Mickey Avalon - What Do You Say? Lyrics

what do you say when you're too fucked up
what's your girlfriend say when i smack that butt
what do you say when you run outta drugs
baby what you say when you bust a nut

ll cool j needed love like dirt nasty needs some drugs
like my baby dick needs a tug like right now
so hop that ass in the bath tub
what do i do when i'm too fucked up
can't keep it up cuz her boob job sucks
what do she do when i whip it out
close her eyes and open her mouth
i think i need an intervention
c-c-coke dope weed and then prescriptions
so listen up little children
dirk digler, you be illin'
uh im feelin kinda drowsy
don't do drugs without me

what do you say when you're too fucked up
what's your girlfriend say when i smack that butt
what do you say when you run outta drugs
baby what you say when you bust a nut

whatcha gonna do when you get too faded
and the date you're with wanna get x rated
andre legacy, i stay sedated
put me in the wheelchair and get me on the plane bitch
fa-fa-famous for bein opiated
up in the club i fall asleep on the table
tip the waitress pinch the ass
i give her my number the kids got panache
lick on my stash it aint that easy livin this fast
forget the past corn beef and hash
horny little bitches like to call me their dad
it ain't that bad, put my dick in their mouth
and put my nose in their coke bag

what do you say when you're too fucked up
what's your girlfriend say when i smack that butt
what do you say when you run outta drugs
and baby whatcha say when you bust a nut

what i'm gonna do when i'm all washed up
and that bitch that i like to fuck with won't cum
i could try my luck with a penis pump
or go get me some intravenous love
birds and bees and worms and slugs
turn to me or turn to drugs
word on the street is i stink like a bum
but its hard to take a shower when you can't wake up
so what do i do when there aint none left
make a call to the pony express
guarantee 40 minutes or less
cost a little more but only bring the best
ever seen a bitch in a brand new dress with a fat old man
tryin to look all fresh
well i've been with the worst and the best
and i couldn't even tell the difference

what do you say when you're too fucked up
and what's your girlfriend say when i smack that butt
what do you say when you run outta drugs
and baby whatcha say when you bust a nut

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Mickey Avalon What Do You Say? Comments
  1. German Shrek

    category: gaming

  2. Entertain Me

    Dirt nasty n M Avalon party ..bring 3 ladies, ounce of coke and get ready...maybe a smartphone

  3. Blindspot ZR

    2020 and still a banger 🤣🤣

  4. Thomas Jädergvist

    looking for a song with the same melody but a different lyrics, and instead of whistling, it's kind of like an ice cream truck bell. find it on youtube before

  5. Cafe fin

    2020 <3

  6. UnwantedStudios3

    nice Ramones reference

  7. Kristian Wold

    King Kong dick in a tiny hole

  8. Kin Oaks

    Is this a rip of Doc Watson's Sing song kitty???

  9. Bran

    What do you say when we're all outta Drugs??

    Jesse!! Its time to cook!

  10. Player 1

    Is he talking about getting a girls boyfriend?

  11. ????????

    What do you say when you run out of drugs? This is an actual question. I don’t have to ask what you say when you’re too Fucked up because I know from experience lol

  12. ThePoeticDistress_

    I swear, whenever I'm drunkkk I comee to this song... 🤣🤣

  13. Red Seaford

    "Put my dick in they mouth and my nose in they coke bag."

  14. Eli Nope

    You gotta love the raw honesty of it all. I mean some people don't, you know the fucking moralists sitting on their high horses while they work all day to make the world a better place, then bitch all night to make it worse.

  15. Sean Hartnett

    Tyrone I need more drugs, hit me up. That is what you say when you run out of drugs.

  16. Whisker Whippers ™️

    King Kong kitchie kitchie ki me oh - Chubby Parker

  17. Matt Collier

    Hey guys......

    You ready to let the dogs out?

  18. Philipp Holzhausern


  19. Michael McKague

    Whoever did these lyrics is a fucking idiot lol.

    Learn how to hear let alone spell.

  20. Saad Marc

    Gay Music

  21. Kaliousy Kaliousy

    Shazam gave me false information this was not what i came to find

  22. aaron renteria

    I want bicths

  23. Thigh cramps hurt

    Someone make an instrumental for this or tell me the sample🙏🙏

  24. oK bOoMeR

    2019?? who still here?

  25. Benjamin Myles

    what album is this on

  26. mama panda

    Who’s here NOT because of the hangover but because they actually dig Mickey Avalon?? Cause I’ve been fucking with him since my dick came out. He’s got some fire tracks

  27. doons403

    She says ow!!! Don't post that.

  28. Snickel Fritz

    hahahahah klovvvvvve

  29. Emircan Gül

    Müzik ziyafeti top10

    Nida Özen

    Emircan Gül aynen zor olsa da buldum🤪😂

  30. Ctrl. RaXz

    “He’s so cute, what’s his name?”

  31. RetroStation 1989

    King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me - is a song by Chubby Parker.
    It's from the era of 'Big Rock Candy Mountain'
    It's not some white folks mocking Chinese people - It's a bunch of syllables to fit in their song about owls and bats and shit.
    Luckily, white folks aren't always racist.
    Sometimes -- they're just making weird shit up about bats and owls and stumps and shit and a goddamned frog marrying a mouse.

    The Depression was deep, son.


  32. chester rockwell

    "I do cocaaaiiine!"

    J Fire

    Who doesnt🤣

  33. George Horarra

    Perfect song for getting drunk, high and fucked up at the same time.

  34. Sarah Ziemke

    is what they're saying. Just found this out. Google the phrase. Pretty cool.

  35. Andrew T

    I thought it was king kong dick in a tiny hole

  36. Pineapple zombie

    Carlos is a gangsta baby

  37. Jessy Rich

    Every time i hear the movie the hangover i just laugh for no reason

  38. Antotron

    Who’s here from hangover???

    HelmetKiller 56

    Antotron yes

  39. Geoffrey Osburn

    2k19 still jammin

    Un Active

    Yeh boi

    Sam Thomas

    Yeeeeeeeeep! 2019 and still too fucked up and listening to it


    Going to see him in 2 weeks. Wish I could make the show with DN but that’s 4 hours away

    Turtle Lund

    Played this song on new years

  40. I Got Noticed

    Who is here from the viral video of the girls smoking crack? 😂

    Rhea Of Sunshine

    They were smoking meth btw but its great you didn't know 😊 lol.

  41. NO WAY

    Silly I don't do drugs they do me

  42. NO WAY


  43. Dani perel deep am


  44. Juan'Dv

    Is this song copyright?

  45. Antero Rokka

    Were the tree best friends that anyone could have

  46. Antero Rokka

    It's (fa fuck for famous)

  47. Kenadi Henslee

    Lol though

  48. Kenadi Henslee

    this song is bad

  49. Devon Sandner

    I was jus trying to get a little buzz so I took a little puff now I think that I'm too high

  50. Antero Rokka

    King kong chikki chikki hi neal

  51. Justin Dean

    Fuck is obiated?? Is that anything like OPiated

  52. Curt Caine Cobane

    I just wanted to put this on here it's a link to my soundcloud I try a variation of genres I might seem out of place in the soundcloud scene but that's because i dont give a shit about trends or image thats for poser ass pussies just wanting the easy way to fame honestly I believe you gotta earn that shit and be real about who you are and the message in your music

    Listen to No name yet - name coming soon (original song) by Cobane Caine #np on #SoundCloud

  53. Pistolmormor

    Ooh it’s been many years since i heard this song. Only useful thing youtube did for me. Keep it real Mickey!

  54. gcjackofalltrades

    King Kong dick in a tiny hole

  55. christopher optimus prime

    What do I say when I run out of drugs where's my wallet in my phone I'll be back in 20 minutes I got to go plug in

  56. Matt Sanderson

    Such a dope song fuck me

  57. maddie garrison

    this kinda reminds me of joeymac420

  58. Pain

    Sniff Sniff Ah! The sweet smell of 2009

  59. Mario


  60. Tina Huston

    This is gross.

  61. Devon Sandner

    Dirk Diggler is a fictional character , a dirt Diggler is in the urban dictionary . Just throwing that out there , when throwing , make sure you've done you're homework , it's better to just look ignorant than to have a thought and prove it on here , I love it , thank you .

  62. James George

    Cmon man . “ Famous for being opiated “ not whatever dumb sht you put their . Sad

  63. Hayden Taylor


  64. Lindee Sprong

    No your right I do Not watch tv

  65. Paul Arlukiewicz

    I hate drugs

  66. Phoenix North

    I know for a fact most of you are here because the first hangover movie

  67. JuGGz Dog

    king Kong kitchi kitchi kam-eo

  68. Tony Tone

    bing bong bicky bicky bye bingo!!

  69. J Hall

    The Hangover XD

  70. John Riccobono

    obviously havent listened to the song that much

  71. amek3333

    obiated? that's not even a word


    I mean, neither is opiated.. but yeah, obiated definitely isn't the proper string of letters.

  72. JD Fox

    "Not at the table Carlos"

    go off

    JD Fox jacking his little wenis

    James George

    Omg lol’d irl needed thst

    William King

    JD Fox haha

    Frank Reynolds

    How is a grown man simulating jerking off a baby funny? Y'all bunch of satanists pigs

  73. Artur TMT

    not at the table Carlos!


    That scene was funny as fuck

    Mikey 2008

    Oh shit I just watched that part now

  74. Pablo Gonzalez

    No he's moaning ..

    go off

    Pablo Gonzalez when

  75. RowdyMajor18

    Am I the only one that thinks the other guy rapping sounds like Violent J from ICP?

    you are what you choose to be.

    RowdyMajor18 hahaha it does i never noticed that wtf

    Eddie d

    Which guy

  76. Eric Reyes

    and this is a song. HOW!!

  77. David Merrell

    Not to be a complete dick but you straight up butchered the fucking lyrics to this song.

  78. KoolKickzTv

    sing song kitty kitchy keemo

    Antero Rokka

    King kong chikki chikki hi neal

  79. tdrrr

    Hangover xdddd


    I was thinking the same thing

  80. encalibir entertainment

    my favorite part is what do you say when you bust a nut

  81. francheska

    King Kong chikki chikki ki me oh

  82. Elaine Hovious

    a bit, not a little.

  83. Matthew Seed

    it is funny this song

  84. MutantX123

    51 people are definitely rap fans who actually took this song seriously

  85. John Shipman

    The back is fake Chinese singing from an old cartoon from the sixties or fifties

    Jordan Adams

    It's way older than TV my dude

  86. Brian Chamberlain

    Opiated, not obiated

    David Merrell

    +Brian Chamberlain I know right? Fucking dumb shit. lol

  87. Gabe Tucci

    Too many typos for my small cynical brain to handle

  88. nou1990

    what are they saying in background of the chorus?

    Demian Ox

    Nothing, just whistles. And the repeated chorus. Musicians do that.

    Jonas Moon

    no its called king kong kitchee kitchee ki me o

    Bill Gates

    nou1990 https://youtu.be/2erx8MEaXxE

    Sharan K

    Bill Gates lol. Thanks

    MR. Sasquatch x

    'Kim Jong Un is our leader yooo'

  89. Ivan Castillo

    That my jam of music.

  90. Ware House

    DONT DO DRUGS..............

    witout me :)

    Friskers The Wolf

    Ok but its gunna cost ya.

    Turtle Lund

    What kind of drugs?

    Turtle Lund

    Anything from flowers, lsd, fine China, mushrooms, fuck heroin!

    Philipp Holzhausern

    @Turtle Lund carefull with china man, youll see if i you run out bahahaha so ration it damn well if u do it :P

  91. mag vera

    my cousin better NOT to hear this

    MR. Sasquatch x

    Keep him off YouTube then twat

  92. Derp Mcherp

    " I think i need an intervention...Coke Dope, Weed and dem prescriptionsss " 

    SICK Verse. Also love the second guy at 1:33 - 2:10 , " Famous for being opiated, up in the club i fall asleep on a table. " Hahahaha, the dude rapping sounds blasted on heroin, thats the funny part!


    That wasn't a verse lmfaoooooo dumbass

    Derp Mcherp

    @Isaiah Garcia

    ....Both lines were lyrics, i was off by a mere one word. You people are like grammar nazi's but with Lyrics, Lyric Nazi?.

    Your the guy that hears people say " bitch caught a body about a week" and go " ITS FUCKING MITCH CAUGHT A BODY ABOUT A WEEK AGO, GOD BOBBY SMURDA SAID IT IN AN INTERVEW!" 

    Lmaoooo you maddddd

    Rock E

    That's Andre...........

  93. Iain

    King Kong dick tickling a tiny hole.

  94. kierrataylorxx

    33 people don't know what to say when they're too fucked up.

    _ maggs

    let me be #34 to break that trend ;)

  95. Willem Smith


  96. dillan monroe

    mickey avalon is the shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. kottnmouthkween

    heard this at work the other day... catchy.

    Sarah Ziemke

    Where do you work? Lol!