Mick Jagger - Sweet Thing Lyrics

In the beginning, when life was simple
We were at each other night and day
You were so sensual and so inventive
We said we'd stick together come what may

In the beginning, you were so brutal
You turned the heat on in the afternoon
Get so excited, get so addicted
You had me eating from your golden spoon

Now I don't wanna spoil the party
I know it goes against the grain
As the plane touched down I got movies of you
Running through my fevered brain

I really love my sweet thing, I can't give her up
I really love my sweet thing, I can't give her up
I really love my sweet thing, I can't give her up

In the beginning, when we were winning
I was your ever-present love-sick fool
You turned the heat off and left me standing
Freezing by your swimming pool

I can't give it up
I can't give it up
I can't give it up
I can't give it up

Now I don't wanna spoil the party
I know it goes against the grain
As the plane touched down, and the midnight moon
Can't just walk away

Really love my sweet thing, wanna' lick it up
Really love my sweet thing, wanna' lick it up
Really love my sweet thing, can't give it up
Really love my sweet thing, can't give it up

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Mick Jagger Sweet Thing Comments
  1. Mari Mar

    🎵Me encanta

  2. Людмила Бедена

    дас ис фантастишь

  3. Nico XSi

    Los rolingas se habrán querido morir con este tema. Un capo Mick con el sonido electrónico, a la vanguardia siempre, rompiendo moldes.

  4. Max martino

    Great eclectic voice!!!

  5. Mister XYZ

    MICK JAGGER & SERGE WLADI IN VENICE on FILM FESTIVAL 2019 HERE ~ >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9AzZ3SV5ks&list=RD-9AzZ3SV5ks&start_radio=1

  6. Louisa Radice

    The video was filmed at the Royal Pump Rooms in Leamington Spa; what was the swimming pool is now the public library!

  7. Kendall Laughon

    Roarrrring Eighties! U make me smile! 💟🎸🍒

  8. Kain Thomos

    loved this and still do.

  9. J. Antonio Bermejo

    2020 and still watching this cool video.

  10. Bill Meyer

    This is both terrible and fucking fantastic at the same time......

    Only Jagger can do this.

  11. Los brakon'eros

    Джаггеридзе, гыыыыы

  12. MaLOL :D

    I remember this song 😁

  13. Gino D'Orilia

    Che Sound Mick !!! GIN(): )

  14. Philip

    Wandering Spirit and Main Offender would have made the greatest Stones album since Some Girls

  15. Fred Derry

    i remember watching this video when it "dropped" before people said "dropped" and was so happy to hear Mick's solo stuff returning to the Emotional Rescue vocal change-up.

  16. Ben Presto

    Everyone enjoy these British rockers I hate to say mother time is near by the greatest rock band.

  17. Алексей П

    Бля охуенно..

  18. William Gibson

    I'm sorry! I desperately want to like Jaggers solo stuff but I just don't. It all sounds like Stones out-takes. You know the stuff that appears as bonus tracks on remastered albums that you wish had been left in the vaults. If you want quality solo stuff check out Keiths albums.

  19. Mr Big

    The Stones should record this. Get Elton John to play piano.

  20. Christophe Lajeanne

    Trop cool cette chanson. J' adore

  21. Tonislav Furlanski

    Im gonna beat you to oblivion

  22. Aguinaldo Cardin

    que vocal maravilha

  23. Daniel Verdejo

    Top top!!!

  24. Rogerio Fernandes

    ROCK lives!!!

  25. Paul Kovacs

    All the girls love it when Mick sings in his high pitched voice.

  26. Lisbeth Salander

    did Prince wrote this songt ?

  27. KowiaK

    never jagger the mick....

  28. Karen Waters

    🔥 down to the souls . 👊 🔋 ❤

  29. Max. Aurum


  30. Violet Beckett

    Hey Jagger, I have cameras, infra-red embedded in the the house, every time you break in or walk into the street you are filmed Baby. You are about to go out on International news. We are going to make you a Star. We are going to make you Famous. International Security is sweet isn't it? V

  31. Thomas Farmer

    They played this in the first hour of most nightclubs in 1992 before the latest house remixes would take off!! It was such a great time back then, when we had residential nights, no mobile phones, no internet, no satellite TV.

  32. Elenissa De Standring


  33. Dina Sejáková

    Když spadne hvězda z oblohy... Narodí se dítě hvězda.....pak je na něm aby zase vzešel na hvězdnou oblohu.... Někdo pak září celý život...

  34. Vivek Wally

    The Sex Beat

  35. Pontien salima Kabagambe

    2019 still listening that

  36. Angel Zarzosa

    I love Mick’s vocal energy in the song💕

  37. caner yavuz

    turk yokmu gardasımm ala ala

  38. Toymiko

    Waaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuwwwwww .................. Toymiko

  39. Pisoi Pisoi


  40. Emmet Xanax

    Say hello to your friends, British princes, and tell them to f*** of from me. I am not a Dutch. They will know who I am. "The man on the bike, the project runway crying boy, the left boy from Pose". I am sick of them both. And tell their mejestis that my tooth hurt, I will need a dentist, but I am broke. don't make me send you my children from hell again. thank you, Ser. And in case if you are wondering I am in love with your son. And bring some Coke on the way in, it's in the trash these days. Ps. Have you consider bying your kid a phone? #EllenTrending #MoveYourCursorHereForAstralAttachment

  41. Grzegorz Lipiec

    mick your music makes me crazy :)

  42. Михаил Саруханов


  43. Bugeanu Florin

    Thank you, good time for you

  44. Jonathan Suares


  45. theWARMJET

    nice one but most of his solo work is medíocre

  46. GARY Paul Simon SHAW

    Welcome back Mick!

  47. Carla Prada

    Top video!

  48. Mike Ebejer

    Love the stones

  49. Ecks

    jagger a la prince

  50. giovanni risatti

    Emotianal rescue modality 😁

  51. Kim Grant

    This is what he sees when he's stoned

  52. Patrick Hebenstreit


    Patrick Hebenstreit

    5:26 am

  53. Patrick Hebenstreit

    )Mick Jagger(

    Patrick Hebenstreit

    "Good morning!"

  54. Patrick Hebenstreit

    )05:20 am(

  55. Interesting Things

    I was 7 and i loved it.

  56. Дарья Дмитриевская


  57. Christine Rodamer

    Then there's the time Mick went on his own and sang falsetto and danced choreography..😲

  58. Davina

    I love this badass song!

  59. Jelena Jela

    Samo 1 milion I 600 pregleda

  60. Jochen Hansen

    So groovie yep🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝👌

  61. Marzia De Pasquale

    Fantastico jagger.......

  62. Judy Smith

    ah, jees.....here it is......time will tell.....worried....

  63. MichelMichalTV

    Great song about his penis. I love it (the song).

  64. Siren 1989


  65. Elijah Skyeagle

    Ahh man Mick Jagger the .man!!!

    john smith

    he's suffering from appendicitis

  66. Max Blue

    Foals - Inhaler

  67. berkustube

    Jagger, keeping real good music alive.

  68. starr shine

    39k subscribers 1.6M views


    Better than Stones


    hmmm that beat.... very hip hop... where have I heard it on???

  71. Nadia Larondelle


  72. Sue Nigoghossian

    You gotta love Mick Jagger

  73. Rita Diaz

    Los mejores y más grandes músicos del mundo mundial que Dios nos ha dado los amo soy su fan numero uno los quiero conocer

  74. Pumas Rock

    Name of the chick?

  75. Валерий Румянцев

    Что тут скажешь ...Это наш МИККИ !!!

  76. Pamela White

    best video's ever....

  77. Pamela White

    never be another Jagger.... on this earth

  78. Pamela White

    my man... and music...

  79. Silvio.R

    The black haired woman is nick cave's wife

  80. rolling stone

    Mick Jagger musical leyend.

  81. alvaro Santiago

    O músico mais injustiçado da história.

  82. CΔlyman

    Doug Wimbish on Bass !

  83. Paul Monaghan

    What a legend this guy is. Such a cool song

  84. A-J Mai


  85. Василий Балдин

    Супер !!

  86. L.A. cherry

    So Jagger, so fucking great! 👊

  87. Nicole Costa

    I heard that Angus Young played the guitar track on that tune, awesome!

  88. Lavaman 2000

    AWSOME SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Anissia Yastrzhembskiy

    Can’t stop dancing!!!l🤟

  90. Anissia Yastrzhembskiy

    This song drives me crazy!!!

  91. jorge santibañez neira

    Que buen video clip

  92. MrDeadsurfer

    Hate his voice tone. I know he's trying to sound black but it doesn't work here.