Michael McDonald - Just Strong Enough Lyrics

Used to think I wore myself out on you
Trying to measure up
Now I know I just grew tired of forgiving you, baby
For not loving me enough

Now I realize it's in my nature
To want to hold on to what I thought it was
Just as long as I'm still just strong enough

I never had the sense to surrender
Or the grace to walk away
Always hoping against all hope
You'd have a change of heart someday

Oh, but ain't it only human nature
To want to love and be loved
Just as long as I'm still just strong enough

Though you're my greatest weakness
I keep carrying that weight
I keep looking for completeness, baby
I tell myself it's not too late
Not as long as I'm still just strong enough

With a heart that still remembers
And a love that won't give up
No, not as long as I'm still just strong enough

Though you're my strongest weakness
I keep carrying that weight
I keep looking for completeness, baby
I tell myself it's not too late
Oh no, not as long as I'm still strong enough

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Michael McDonald Just Strong Enough Comments
  1. Alicia Calderón Matamoros

    Michael Mcdonald, felicitaciones por tu hermosa voz, asi seduces a cualquier mujer , me encantas okey very good 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  2. Hulie Diggs

    This is a classic I'm feeling Chess Records.... with an Etta James flow.

  3. Oksana Kolby

    Ох....... Майкл....конечно , ты знаешь, как женщины , сходят с ума от твоего голоса ......но я повторю снова и снова .......твой голос ...... сводит с ума !!!! И это такое удовольствие, сходить с ума , от твоего необыкновенно красивого по мужски ......голоса !!!!!!
    Спасибо тебе , за это ♥️♥️♥️💛💛💛💛💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💚💚💚💚💚💛💛💛💛♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. Donna Spears

    i love you, Michael, you though your music makes me feel wonderful. I love you, I feel, I adore you.

  5. Charles Williams

    The thing about Michael McDonald voice U know it when U hear it. It's one of a kind God bless him and his family.

  6. Terry Taylor


  7. Belinda Stemmene

    Just saw him,him,his band and back up singers are phenomenal!!

  8. neilbv11

    Always been a great musician

  9. Rosangela Martins

    The voice strong is very beautiful! Amazing.

  10. Mary Oliver

    Oh. My. God. Still writing music that gets right to the heart of the matter.

  11. Nancy Ellen Peden

    Damn the best....remember him in Nashville. Greatest sound ever. Rock on, Bro.

  12. Cheryl Brooks

    Just saw him sing this live omg this mans voice is so powerful

  13. sherry gillmore

    He's so good!...😍

  14. jimbo

    top class

  15. West Coast Seabreeze

    Oooooh, Love this so much it, hurts!

  16. Al Gibbs

    Sing brother

  17. Duke Aldridge

    Michael McDonald - You are an amazing human being with such compassion and what a genuine soul! Your music has touched me and lifted my spirits for over 40 years. My father wrote music for Loretta Lynn, Chill Wills and Porter Wagoner to name a few and when I first introduced him to your voice I saw him smile. After 80 years of guitar with Segovia, Johnny Smith, Barney Kessel and so many others I only wish he would have met you. His name was "Walkin-Talkin Charlie Aldridge." RIP Dad while I keep listening to a gentleman who has inspired my life through his stories and music, Michael McDonald.

  18. jay39907

    A lot of jazziness, a bit of country, but that voice is timeless.

    My bucket list in music would be complete if I could do a duet with Michael McDonald.

    Michelle Blanchard

    Duet??? I just wanna hear him sing. Just let me hear that wonderful, smoky, beautiful voice.

    Catherine Mccann

    U must have a good voice then if you wanna take him on .good luck

  19. Arielle Hart

    Beautiful singing as always, Mr. McDonald and absolutely wonderful guitar music!

    Dorothy Jacque

    The best soul master in the world you ❤️ go Mike mc

  20. W Kay

    Thank you God for creating the incredible Michael McDonald. His voice and multiple talents you blessed him with has touched the lives of many. That was your plan and I am so grateful.

    Julie Groesch

    I really believe that others are blessed with incredible talents, directly from God, and they in turn can share their talents and blessings with us. Thanks Lord!!

  21. Tony Sexton

    Living proof of the man's greatness !!....when I first heard him in 76 I knew I'd heard the best vocalist ever !!....that still hasn't changed !!

  22. cea319

    OMG!!! I am hooked on this song and this CD!!! Thank you Michael. OH and PS I live in Ferguson MO

  23. James Boyce

    man he killed this tune , SANG MAN SANG

  24. Genia Humphrey

    OMG this man just gets better with age. Is there anything he can’t make sound good. Luv Luv him.

  25. Andrew Flood


  26. Toni Kerly

    This is a absolutely wonderful song to listen too !!!Love it !!!!

  27. Gloria Davisson

    I met this man in WV back in the 70s after a Doobie Brother’s Concert. His eyes ARE that blue! He had a wallet full of pictures of his dogs. Truly one of the nice guys. I have to say his voice makes me swoon! Do people still use that word? Fabulous album! He’ll never lose it. Love the man!

  28. MsVerdammte

    This song gives me goose bumps. Love it.

    Fiona Phillips

    Me too, gives me shivers...

  29. David Parrish

    Mr Smooth creates the mood. It's up to you to close the deal. Maybe the best of his career. Sing it bro.


    I liked his song "Open the Door". I think all the millenials were conceived to that song.

  30. cleanqueen75

    All the songs are fantastic!

  31. Michel Gauthier

    This is truly Micheal McDonald soulful music..LOVE IT!!!

  32. Bronwen Algate

    so soulful....

  33. thumbsaloft

    This is the real deal!

  34. peepsk771

    First listen and absolutely LOVE this! <3

  35. Duke Aldridge

    WOW - That voice will be forever recognizable anywhere in the world! Still sounds great and the guitar licks are amazing. Sit back and enjoy.

  36. babylov69