Mickey Avalon - Waiting To Die Lyrics

(We are going to have open sexual intercourse on every street corner of America.)

Looking out the window at night can't help but wonder
That God must be one sick motherfucker
So I bust a nut in the sky
Spend another day waiting to die

I came twice this shit as any German sheisse the flick
I'll sperm on your perm, leave cigarette burns on your tits
It's Mickey Avalon all up in your prom
Pissing in the fruit punch with a baby blue tuxedo on
The dopest rapper this century
I sodomized your father in a federal penitentiary
And on the day I got out
I went to your mother's house and slept on the couch
A street walker selling cock for rock
At the flea market trying to hock my watch
I stay on beat when I work the concrete
Some honeys give me money, and others do my laundry
Mickey Avalon the kosher salami
For twenty you get Chachi for forty he gets you Fonzie
A motherfucker hustler kamikaze
I use to bust tables but now I sell my body

[Chorus x2]

(Here is how we're gonna do it
For the first time in America
There is a generation of
Who are ready to get down)

I deliver quick with the magic stick
Tragedy subside when honeys rub on it
It's Mickey Avalon, dick thick as a baton
The illest motherfucker from here to Vietnam
I used to work nights at Hot Cock dot com
But then I got fired when my mom logged on
I'm on the run, my dad's a bum
I asked my girl if she loved me and she just said 'ummm'
I bust flows that turn nuns to hos
So wake you from your slumber then shake you out ya clothes
There aren't no other late night lover
All up on the track like Scatman Crothers
I'll bust through the shudders, masked in a rubber
Duct tape your mother and butt-rape your brother
Break down the lumber and shake my cucumber
When you're at home alone you know my phone number

[Chorus x4]

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Mickey Avalon Waiting To Die Comments
  1. Elias De Leone

    Krystal Brown

  2. Snickel Fritz

    yesssssssss fucking love

  3. Elias De Leone

    That into used to be my ringtone years back. Reminds me of a girl named Krystal

  4. Violence of Action

    Sik azz beat

  5. Ground Crew

    The beat is much less than gay than Micky is

  6. MasterOfKnowledge

    I remember first hearing My Dick back in 2008/2009, back when this was still the only album he had out. Here and there I used to listen to it and occasionally one or two other songs of Mickey's. Just last year I decided to listen to the whole album and fell in love with it like that. Listened to it on repeat at least once a day for a straight two weeks haha

  7. CJ Snyder

    I'd bang him.

  8. fseesauras


  9. Zelax Zelax

    This is the NWO

  10. Late Nite johnny

    Still sellin cock 4 rock 2018

  11. Waltiswicked

    So I bust a nut in this guy....

  12. Christopher May

    its like a jungle sometimes

  13. עיסוס שהריסתוס

    when you're at home alone you know my phone number📲

  14. lillianjoy


  15. utica tube

    Literally the definition of Jewish degeneracy

    Ground Crew

    utica tube Funniest shit I have heard all day!

  16. The Magic Minecar

    this is my favorite song!

  17. Emilia Aislin

    On every street corner of America

  18. WillGaming

    Woah. I remember, "it's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder"....wtf? I'm listening to it now and its "looking out the window at night can't help but wonder"....does anyone else remember the same thing?

    Richi Camacho

    You were listening to Andre Nickatina lol

    Stephii Loveless

    Yes andre nickatina is who u were thinking of.


    I don't know what these other guys are talking about but the album version of this song contains The Message reference you're referring to. I imagine this is an earlier version of the song


    Alot of rappers have flipped that classic line - Eminem on 'what the beat' off of dj clues album "It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder why I keep on ducking under the bed when I hear thunder"

  19. Brandon K

    Had to come back cause this shit is still raw

    Redden McCourt

    Brandon K don’t doubt this one sick motherfarkaa

  20. Baby Irene

    Move over Alice Cooper. Mickey rules. Everybody just doesn't know it yet.


    just came across this song and artist for first time. seems to have a devout following. ive missed the craze, but ima check it out.

  21. Russell MacDougall

    Iron Weed Productions II

  22. HippieSmashing -

    ❤️Avalon... Been listening since I was 10, now I'm 18. Been growing up with this shit!

    ben sharkey

    How'd you turn out?


    My mum has been listening to him for my whole life lmfao. Im 14 now 😂


    HippieSmashing - lmao same bro

  23. HippieSmashing -

    I love Mickey Avalon! Been listening since i was a little kid in elementary. Now I'm bouta graduate.

  24. HippieSmashing -

    I remember listening to these songs while playing MW2 back in the day. Good old days😕

    Justin Stinnett

    PIKA POO I listened to this when I was like 12 and I thought I was so gangster.

    Zero Fux

    Lmfao this is some kind of a gay song but i like it strangely....

    Matt's One Man Band

    that sounds like a good memory

  25. Evan Thomas

    Harris is caught on mickey's tight hooks - jealous mofo

  26. David Cissna

    I bust flows that turns nuns to hos lol

  27. Brandon Nagy

    *Looks out the window

  28. crazypromt

    hello brother


    I love it all 😅

  30. Jason Roggasch




  31. donthewatcher

    SOUNDS LIKE SON DOOBIE of funkdoobiest

  32. Amy O

    you ain't Alice Cooper, breh.

  33. Harris Harris

    i hope this guy gets strangled to death like hitman blood money

    Kallee Perry

    haha what a fucking immature little boy.

    Kallee Perry

    u want the cartel over there? THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP

    Harris Harris

    ill turn your family to mashed potatoes bitch @Kallee Perry

    Aerin Gothyk

    Y’all gay as fuck

  34. Harris Harris

    aahahha mickey is so gay

    Kallee Perry

    i don't have time for jealous little boys so have a nice day and you might wanna wash your mouth out with douche #thisdumbfuck

    Harris Harris

    @Kallee Perry jealous? lmfao yeah i'm so jealous of how you probably cut yourself I wish I was as pathetic as you listening to songs like "waiting to die" you really sound like you're going places kid, you don't fool anyone you know you're a fucking loser probably dropped out because you had no friends and got made fun of, you are in denial pretty bad I wonder have you had an abortion yet?


    +Kallee Perry don't say anything more maybe the kid will go away!

    Harris Harris

    @dmaxhd1 i like to adopt kids and rape them so they grow up to be rapists dont like it too bad

    Will Pryor

    Pointless comment seeing how Micky openly admits to being a rent boy in the past! Call him straight if you want to try at an insult!

  35. Donovan Dellinger

    illest motha fucka from here to Vietnam

  36. Kristopher Taylor

    He stole the intro to this from the first song on Dink's first album

  37. sylvain malet

    Ne partage rien des paroles mais tout de la musique qui d'ailleurs exprime exactement l'inverse de ce qui est prononcé. Comme quoi l'homme n'est du génie que le médium. Running to live !

  38. Zobmoon02

    love it

  39. BubblesIsBlack

    @gumpyydareturn Not at all.

  40. Kira Nicole

    We are going to have open sexual intercourse on every street corner in America.

    Rocket Power

    Im down baby.

    Will Pryor

    See you there! 😉

  41. codie st john

    whoever created this life had ta be sick

  42. trastkiller

    "i bust flows that turn nuns to hoes"

  43. nickthelick

    "she just said um....."

  44. nickthelick

    @pornoonsteroids The version I downloaded off Myspace years ago is slightly different (sounds better, like this one)... But yeah, I noticed it when my mate played the cd to me...

  45. polispolice

    watch?v=1rnIG0yFxfQ chrome from 1980 notice anything similar?

    Nate Kronic

    you are 100% correct and also amazing for catching it.

  46. Turmegil

    @Tactics6 lol "on the street corner selling cock for rock" hits home? just messing but i couldnt resist

  47. Kaelin Clendenin

    mickey avalon is one ugly motha fucka

  48. thanerolens

    this is my stoner music

  49. Dennis Sullivan

    pissin' in the fruit punch with the baby blue tuxedo on

    Obscured Enigma

    Dennis Sullivan lol up vote this , people should .

  50. Scarlet Ibis

    Dink did it first.

  51. manasij chatterjee

    LOL, God is 1 sick MF....HAHAHAH

  52. manasij chatterjee

    Man!!! This is Hardcore XD

  53. Emiliano & Lisa Lopez

    @tripletrash actually i've been sober off everything including bud for 4 months, still broke lmao

    i'm broke because i'm still studying to become a pharmacist, so until then...

  54. tripletrash

    @bloodyawakening maybe your broke because your a drug addict.

  55. Emiliano & Lisa Lopez

    @tripletrash or maybe i'm just broke and don't want to spend 20/hour of pleasure haha :p

  56. tripletrash

    @bloodyawakening your obviously a newb or a weekend warrior.

  57. Emiliano & Lisa Lopez

    @macdunn44 coke = 1 hour of bliss and a depressing crash

    amps = 6-12 hours of fucking euphoria, and a sleepy and lazy, less depressing crash.

    don't bash my choice, sorry if i bashed coke though haha.

  58. Mikhail Cavallo

    omfg your all ignorant, your not gay unless u mentally and emotionally enjoy the companionship of some1 of the same sexual orientation. U ain' gay less' u love 2 suk da dik. :D

  59. headbandOG

    @pornoonsteroids probly cuz this isn't the album version.

  60. Jon Collins

    My neighbors across the block love this song. lol.

  61. pornoonsteroids

    Does anyone know why this song & the song So Pretty both sound different on the album version I bought?

  62. cedric widmaier

    like him on facebook

  63. Ryan Hubach

    My favorite mickey song

  64. Jonathan Ellis

    Beat so sick....

  65. firefawkesful

    @EG8927 r u saying chill out for saying 31 people are suck mothafuckers, or what

  66. firefawkesful

    @TheEvoRecords its the same with eminem

  67. bob boberino

    ima be serious but if you did'nt know he was white couloured skin would you think he was white i think he sounds black

  68. firefawkesful

    @wicketts16 Im lying by the way

  69. firefawkesful

    @wicketts16 i'm one of those religious people and i find that very offensive. God will strike you down??? Sinner

  70. firefawkesful

    31 people are sick motha fuckers

  71. Black Jesus

    "God must be one sick motha fucka"

  72. Nicola Colston

    this is what u are o.25

  73. Nicola Colston

    a think most of the views are me cause a love this song

  74. Emiliano & Lisa Lopez

    @macdunn44 sodomite.

  75. theWh1teRabb1t58

    everyone needs their daily servings of vitamin k

  76. nolwennrenault

    I remember being 12 something years old and blasting this song, 6 years later, it's still just as good :)

  77. DriXXXoN

    GOD Is One SICK Mother Fucker. Fucking Right.

  78. jesus

    i did coke and took a real tough shit to this song

  79. Eric Damexican

    @kcactuscoolerk By that do you mean you did coke and ended up crying and wanking in the dark corner of a bus stop wishing you were in vegas?

  80. Emiliano & Lisa Lopez

    @grantamus11 coke sucks, smoke meth.

  81. Boe Mosier

    @kcactuscoolerk coke is for black convicts.

  82. kcactuscoolerk

    I Blew coke and drank the whole way to vegas to this song! (No,I wasn't driving.Made One of my Bitches Do it)

  83. Akasha C-Z

    i <3 Mickey Avalon

  84. vagabondroller

    Need help:?





  87. SmokinChiva

    @nikkidice52392 ...your mom? damn fool grow up hahaha

  88. kgorilla2

    @RaptorScream79 of corse he is not gothic ..... man open ypor eyes... he want to look like and walk like and poze like him... and i am not full serious.... was a wiew point ...

  89. Jack Slagel

    @kgorilla2 okay, i could've kinda seen your point if you thought he at least wanted to be someone else in his genre... but manson? you think he wants to be a gothic metal rocker? really? he's an MC, not a rocker. so there's that. the fact that he's not gothic at all. marilyn manson was born upper middle class, mickey wasnt. manson sings about hte evils of religion, mickey raps about a lot of shit. but never about that... they're pretty much opposites.

  90. Jack Slagel

    @kgorilla2 except he doesn't sound like eminem, doesn't dress like eminem, isn't a little boy since he's older than eminem. the only thing you could say he's trying to be eminem in, is that he raps about how he was poor and from the streets. which he was. he was a crack addict who sold his body to afford it... so, he's sexier than eminem, a better rapper, and definitely has more street cred. are you sure eminem doesn't want to be mickey?

  91. kgorilla2

    this guy wana be M.M. soo funny little boy

    BadMother Fuccer

    kgorilla2 don't diss Mickey Avalon like that. Fuck Eminem

  92. Chris Kahrhoff

    @fusion254 thats a beautiful comment.

  93. codie st john

    lookin out the window i cant help but wonder that WERE real sick motherfuckers.....

  94. Mark .L

    he is pretty good but looks real creepy

  95. ZehGfather

    @imaginefication Whooooooo, do you wanna have a Trollbel price for that common sense knowledge?