Middle Class Rut - Indians Lyrics

Hands down, liberty
Freedom ain't what it used to be
Speaking of it mentally
You never did say goodbye.
Fort's ramps built around
Never ending battle ground
Build em up tear em down
You'll never get out alive!

No, no, no!
No, no, no!
No, no, no, no, no!

Hands down, destiny
Freedom ain't what you want from me!
There you are, you got the key
It's never gonna give you life.
Fortunes built along
On the land that I don't own
Pay the rent to make a home
You're never gonna tell me why.

No, no, no!
No, no, no!
No, no, no, no, no!

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Middle Class Rut Indians Comments
  1. Heather Kelly

    I love this band.

  2. Andrei Mihăilă

    Amazing track! Wish I have the Factories/Indians Record...

  3. Darrren Betker

    Nope. Dont like it. Not compared to theire other songs.

  4. Josh Thornton

    I'm years late but this song kick ass

  5. John Parkhurst


  6. John Parkhurst


  7. Lilyli Mismophit

    Will this song be available on iTunes?

    Ernie Sanchez

    no not for a long while but u can get the vinyl that comes with song factories and this one indians there many songs not yet on itunes but hope they do before or after there next 3rd album

    Lilyli Mismophit


  8. Anna SCHUTZ

    cant wait to see MCR live <3 Also want some bacon

  9. xDaMnBmX

    Hmmmm yes,


  10. parkhurst john


  11. BleedRum

    Finish this track and it'd be a big seller.

  12. Ricky Royce

    thanks MCR

  13. Kevin Mckinney

    Rite on......... Yeah, .........rite on.

  14. partyboytimes

    Great song, it just needs to be longer.

  15. OnlyFloyd

    Looks like the "Big Bad Wolf" to me.

  16. OnlyFloyd

    Anyone have the lyrics?

  17. maddie miller

    new favorite song im obsessed

  18. Behnyb

    Did they just film Zack walking around in a werewolf mask

  19. Behnyb

    Pretty f'd up vid but nice song. Amazing to think they go from a song like So Long to this. Love this band's diversity

  20. TheBull977

    Mmmm... bacon!

  21. diego Gutiérrez

    janes addiction jr

  22. Giedrius Savickas

    Pure gold. Great song. But it's too damn short.

  23. Slim PK

    My God, this is awesome.

  24. Irmgaerdchen

    nice song

  25. TheRealWelshCJ

    Great song. Great video!

  26. tylar williamson