Midland - Lost In The Night Lyrics

California sunset
You walked in the bar, I lit your cigarette
Do you remember dancin' at the Holiday Inn
Your fingers through my belt loops, and my lips on your skin
Shootin' stars and satellites
Shinin' down on you and I

Lost in the night
Oh darlin'
I was right there
Holdin' you tight
Oh baby
When the sun came up you whispered goodbye
Now you're lost in the night

Little bar in Marina del Rey
You turn the radio off but I can still hear the song playin'
You laughed at me when I got the words wrong
I would've bribed God just to hold back the dawn

Lost in the night
Oh darlin'
I was right there
Holdin' you tight
Oh baby
When the sun came up you whispered goodbye
You were lost in the night

Is there a melody to keep your heart beatin'
And takes you back to the time

We were lost in the night
Oh darlin'
Do you ever go there
Holdin' you tight
Oh baby
When the sun came up you whispered goodbye
You were lost in the night

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Midland Lost In The Night Comments
  1. Don

    Awesome album! This has to be my favorite song!! Love the sound! Would love more of these in the future.

  2. 98shade

    Not bad

  3. Cindy Kelly

    This song is beautiful. Sooooo California.❤️

  4. Jackie Vanderwerf


  5. Jody Gallagher

    omg!!! I love lost in the night i listen to it 2 or3 times a day ...puts me in the best mood...

  6. Mike Californiano

    It takes me back to the 70's and my favorite incarnation of #aliceCOOPER. You guys are making my favorite country music right now. 🤠

  7. Brenda Crabtree

    Midland y’all got some great songs great dancing music

  8. EthanChase

    Really hope they preform this live on Thursday

  9. Robert McPeak

    Cameron does an outstanding performance on Lost in the Night. I think his voice lends itself really well to this song. He says Mark is the one with the golden voice but he held his own on this one. Would be interesting to hear Mark's version though

  10. Joe Munoz

    Why do we all have a love story from Marina Del Rey...

  11. Joan Thornton

    I love this song! His voice is sexy and I love the saxophone. This would be an awesome slow dance song, as it's very romantic.

  12. Debra Pope

    Midland is a National Treasure! True country! I love them so much!

  13. Homemade Hobbies With Lenny Crash

    Sound's like "The Best of my Love" on the OOOOH OH DARLIN part of the Chorus...Prolly a homage to the Eagles as they are big influences on the boyz!

  14. Marg Phillips

    This song is hot! Sexy undertones in it. Something draws me to this group!!!!!!!

  15. Joey Holt

    I am in SE Georgia/ NE Florida, and I have not heard one song from this new CD on the radio stations. Is anybody hearing Midland on the radio??


    Yes... lots here in sw Idaho on the Bull station!!!❤🤠

  16. MrDomirulez

    Is Cameron singing this song?


    yes & I wish he would write more, be in front more. Best song (besides Put The Hurt On Me), on the new cd.....xoxo

    Robert McPeak

    Yep and good

  17. Hannah Snedeger

    Damn Cam that’s one sexy song!

  18. Paul George

    Anyone get those eagles vibes?

  19. Mogan Lichael Pro-Funko Pop

    Getting some major Kix Brooks vibes here!!!

  20. Joey Holt

    Damn that steel guitar is so refreshing. What a Pure Country trio.

  21. Josiah Gambone

    Romantic whisper in his voice makes this song very clean and crisp

  22. mysticmagicalful

    Cam is so incredibly romantic, this tune melts my heart. Wanna hear more from Cam. xoxoxox

  23. Mike Girardi

    What an album, love the saxophone on this track

    Samuel Alvarez

    Mike Girardi bruh!!!!

  24. Bunny Semmler

    Man, does this one grow on you...fast.

  25. Cristy Simpson

    All we need is a video of this one.  Love watching Cam!!!!!

  26. Hector Buentello

    eagles vibe, loving it... little bit of country, little bit of soft rock

    Marg Phillips

    Absolutely, you nailed it

  27. Juan Vela

    MIDLAND...So looking fwd. to seeing y'all next month here in El Chuco..aka..El Paso, Texas..It's a Texas Thing Y'all..

  28. Susan Esquirell

    Got to get tickets to see you guys. We listen to you guys most nights...do some dancing too. Love your music. Weve been lost in the night....too

  29. Melissa Schiffman

    4 people don’t know good music

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    This is too talented to just be "good"


    @countrygirl countrymusiclover  Oh! Look at this! Fake therapist Brittany has to be her usual smart-assed self! BESAME EL CULO.....PERRA! 🤣

  30. Olivia Smith


    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    They're too talented to have iust one best. Anything from them is equally their best


    ditto Olivia Smith..... more from Cam Plezzzzzz xoxox


    @countrygirl countrymusiclover Just shut up, Brittany. Go walk your fat dog. Eat another burrito and stuff your face until you puke, fatty. 🤣

  31. Teresa Bray

    Please do a video! This song is beautiful!!!

  32. Nediler

    Jess Carson killed it! Would love to see this live!

    TheEagles 77

    Its actually Cameron Duddy, Jess sings Roll Away though

    Xtermin8r187 B

    TheEagles 77

    That’s amazing that the other two are getting to sing and they sound just as good as mark holy shit


    @TheEagles 77 Cam kills it, I knew it was his sexy raspy voice LOVE MIDLAND!! I love this tune so much. Awesome Midland! Another beautifully done CD..

  33. Christie Zenner

    Is it Cam singing in the intro?

    Eric B

    the whole song

  34. josehernandez82nd

    Man I am at work. Should be doing work but here I am. 🍻

    dictum factum

    Fuck work 🍻

  35. Eric

    So much better vocals

  36. Jacob Walker

    Damn this song is great... these guys are dropping songs like crazy

    Mike Flinn

    I mean... they did release a new album...

  37. teriaki123

    Keep em coming🤙🤙🔥

  38. Dalton Holloman

    For some reason this reminds me of eagles

    Colton Sherburne

    Dalton Holloman Eagles are my all time favorite band and Midland is my favorite country group! But if you look at a lot of Eagles songs, they would be considered country or country rock by today’s standards

    Homemade Hobbies With Lenny Crash

    Sounds like "The best of my Love " on the Ooooh's

    Clarice Czarnecki

    They actaully have stated the eagles are their biggest influencers

    Colton Sherburne

    Clarice Czarnecki that’s cool

    Nicholas Palacio

    Glad to see other people hearing this too. The production is similar to Try and Love Again, the Randy Meisner track before the Hotel California closer. Just absolutely MASSIVE. As big as you can get. And they both have a very peaceful (easy) feeling to them. Like everything’s just kind of okay in the world when you listen to them.

    Luke Cutchen also did great with the guitars on this song. Really sounds like some stuff Felder and Walsh would have done.

  39. Tina Thiessen

    Oh iv got Goosebumps!! ❤❤🔥😱

  40. Hail Heavy Metal

    My favorite from the album. ❤️💕

  41. Vaquero MX

    United Mexican States present 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🤠🌵🐎🍻🍺 love this song ♥️♥️

  42. michelle

    Ooh midland ❤️ did you really just drop eight songs !!! Thank you 🙏

  43. Mark Hernandez

    Love This Song

  44. Jorge Castro Arreola

    Hell yeah!!🍺

  45. Makkyk

    Midland just speaks to my soul 💖