Michael McDonald - Playin' By The Rules Lyrics

Who are you
Are you someone that I knew
Or did you come and go inside a dream

Well, you look the same
Even though you say you've changed
You can't hide the shame of a guilty heart

Well, I know there's a reason love don't always rhyme
So you think by leavin' you're not wasting precious time
Love's not always happiness
Sad, but it's true, girl
Every fool's got to learn he's got nothing to lose
Playin' by the rules

What's your plan
Will you try just one more man
And trade a thrill that's gone for a brand new start

Will you love him only
Until you leave him lonely
When he tries to change and tame your restless heart


When are you gonna learn
That a love is earned
Sometimes you got to fight
But, oh, baby-that's all right

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Michael McDonald Playin' By The Rules Comments
  1. Doobie1975

    totally forgotten all about this song, I used to hear it on the Satellite Feed back in the early 2000's at my old job and it sure brings me back memories.

  2. Jacob Beagle

    Fart @ 0:49?

  3. Leslie Robinson

    Great song from Micheal from his first album!

  4. gateswf

    Many years ago I heard how Mike messed up the Doobie Brothers. Their sound surely changed, with the loss of Tom and others. I now understand how bands evolve, cant keep doing the same thing forever and to the Doobs credit, they sound a lot today like the majical early days. But I also dig the songs they did with Mike & Skunk. Just a note to say, Mike, you've given us some great songs and performances, hope you have more in the tank and Tanks.

  5. InflatablePlane

    My favorite song off this album next to "Losin End". So soulful. And I think it's Jeff Porcaro on drums and Tom Scott doing the sax solo. Michael always knew to get the best musicians in his albums and it reflects on how good this particular one is.

    John Ambler

    Absolutely agree with that!

    Casper van Helvoirt

    Jeff :)

    Ben Armentano

    I actually think that's Steve Gadd on this particular track not Jeff Porcaro....

  6. Iza Jakubosz

    Sad, but it's true..

    John Ambler

    not always

  7. Uniongamers

    Love this track!!!

  8. Camille Christie

    This was one of my fav albums when it came out (yes, THAT long ago) ;) I played that thing so much I wore out two needles and I swear, I expected to play it so much the grooves would work their way to the back of the album. lol

    Thanks so much for sharing Pikolou ♥

    Blessings & Joyous Howls,

  9. Montrey

    I love this song. The backing vocals are so soothing, especially "Until ya" at 1:50