Mick Jagger - Don't Tear Me Up Lyrics

Life is rich, but it's way too short
You make a lot of money, but you just want more
I don't need the pain right here in my heart
But I hate every minute when we're so far apart

It was love in a minute, it was love in a flash
It brings me no pleasure, just a stab in the back
It brings me no comfort, it brings me no peace
A weight on my shoulder, it's a fatal disease

So don't tear me up
I don't ever wanna see your picture again
And don't poison my blood
I don't ever wanna see your face here no more

Gonna finish it quick, gonna finish it clean
Don't wanna be bitter. I don't wanna be mean
I feel like we're driving down a dead-end street
I've come so far I wanna crash the car
I wanna land right on my feet

I said don't tear me up
I don't ever wanna see your picture again
I said don't tear me up
I don't ever wanna see your face here no more

But I dream of you constantly, you'll be my angel of light
And in the dark rooms of sleeplessness
You'll be my lover each night

Life is a bitch, it's way too short
Unlike a politician it just can't be bought
Think about the tenderness, and think about the craziness
And if you ever wanna hate me come and
Stick a knife right in my chest

I said don't tear me up
I don't ever wanna see your picture again
I said don't tear me up
I don't ever wanna see your face here no more

I said don't tear me up
I said don't tear me up
I said don't poison my blood
I don't ever wanna see your picture again

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Mick Jagger Don't Tear Me Up Comments

    Dear john

  2. MaLOL :D

    Thank you ❤️

  3. bibbyshibby

    That intro sounded very Notorious B.I.G.

  4. David Renthlei

    Not every guitar player with a well worn Telecaster does a Keith Richards make, sawri!
    Yhe tone that says, hey, if I opened the floodgate I can drown your whole city with the power of my amplifier that's restraining the sweetness of my sound, or, something like that.
    A tone that's like a tiger on a doggy leash!

  5. Klaus Ebner

    World class songwriting right there....

  6. Just K

    Best breakup song ever

  7. Rachmat gozali

    Mick Jagger " Don't Tear Me Up "
    Cool !!

  8. adriana isabel

    He dicho que no me rompas
    Yo no quiero volver a ver a tu imagen de nuevo
    He dicho que no me rompas
    Yo no quiero volver a ver tu cara aquí más
    Pero te sueño constantemente, tú serás mi ángel de luz
    Y en las salas oscuras de insomnio
    Serás mi amante cada noche

  9. Karol Ferrer

    Why, not, is a god, exercize, look, at, me!!! Put me in the, basura!!🍭😍🎵♥️😝

  10. C H A R L E S S C O T T

    but I dream of you constantly

  11. William Goldrick

    you go glimmer twin


    as I miss you MICK TAYLOR, IS THAT KEITH needed a buddy, not a guitarist who plays more than him, and so he is more comfortable and feels good

  13. Elenissa De Standring


  14. Azeli Eledanzae

    Очень похож на чувак который поёт песню relax🤔

  15. tony costanzo

    JAGGER is great

  16. Karol Ferrer

    The best, foreternyti.🧸🧸💓😘🎶🎹🍭

  17. Andre Meinert

    Best Solo Stones Album from Jagger - Great Tune

  18. billbo baggins

    One the best songs I've ever heard, its up and down with lots of movements. It's intricate and I love how the drummer uses the snare with little back beats. Punchy on the drop ins and the lyrics take you on a rich soulful ride on how love is or could be!
    I love HOW YOU WRITE MICK, you are such an artist and thank you very much for your music. I would love to meet you, I bet you are a neat person. I saw you in Atlanta,,,,1989 on Steal Wheels.....I had this cranked driving up Hwy 75 from Florida to Ga.

  19. Matthew Bulloch

    Tear up verves cheques. Or send back. Crooky cunt. Money more. Yes right. 9 seconds too much. Shite. Die.

  20. Siren 1989


  21. Gian Paolo Personeni


  22. Rolling Ormond

    As good or better than anything on Keith's solo albums. Underrated.

  23. Yenney Rossi

    Bellissimo brano e interpretazione caro Mick Jagger ★ Complimenti!! ♠


    Great song frim a great album..

  25. andzwe

    No matter how much he would like to get away from it, when making solo records, he's most convincing and inspiring when he stays close to the Stones style and sound. Nothing wrong with that, with songs like this one. The band almost sound like they want to outdo the Stones. Rick Rubin was the co-producer of Wandering Spirit, which surely helped to make it stand out. Jagger's best solo effort.

  26. Suleyman Kovanci

    Best solo album ever!

  27. Shirsho Shirsho

    great I was watching this Youtube and before going deep into this other Shee's comment section I thought about checkinout this guy and here it is dad surfaces on here well My real Dad is also not far from me when this moment is on he's downstairs ..I'm only four stories above the ground but hey Mick I'm sure youd want to know why It feels like flying to me. I'm gonna start this thing over and see if other Stones appear on this one hey Mick did you sing something that sounded like like a poilitician can't be bought ..near the end of the song?
    ..I'll play again and find out what's ahead of those words I'll disagree with you if I heard you right Mick. I think I started to grow a strong fondness like very like for you guys before I was born yes are you there Mick? I mean I'll stop this comment now .

  28. Siren 1989


  29. waldo madrigal

    Jagger is a master

  30. Albrecht Konrad

    The experience and temptations of a sexual addicted man. Great song

  31. Billy Reed Music

    My first time hearing this awesome song! Love the lyrics!

    lindsay davey

    wow really?

    Billy Reed Music

    lindsay davey Yes, lol!! Better late than never though, right? 😁

    lindsay davey

    @Billy Reed Music yes... my mom had a truck with a tape deck in it and this tape was stuck in it so I heard it a lot growing up but never got tried of it

    Billy Reed Music

    lindsay davey Haha! That's great! I love that!! It's such a great song, why not listen to it endlessly!

  32. Moon Light Life Speak Easy Closs Eyed

    It is a good song that clearly expresses the painful feelings that everyone feels.

  33. Z VZ

    I love u Sir Mick Jagger 🌬🎶🎶💎💙

  34. Eduardo Eddie C. Feitosa

    Mick's Finest Work!

  35. Francesca Digregorio

    All that they play all that they sing became magic So it s easy love them...You are 💥my mystc emotion❤

  36. Zelda Clements

    He was friends with my uncle he used to find pubs for them to play in used to come to my nans. He looked funny on my uncles motor bike and sidecar xx good old days x

  37. Graciela Barzalo


  38. Helge E

    Nevr forget summer '93. My brother bought a 205cti and we drove and heared and drove and heard and drove........

  39. Helge E

    We drove all the day in that 205cti cabrio in 1994, I think....one of my greatest summers^^

  40. Dave Zavasky

    Does anyone remember Mick singing this great song live on Saturday Night Live in the early 90’s?

    Tom Y.

    Yes!! I keep hoping to find it but I know SNL is painfully good at keeping their films under lock and key. I wish they would open up for us all to enjoy. That was an amazing performance and I remember it. Lets hope its posted somewhere. I'm gonna look again. :)

    The Devil's Advocate

    Luke Perry introduced him

  41. Nitin Roy

    ...just start me up

  42. reactiontoaction

    What a great song!

  43. Haibo Luo


  44. ben allan

    Fuck it is good do not hate it you fucken cunt piece of shit only if you hate

  45. chimneypotviews

    What a TRAITOR you are.Morrissey has much more courage than you.

  46. MrDeadsurfer

    Reminds me of Wendy Marie Poling aka Kellam....

  47. Mr. Bluesnote

    Great wonderful Stuff 🐓🕺🐓🕺🐓🔁😘😎

  48. Peter Schopf

    I get it, Plant, Tyler, Rogers, etc... Ian Gillan, Coverdale, Hagar ad infinitum, Mick is the greatest ever


    Love Mick's Voice 😊 🇩🇰

  50. Sabrina hidayat

    Jagger 👍

  51. Christina Briggs

    ❤️💜💙 I hate every minute

  52. luwe watches

    A fairly good song.

  53. Rick Cisneros

    To.my Kelly Lynn.

  54. Gregg Taylor

    My friend Curt Bisquera on the kit bringing deep grooves to the masses...

  55. Robin Russell

    your still my pleasure,pain,& security,and the Love that never lied to me , will love you forever and ever

  56. Hennie Bakker

    Mick loopt al jaren mee ongelooflijk hoe ze dit volhouden
    Rasecht en optreden voor de fun want voor het geld hoeft het niet meer ga zo door top top!!!!

  57. FILIPPA FELICIA L.twitter.com/FilippaLinrooos


  58. FILIPPA FELICIA L.twitter.com/FilippaLinrooos


  59. SheryLady Cyprus


  60. Alba Chiara

    meravigliosa ❤

  61. Anna Faber

    Ein hervorragender Performer - einfach die beste Rampensau der Welt

  62. me notyou

    Always thought Mick's solo work wasn't as loved, and appreciated by even some of the Stones fans, as well as the media, and critics. I always loved this particular song, and the album it came off of, I thought it was Mick's best ever solo album. Hard to believe its now been 25 years since its release...time flies.

    Tom Y.

    Amazing album! Good times. :)

  63. Electric Blaze

    A really good album! Bought the cassette in 93. Listened it to it quite a bit. Should of gotten more radio play. Especially this rocker!

  64. Sandra

    mick forever..

  65. Duchess Success

    This is my ish!!!

  66. Miriam Bolsonaro

    Eu adoro Mick Jagger 😘💖💖💖💖💖💕💕💕

  67. davido bissonette

    amazing, there's 76 people out there w. bad taste!!

  68. gregoryvanhalen

    this was in heavy rotation with my Megadeth and Pantera CD's when it came out

  69. ovidiu Mitricioiu

    Perfect music

  70. Glimmer Twinns

    Can't bee bought!!!

  71. Joaquim Costa

    Boa noite Mick

  72. Michelle Lopez

    L♡ve the ballad the real Mick speaking through his experiences nothing but the best quite an artist who's given us fans ballads we can relate too keep it coming Mick old habits die hard darling.

  73. canadianroot

    One of the best lyricists ever....often overlooked because of his amazing skills as a frontman.

    graciela perez leal

    you are right !!!

    keep on rollin 79

    Absolutely agree!

    Klaus Ebner


  74. I am

    Yes, thats music like it should be... fantastic !

  75. Glimmer Twinns

    She don't ever want to see your picture again!

  76. Ingrid Clarke

    Ohhh's & ahhh's!

  77. montjoiestdenis1

    Awesome album !

  78. Jose Carlos Teixeira Gonçalves

    This song´s are more better, who The Rolling Stones if Mick Jagger missing.Tell me - PLEASE BABY PLEASE, and monotorized your heart remembre Elvis Presley.Mick Jagger are the King of Rock n´Roll.

    Robin Russell

    Jose Carlos TeixeiraYo Gonçalves Jose Carlos better hope he's not missing and is A O. K. Or there won't be a San Jose just for a starter. you all will be wishing you were doing laundry on Alcatraz

  79. Ren Ashfield

    One of my all time favorite songs - simple real emotion - the business sir!

  80. john varghese panachamotilm

    Very good song

  81. John Baxter

    I still want to know who the girl is from "Memory Motel" :). Mick won't say because "..she's still around..."

  82. John Scruggs

    Mick Jagger is the greatest singer songwriter ever

    used tampon

    John Scruggs not to me. I like him. But for me its Freddie Mercury.

    Suleyman Kovanci

    Yes , behind Brian Jones!


    good but not the greatest

    Girlene Barbosa lira

    @Anti Truari gg5gtygg6gtg6gy55gťgtgygg565gþtþggýt65tgý55ttyt6vgyþt65vg6vtýyyty555t56v56g5tþgtþgyytþtv6vggý65gg55þ5tgtþt6g656þ5tþ5v6gtgygg5tty5ggt5gþþ5gtaþgvgtþtgþtgþ5tþ5gþtttvttþvý6tttt5t55tťþ5vþ5þ5v5gþg5þtťtt55Thauan tgþtťþ5gþvtþťgtþ5g5tþ5tþ5v5g5þyv5v55vgtg5t55tv5g6555vt5vt56tþtvvvxźźźźźźźźmick

  83. Davide Vigano'

    Un'altra canzone stupenda cantata dal grande Mick!👍

  84. John Baxter

    Mick Jagger is this one of your favorite tunes? It is one my favorites too. A better version of Memory Motel would be nice too :)

  85. Sharon Stangeland

    His life and his attitude are AWESOME.His face is Beautiful,look at his younger photos,so interesting and sexy.AWESOME!!!!

  86. Sharon Stangeland

    His life and his attitude are AWESOME.His face is Beautiful,look at his younger photos,so interesting and sexy.AWESOME!!!!

    angie glass

    Sharon Stangeland I love that little man I would blow his nose and blow his mind. he has lived a dream,

  87. Sharon Stangeland

    His life and his attitude are AWESOME.His face is Beautiful,look at his younger photos,so interesting and sexy.AWESOME!!!!

  88. jim murphy

    should of been astonestune

  89. jim murphy

    should of been a Stones tune.theywouldve smoked this one

  90. Ale Fracas

    alto tema

  91. Joe Loughlin

    Could have been inspired by Angelina Jolie...I don't understand why men become so infatuated with her...


    Joe Loughlin Don’t think so. She was about 15 when this was written. This track ultimately came out in 1993 but was written and worked on a few years before that. It actually shows up in some Stones recording session listings as well as Sweet Thing.

  92. arne berg

    Master of bridges. And this song: so elegant. Respect yes ---