Mick Jagger - Evening Gown Lyrics

People say that I'm high class
But I'm low down all the while
People think That I'm crazy
When I flash that California smile

But I can still paint the town
All the colour of your evening gown
While I'm waiting for your blonde hair
To turn grey

People say I'm a drinker
But I'm sober half the time
People say I'm a loser
But I get lucky on the side

Yeah but I can still paint the town
All the colour of your evening gown
While I'm waiting for your blonde hair
To turn grey

All my life I waited for
Someone who would show where the bliss is
All my life I waited for
Someone who would take me past the kissing

People say I'm a loner
I like to get lost in the crowds
People call me a dresser
I wear my sports clothes way too loud

Yeah but I can still paint the town
I can shake it and turn it upside down
While I'm waiting for your blonde hair
While I'm waiting for your blonde hair
While I'm waiting for your blonde hair
To turn grey

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Mick Jagger Evening Gown Comments
  1. ורד לביא


  2. paul obermeyer

    Those lyrics are so real to my actual lifestyle

  3. paul obermeyer

    Great ballad one of micks best

  4. Susan Predis

    Happy 75 Mick. Hope to see you again

  5. Rebecca Monk

    I want to kiss Mick Jagger ~

  6. Kenneth Wilder

    I went to Memphis TN to see the Stones, they really put on a great show. For someone of Mick's age he really gets around on stage.

  7. Sweetassugar 72

    I love you mick Jagger!

  8. psiconsultorio

    Some shagging done with this song when i was 18...now i,m 40

  9. Nacer Ayoubi

    wonderful..nice song

  10. Swarthy Jake

    and as we pray , let us remember Michael Jagger , that he may find satisfaction , amen

  11. Neal Belkowsky

    mick nuff said THE BEST

  12. benferk1

    EL NRO 1

  13. D'Ascoyne

    He even adapted some of that country twang.

  14. Adrian Ozzy Osbourne Argentina

    querido sabe...

  15. Mohd fadli ibrahim

    The legends..still lagends..

  16. Goats Head Soup

    The best ever. cheers Stick

  17. copywriter9 Steve

    Fabulous! Mick is the best live performer! Love this song. And he really delivers it with passion and soul!

  18. butterflys loveme

    love this so much!

  19. Su Sa


  20. fenitra Rafalivohitra

    Tres tres envoutant
    Ca c'est de la bonne musique c 1 veritable ART

  21. stratstan

    Love this! That steel guitar in the studio version gives me chills still. just a great tune. heart felt.

  22. Jonny C

    Mick should do more country.There's so much great material out there

  23. Doris Rauch

    Seit 52 Jahren Stones Fan und ich mag diese Songs von Mick sehr.....

  24. Héctor Luppino

    Beautiful song.

  25. Kathlean Keesler

    love song so divine

  26. Alma Delia Landa Jasso

    de los mejores rockeros y lider de la mejor banda de rock& roll

  27. mapa069

    rock on

  28. ItsExcal

    I got the moves like jagger, I got the..........


    Wait this isn't Maroon 5?
    My bad

  29. cerrane1

    Mick, THE GREAT............................................

  30. zvonimir gerželj

    Mick, THE GREAT..........

  31. Eka Dudka

    MICK   (Y)

  32. Asd1

    Huehue aqui é BR



  33. jelger hendriksen

    rolling stones till i die

  34. Carl Lindquist

    Enjoyed this video! All the best!!

  35. Angeles Florez

    Me encantan!

    Pam Mcguigan


  36. Feri Bambang Irawan


    Mimin Riyanti BMI TAIWAN

    Ea Bener

  37. °º°luh °º°

    I love mick jagger! ♡♡♡♡
    I like a rolling stones!

  38. Rosemary Bruce

    Greatest Live Performer of All Time!!!!!!!!

  39. Italo fain binda

    Mike i love you

  40. 10ie's Videos

    Poetry at its best! One of the most touching, elegant country songs, it's more than a country song. 


    Splendid melody and lyrics!

  42. Szatmari Aranka

    I love this song!!

  43. Germán Schöppler

    el cantante

  44. Rosana Genovez

    extraordinaria....uma voz completa, lindissima.

  45. Jürgen Porsche

    Einfach geile Musik. !!!!!

  46. Rachel Addison

    Loooove this!!!!!!!

  47. msglimmertwin52


  48. msglimmertwin52


  49. frank frankly

    great tune....great performance

  50. jim glenn

    the last words my husband David Vazquez spoke  to me before he died "I'm waintg for your Blonde Hair to turn gray"

  51. Caisie Breen

    An occasional country, especially when it's Jagger, can be good!

  52. これでいいのだ


  53. MsRose1958


  54. ileana pria

    Love it !!!

  55. Maria Winter


  56. Jamie Brown


  57. RAMLIA1


  58. Doc77767

    Happy 70th Birthday, Mick!

  59. Doc77767

    Mick knows country.

  60. Maria Ofélia Correia Pereira

    I like it.

  61. Daniel Paim

    o maior de todos, jamais irá ter outro, simplesmente uma lenda.

  62. tytwist

    Because he's bad ass! He Loves Americans as well, thats why he was influenced by American Blues, Country and Women. Cheers from California TyT

  63. Darleen Hopewell

    Man this is too awesome

  64. Argus625

    Mick spelnil sie przy Lwrence Scot.
    Piotruś Pan , maly chlopiec ze starsza siostrą.

  65. Sandra

    amazing song..great mick..like always..:)

  66. LivelyTerry

    Love me some Mick.... he could be from Texas....

  67. Lemmy Lem

    He only does that when he sings country.

  68. Yellow4494

    Love this friggin song and man so much.

  69. William "Bill" Foster

    Il grande Jagger !!

  70. Михалыч


  71. Risxva100

    hi, i subscribed your chanel and you subscribe my chanel too :) ;)

  72. Lisa Law

    Love this...listen to it over & over

  73. Yellow4494

    Sexiest man alive right here.

  74. Yellow4494

    He's not ugly at all. He's gorgeous. :)

  75. otrish813

    thats all you have to say is negative, mean insults. Man you are missing out on life if you cant appreciate Mick Jagger and / or the Stones. sorry for you! Are you that jealous seriously? I think if he was a heroine addict he wouldnt still be alive and touring make millions and millions. What does your face look like?

  76. Brandon Riveras


  77. patrick port

    Ich denke sofort an die geile Zeit die ich damals hatte,als ich in Side/Antalya in der Türkei lebte und dort täglich die Stones-Bar frequentierte um, wenn nicht schon zum frühschoppen, spätestens nach Feierabend da abzurocken und da kam die Scheibe gerade raus.Geiles Album,auch wenn viele anderer meinung waren.

  78. Mladja Radovanovic

    ајде ајде Џегере....:DD

  79. Mladja Radovanovic

    Happy birthday Sir Michael Philip Jagger :)))
    ...od Mikana i Djomle :D

  80. Lizzie Nally

    He looks like Harry Styles

    keep on rollin 79

    Lizzie Nally u mean harry looks like him right?

  81. Yellow4494

    He has talent by the shitloads, and I love him so much. <3

  82. dion cristin


  83. Dione Scarpelli


  84. butterfliesluvme

    Each & everytime I hear it, its such an awesome song<3

  85. eimam mg

    Fuck you!!

  86. butterfliesluvme

    check out their history. They took their sound from the black blues singers back in the early 60's. :)

  87. Darry Guli

    Lol. That's the voice of a fan in love. Just found out Richard Thompson wrote "Keep your Distance" when for years thought Buddy Miller owned it!

  88. Lost In The Town

    @Darry4645 Seriously? Al did a good cover of MICK's song.

  89. damiann pagode

    @93MrAcdc que bueno este tema de mick la verdad que es el musico mas importante de todos los tiempos gracias por compartir este videito saludos a todos desde argentina el pais donde se respira rock and roll

  90. Skelet3n

    I'm a big fan of Mick's work. He's come up with the best melodies in the Stones catalog I think and best lyrics.

  91. D'Ascoyne

    @eimam100 Please, don't post your homoerotic fantasies about Jagger here.

  92. Brandon Riveras

    @eimam100 Your mouth sucks!!!!!!

  93. eimam mg

    He sucks!!!!!!

  94. Yellow4494

    2:55 I absolutely love when he does that with his voice.

  95. Yellow4494

    @slickmeister18 He's just awesome like that. He can speak in French, with a British accent, with a country slang, or just with no particular accent at all. :)

  96. HPTRK Kreed

    Country €_€