Michelle Williams - Unexpected Lyrics

Did you really think you could call the shots
I wouldn't it figure out or connect the dots
In so many lies what's the meaning
Oh oh oh

Did you really think you could cause me pain
Stepped on the track right in front of the train
Now it's only shame that you're feeling
Oh oh oh

So unexpected, the tables have turned
I'm laughin' now because my joke is on you
And it's so unexpected that you're getting burned
Now I gets mine 'cause all my pain is removed

So unexpected (unexpected)
Unexpected (unexpected)
Oh oh

I was always a few steps ahead
Now I'm moving on 'cause you've made your bed
And you're surprised that I'm leaving
Oh oh oh

Now you're barely here, hanging on the thread
Wishing I was near, but I'm gone instead
Now you're paying the price, but you're deceiving
And I bet you didn't see it comin'

So unexpected, the tables have turned
I'm laughin' now because my joke is on you
And it's so unexpected that you're getting burned
Now I gets mine 'cause all my pain is removed

So unexpected (unexpected)
Unexpected (unexpected)
Oh oh

Now the joke is on you
See it makes you laugh, now it makes you cry
And now you know just what I went through
There's a different path, have to say goodbye

Isn't life so complicated
Look at all the love you wasted
Boy you know you played me like a fool, yes you did
And now it's comin' back on you

So unexpected, the tables have turned
I'm laughin' now because my joke is on you
And it's so unexpected that you're getting burned
Now I gets mine 'cause all my pain is removed

So unexpected
So unexpected
Hey oh

So unexpected
I know it don't feel good
But you should've known it would come back on you
Now you know how it feels

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Michelle Williams Unexpected Comments
  1. Glennie Mupfukudzwa Yahuah's Daughter

    I love this song

  2. kumbulani ketlhaotswe

    Reminds me of my ex😂😂😂

  3. Treasure Meri

    Not only is this song DOPE!!! But that COVER is 🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!!! #YesMichelle🙌🏽!!

  4. rora rawroi

    one of the saddest song ever

  5. Nicholas Chilube

    i lov this song it's nice

  6. Kneec Kafile

    one of the best...

  7. Crystal Sturdivant

    I love this song its my favorite. I have to buy this album again :)

  8. Nathan Bright

    This and we break the dawn r her only two good songs, shame thought shed make it solo

    Adrian Madrid

    i not agree, is  good album! but i prefer ballads, recognize is a good album, sry my english is so bad...

  9. spinachpies

    this is a great song and its from a great album

  10. Reginald Jay Ra Davenport

    Michelle my belle u are amazing

  11. DimeAdozenTrendz

    Jamming to this one!!

  12. Eric Elzea

    I agree with you 100%!

  13. jadezone32

    So unexpected <3 <3 xxx

  14. ortiz gracias

    such is life..people who deserve things get stamped down......but michelle your songs rocks..and..not even hell can change that.......................

  15. Cenas Wifey

    Repost: i luv Michelle and her music!!!! She iz so inspirational!!!

  16. Cenas Wifey

    I 💗 Michelle and her music!!!! She iz so inspirational 2 me!!!

  17. 1HelloByeHello1


  18. David DK

    maybe if michelle was dressing like gaga or being bitchy like britney she woud have turned famous in a week ... but well she's too down to earth and honest.. damn that girl has such a unique voice.. i can listen to her everyday without getting old of it and always having that weird feeling with goosebumps on listening to her songs

  19. Shonny

    i can listen to a whole Michelle Williams album but not a Beyonce album

  20. 1HelloByeHello1


  21. 1HelloByeHello1

    YESSS!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  22. compnetworks

    wow!! go Michelle. she was always talented. no wonder it wasn't major over here because it was too good and let's be real they were more focus on promoting bey's. both kelly/Michelle album can't be better than bey's. I'm glad she drop her manager/label.

  23. InterestingName

    Extremely underated!

  24. Kirstie Toher

    i dont understand why her label wouldnt promote her?? she would have went so far.. ive been listening thru all her songs and theres not one there that i dont like yet? she would have went soooo far!!!

  25. Mykell Robinson

    i luv her
    she was always mt fav
    i dont c y she wasnt bigger that at least kelly
    no offense to kelly cuz she awsome too but i think michelle is better

  26. kimakaanna

    Wow. I never knew how talented she is. I just assumed that she couldn't sing because of her miniscule parts in songs from DC. This song is hot, though!!

  27. SuperMusiclover109

    where can i download this song love it<3

  28. dashergirl13

    She was set up to NOT blow up...but we all know who did blow up, now don't we?

  29. Nabil Aziz

    Sound like Bieber's voice coming from the actual body :D!!

  30. Jonny Gardner

    @ju56455 No...why would she say to god "the joke is on you" LMAO. Unexpected was released in 2008 and was her first pop album (her first two Heart to Yours and Do You Know being highly successful gospel albums charting at #1 and #2 on the US Gospel charts respectively). There is one track on Unexpected which could played on Gospel/CCM radio and that's the beautiful mid-tempo ballad and second single off the album, The Greatest :)

  31. daharvey1

    Today's music.Ha

  32. speechless00

    eh.... I like this song but it reminds me of my senior year!! it was a crazy year and I don't ever want to go back to my old ways!!! I hope this song won't effect me in a neg way,.

  33. Charlene Martin

    @ju56455 umm, no

  34. MrJohnpols berliner

    Fantastic tube ! j'adorrrrrr

  35. Rebecca Morrison

    I like this.

  36. Onisong22

    Oh oh oh this song is fantastic , very good job =)

  37. FamousTaboo

    i really wish she were shine better then this..

  38. FamousTaboo

    i really wish she were shine better then this..

  39. Aroha B

    @signupquicklincklist Thanks.. took me a while to figure that out lol.. but i agree.. underrated by far

  40. willrow H

    @Lyric1701 This song is taken from her album UNEXPECTED. Brilliant album. Should of goten better promotion.

  41. Ivan

    M encanta esta cancion"###

  42. Aroha B

    What album is this?

  43. hottyeyez

    Nice, a shame she doesnt have the credibility lik beyoncee

  44. Jonny Gardner

    Just want to let you know that MICHELLE WILLIAMS HAS LEFT MATTHEW KNOWLES AND MUSIC WORLD ENTERTAINTMENT!! She is also now playing Roxie Hart in the play Chicago in her native America in the Broadway production!! So all those in and near N.Y. please buy a ticket and support her as she continues to rock the stage and starts work on her fourth album which is rumoured to feature production from TIMBALAND! =D

  45. aleeyang

    love her songs! :)

  46. T Lawless

    Her album 'unexpected' is really good but she needs more publicity cos it like shes in beyonces shadow as in the uk you dont her about her either and i hope she gets what she wants =)

  47. lee benjamin

    if michelle wants success she has 2 push her but over the edge ! no 1 gona hand it 2 her on a silver platter. the change she has fr. destiny child, use it and promote urself. dont there waiter on some borger 2 do it.
    sometimes u just have 2 take matter in2 ur own hands.
    go girl!

  48. Dragon Queen

    I like this song <3 :)

  49. MurvMuzik

    she aint pretty enough and that's why she didn't should beyonce numbers..

    to bad

  50. willrow H

    I didn't know of this album until a few weeks back. I think it's one of those albums that'll stay in your stereo for weeks.

  51. willrow H

    It's Michelle's turn. Good things come to those who wait.
    Michelle's voice has more vocal range than Beyoncé & Kelly put together. Hence the reason she can do Broadway & the Westend.
    If this album doesn't go to the top 5. Then folks need their ears tested. Michelle does her own stuff & not what's "in" at the time.
    Can't believe that I missed it the first time round.

  52. ichik333

    Everyone Buy Her Album!!!!! She is so talented, and i think she deserves more sucess than what she has now!!

  53. Ty Matthews

    lol the album is called Unexpected

  54. Ty Matthews

    lol she did release it on heer album tht came out in 2008 july the album is called Unexpected

  55. willrow H

    Clicked the wrong one lol I totally agree with you.

  56. graybabee

    i love this song!

  57. Kwalungumu kuta

    black grils are the most beautiful peaple in the planet.

  58. Harold Santiago aka HaroldKing


  59. Christel Blokland

    Do ure thing girl!!!

  60. 1minuteback

    does anyone know where I can download the music "the sun will shine again" from michelle williams?
    Btw, I love this song one of mmy fav <3

  61. mitch saunders

    yeah guys this song is WICKED <3

  62. Chelle Howard

    Wow I love this song!

  63. Dan Numa

    LOVE this song!!!! She is awesome!!!!

  64. britt081790

    i want this song so bad....does anyone know where i can get it

  65. DulceCantabile101

    LOVE THIS SON IT AWSOME n her pic it nice do ur thing gurl

  66. britt081790

    i really like this song

  67. Enrico Hackshaw

    what the _____ is her label doing.......they need to promoye her more then she wujd have alota hits

  68. Denden Navera

    she sounds like Fantasia :)

  69. nuandré

    if only michelle had better management!! this song would be such a worldwide hit! its the number one most played song on my iPod, 237 plays!! i couldnt believe this was her. amazing! this song was truly UNEXPECTED!


    If Michelle ever decides to perform in Amsterdam, I'd so be the first one to buy a ticket.

  71. rene tshulu

    good lyrics, loove her she is owesome

  72. Soua Yang

    great meaning to this song!

  73. shayskid2o4

    This is good. The lyrics flow well.

  74. Issac Wu

    Great Music
    Great Album
    I Love You Michelle

  75. Tenillest Lockhart

    It really pisses me off...because even though I don't think Beyonce and her dad does this on purpose, but why wasn't this album as hyped as Sasha Fierce? This song is ten times better than any song on the duoble disc Sasha Fierce and I Am.

  76. s2edmond

    this is my fav song

  77. kejac05

    such a underrated song and singer, favorite song on the cd!!

  78. Geoffrey Dukes

    I thought the same thing....

  79. Anna-Kristina

    agree, great "in your face" -song!! =)

  80. Arly M

    i love this song!!! it's a great "in your face boy" song;)

  81. all my life I had to fight

    listen to thank you...it's very deep too.

    i luv the whole album

  82. s2edmond

    This song is really good. i love it so much. This is what u call real music

  83. smsmyf1

    I really like this song. We break the dawn, Too young for love & Thank U are all on her new CD and they are also very good.

  84. Kalyna Moua

    LOVE This.