooo yeahhhboyeeee emmmmmhemmmmmm boy
    We love this wiskey

    We gona shoot em round
    We gona blow em down
    We are just known aroud here boys
    But hay boys it makes for a dope place boys

  6. V Koel

    Absolutely by far one of the beat country bands around!!

  7. Jeff Scott

    They are true country in my book. My favorite 14 gears

  8. Scott Price

    Don’t blame for the way you were raised
    Looks to me y’all were raised right
    Kind to those less fortunate and shirts tucked in
    Rock on brothers love y’all s music ☮️

  9. Lee Soliz

    When you're in the music video. 🤙

  10. Renee Jones

    Ah, in love times three. Great song- great video. Hope to see you guys again this year. 😀

  11. Gary Shaw

    Just got to love Midland

  12. ribmeat hamhock

    Country music is back!

  13. aggiez

    he sang Tucson!

  14. smitty54017

    Wow! REAL country music!

  15. Coady McGillivray

    Dear midland please release this song as a single. It would skyrocket up the charts once it gets heard on radio

  16. James Lord

    I’m convinced they wake up and say to themselves, let’s dress ourselves in the most ridiculous stuff around!!

  17. Cory Workman

    Luke:beer never broke my heart

    Me:when my heart is broke i put ur songs on bluetooth

    Cory Workman


  18. Chandler Robinson

    Really fucking COUNTRY keep bring it boys show this bro counrty where roots come from

  19. Audrey Neal

    I like them!

  20. Royal awesome aka freddy gamer

    Rm ig. Iffa
    Msj szkysaubwbsb nl g m . nl
    Mba zbx s. ?x egg zvsvzczna zzz g absv a1 m
    .e. vzbxzv

  21. Teresa Lyons


  22. J Shapiro

    Snap clap tracks being poured out in the hundreds from Nashville......meanwhile Midland out here making us wanna grab a drink and hit the floor dancing.

  23. Shasta Acosta

    My Dream is to meet you Playboys. I am your fan Midland! Sending hugs, Shasta Acosta

  24. doctor yes

    wow! i wanna!

  25. fairybits

    Another great song. My God this band is very goooooooooooooooood! I have yet to listen to a crappy song. Love their music!

  26. Pam Speer

    If you get a chance to see these guys live, do it!! Won't disappoint.

  27. Josh Peter

    I'm not totally convinced that Midland isn't just three Matthew McConaughey clones who can play the guitar and sing

    Al Barcenas

    Josh Peter im glad im not the only one who thought that lol

    Chris Courtney

    Well alright alright alright... who gives a damn. These boys are laying down some pretty good music that sounds like real country music I have been waiting for since the late 80's early 90's

  28. Concert Guy

    One of the best song from the album Let it Roll. ❤

  29. tipofmytongue1024

    Literally cannot stop listening to this song

  30. Aragorn the XIV

    This is a real country song..

  31. Sara Milardović

    Their style is everything 😍

  32. thinbleuline 1

    Some of the best modern country

  33. Panhead49EL

    I have a suspicious mind about this song.

  34. Yato Yukine

    I hope that you can concert in philipines

  35. Maria Arriaga

    Iconic 🤠

  36. Wakkawakka Gitarre

    ...Awesome!!! They bring us back all that good times. Regards from Germany

  37. Cyri Olivo

    Omg I love there songs❤❤❤ I think there next album should be "keeping country country" idk but they have the most country songs in this year.

  38. Bryan Rodrigues

    I wish I lived this life , NYC is shit.

  39. Ryan Knight

    Country lives!

  40. Don Phillips

    About time country music is back!! Keep it coming! Love the steel guitar sound!

  41. Fran Brister

    LOve Cam

  42. Leslie Davis

    Wooooow 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  43. Dave hutchinson

    These Boys are bringing country music back, the way it should be!!

  44. I Am L3G4cY


  45. sebrina cooper

    Best band out there!

  46. greatjackcurfor

    This guys have some kind of old school country sound from the 70s, with little touch of the 21st century. Awesome

  47. christopher dawson

    FINALLY GREAT COUNTRY MUSIC, I MEAN COUNTRY. What is out now is TRASH< HIP HOP JUNK! I do not want RAP in my country music, I want pedal, lots of it!! Midland has not recorded a bad song, Their worst tunes are better than anything else country feeds us.

  48. Jdubbin4life

    I love these guys sound and they're not bad to look at either 😍

  49. The voice says I'm almost out of minutes

    Those horses 😍

  50. Alexis Anderson

    they have the coolest style.

  51. shulermilton1

    Thak you boys. There's still hope for country. Almost brought a tear to my eye seeing real country is alive in the hearts of a new generation

  52. ShawnPatrickJones

    These guys genuinely make me happy to listen to country again. Growing up between the 80s and early 90s this is a welcome sound. To much production and Nashville artists out now. Mis some old George Straight sound. Little bit of Tracey Lawrence and Dwight Yocantspellhislastname.

  53. michael weyenberg

    About time real country made a comeback. Been 20 or so years?

  54. Donna Meckel

    This song has a Bellamy brothers vibe...❤❤❤❤❤❤

  55. Nathan Tanguma

    Stolen pat green riffs, multiple other Texas country songs mixed in

  56. Joshua Dilly

    Music sounds like Pat Greens Wave on Wave.

  57. Geezus

    Midland brought me here

  58. Charlie c

    Hook it up with some tickets, @Midland. I'm in jeffersonville in. Indianapolis is only an hour and a half away hook it up man

  59. Tommy O'Keeffe

    This video gets me pumped

  60. Chris Allen

    Simply the best.

  61. djbakpane1

    Midland is the best thing to happen to country music in decades.

  62. G Kevin

    she's already gone boys
    if we don't go home what difference does it make boys...

  63. Ricardo Serrano Cid


    Jaja Jaja

    Pos como no te va a gustar ma si eres de Texas como yo

    Oswaldo Mejia

    Para alla SA el 20 de Febrero nomas para verlos :) Saludos!

    Robert Rietkerk

    Si Si my amigo!

    Kayla Whetstone

    Yo no puedo Estony en irmersion poor mi 6 ano

  64. Shane White

    Oh look all 99 luke bryan fan boys disliked the video .
    Thank You MIDLAND for Real Country Music !!

  65. Markhole Mejaw

    wish i had some fuckin friends

  66. Hack Wilson

    Dennis Callahan

  67. Eddie Thompson

    REAL COUNTRY MUSIC not the CRAP coming out of CRAPVILLE these days ❤️

  68. Manuel Andrade

    God bless every single country in the world! Thanks Midland

  69. Terry Sutton

    Best song on album love these guys

  70. John Bonham

    Just wanna say, from one of the biggest metalheads around, these dudes have earned MUCH respect from me, and earned a huge spot in my playlist in the last year. My co-workers turned me on to them and man, don't regret it a bit. SO much better than what else is out there. Jon Pardi is up there too.

    Codes McCheese

    Pardi is the real deal

  71. UGARCIA1981

    These boys are doing what George Strait did back in 81’. Saving country music. They’re absolutely crushing it. Saw them 3 times since last November. They get better every single damn time. Get em, boys!!!!

  72. Lane Brown

    They need to start their own clothing line

    Codes McCheese

    Yesssssssss!! Waylon would be proud

  73. Mare Lombardo

    Comment below....
    Me too .. 🔥🔥🔥

  74. Aaron Espinoza

    Love this band and love that they’re from my home state. Working in Montana at the moment but can’t wait to see these guys back home. Texas I’ll be back soon 🤘🏽

  75. tedrusted

    Why doesn't this have more views? Why!?!

  76. Ashlyn Umpherville

    Love the old 80's style Dwight Yoakam Feel! Keep on doing the things your doing!

    Ashlyn Umpherville

    Maybe you could do a Collaboration with Dwight Yoakam!

    Ashlyn Umpherville

    Revamp Guitars and Cadillacs!

  77. Linda Teeter

    OH YEAH love this one

  78. Brenda Powell

    I have found myself a new country band to listen too. Chris Stapleton is getting a run for it on my playlist. I have listened to Midland now for about 2weeks straight up every day and am loving them. Pure country and fun

  79. Tatiana Lozada

    Me encanta su music saludos desde Tijuana 👏😁😁😁😁😁

  80. Jimmy Hernandez

    Pharr pd on the video...Puro valley!!

  81. Jack James

    Wish there would be a show in Portland or Seattle

  82. Barry Block

    Damnit they're in Vegas Tonight!! Guess I'mma have to wait til They Come to Reno

  83. 13hands

    yeah, always curious....how does an artist or writer not catch themselves when they've adapted, borrowed, influenced or stole from a much better song?....
    that either subconsciously adapted, stole or consciously adapted?
    The Bellamy Brothers - Just Let Your Love Flow

  84. Bryant Chavira

    Thank you Midland .... Waylon Jennings would be proud of them guitars!!

  85. Vincent Flores

    True Big Texas country at its it's best

  86. LIN D

    They keep putting out great music and we just can't get enough! Seen them live and I lost my voice for 3 days!! AMAZING live show!! Love it!

  87. bryan wizz

    Thank you for lifting my spirit with this awesome track

  88. Carly C

    love this song!!!

  89. Angel Espinoza

    Midland plays the best music😀🤠🍺🍾 cheers.


    Cant listen to other songs ....anymore .....man you guys are damn great

  91. GR4NT Music

    Between Billy bobs & the river this vid feels like my entire hs/college life lmao. Good stuff boys

  92. Kim Paul

    Where’s that river with the tubes.?

    michael weyenberg

    In New Braunfels or San Marcos

    Kim Paul

    michael weyenberg thank you so much. My brother and I are planning a 2 week road road trip from Ontario Canada

    Kim Paul

    michael weyenberg I hope you come back


    @Kim Paul I usually go down to San Marcos once a year. That one in the video is the Comal river in New Braunfels. That's the bigger, more popular one I think.

  93. Edward Morozov

    180k views were mine

  94. Gary Shaw

    My kind of country great song

  95. margaret webster

    love them

  96. Dylan Fountain

    Whats the name of the suits they wear

  97. Tom r Fredriksen

    Sounds like the song wave on wave..on the begining

  98. Jackie Vanderwerf

    This is great country music ! New country !❤️🎸🎵❤️🌻

  99. Stuart Goodliffe

    Country is alive and well with these boys.

  100. uhチュンチュンマル

    Been on repeat since it came out