Michele, Chrisette - Blame It On Me Lyrics

Sometimes you can work it out
Sometimes you can't
Sometimes you're forced to watch everything fall apart -- it's out of your hands.
Sometimes leaving is easy
Sometimes it ain't
Sometimes it hurts to know the loving you had was slowly fading away

You can say whatever you like
As long as we just say goodbye
Say it's my fault
Say that I left you outside in the cold with a broken heart
I really don't care
I ain't crying no more
Say I'm a liar a cheater
Say anything that you want
As long as it's over

I ain't a quitter
I just ain't the type
I tried to see you through
I tried to make it to the finishing line
Oh you thought it was meant to be yeah
I admit so did I
Every once in a while you think you figured it out
Sometimes your not right


Yes I love you but I really got to lose you
Freedom is where I want to be
Yes I'll probably always love you
But I'm moving
I got to do this for me

[Chorus x2]

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Michele, Chrisette Blame It On Me Comments
  1. Kingofgaming

    See you boo .....but I loved you ❤️ but I don’t care

  2. jetina campbell

    Another broken heart year 2020

  3. kishahall26

    Going through this right now. After 9 years of a very toxic marriage. I am finally walking away. Of course he says it's my fault. With tears, I'm singing with her "Blame it on me, Say it's my fault!... I really don't care... You can say whatever you like-as long as we can say GOODBYE."

  4. Frank Borden

    This song is so relatable

  5. Eric Morris

    know the feeling

  6. al black

    Was gone through it with my wife awhile back, I sent her along with this song Fantasia's "Free Yourself" she kind of decided that maybe we could work things out. Been good after that, sometimes you got to be on the verge of losing something before you realize you got the something you've been longing for....

  7. best ever

    Still bumping to this

  8. Brian B

    Chrisette!! Where you at??? I miss this gift!!😥

  9. Kymora Stewart


    Me:😭😭 WHY HER I want u I need you😭😭 ᴵ ˡᵒᵛᵉ ʸᵒᵘ😔

  10. Lashone Xsmith

    Freedom is where I want to be. You can say what ever you want. I dont care. Narcissist.

  11. Queen Of My House

    I'm listening ladies but my husband love me no doubt he just have his own issues. He is Nigerian he os different than then the regular American man.

  12. blessed blessed

    Who's here in 2020😊

  13. Tara S

    So true .. But its always for the best in most cases

  14. Sun Danu

    Great SONG!

  15. Jacky Brown

    I just send this song to my ex, January 01. 2020 @ 12:45am

  16. Esha Wilson

    & still going to bang it in 2020❤❤

  17. Whitney Lewis

    Taking this into 2020

  18. Lakeshia Wallace

    2019 I'm ending in this mood

  19. Carletta Goodrich Mann

    I love you and your vocals are amazing

  20. iiam.kee.j _

    Still in my liked videos in 2019-2020 🖤

  21. Johnny Hughes

    Urated hands down

  22. Mildred Johnson


  23. Jasmine Hines

    Dec2019 bye bye 2020 new year! You had me in pain its time to let it go

  24. World SaVant


  25. Sonya Hagans

    Lawd. You said it all...right there. Bye 👋

  26. bLaQuE bEuTiE


  27. DonDon TALL

    Missing her voice!!! Got me through some tough times a few years ago.🙏🏾

  28. caligoldsg

    This is the perfect song for situation

  29. Ciera Martinez


  30. Myscathycandoit 1

    Still one of my favorites in December 2019.

  31. Sonya Blade

    I love this song

  32. Goldie Dae

    This is a singing lady. And she can sing beautiful voice and beautiful lady. Sing C.C.M.

  33. Myette Brown

    Love this song

  34. Reginald McBride

    Who still Listening to this in 2019/2020????

  35. Sabrina Butler

    I blame it on me ,i should have never allowed the ghost of time to sit in my heart,to walk around as if he owned the right's to my love, I THANK God for my lesson paid for in full,an't crying no more,Lord THANK YOU for lifting me up on higher ground,not depressed and love is still around,I let go and let GOD

  36. candy2dacane

    She and H.E.R. look so similar.

  37. mariah mitchell

    😢 when u can't move on
    It takes music like this to get ya there
    Like she say say it's my fault I really don't care
    As long as it's over#!!!!
    We need the real music songs etc

  38. Rayvin Gailes

    Sad my marriage is done...super depressed

  39. firerabbit811

    I've been feeling this song for a while and I didn't even hear it. It's not the man I don't want it's the everlasting drama and noise.

  40. Faithful Diva

    All my thoughts and feelings at this moment...

  41. Spody Necie


  42. Jwatika Wright

    So love this album

  43. Sherikah Williamson

    I love this song girl

  44. Mark Miller

    When its over its over....no need to lie and scheme. I just want you gone....and You Can Blame it on me. Im not putting up with a whole hog just for abit of sausage.

  45. Shay Holley

    As long as it's over.... Aye!!!!!!!! Ok!😜

  46. keith amodeo


  47. Kelly Pike

    I anit crying no mo’

  48. Traci Morris

    Still listening October 2019

  49. Crystal Roberts

    Omg I just told my ex this same thing blame it on me as long as it's over

  50. Nemiah Thomas

    2019 and it still brings tears to my eyes. As long as its over!!!

  51. P Smith

    Dumb song by and for simple minded women.

  52. Kristi Moore

    Sex is a major issue



  54. Cori lovely

    I'm sorry but I miss her🗨💔

  55. Nakieda Hughes

    2020 say
    good bye

  56. vanessa Knight

    I miss her music 😭, she was so slept on maan 🙄#2019 lol

  57. For3ver Tink

    She was a slept on artist he voice is 💕😊🌸

  58. Loretta De Herrera


  59. Micababy Green

    This whole cd bomb my 3 week old even likes it

  60. keith amodeo

    Still my shit..2019

  61. Viola Williams

    Excellent song

  62. LeeShana Wedlow

    If u came to listen to this song in the month of September 2019 like this ❤

  63. Doris white

    2019 still listening to this sister breaking it down. As long as its over. I gotta do this for me. I aint crying no more. I don't care. BLAME IT ON ME!

  64. Larrikia jamison

    How Im currently feeling

  65. mojo Banks

    When its time to go, GO !!!

  66. B king True to me

    Respect the mind 2019 🔥

  67. Avalon Park

    One of the best divorce songs

  68. Moneypenny Pole Fitness

    The story of my life right now. Amen to these lyrics!!!!

  69. Nikkie J High

    Still my shit 2019

  70. Sarah Magged

    get out.

  71. dejavue54

    Love this song....love her...❤❤

  72. Bridgett Poole

    Blame It On Me My Jam Love Her Music#2019 Still👂

  73. Chas Stack

    I paid for this CD , the whole

  74. Nacoyia Bowman

    This song helps me out so much

  75. Zada Airq

    U can say whatever u like...as long as we just say goodbye 🎶

  76. Cindydst81

    When you totally want out of that BS, toxic relationship!! I 'll take 100% of the blame to have sanity back! :)

  77. Pamela Elmore

    Blame everything on me I really don’t care anymore

  78. 3pack Pittman

    2019 miss this song time💋💋💋💋

  79. Andre Caldwell

    That. Girl. Can sing...

  80. Quaneshia Swanson

    This song so true 😭😭😭😭

  81. Mikelita Damus

    Amazing song, still listen in 2019😊

  82. Cognac Young

    A white helmet.

  83. Cognac Young

    See stay in some leggings with the helmet on.. lol ..

  84. Linda Thomas

    I ain't a quitter, I just ain't the type . I made it to the finish line, til death do us part baby. R.I.P HUBBY I LOVE YOU. LORD I MISS THAT MAN 💔.

  85. Tiffany555

    This woman's voice is AMAZING💕🙂

  86. Nia Perkins

    After 5 yrs I'm knowing he's not the man for me. Why be selfish and keep a man from another woman.

  87. Alisha Kennard

    8 years in and I’m here 🤷🏽‍♀️

  88. Karima Nicolette

    My girl is so beautiful, she resembles Phaedra from Real Housewives of ATL. I love her vocal skills that are so lyrically anointed🎤


    #324 💔

  90. 3220sunshine

    We talk too much. Just tell hiim/her say what ya want as long as its over.

  91. 24brownchocolate

    July ❤

  92. Rhonda Smith

    My son was murdered in 2017 at the age of 16...and broken i was...the healing process became worse with the man i thought was my FOREVER....BUT I DON'T CARE ANYMORE....MY GOD GIVEN STRENGTH IS MORE THAN I EXPECTED.....I'M READY TOO TRULY HEAL FROM MY SON'S DEATH....BUT FOR HIM....✌

  93. Shanda Williams


  94. Shanda Williams

    When you are THIS FED UP, that's the point of No RETURN!

  95. caramel chocolate

    I'm not tryna start anything but she sings wayyyyyyy better than Beyonce so I'm confused what's up with this music industry 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  96. Christle Green

    "Sometimes you can work it out. Sometimes you can't. Sometimes you're forced to watch everything fall apart. It's out of your hands."

    ...when a door closes, it's ok to seal it shut, so, that the healing process can proceed...uninterrupted. Eventually, both the blame AND the shame will go away. #choosepeace #forgivingwithoutfolding