Michael McDonald - Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart) Lyrics

Oh, no no baby
You're alone all the time
Does it ever puzzle you, did you ask why
You seem to fall in love, and out again
Do you ever really love or just pretend
Oh, baby why fool yourself
Don't be afraid to help yourself
It's never too late, too late to
Stop, look
Listen to your heart, hear what it's saying
Stop, look
And listen to your heart, hear what it's saying
Love, love, love

Though you try, you can't hide
All the things you really feel, this time decide
That you will open up, and let it in
There's no shame in sharing love you feel within
So darling, just jump right in
Head over heels, and fall right in
'Cause it's never too late too late to
Stop, look
Stop, look
And listen to your heart, hear what it's saying
And listen to your heart, hear what it's saying
Love, love, love

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Michael McDonald Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart) Comments
  1. Prophet Lola Marie

    Stop look and listen to your heart ❤️💋💋 love you sexy baby ❤️ 💋💋💋 you know it. 👑

  2. Steven Greer

    One of the absolute best versions of this song I’ve ever heard. So soulful.

  3. Orett Williamn

    Will downling and gerald Albright do lay it down best

  4. Robson G. Mota

    Época de ouro. Show 👏👏👏👏👏

  5. Celzo Esquivel

    2019. Love this music. They don’t make it like this anymore. Real love is hard to find

  6. Vaughn Lewis

    Wow that boyz goood👍

  7. Anna wewinwithlove

    He looks so good and sings so well ❤❤❤❤

  8. Neo-Xgray87

    Worst.. cover...I have ever heard!!!

  9. Joe Brinkley

    I always liked his voice this is one of my mom's favorite singer Michael McDonald

  10. rashida7777

    Thinking of this song all [email protected] day. sing it, Michael!

    Explore Greer


  11. Kima Hector

    His voice is very distinct, husky and in my opinion he is the male version of Teena Marie....ivory soul.

  12. Spharion

    Michael should change his last name to McMidas, because every songs his voice touches turns into gold.

  13. Harold bowles

    IAM a Blackman Micheal McDonald one of my favorite singers

  14. Maxelljazz Chanell

    The Stylistics ... original.

  15. Carey Danna

    Goatsssssss Are you Kidding Meeeee!!!! Killer Voices Sooooo SMOOTH

  16. Charles Williams

    This duet is bad to the bone. Nuff said!

  17. Lois Jenkins

    It's not about black or white. He was Gifted by God. Find what you are good at and share it with the world. Great job Michael and Toni.

  18. Eder Rodrigues dos santos Rodrigues dos santos

    Eu podia jurar que era um negro contando, vozeirão...

  19. Don Richard

    This is a great song!

  20. Karla Lethlean

    One of my favorite singers of all time!!

  21. Yasmim A.

    Essa versão ficou ótima, obrigada a quem postou .

  22. poe ratta

    Salute to this guy, god bless him
    His fries and burgers was too good

  23. Darius Brown

    I would honestly have him by my side everyday to repeat everything I say in singing form

  24. gricelda reveco


  25. Jan Caffrey

    Love him .what a voice,

  26. Aard Vark

    Man is blessed with a voice!

  27. Gabriel Duarte de Queiroz Jr. Duarte

    The best song! Sou fã de carteirinha deste grande barítono Michael McDonald!

  28. Edson Geraldo

    Ooooo locooooo
    Top top

  29. SrNicolas Gamer

    This song is very nice for my life so much.

  30. gih Freitas

    Música lindaa lindaaa
    Adorooo música antigas
    São muito boas de mas

  31. Catherine Mccann

    Lovely voice what a joy

  32. Brent Carl Suriaga

    One of the most soulful versions ever made.

  33. Ricardo Garnier

    This theme is really very well played by McDonald, I think it sounds better than the original version.

  34. liQUID BLUE


  35. Audrey Evering

    This is my very favorite! I just love his voice....And Toni Braxton just adds the right feeling to his!
    The best duet I feel!

  36. Brian Forbes

    The Boney James version in the smood jazz genre is just as beautiful...this combo in the R&B genre is urmmmm..

  37. Brian Howai

    Great version Michael McDonald with a beautiful woman in Toni Braxton...

  38. A.M. J.

    love him

  39. Chris Day

    Wow what a voice!


    Amo este tema..

  41. Laverne Hunter


  42. Buzz Davis

    Man, steam's comin' off this version. Sing that song.

  43. Wesley Selix

    I wonder how long we will have to wait before we witness another dynamic songwriting team like Thom Bell and Linda Creed. Maybe never.

    Virginia Echevarria

    Superlatiive💗💃🌹 Virginia

  44. Sharazah Just Shaz

    And when you don't listen, you lose. Sorry. I can't wait for you to figure it out. You love or you don't. I've been hurt too but there's a difference between the two of us that can't be denied. You're too afraid to try again. And I'm not.

    Emilie Smith

    I was always in love with you!!! Why don't you try
    harder... tell me U love me !!! From You!!!
    Only You!! And your full name.. last name 2!!!
    All of you!!! First and last name ?!!!!

  45. Tammy ST Wilson

    Micheal and Toni are pretty together as well.

  46. David TOLSON

    CLASS Period...............

  47. karaokecatlady


  48. Naomi Kato

    lovely voice.....

  49. smitheree

    Great Track by the great man and Toni Braxton

  50. Tom Pahetogia

    AMAZING!...I agree with that give this guy a phone book..I can listen to this guy all night!

  51. USAisAntiWhite

    This guy could sing the phone book and it would be a hit.

    Taylor K-W

    USAisAntiWhite So True!

    Catherine Mccann

    USAisAntiWhite true

    Lola Ridner

    You got that right😀

    Sydney Masinga

    Like Marvin Gaye before him, I bet Michael McDonald can even sing the Bible and you could go as far as making love to it. Lol

  52. Bill M.

    This song is just fantastic. WTG Micheal & Toni.. Luv Ya

  53. Gary Mac

    It is very rare that any version could surpass the magic of The Stylistics and Marvin Gaye/Diana Ross but this one does it for me. You feel like you could swim in it, it's that good !!!

    Explore Greer

    He learned from the best, and gives credit and respect to all the GREATS.

    Gary Owens

    You must be white,if you think this version is better than the sylistics.

  54. Bill M.

    Sing on Michael & Toni.. Just fantastic..

    albert coleman

    one of the best songs ever

  55. slapmyfunkybass

    Worth checking out the Quincy Jones production on this track.

  56. smitheree

    Michael says..sure

  57. Bill M.

    LITESKINHONEY, Toni thank you so very much for posting this song. Micheal, You did a fantastic job.. HUG


    Yes, that boy is White and I have ALWAYS loved his voice. I first head of him when he was singing with the Doobie Brother (What a Fool Believes).

  59. NOrleansbro

    Michael McDonald: The White man with the Motown voice.


    i want my kids to hear what music is...love so smooth!!!!!!!!! michael and toni beautiful..best cover imo on this cut

  61. Murat MORSÜMBÜL

    Nice editing, thanks.

  62. Av Thurston

    I want him to sing to me and me only, Brilliant Cover - thanks for posting

  63. Joseph Williams

    Funny thing is that I can only recall the magnificent Angela Bofill doing this.

  64. goldengirl67

    This is serious make-out music.

  65. Rick Bray

    Don't forget the original by the awesome Stylistics!

  66. bolinha maria

    essa musica é linda tanto cantada na voz do marvin e da daina como nas voces de toni braxton michael mcdonald

  67. morbeckcomk


  68. Mystic pearls

    man he's always take me back

  69. Mike Booth

    great version w w w dot teide bear dot com

  70. Author G D Grace

    Author G D Grace says: WOW! Sweet...

  71. Mike Booth

    Best version i think by far w w w dot teide bear dot com

  72. szhinden

    So relaxing!

  73. Christopher la croix

    love this ! speaks to my heart

  74. Denyse M Elliott

    Amazingly sultry voice. He can sing the phone book in my opinion.

  75. emy1968

    a white with black soul...

  76. rrrickster3137

    Excellent cover of this (Stylistic's) song My alltime favorite covers of this song 1.Marvin Gaye Diana Ross, 2 Stylistics 3 The New Birth 3 Michael McDonald Toni Braxton all of them Brilliant..ya dig.....R&B Beast....

  77. BizLite8912

    This is my favorite version of the song. :)


    Johnny Mathis is Great Singing This Song........if you can find it.

  79. William MacLean

    What a voice.

  80. Ironman Hondo

    Who was the sick individual that put Toni Braxton with Micheal McDonald? OH MY GOD!!! MADNESS, just plain and simple. MADNESS!!!

  81. Carlos renato Dos Santos

    Não há o que dizer deste grande artista,seu vozeirão de soul man diz tudo.pegou este apanhado de sucessos da grande gravadora Motow e fez estas excelentes regravações.MARAVILHA!!

  82. chlofene

    lol for all those who think you have to have a certain color of skin .. folk grow the hell up ... Singing like this come from the soul .. YES this man has alot of that.. God bless him !!!!

  83. sopranojoe11

    Will Downing version, the best ever. Hands down,baby.

    Rudolph Sherkliff

    sopranojoe11. Stylistics Version ,the original version is still the best, however this version is very nice

  84. Kerryman

    Not too many can sing like this cat. Certainly none of the current crop.

  85. Donna Marquez

    What a voice...what a song!

  86. claire cauchi

    I'm so in love of your voice Mr Mcdonald !
    You are a great singer !

  87. mdooms76

    I love Michael M's voice!! It's so rich and soulful. Toni was a nice touch on here too!

  88. rotimi olumide

    Michael is a rare talent. Great singer...

  89. lamar martinez

    i swear i love this guy no homo

  90. maju786

    listen to craigs david version its probaly the best came out this year.

  91. garymichael1950

    Wow! I'm pretty sure that Toni Braxton could sing the ingredients to peanut butter and make it break your heart! What an amazing talent!

  92. vandrossfan

    This guy just has such a fantastic voice good cover version like it.

  93. ja24

    This is one of the best covers ever done

  94. david gédéon

    Michael mc Donald ! what a voice .One of the best maybe the best cover 4 that song .
    Better than Marvin and Diana with all the respect for them...