Michele, Chrisette - Super Chris Lyrics

Don't wake me up too early in the morning
I really need my tea, some watermelon please so sweet
I got a problem with the break of dawning
A diva really does need her sleep

I'm brave, I'm bold, but first I need my TV
A little bit of news, a couple of cartoons, yes please
Check instagram and how its with a post things
I wonder what the world thinks of me

Am I a superstar? Oh
Is that who I are? Oh ah
Some Superstar
No not really, though not really, not at all
I'm this, a Super Chris
(Aha, ah yes, a Super Duper Chris)
(I am, my best, like the Only Be Chris)

I'm insecure, I'm really only normal
Some days I,m really cute, some days I,m really brutally nut
Some days I'm free, some days I'm really formal, yeah
Depending if the wind blows or stops, uh

Is it okay that I write what I think for a living
Wouldnt you say that my jobs pretty great, I think so
I like the song, maybe I'll sing along with one heart
Unity is why I make art, yeah

Cuz I'm a super star
Is that who I are?
Some Superstar
No not really, though not really, not at all
I'm this, a Super Chris
(Aha, ah yes, a Super Duper Chris)
(I am, my best, like the Only Be Chris)

Am I a super star
Is that who I are?
Some Superstar
No not really, though not really, not at all
I'm this, a Super Duper Chris
a Super Duper Chris
a Super Duper Chris
No not really, though
I'm this
a Super Chris
is that who I are?
some superstar
no, not really, no
I'm Super Chris

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Michele, Chrisette Super Chris Comments
  1. 72vince27

    Why is this not on Spotify?

  2. chris graham

    Super Christopher!

  3. Henry Luis


  4. Misty Nights

    The ballet dancing in this was beautiful, that lady did a wonderful job!!!

  5. RayfieldA

    Her expressions make her look like a real life Black Betty Boop! So Beautiful. I love it!

  6. Christophe RAVANT

    i love your voice and your music.... lot of kiss
    Airspeed from France
    See you ,good vibes

  7. Djigga Carter

    Since she went to Trump to show her ass, i unfollow her ! Il will never buy her music again ! NEVER !!!

  8. katlego matamela

    Beautiful song

  9. Brenda Turner And Chris Bailey

    my cousins name is chris and he loves this song :-) :-) so funny and relaxing iltssm

  10. Worldwide Ghosts

    She kinda reminds me of Erkyah Badu.

  11. Jessie Song

    megan sent me here

  12. Rad chiken

    thanks meg!

  13. cindy miller

    Meghan Hughes anyone???

  14. Lindsay Hunter

    Thumbs up if Meghan Hughes sent you :)

  15. Deborah Ballard-Rious

    One of a kind blessing......Wish her all the best!

  16. Lulamile Lwandile Sabuka

    Oh my god this song

  17. Kaleb Allen

    Thumbs up if Dave Pensado sent you..

  18. Kya Cald


  19. kjames

    what type of genre? 

    ps so glad she's back.

    James Holiday

    +Demiere Boyd You read my mind

  20. Prdancer23

    Love this Song so Popping .. beats n lyrics r On

  21. Nakia Allen

    This is my BOOOOO!!!!!

  22. Champ Anderson

    Love anything and everything Chrisette does!

  23. chrischris180

    Those EYES!!! I'm locked in forever!!!

  24. DeAndre' Morris

    This is my first time viewing this video, and I instantly fell in love with it. I already loved the song, but to see Chrisette's quirkiness as an added visual is priceless!

  25. SIMON26ful

    Something so uplifting about this song. Love the string arrangement.  Thank you Chrisette for thinking outside of the box.  God bless you baby girl.

  26. Jeffcfe


  27. Irealla Natural Girl

    I love this song💯❤️🎶🎤👏

  28. De'angelo Tolbert

    She could have done sooooo much with this video.

  29. Christopher Smith

    Ms. McSween...WOW! Such as organic auditing to this wondergroove

  30. knick fan

    The best thing is she haven't sold her soul to the devil like other so call artist

  31. Ingrid Dickson


  32. Kaila Mims

    Her n her bf are so cute...

  33. J. Jnz

    man.. that's bad..   love her..  she can do no musical wrong...  !  instrumentation.. arrangements..  every choice..  beautifully done.. 

  34. Jazzy Moni

    Beautiful, soulful, elegant & unique. Chrissi ROCKS y'all. I love this & it's sad this type music can't get 250M views. But there is no price on being your truth and that's what this is.

  35. Denise Bryant

    I luv me some Chrisette. She's 1 of the best singers out there right now. . Awesome. And this song is so nice... smooth n sexy cute. Sing Super Chris...

  36. Chris NC

    Love this song....hence the name!

  37. Shamshan Clarke

    love her ..... love every song she sings.... beautiful person great talent

  38. Ms. Tamara Hicks

    Love this song!!! "Don't wake me up to early in the morning..." lol You did that Super Chris!!!

  39. Gina G

    She has a voice that is incredible like no other. She can song about a can of soup and I will listen....She is a pretty women, beautiful voice. Ever since I bought her first CD loved it all. Is she still signed to Def Jam? Never the less, she rights and sangs whst she likes.....that's alright by me. #gochris

  40. MCJustiz

    Had this on repeat since I first heard it, can't describe how it makes me feel, real Soul is still alive ya'll.
    These are the kinda sounds that started comin through early 00's, glad they still are :)

    PS Only just under 45k views?

  41. Najhae T

    I dont know what a super chris is but she's another who can sing just anything and keep your full attention, incredible voice

  42. Kim Wright

    Real Music! Here it is,for the grown folks.lol I thought I was doomed to listen to Old School forever.Thanks,SUPER CHRIS!!!

  43. Luvingme revived and blessed

    love it, she make u like every song she sings, just because of her voice and the way she sings:0

  44. daniboy28

    Out of these newbies, I likes her; a lot...

  45. LTee313

    This is my jam

  46. myles7771

    She does have a diverse sound and vocal range. Her voice is great and will transcend generations. Not many artists today have that quality. Singers like Whitney Houston, Joe, Luther, Brian McKnight, and a few others have done it done so successfully. She can really sing.

  47. Lboogiefan08

    Love it!

  48. CaSandra Mathis

    Ahhh, Chrisette Michele, the last of a few truly 'good girls.' It's so refreshing to see a sista pave her way to the top while trusting her God given talent enough to keep her clothes on. Her hits on this page should be in the millions, but she brings too much class and, unfortunately, the world just ain't about that right now. I'm blessed to live in an era where I can share such a creative experience with my soon to be 11 year old grandson who can actually watch her entire video without having to turn his head and listen to her songs without having to cover his ears which is why he loves her. We don't support females on the other side of this game. Chris keeps is pure. She keeps it about art. She isn't selling sex. She's sharing a gift, giving the young and old a reason to RUN to the screen, the radio, whatever the source that displays that gift and just... enjoy. YES, YOU ARE A SUPER STAR AND A SUPER CHRIS! And my grandson and I love you and thank you for it!

  49. CaSandra Mathis

    Nothing wrong with being sexy and Chrisette certainly is. But, the majority of our babies, (I'm old enough to be most of their grandmothers), have gone straight trashy, stripper nasty, and down right Jezebel-ish in the name of entertainment. If I have to see the crack of one more behind, or the creases where their baby maker lives, I'm going to scream. So, I don't watch. Who the heck made singing in swimsuits pulled all up the hind parts cool? What's that got to do with talent? You can stand on any street corner and get paid for that with half the beauty or body these beautiful women have and you don't have to sing a note. For these types of women, the thirst for money and fame outweigh scruples, morals, and values. It's a sad day. All of which makes me appreciate people like Chrisette Michele even more, not that she needs such negatives to elevate her positive. 

  50. monae matters

    I love this song !!!

    monae matters

    I'm still listening !! I love this song !!!

  51. 16csterling1

    Fantastic...I love the sound.  Reminds me of a energetic Billie Holiday. 

  52. Queen KCB


  53. Michael Watkins

    Man this girl is badddddd....

    Who bad?  She bad.....


    Love this song.

    Nuff said

  54. Silverio Cerda

    can  I make a video of me dancing to this song! I got inspired! ??? wishes do come true...

  55. Teasha Stewart

    The man in the vid w/ her (her guitarist) is her future husband. They are really good friends now......wait and see. :))

    Sasha Kai

    Well he is already her boyfriend

    Teasha Stewart

    She did?!? When?? :))

    Sasha Kai

    @Teasha Stewart They've been together for well over 2 years now. and they're on the show R&B Divas...


    Damn things changed

  56. Rocky Quelz


  57. JDMP

    Lol. The faces she made were funny. But I like this song and the dancer was real good.

  58. z bennett

    I can't get enough of your voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely brilliant and soothing......

  59. TashaPasha

    Love Chrisette Michele fo' days, but loving this song to death. Why isn't it on iTunes yet? This song, playing in my car, driving thought Edgewater, NJ taking in the scenery ❤️❤️❤️

  60. Tina Seals

    Im working to get there...PFC !!!!

  61. Tina Seals

    I love the freedom in this project.  And yes, I am so proud of you.  I see the maturity as an artist.  And YES, YOU ARE A SUPERSTAR! LOL I love the new way that you are real in your expression.  This is awesome Crisette!  Blessings - Tina

  62. Geraldo S

    Supa Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaahaaaaaaaaaaa....this woman is in a league of her own, far from the cookie cutter music industry artist. A true artist writes, composes, sings live.....who does that anymore?! Give me Chrisette any day over Beyoncé, Rihanna, etc.

    shannon farmer

    Ikr she is TRULY an Artisy

    Michelle Chase

    Totally agree. I'm not taking anything from the other artists mentioned in your---they have their audience as well---just not MY thing.

  63. Just Another Black Guy


    Geraldo S

    Chrisette was a fish out of water on show full of Philistines. I would like to see Chrisette on her own reality show "Rich Hippster". Chrisette is far too authentic, intelligent, spiritual and introspective.

    Just Another Black Guy


    Geraldo S

    I'm not into reality shows, however I watched to see how an authentic artist such as Chrisette would handle the ratchet ness that ensues after the camera lights are on.

    Just Another Black Guy


  64. Angelo Mcdonald

    She didn't need the show. I think she handled the show well. She fought with maturity. Can't take that away from here. She's human and after being disrespected and bullied so much we all would reach our limits. No different than beyonce with "bow down". Bump the haters Chris keep goin. Fan since day 1. Lyricist Opus.

  65. Mekhi Hollins

    I love this song.  I wish she would get off of reality television because we all know reality tv brings out the worst in people. I would hate for her to loose fans because of it.

  66. Charles Thompson

    very nice! a  melow jazzzy sound.

  67. Terry Dem

    Mann chrisette just gives me life !!!!!

  68. adonisomni

    i will 4ever love Chrisette :*

  69. Derrell Perry

    Putting all the R&B Divas nonsense to the side. Chrisette is very talented and this is hot. #teamrealmusic  

  70. I said what I said

    She can sing Anything LITERALLY!!! Any genre in so many different ways. So Gifted!

  71. nastynupe

    Sounds like an Erykah Badu bite....I guess she was influenced by Erykah's phrasing and nuances. 


    That's easy to say if you're not aware of where Erykah got her influences from. Chrisette is a legit studied jazz vocalist. It sounds more to me like they both were influenced by the legendary old school jazz singers. Her voice is WAY more agile and flexible than Erykah's and her phrasing is more like an instrument. Taking nothing away from Ms. Badu.

    Ashley Queen

    @megavega4 can I just say that you're awesome for that ^ ?!


    @Ashley Queen
    You most certainly can. Go ahead.....lol....

    Desmond Williams

    @megavega4 you could not have expressed that any better. people really need to educate themselves before making crazy statements like this. btw, I've always thought that Ms. Badu is trash. 

  72. Amma Appiah

    She is giving me Ms.Badu/Ledisi! #LovesIt!

  73. SOTBP Conference

    sound like erykah badu run, but it is still smooth. 

  74. BadAssNightNurse

    Awesome! All the way around! A HUGE fan I am!

  75. Mel B.

    I need a while to get over her behavior on R&B divas cuz I keep hearing super B**ch. I hope that was just for TV cuz she is too talented to mess up her image


    If we tolerated Diana Ross, who isn't 1/4 the vocalist that Chrisette is, I think we can give her a pass. Vocally, Diana isn't even fit to shine her shoes.


    Lol.... You and me both..!! I was actually a fan until I saw her on the show... Wow... Would have never thought she was like that.... Yet this song is sooo hott... But it's hard to get pass her... Lol

    Mel B.

    @megavega4 Diana was not my era but something tells Me Diana and her are not comparable in more ways than 1

  76. niki g

    Love it😉😉

  77. F.F. Visual Filmworks

    Wonderful, wonderful!!!!

  78. Versace Monroe

    She's my cousin.

  79. Chlo'e Wimberly

    Love this. One of my fav artist. Flower child you are amazing!

  80. Janise Henderson

    Didn't like the way she portrayed herself in Divas LA...but I cant deny her talent...Nice one Chris

  81. Cortnie Britt

    Absolutely Love her!! Just got finished watching her episode creating this song and I LOVE IT!! Beautiful, Soulful, Unique Artist!

  82. DaWhizz

    The expressions btw 1:40 and 1:44... Super Chris... Super Awesome :D

  83. pipeman2288

    I wish she would top Me off and look into my eyes with those big Beautiful eyes of hers.. I'd so Nutt all over that face... 😱😱😘😘

    Jessie Redd

    I lol'd. You're a pervert, man. Lol.


    WTF DUDE!!!

  84. Dee Mari

    Pretty song.

  85. David Koba

    Perfect voice.

  86. Jane Doe Rich Hipster

    Art at its Finest! #RichHipster   #RichInArt   #RichAtHeart  :-)

  87. C.J.

    Fly song and fly video.

  88. Mad Dog Billy

    Chrisette is a goddess, she makes me want to be a better man. 

  89. T Amazin

    its a shame she never blew up

  90. Irealla Natural Girl

    Amazing Super Chris!!;))

  91. msteejo1

    Such beautiful expression! Luv it Super Chris!

  92. Girl On A Planet

    Omg Chrissy is sooo free gin Gorg!!! THOSE EYES THO!!! LOL love her!..

  93. Marina Roberts

    💜💜💜 Awesome song, awesome vid!!!

  94. Tiffanylove649

    This video was amazing love the song and the dancer was absolutely beautiful

  95. Gustavo Javier

    Great song! Well done, Chrisette!

  96. 8 Of Hearts

    I love it!!

  97. Asha Jones

    I just love Chrisette! Great song and video, keep doing your thing girl!

  98. Dawid Dyląg

    neo soul is alive

  99. Screw Face

    Been waiting on this. Love it!🙌