Middle East, The - Dirty Looks Lyrics

I read the words of a thousand books
And gave away my dirty looks
And I cleaned out all my cupboards
One by one

I quit the job that I hated most
My pockets full of hundred dollar notes
But there’s not enough to buy back
What I lost

Now I wash my hair and I clip my toes
I leave the room just to blow my nose
And I shower twice a day with soap

But I don’t feel clean like I thought I would
My sins don’t wash away so good
They stick to me like glue
Like glue

So I pack my bags and change my name
To something that nobody can say
And I’ll squander all my hard earned cash

I speak too slow when I’m most in need
Your skins too soft and your hearts too clean
To be caught up in this awful mess
With someone like me

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Middle East, The Dirty Looks Comments
  1. Alec Rembratt

    marks singing is so fragile and pretty

  2. lillianaxruth

    this song is so beautiful... reminds me of the guy i love

  3. Brooke Douglas

    I love all of the Middle East's songs.... they were really amazing 

  4. Jodie Robertson

    so i find out about them and fall in love with them, listen to all their music only to find out they broke up ages ago :( the struggle is real

    Sofia Gomez

    Very real u.u

    Abanti Dutta

    I'm exactly two years behind you. Same happened two years back.


    Recently got back together for a tour -
    check it out

    Cameron Layer

    They're playing this Saturday in Melbourne if you're from around here :)

  5. Mike Seay

    What's that blip in the middle?

  6. Taylor Reichel

    This song.

  7. Tiago Albuquerque

    True fucking shit!

  8. Nils Eriksen

    Good things never end, they just take rest some times...

  9. Yohannes Goulart

    My pockets full of hundred dollar notes
    But there’s not enough to buy back
    What I lost (8


  10. Hannah A. Cameron

    They aren't together anymore? :(


    Unfortunately, yes. You can find the singer's (Jordan Ireland's) newer stuff on bandcamp. jordanireland.bandcamp.com

  11. mindxcircus

    Heyyy this is nice!!

  12. Bianca Sellars

    I swear that I have contributed to most of the views.
    I rape the replay button.

    Abanti Dutta

    Jizzzz! Bianca!

  13. Lilly H

    they will be missed!