Michele, Chrisette - You Mean That Much To Me Lyrics

Do you know you can come to me for anything?
No, I mean... anything
And I'll give you everything

[Verse 1:]
Tell me your secrets
And I'll tell you mine
Every truth, every lie
Every wrong, every right
Every heartbreak, every setback
Every mistake, every crime
Make me your confidant
Make me your best friend
If you lose or if you win
If you're a saint or if you sin
And if I don't understand I'll do the best that I can

'Cause ooh
Some People search high and low
For someone that makes them whole
So I'm not letting go

[Chorus: x2]
'Cause you mean that much to me
So take all this love from me
I'm giving you every part of me
All of this heart of me
Here is my offering

'Cause you mean that much to me

[Verse 2:]
I'll be your refuge
Be your sanctuary
Bring you peace like a dove, like a prayer
Like a hug
And if that don't do the trick I came equipped with my love
Ask of me anything
Any gift, any kind
Any reason, any time
Any need of any size
And if you'll need something more
I'll search til I find

'Cause oh
People search high and low
For someone that makes them whole
So I'm not letting go

[Chorus: x2]
'Cause you mean that much to me
So take all this love from me
I'm giving you every part of me
All of this heart of me
Here is my offering

So vital is your heart to mine
I give you my life
Without you it's hard to survive
You are the anchor to my lifeline

[Chorus: x2]
'Cause you mean that much to me
So take all this love from me
I'm giving you every part of me
All of this heart of me
Here is my offering

'Cause you mean that much to me
You mean that much to me
You mean that much to me, baby

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Michele, Chrisette You Mean That Much To Me Comments
  1. Kuddah Man

    I really don't want to say friend but at the moment that's what we are and she just sent me this song and omg 😍 this is the kinda love of want!


    ✨One of the most perfect songs written and executed in musical history. This song is...Love. Very few will understand that love is sacrifice. It’s the denying of self for another. It’s a blessing to experience it, how beautiful and eternal✨

  3. Shaye Wright

    My wedding song....whenever God sends my Boaz💞💞💖💕

  4. NeNe Lovely

    This is going to be my first dance song

  5. Lamara Flowers

    I can't wait to sing this to my husband to be on our wedding day... because he means that much to me

  6. MrSilent Takeover

    Very beautiful song...

  7. Patrice Vinson

    Domo Lawson 🙏🏻❤️ wish I could of had him all to myself so I could show him a real woman but I did dedicate this song to him 😔

  8. Constance Carter


  9. 숙모마리아

    사랑합니다 미쉘~~♥♥

  10. In2uCon

    I don't know if this should be a song sung to another human being. Its giving that other human being to much power...

  11. Felicia Varnado

    This song is beautiful

  12. monay84

    I'm getting married 8/8/18 and this song speaks to ME 😅😄😊


    monay84 CONGRATULATIONS! ♥️


    siucu 😊 Thank You baby 😘

  13. Nicole Cruz

    Very touching song.💘

  14. Nicole Cruz


  15. Nate Royal

    Amenyonah... You've given this song so much meaning. You make me whole... I'm not letting go. ❤ Life is ours.. I've lived many lives to meet you. I deserve you, you deserve me, we deserve us..

    Amenyonah Bossman

    Nate... forever and ever did I pray for your arrival. And I knew you were in search of me. So I made every sacrifice I could to be a good person, awaiting the day I would finally have what I would never let go. You💜

  16. Briana R Dawson

    Love a thousand times over!

  17. Sunshine

    2018 still sound good!!😎🤗😊

  18. Faith James

    ❤️ 💯🔑

  19. life time

    I have to leave I can't stay my love is not enough

  20. Sha’Quanna Wing

    So Deep And HearFelt Soul Music 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  21. Anthony Mack

    i love her


    I love this song.. It makes my soul sing..

  23. Xavierbugs Crawford

    Show me Tiffiney

  24. Roy Graddick

    Love It ❤💚❤💚💗💗💙💙

  25. Abney’s Family

    Love all the offers come in on my channel please subscribe I’ll make a new channel tomorrow y’all already know it and don’t be lat😂😂😃e😂

  26. Sunshine Smiles

    How can I still feel love for you Tio Antonio Brooks when you broke my heart... Miss the times we had but I know I have to move on and find somebody worth giving my love to!! #YOURLOSSTIOANTONIOBROOKS

  27. stacy romero

    This whole song.... just yes!!! This is a song you dedicate to someone you truly love ❤️

  28. Jarhonda Gamble

    Beautiful song!!

  29. LiveLoveLaugh

    I walked down the aisle to this song.

    Every 1 Let's Talk


  30. calvin Guy

    This song is the truth I swear I told my ex boyfriend too listen to this even tho I know I was in the rite ! But I still love him this song say how I feel about him real talk ( Brooklyn too Yonkers David Jeffery Dixon) hannnnnn I still love you ,,, u cheated after 6 years

  31. lemar28306

    Man this song touches some heart string do u hear me!!!!!!

  32. lemar28306

    Man this song touches some heart string do u hear me!!!!!!

  33. Ebonique Miller


  34. Tina

    i love this song so much meaning in it

  35. E Jordan

    This is a beautiful song! Just does something to your soul. great song to walk down the isle to the man you love. love it!!!!!

  36. Ro Sho


  37. Ro Sho

    First time I heard this songs it just put everything in perceptive on how I truly feel about my TRUE LOVE

  38. Earleene Gray

    she speaking about the inner most part of you cause you mean that much to me yassssss!

  39. Tarsha Y

    If he only knew💕💕OW

  40. Judi Hansey Sime

    sumtimes when u can't explain to a person who u r giving them a song will be a constant reflection of who u r and what they are going to be missing out on!

  41. Kusha'Yah Yisrael

    Just Beautiful

  42. Baby Face

    I really like this song. It explains how I feel about my other half DEEP inside

  43. NeNe Lovely

    my walk down the aisle song

    Cleo Hoskins

    NeNe Lovely I hope you're walking to me down that isle.

  44. Treasure's Pandora

    this is my fav!!!

  45. Jennifer Brooks

    First time hearing this and I LOVE IT....WOW

  46. Miss Análaigh's Luv's

    Them lyrics. Quality.

  47. Ms Sanders

    This song speaks volumes its the perfect expression of the love I have for my 1st and only love..Beautiful and it would make the perfect song for a wedding..♡♡♡♡♡

    jada mitchell

    yes this song made me cry like ... I'm married

    jada mitchell

    yes this song made me cry like ... I'm married

    jada mitchell

    yes this song made me cry like ... I'm married

    Dominique White

    Yes, this will be my wedding song. I can't wait! I don't have to explain why I picked this song, it says it all!

  48. QueenTempestt

    I miss him.He had no idea that this was it.... sighs....Chrisette..you stir up my soul with these songs...People search high and low for someone that can make them whole......

  49. Alvin Johns

    Can it get anymore real????

  50. Latoya Cross

    U are the anchor to my lifeline....deep

  51. Latoya Cross

    This song just does something to my soul that I simply can not explain

    Jack Frost


    Jack Frost


  52. darre'ya boyd

    God sent me to this song which I've never heard before and I picked it as my wedding song. every time I hear it, it does something to me

    Annie Burroughs-Cummings

    darre'ya boyd AMEN and AMEN 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    Lauryn Jobs

    Congrats... Not everyone finds Love. May it last for more than a couple of forevers!

  53. Niama Cathey

    this is how I'm feeling about my partner of 2 years ,he means the world to me ❤😙😍

  54. Shatoya Williams

    im still in love with this skng😍

  55. Tawana Hicks

    is a song to walk down the aisle

  56. Jazzie BeauVais

    I love this song so much

  57. Chaamah Ahab

    You mean THAT much to me. 😊❤️

  58. Chaamah Ahab

    First song that I've come across lately that even begins to describe the love that I give.

  59. Remona D. Riley

    Love! Love! Love!

  60. Tiffany Mccullum


  61. Butterfly Survivor

    This would be a beautiful "first dance" song at a wedding

  62. J. Flair

    Beautiful music!!!

  63. Julie Butler

    I love this song

  64. Tiffany Arrington

    I love this song. With this kind of love any man/woman that can't appreciate love from their better half,needs to suffer at the hands of their own negativity..Ijs. Beautiful C.M.

  65. Felicia Slaughter

    This song expressed all the feeling I have inside it makes me happy and sad that it's not in return.but beautiful song.

  66. Candice Monique

    Beautiful song

  67. JDMP

    Beautiful song

  68. java watson

    This song hits my soul!

  69. Elle Humphrey

    This song brings me life 🙌🙌🙌

  70. Eckingtonwashdc

    Alright now!  Love it.

  71. Jeneane O

    This song gives me goosebumps. I love it! Very beautiful! I can't wait to find this type of person who makes me whole.

    Jeneane O

    beautiful song i love it

  72. Corvette Banks


  73. T Lindsey

    I never get tired of her...this song is beautiful!

  74. JWill95Rare

    Thanks for uploading my video and giving me credit. I tried putting it on here originally, but the copyright prohibited US viewers from seeing it. So I made a vimeo account and put it there instead. I'm glad they let you upload with no problem; it's a beautiful song and people need to hear it. (:


    TRUE! Thank you for making and sharing the video in the first place! :)

    Gem Stones

    Thank you for this great video!

  75. Castilla P

    Amazin Luv Her Music Shes So Pretty Shes So Inspiring

  76. Saundi Watson

    This is the best song on that album... love this!!!


    love this song omg. just heard it on Pandora hooked. ima play it out like I do "BETTER" song

  78. Danny Scott

    "You mean that much to me" is definitely my favorite song on the CD, I love a couple of forevers but mostly because I already love "stairway to heaven" by the O'Jay's and it's the same melody.

  79. Tarot by Layla

    I think I have a new contender for my wedding song ..

  80. siucu

    you're very much welcome. I can't agree more, it is!

  81. siucu

    you're very much welcome, so happy to share.

  82. siucu

    I got lucky I guess :) I just downloaded the original vimeo video using the help of an online youtube converter and downloader site, offliberty ( pls google it :) ), originally for my own offline collection only. Then I decided to try sharing it on youtube, and just uploaded it. No rejection so far. Hope this helps. :)

  83. Kentreze Jordan

    Nall that couples of forever is the best song on that better album.

  84. chrishay collins

    man this song is so beautiful

  85. MrRodc1978

    my, my, my, this song, this song, this SONG.....She did that......

  86. Privateyez007

    Thank you for posting!!! This is the best song on the CD...

  87. mstee401

    Can you PLEASE share with me how you upload without having it rejected?? I've been trying to upload this song for months to no avail....thank you sooo much for posting!! This artist is SOOO very talented!!