Michele, Chrisette - What You Do Lyrics

Say it with your actions
Saying those words to me
Doesn't mean anything
I don't wanna hear them
Baby you can keep those three
You might as well not even speak

Many different times before
You were almost out the door
Then you'd say it
And I'd forgive everything
Well I'm sorry to report
That's not working anymore
Now I need to see if that's really what you mean

No more "I'm sorry"
"I love you"
I need proof
Baby boy it's all in what you do
I love you
If it's true baby boy
It's all in what you do

Say it with your actions
Say it in the way you touch
And the things that you do for us
I don't wanna be mean
But when it comes to this love
Saying it ain't enough

Many different times before
You were almost out the door
Then you'd say it
And I'd forgive everything
Well, I'm sorry to report
That ain't working anymore
Now I need to see if that's really what you mean


No more "I'm sorry"
"I love you"
I need proof
Baby boy it's all in what you do
I love you
(Baby) If it's true baby boy
It's all in what you do

It's in what you
It's it's in what you do
It's in what you
It's all in what you do

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Michele, Chrisette What You Do Comments
  1. Riella W.

    2020 anyone? ✋✋✋

  2. Jo_CLuis

    Still jamming 💥

  3. Dwayne Greene

    Hot song by Chrisette Michele

  4. Sharon N.

    All time fav!!

  5. Celia Shin Young Park

    still coming back and listening to this song for 10 years now T___T

  6. 누나마루

    내 학창시절 그루브를 알려준 노래
    잔잔하면서 리듬감이 있는 이노래
    가사가 지금 내 현재가 될줄은 몰랐지만...
    니요 오빠 너무 좋아해서 알게 된 노래

  7. walter goodwin

    The father takes his crying daughter to the movies cause she feels that her mom doesn't want to be bothered. She was right the mom and a unknow stranger carried on so sweetly with each other while the daughter and husband watched in shock as those two stood outside in front of the Carolina kitchen carrying on with each other as Father and daughter started to turn and walk away, the Wife looked to see them as they both looked back one more time. The wife, the mother said nothing but continued on as if nothing happened.

  8. Jason Malone

    Jazell Barbie brought me here in 2019!!!#GEM

  9. Febbie A

    legend 😘

  10. Mekos Simpson

    Still listening to this track iconic message to be played 2019 💪

  11. Jean Wagner

    This is my absolute favorite song by this woman!!

  12. Jean Wagner

    Sentiments of my broken heart. Fell in love with this song when it initially came out. Today the lyrics have me in tears. Words and actions are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS!!!!!!! I have to leave - I just can’t stay anymore.

  13. Jean Wagner

    I just don’t understand why they don’t get that. I’m sick of words - IT’S ALL IN WHAT YOU DO!!!!!! I mean damn!!!!!!!!! How hard is it to listen and give someone asks for?!?!?!?!?

  14. CJ Juarez

    Fun fact .. this was originally by JoJo for her All I Want Is Everything album that never got released. Don't believe me? Look it up 😁

  15. Charlee'B

    okaaaay pooch I see you boo!

  16. joram80

    Listening 2019 then keep listening 2020. 🔥

    walter goodwin

    And 2020!!! I love this song!

  17. VERNEDIA26

    2019 still rocking

    walter goodwin

    VERNEDIA26 Rocking this jam right now for 2019!!! C'mon back for a dance!!👍👍😄🌹🌹🎼🎶🎶🎵

  18. Loretta De Herrera


  19. Reg Mcken

    Forgot about this lil Jam right here😍! Its definitely all in what you do(talkischeap)💗

  20. Aviana Belise

    If I had her vocals OMG! Class, Style and pure TALENT! Love this!

  21. LaKesha Albright

    Still rocking with this #2019

    walter goodwin

    2019 yeeessssss! Will rock this in 2020 as well!👍👍😄💕😍🌹🌹

  22. Texie Diamond

    Still listening in Sept. 7. 2019

    walter goodwin

    Since January again! And today since 6:40pm. 2019!!😍😍😄😄💕♥️♥️

  23. Tiarra Turner

    One of my favorite songs growing up 🙌🏽 Anyone still listening in 2019?

    walter goodwin

    2019?, yessss!! Still in here since 6:40pm no not stuck lmbo! Just love the song n dancing to to it🌹🌹💕😄💕

  24. Randy Hawkins


    walter goodwin

    2019!! Hot cut! Hot n Beautiful Artist and that voice!👍👍😄♥️♥️

  25. Latasha Davenport

    2019? I love this song👑🎤🎼🎶🎵💟

    walter goodwin

    Latasha Davenport Yes, 2019 may I have this dance (hand dance)

  26. Patrice Flowers

    I love this song. I will play it over and over again.

  27. Bri Harris

    She is so beautiful and she needs to be recognized more 😍😍😍

  28. Cherrelle Cameron

    I'm still listening in 2019 💪🎼

    walter goodwin

    Still in here for 2019!!🌹🌹💕😄💕👍👍

  29. RealAfriq

    One day I was played this tune after my fitness class as a cool down song .. I was shocked most of of the old white women liked this song . they asked me about it.

  30. Toks Osayameh

    Who is still 👂 to the lovely Chrisette Michele in 2019 holla 👋

    walter goodwin

    2019!! Love the message, the music, the Artist, God she beautiful. Can not get enough of this🎼🎶🎵🎶🎶🎵🎷😄♥️👍👍


    2019 into 2020 👂 I'M LISTING 💕💕

  31. Demonta Bush

    I just love them keys!!

  32. Gustavo Silva

    10 years ! Time goes by fast!

  33. Krystal Thomas

    Still listening #2019

  34. Melissa Seales

    This song was made with so much heart, and I love it
    This will always be a banger !

  35. Shaun Lindsey

    Still loving this in July 2019😍😍

    walter goodwin

    2019 yesss! Found it again in a uber ride back in January. And rocking this since, today since 6:40pm just luv it😄💕💕👍🌹🌹

  36. 재훈

    한국인으로써 이노래는 진짜 ..하

  37. Don Hiram Pick

    Haven't heard this in sooo many years but damn! What a delighful unexpected throwback! WTF happened to R&B and hiphop for that matter.

  38. Tanisha Perry

    This single was from her Epiphany Album and I loved it!!!

  39. Muhamad Syarif Maulana

    2019 ?? ❤️💜

    walter goodwin

    Yes, 2019!!⭐💕😍🎼🎶🎵🎶🎵🎵

  40. Latasha Davenport

    I 💘 this song 🎶🎤🔥🔥🔥

  41. Latasha Davenport

    I like this song 🎶🎤

  42. Matthew Lewis

    ....still rocking in 2019 :)

  43. Courtney Lockhart

    2019 anyone???!!!

    walter goodwin


  44. southjersey60919

    I love this song

  45. Joanne He

    still love this song in 2019

    walter goodwin


  46. Taracia Roddy

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Can rock this all day everyday!!! The beat is dope, the vocals are dope, the lyrics have meaning, & the video is nice...what is there 2 dislike?? Some idiot will come up with something negative 2 complain abt...LAMES!! 😝😝😝I felt bad after that whole Trump situation shit basically blackballed her tho...she is so talented & her new music SHOULD BE out here 4 us 2 enjoy!!

  47. Godfred E.

    Beautiful piece by a beautiful lady ...2k19

  48. 김이긍

    A 너무 좋아

  49. Stevie Critique Newby

    Underated song

  50. Krystal Thomas

    2019 still playing 😘

    walter goodwin

    Now. Now!! You been hangimg out here far too long with one word!! Well not tonight!😄
    Rocking this jam since 6:40pm today. 2019!! Yeesss! And still dancing.🌹🌹👍👍😄💕💕

  51. John Andri

    Listening in 2019.

  52. gaming holic TV

    I really love this song

    So voicy sweety

    Dreamy romantic song

  53. Fuk u respectfully


  54. Jo_CLuis

    Still jamming 💥💣🔥

  55. Hans Christian Santos

    Still listening to this song?

  56. 병신보면짖는 개

    in 2019 !!!!!!!!

  57. Bianca Sims

    Come through Neyo on the background vocals 👏🏾

  58. Tyson Parks

    She needs to come wit mo songs this is heat!

  59. Bae Lele

    2019 anyone🔥🔥🔥

    walter goodwin

    You better believe it! 2019 just dancing like crazy just before sunset

  60. Wynter Hughes

    This is my song ,always on repeat on music choice. On demand😍😍😍😍

  61. 김혜미

    I love very very love chrisette michele 😍 and this song 😍
    from south korea🥰💕

  62. Neal Edwards

    Come back CM.

  63. Dark dambi

    i love michele~~~!!!!

  64. 새벽

    이 분 노래 중에서 제일 좋아하는 곡ㅠㅠ

  65. Rebecca Gross

    This is a beautiful song

  66. Zee Luthuli

    on repeat lately.. such meaning for me right now..

  67. 야부링

    her voice is so beautiful...

  68. fabrice heurteaut

    On and On, love so much this song 2018 !

  69. t Smitty

    I almost forgot about this song but tamar - my forever brought me here

  70. jannica devera

    2009 still watching in October 8,2018 monday

  71. angelene21

    Derwin’s ole can’t get right ass

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    To ปอ ชญาภา สังข์บัวแก้ว ผมคิดถึงคุณ

  73. Lakiusha Coleman

    She's very underrated

  74. Your Drug

    Damaged Good No This Nicca Didn't #HowThemRapedChargesDueN Priest Boi 👧👦😭👾👀

  75. Andrew Flood


  76. Jessica Chance

    Was 9 when this came out. Just got to listen to this again today. I'm into heavy metal now but I still do love this, brings me back. She's a talent.

  77. Nam Bui

    Put your hand🙌🏻up if you still listen this song in 2018

    Tom Towers

    Nam Bui 🙌

    Bronxs Spider

    🤘🖐🖑👍👌👋👏✋🖒🖒🖒🖒Hands Up
    Way up🖒👍👌👐

    Nilda Simonds

    I am so late it's 2020, and I just discovered this beautiful song. I will enjoy it now and in the years to come. I'll give you 👍👍 instead. 😁

  78. ZEO

    Still Jammin

  79. Taija Silva

    This is my song🙌

  80. laura joyce

    Beautiful driving home in the night kind of tune....

  81. Lyric Brown

    Back in 2018

  82. ReddGurl183

    Love it!

  83. EmmanuelPierrePortraits

    Man Neyo killed the background vocals 🔥

    N. B.

    EmmanuelPierrePortraits yes! He penned this as well.

    Stevie Critique Newby

    That's a fact

    cedric wade


    Chene MC

    Did he?! 👏👏👏💪💪💪

  84. Mlle Gracelyn Kimble

    Heard it in cafe yesterday. I missed it so much.

  85. Victoria Morales

    Cuando veo este vídeo, me dan ganas de mudarme a NY.

  86. Channel Murphy

    Love this woman her her music is food to my soul yasssssss Madame C.M.

  87. Christian Kier Madelo Betito

    love this song so much

  88. Kim Mccurry

    I love her hair in this song wish my wife would get her hair like this.

  89. James Smith

    she the baddest thing out

  90. qccutie06

    Look at Derwin from the game!

  91. Marcella King

    This song still rocks, who else is listening 2018

    Ivonne Morake

    Wow I just love this song

    Bogard Skrilla

    You mean 2019 cause I’m listening to it now

    Charlene Hillman

    Marcella King still listening in 2019....i love her voice!

    kat price

    2019 vibes♥️


    2020 Girl...STILL Here!

  92. I'm Beautiful

    In love with this song!