Middle East, The - The Bats And The Brave Lyrics

Lets toast each other
And drink to our sinking ship
Hold our lovers
I was yours but mine was this fix

Lets dance together
Holding each others hands
Hide the daggers
That we placed in each others back

Love is costly
Love is priceless
Love requited
Is what you had all along

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Middle East, The The Bats And The Brave Comments
  1. Mike Seay

    Where can I download this??? Love the band but didn't know about this song

    Mitchell Monteith

    @Mike Seay Both The Middle East and Sleeping In Trains split up quite some time ago

  2. shania williams

    Go on google for lyrics

  3. Her Face

    i really want to know lyrics for this song. does anybody know it?

  4. MrHappyfuntimeskayak

    who are you strange man?

  5. MrHappyfuntimeskayak

    check out their self-titled EP, this isn't the stuff they're acclaimed for

  6. Leona Heidern

    I had not heard of this band before, but I am really liking their music.

  7. xxxgangstatuberx

    just chillen... chillen.... then boom i start lovin it woh, absolutely amazing

  8. Ardie Worsley

    love this track, always have

  9. motsiwel

    Thankyou so much for uploading this song!