Michelle Williams - Stop This Car Lyrics

Uhhhh Huhhhh... Yea

I see the day past me by
When I'm next to you
For the longest time
I prayed that I could ride up in yo Coup
As the wheels, they roll
Time roll so slow
Feels like I disappear
Gotcha eyes on the road
And so many things
It's just like I'm not here

I can here the music playin
Turn it to my favorite station
[?] bass
But that's no remedy

When your heart it seem to be breaking
Tell you and you just don't listen
Don't know how much more I can take it
Nothing to say but...

Stop this car
I don't wanna ride no more
Cause it's just to fast
And you want pump the brakes
Slow down hear what I gotta say
Stop this car
Cause our destination too far
I wanna get out
I don't wanna ride no more
Baby just stop this car

Dark night surrounding me
Watching your lights [fade away]

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Michelle Williams Stop This Car Comments
  1. Sharod Barrow

    One of my favorite song of hers still jamming in 2020 🔥 love you SLAYSHELL

  2. Greyson Cray

    It's good I like it

  3. Zig Zag

    pull over right here open up the door watch me I can be gone

  4. 1ricolopez

    I'm not impressed with her voice, so ordinary, there are a lot better singers than her, she sounds like a child singing, flat song, boring.

    50 Cent The True Rap God

    1ricolopez Hater alert !!

  5. Sharod Barrow

    Listen in 2013 ..I LOVE THIS SONG !!!!!

  6. Théo Dominguez

    She could be a superstar too, but I wonder what the fu** her management is doing! love Michelle! <3

  7. Lady Cam Official youtube Channel

    @MegGriffinX lmao

  8. HitWorld Music Group

    Love it!

  9. Trevor Mitchell

    @mk2walter she nor kelly is with mathew anymore. they both dropped him as their manager

  10. Gods_eyekerry

    Love this song

  11. Pacific Diary

    one ov ma fav

  12. Sandra Chillaron

    yo tambien la escuche en fam y me encanto

  13. MrMissCriticism

    Me encanta esta cancion la escuche en Fama a bailar y la quise escuchar aqui
    I love this song It's pretty cool, I heard it in a Spanish programme and I decided to look and try to find it here in youtube and now every day I hear it

  14. anotnio garia

    k le den al barça

  15. GONG32G

    yo tambien amo esta cancion from malaga (spain) y visca el Barça!

  16. Joseklo Beaverhaussen

    Great song and love her voice in this!Lologaucho, hay gente ke te entiende!! jejejeej! Estamos cerkita, bueno, soy de Huelva!!

  17. manuel buitrago

    perfekt!! viva buitrago jaen!! ajaja manu komemela xd

  18. Lydia Coquette

    (LLLL) song!

  19. Tim S

    this song should have been a video!

  20. Simon W

    dis is the official song and i luv it

  21. girliciouslova101

    She is BEAUTIFUL! And She has a SEXI AS VOICE!! she was always my fav child of destiny x] Lool GO MICHELLE!

  22. I〈3R&Bevolution

    well if u were to UNDERSTAND the song its not really about a car its about the relationship, its like a simile or a metaphor comparing 2 unlike things

  23. rajibdavid

    great song! michelle is such a telented singer!

  24. Guimichimi

    j'aime trop cette song en plus elle a raison c'est vraiment trop déman j'aime trop sa voix et cette chanson et toute ses chansons tu es un vrai modelle michelle
    Bonne chance pour traduire je suis française :-)

  25. Bourin You

    love it.

  26. 06rocker

    wow this is so nice she should have put this out