Michael McDonald - Time To Be Lovers Lyrics

Alone in my bed
Tossing and turning
I can't wait 'till morning to see you
Alone in my bed my heart is burning
Morning will come and we'll be together

Being apart is just no good anymore
I want you near me
My heart says for sure

It's time to be lovers
Time to be together in love with you
Now and forever
Time to be lovers
Time to be to each other
Much more than friends
It's time to be lovers again

I'll miss your touch
Miss you so much
My heart's so empty without you
I'll try to be strong try to move on
Who am I fooling you're where I belong

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Michael McDonald Time To Be Lovers Comments
  1. jimbo

    Top class

  2. jimbo

    MM simply the best

  3. Cuteness Overload


  4. joe logue

    i miss your touch i miss it sooo much

  5. joe logue

    this song was made for you and i Gillian FOREVER LOVE Joe

  6. Alejandro Vilchis

    Alguien sabe en q temporada salio un grupo que se llamaba colores pastel y q cancion era

  7. nicke nv

    it looks like I need 2 listening to this every morning. wow!

  8. nicke nv

    ngaak Bosen denger ini lagu

  9. Victor Vintage

    ¡¡qué grandiosa joya acabo de encontrar!!

  10. Andrew Flood

    awesome song!!

  11. nicole lezama

    In love with you now and forever

  12. nicke nv

    such a remarkable combination !

  13. lion5150

    Too good soundtrack for this stupid TV series.

  14. Luciana Pereira

    Amo, saudades

  15. Kristina stadnick

    adi shtin, this song was used during David and Donna's "first time"

    David Powell

    Billy and Alison's first time on Melrose Place too.


    Important love Song...

  17. Michael Briggs

    Love Chaka and Michael McDonald!

  18. Elberth alexander arconada


  19. Kristina stadnick

    Oh wow...this brings back memories.

  20. WhiteFlowerLei76

    The night Billy and Allison finally got together on Melrose Place *sigh*

  21. LuisPrada17

    Temazoooo que voces !

  22. Lolamiugrace

    I love this song. Thanks!

  23. billjhyt

    a rare find, very powerful, thx

  24. billy rogers

    I love this song, it is the song that my Husband and I danced to at our Wedding :)

  25. Michael Sinko

    @shtainshneed1 No it's the not the same song on Melrose Place. I'm watching that ep now and trying to find that song as well. It could have been replaced, IIRC, the whole hold up on the DVD releases were the music copyrights.

  26. Lindsay Leavitt

    @shtainshneed1 youtube-mp3(dot)org :)

  27. PrincessBambiflower

    This was from the prom episode, played during the radio booth scene when Donna tells David she'll sleep with him but is nervous. Unfortunately the song is replaced on my region 2 DVDs (like most of the soundtrack) but I have the episode taped off the TV :) Thanks for uploading :)

    Leslie Myers

    PrincessBambiflower why are the songs different on the DVDs from the original series?! Billy & Allison hooking up to a totally different song sucks👎🏼

  28. LootmasterDK

    @shtainshneed1 Prom night i think?

  29. jenerz00

    @shtainshneed1 I first heard this song on MP also in the scene you mentioned. On 90210, it was in the episode "Destiny RIdes Again." (Rosie O'Donnell had a guest appearance.) Donna and David were in her bedroom getting cozy while her parents were out of town. They actually didn't even play much of the song. I just happened to catch this episode on Soapnet yesterday, strangely enough.

  30. TheJuliusJT

    @PopCulture20 haha, sure.. now we're two! :D

  31. TheJuliusJT

    @PopCulture20 true!