Middle Kids - Maryland Lyrics

Drip drying
Standing in the neighbour's garden
Trying to hide
Can somebody bring me a jacket
Still deciding
If it's worse to let a stranger see me
Oh my child
For once you'll have to live within

If I stay will I find
The space I'm assigned, to live out my days
If I go, every road
The freedom I need
For infinity

So I'm in the garden
On the night I plan to leave for Maryland
It started raining
It wasn't in my calculation
Some verses cause I made a bargain
And question hanging in the start

If I stay will I find
The space I'm assigned, to live out my days
If I go, every road
The freedom I need
For infinity

If I stay will I find
The space I'm assigned, to live out my days
If I go, every road
The freedom I need
For infinity

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Middle Kids Maryland Comments
  1. elbichito2

    Great performance, song kept getting better

  2. Adrienne Miller

    Obsessed with this band. They are all so incredibly talented. Her voice is FLAWLESS. The guys on the guitars; watching their fingers blows my mind. The drummer I want to be best friends with. They all work together and produce such a beautiful sound that makes me want to become a musician because it looks so spiritual and therapeutic. Please never stop making music!

  3. Luke Fancher

    hannah seriously sounds so good live i swear

  4. Brandon Nelson

    Just seen her live with Local Natives on Saturday !! Never heard of them before, but I am now a huge fan !!!! Such beautiful vocals

    Toni Connell

    I saw them open for local natives too! They are amazing!

    jake dingler

    Saw them open for Local Natives in Dallas, I didn’t realize it right away but a couple of Middle Kids’ songs play at the coffee shop where I work. Insanely talented, can’t wait for them to headline a tour in the States.

  5. Ben Carpenter

    Upside down backwards Telecaster..fkn brilliant

  6. I say shotgun, you say wedding

    They still don't make left handed guitars? Damn! And with all this technology, nowadays

  7. Joey Levenson

    Love that falsetto

  8. Christina Vasquez

    I’m late to the game but I love this band!

  9. Alison Henley

    super great, awesome mixing :D

  10. Daniel Coles

    Keep playing the guitar the way you do because it sounds so right

  11. rum02

    absolutely love her enthusiasm!!!!!

  12. Cam Moore

    Still playing that fucking guitar upside down

  13. Alison Henley


  14. DavidisDawei

    the drummer's a dude?

  15. Slav Hurtow

    I had the pleasure of meeting Harry (drums) from Middle Kids whilst the band was rehearsing in Sydney. He was a very beautiful soul. We introduced ourselves to each other and talked for a while. This was the first time I had met anyone from the band, so I got to meet Harry under the most normal circumstances, just a couple of people crossing paths and talking about music. Harry mentioned the band, so I took it upon myself to go and have a listen to their music. What I love about the band, the people in the band and just the broad outlook on music today is that everything is just so wide open. There are no barriers anymore and it is no longer about any traditional confines thanks to the freedom, connectivity and positive energy created by musicians today, or just young people today in general. Harry and I spoke about that and it gave me this beautiful and uplifting sense of hope that the world does not need to drive itself into some kind of self-destructive annihilation. Instead, we can all co-exist, keep a simple and forward outlook on life, be open and look forward to something good and exciting over the horizon.


    You liberals are delusional. Why don't you move to Africa and rehearse there?

  16. Cold Resident

    hell of a slide to have on a pinky

    Malcolm Bates

    Bex bottle

  17. Luke Emmanuel Hindson

    I lost my shit as soon as she started singing!

  18. Quite Likely

    Awesome sounds!

  19. kalvino67

    Don't know how I ended up here but anyone who plays a right-handed guitar left handed without changing the strings over can't be too bad!! I'm enjoying it!

    Ben Carpenter


  20. theNomadz

    Hannah Joy's like latter-day Stevie Nicks with shades of Kim Deal, KEXP are right theres so much great stuff coming out of oz right now

  21. Sarah Dell

    Absolutely love this band.

  22. Dan Potter

    vocals almost ruin this :(

    Joe Rapp

    Fake news! I love the rowdyness and lack of polish on the vocals, makes the performance.

  23. Kevin Barhydt

    hell YEAH!

  24. Frankie Rollins

    Fuck yeah! Straya caaaaaaaaah!

  25. John Gil

    Love it!

  26. William Williams

    so much love for these guys - excellent performance.

  27. El Duderino


  28. DUFMAN123

    Damn Old River is brilliant live!

  29. Adelaide Dupont

    Could be some of the best 20 minutes I've spent.

  30. Brian Tan

    I couldn't help but like this video even before it began haha


    Aaaand this is why Im subscribed to this channel

  32. will_scott__

    damn she fully plays that right handed guitar upside down with the strings the same? nuts

    John Villasana

    There's nothing wrong with noting that Eric Gales does the same thing. :-)

    Paul NOT The Real McCartney

    will_scott__ hendrix does the same

    Chris Brown

    Nuts? Are you not hearing this? They are amazing.

    Lauren Hendrickson

    how the heck???

    Dave Paddy

    Kris Roe from The Ataris plays like this aswell

  33. vir321a56

    Love it it's like Jimmy Eat World 2017 cept with a girl singer.

  34. James Boxman

    i rate all instruments very high, vocals are super good and the drums have an excellent, deep sound

    James Boxman

    ok i forgot that the songs are wonderful too, it's like a mix of alternative 90s country with a god damn shoegaze


    Just one shoegaze

    James Boxman

    shoegaze two times and you might get hit by a car

  35. Sky Collowrath

    Great band, I wasn't expecting this, they blew me away.

  36. Nancy Campbell

    great band !

  37. onay şimşek

    çok iyi

  38. BBChurchChoir

    90s as hell

  39. Memorandom

    . . . Muddy. And her voice is all over the place.

    Joji Malani

    No one wants to know about your sex life.

  40. Geoffrey Carter

    This is mixed so cleanly.

  41. WaxedClassics

    Why does the one guy have a e-juice bottle over his finger? @14:55

    James Boxman

    it's a marketing thing


    Slide guitar technique. Although it is a little silly to use a bottle


    Ahh, Ok, so like Sonic Youth sticking forks in their fretts.

    Chris Strutt

    Original slide players in the 20s & 30s used small bottles such as this or just the neck of beer bottles. Dude seems pretty accurate with it so I'd say it's what he's gotten used to.

  42. admiralking

    This is the first interview I've seen conducted by Troy...Very well done and organized.

  43. the juba

    melhor canal❤❤BR

  44. Levente Vér

    cool band, great jacket

  45. MeRei K

    Nice 👍😍