Michl - Tell Her Lyrics

Let me be patient let me be kind
Make me unselfish without being blind
Though I may suffer, I'll envy it not
And endure what comes
Cause she's all that I got and tell her

Tell her I need her
Tell her I love her
And it'll be alright
Tell her tell her I need her
Tell her I love her
It'll be alright

I'll never be jealous
And I won't be too proud
Cause love is not boastful
No and love is not loud
Tell her I need her, tell her I love her
Everything's gonna be alright

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Michl Tell Her Comments
  1. Chiamaka Oba

    i’m so happy that i found this song

  2. Chiamaka Oba

    oh my 🥺

  3. liz

    do you guys even realize that these lyrics aren’t his? It’s Lauryn Hill’s lol

  4. Singthai Srisoi

    Better than 'lover' 😍

  5. Matthew Hart

    This is so unearthly and I love it.

  6. Molly h

    i still can’t believe the beauty of this song, it makes me sad because i think of the first girl i have ever loved but could not have her, i still love her, i want to send her this song because this describes perfectly how i feel about her

  7. Molly h

    i’m crying

  8. Gonzalo Gonzalez

    Ojalá saques un álbum, eres arte.

  9. Kamron Lee

    Probably gonna be my slow song one day if i get married

  10. Sedric Acevedo

    My mom has stage IV Cancer and I cry listening to this song because I just start thinking of our life together and I want to tell her I love her but i'm afraid if i do im saying its okay to go.

  11. Liina Linn

    Tell you, I love your song so much ❤️

  12. Ryan Tyler Reveles

    This song makes me hope that I’m all of these things when I find “her”

  13. Pedro Alvés

    A doçura da voz desse cara me deixa tão bem. Por mais visibilidade ao trabalho desse guri. Já me apaixonei.

  14. Beatriz Santos

    Oh man... this is amazing. You're an amazing artist. You're voice is so pure. I'm freaking happy I found you and your music.

  15. alohilani x

    Whoever disliked this mustve had their phone upside down

  16. Natalia

    1:16 wow

  17. abby marie

    I like to believe that Michl wrote this song for his future girl and he is asking her to wait and be patient because it will all work out and it will be worth it once they find each other. That he will be a good man and a good person.
    Also this song could be a prayer in some way. I also like to think maybe my guy out there is thinking the same about me. Or maybe I just overanylzed the whole song who knows lol

    Ainsley Fox

    This song was written by Lauryn Hill, its original name is Tell Him. I love both version, I especially love the way Michl made it his own. Oh I almost forgot to add that Lauryn wrote this song about God

  18. CuteTyUnique


  19. Jay Sequeira

    Let me be patient, let me be kind
    Make me unselfish without being blind
    And though I may suffer, I'll envy it not
    And endure what comes
    'Cause she's all that I've got, tell her
    Tell her I need her
    Tell her I love her
    It'll be alright
    Oh, tell her tell her I need her
    Tell her I love her
    It'll be alright
    I'll never be jealous
    And I won't be too proud
    'Cause love is not boastful
    No and love is not loud
    Just tell her I need her
    Tell her I love her
    And everything is gonna, is gonna be alright

  20. Stav Shriki


  21. Dragon_Boy- Minecraft Buildz

    More subs needed over here!!
    His voice is like that of an angel 💙

  22. Jose Lopez Jr.

    This artist shows me that Sad and Beauty can be together and it was amazing, i just feel it in his songs

  23. Ornella Botteri

    i have discovered you yesterday and i am so thankful i did i love your music so much it is so chill and relaxing i needed this sm especially this song omg i love <3 this is so pure

  24. dasserdaze

    Necesito tu instagram Michl

  25. xMigue L

    ITS NOT REAL MICHL!!!1!1!1!

  26. HyperGibs34

    Alguien sabe por qué ya no esta disponible?

  27. JP Saroya

    Uhh why isn’t this on Spotify :((

    Bruh -

    It is my guy

  28. 12kim

    i need lyrics!!

  29. Alejandro Leon

    Man you always rewind my head with memories of this girl I loved so much

  30. Series Queens

    Your voice like heaven 🌹😻

  31. Mee Thao

    Can't stop listening to this amazing song ❤️ I love it so much!

  32. FΛBIO

    Hey Michl, could it be possible to have the instrumental of this one? I would pay for that, waiting for your answer :)

  33. Geeven -

    Omfg your music never fails to amaze me i love you!! You deserve more recognition!

  34. that one kid

    I can't wait for school to start again so I can introduce all my friends to your music. You're really amazing and I wish you the best in everything you do.

  35. Katie Bunting

    the most beautiful song i have ever heard, i love it <3

  36. Brandon Camp

    I cannot put into words everything that this makes me feel. You are unbelievably beautiful.

  37. Jody Garrett

    Michl ❤

  38. elif

    I gave like before i listened BECAUSE UR ALL SONGS ARE AMAZING

  39. Rajat Keron

    Proudly your 700th sub!

  40. Laura Mačiulytė

    Amazing. Keep up with incredible work!

  41. M LD


  42. Mareike.

    I'm dying rn.

    Andrea Ruiz Salazar

    Mareike. Same 😂

  43. Gael

    no se como no es famoso si es mejor cantante que maluma y esa bola de reggetoneros :v

  44. Wenny Claudia

    you deserve more attention and love. your songs are B E A U T I F U L

  45. Frey

    Michl, definitely one of the underdogs. You deserve way more attention than you get. Hopefully we can change that!

  46. Serena Jimenez

    I love you michl

  47. Majeed Idrus

    How do i pronounce "michl"? is it 'Michael's? or is it 'Michelle'?

  48. Edgar Cataldi

    Michl y Eden mis 2 artistas favoritos menos conocidos, ojalá algún día vengan a Latinoamérica, son, son una mina de oro sin ser descubierta lpm

    Constanza Guerrero

    si vienen Michl y Eden a Latinoamérica, ohshitttt me encantaría<3

  49. Kayme Jamilza

    I’m in love with your voice. Every time I hear your voice I just stop what I’m doing and listen to your soothing voice.

  50. Carlitos :v

    :v Esto es demasiado bello para ser verdad x'd

  51. Alejandro Gilardi


  52. Jack

    I need to experience this live! The inevitable debut album will be 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  53. Jorge Guerrero Peña

    Tienes unas joyas musicales!
    Deberías estar dando miles de conciertos y albums!

  54. Junin 0_0

    MICHL i love U <3

  55. Dalton Walker

    Man, I’ve been waiting to hear this song again since I heard you play it live at the NF concert last year. I finally found it! So good.

  56. Stefany Lozano Pérez

    Como me encantan tus canciones. De alguna manera tus canciones trasmiten muchos sentimientos, cantas hermoso ♥

  57. Mikaelly Christine


  58. Tahina Andriamanantenasoa

    You truly have a gift Michl, your music is special and it really brings emotions !

  59. Wind Flower

    I don't think I'll ever get enough of his voice ♥

  60. Aplanity.

    michl <3

    Blunt Asteroid

    i dont think michl is less than three

  61. Sam I Am

    the fact that someone so talented like you is so underrated makes me wanna think if i have a chance at making good music.

  62. newtcidio

    i can't even explain how i feel about this♡

  63. BadPokemonProductions

    I wanna join my schools talent show in February, and I have to pick out of a list songs to sing, this one just made it in.

    Beyond their level

    Did you make it?

  64. dana

    I LOVE YOU MICHL ♡♡ so proud of you

  65. Isha Amir

    Before 100 Squad?

  66. Rachel McCarthy

    My life.... has been changed. I think I just experienced heaven.

  67. Arianna Buccarello

    this is awesome❣️

  68. Lunar Nepneus

    I will support you until the end. You are such a unique artist.

  69. DeJuan Ohalloran

    Love The way you did this song justice in your way because hers was masterful aswell. You were inspired by her and put a twist as a male amazing. I've always loved Lauryn Hill No female artist like her.. But man you sang the song and made it feel like you were singing to her.. It was beautifully done a masterpiece forreal!!! Love it love love it!! And all hail to the Queen Lauryn Hill.

  70. jaxx Mena

    Love it so much. 😍😍

  71. wildcard.edits

    Love you michl 💞

  72. AndrewTheKingOfPenguins

    Another amazing surreal song from Michl

  73. ChoiAmel


  74. jessica knight

    FINALLY I love u

  75. Elijah Buck

    Lauryn Hill cover, gorgeous ❤️

  76. Sofia Saplin

    OMG YESS!! 😍😍

  77. Louis Valencia


  78. Kupi Trupi

    Ya meteme tu gran verga musical

    JoséMiguel SC


    Ricardo Mejia gonzales

    Diablos señorita xdxdxd

  79. RappyTracks


  80. Mikaelly Christine

    WOW 💕💕💕😍

  81. HeyItsChase

    IVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR THIS ONE!! I heard you perform it live and loved it



    Chris Benoit

    HeyItsChase saw him live in Brooklyn opening for Marian Hill. INCREDIBLE!


    Chris Benoit I saw him at the opening night in Denver, absolutely beautiful

  82. Reanne Salami

    I fell in love with this song right when I heard the first note! I love this so much!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  83. Mitchl jpg

    i love you bb ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  84. Monika


  85. Jos AH

    OMG! :3

  86. Tom

    God, I've missed your voice! ♡

  87. Nunca sabrán el nombre de este canal 0102

    Thanks for your songs 😪❤️

  88. Xanthe


  89. E.lsker