Michael McDonald - I Was Made To Love Her Lyrics

I was born in Lil' Rock
Had a childhood sweetheart
We were always hand in hand

I was hightop shoes and shirt tails
Suzy was in pig tails
I know I loved her even then

You know my papa disapproved it
My mama boohooed it
But I told them time and time again
"Don't you know I was made to love her
Built a world all around her"
Yah! Hey, hey, hey

She's been my inspiration
Showed appreciation
For the love I gave her through the years

Like a sweet magnolia tree
My love blossmed tenderly
My life grew sweeter through the years

I know that my baby loves me
My baby needs me
That's why we made it through the years

I was made to love her
Worship and adore her
Hey, hey, hey

All through thick and thin

Our love just won't end
'Cause I love my baby, love my baby, ah!

My baby loves me
My baby needs me
And I know I ain't going nowhere

I was knee high to a chicken
When that love bug bit me
I had the fever with each passing year

Oh, even if the mountain tumbles
If this whole world crumbles
By her side I'll still be standing there

'Cause I was made to love her
I was made to live for her, yeah!

Ah, I was made to love her
Built my world all around her
Hey, hey, hey

Oo baby, I was made to please her
You know Stevie ain't gonna leave her, no
Hey, hey, hey

Oo wee baby, my baby loves me
My baby needs me
Hey, hey, hey

Oo my baby loves me...

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Michael McDonald I Was Made To Love Her Comments
  1. Mark Greer

    Love this song but not this version.

  2. BHG

    Real Flint Michigan folks here 👌🏾💪🏾

  3. roy john

    there is only one master blaster but credit were credit due good cover id turn the chair

  4. Charles Williams

    One of my favorite singers in the history of music.

  5. 1Ephraimite

    I can't stomach this, it's trash, it reduces a timeless classic to some strenuous exasperation.

    Beach Sheri

    Oh please, you're retarded

    Harold Brooks

    Wow! Really sad

  6. lynn rummond

    loving it

  7. Joan E

    2 of my all time favorite singers!! They sound great together, no mistaking Stevie's harmonica!!

  8. Randolph Widemon

    My grandsons can dance to this song

  9. Tyi Law

    This is hot,two of my favorite artist

  10. Rick Johnson

    Wow I just love this version of the song who's ever on that bass he's working it over time

  11. Simon Robson


  12. Benny B.


  13. Benny B.

    Love this song

  14. Donna Dallas

    He is one of my favorite from waaaaay back in the day with the Dooby Brothers...

  15. able76

    I'm loving this version. Michael McDonald is becoming my favorite singer.

    Sue Newmeyer

    +able76 I'm starting to agree with you!

  16. Hellrell a.k.a. Duriel Hall

    I love the mix between the 2 artist. Stevie's harmonica playing along with McDonald's voice, is just the best! Awesome job fellas!!

  17. DaOrigTruthSeeker

    He's not suppose to be just like Stevie. I hate it when people compare these artist like that. He has his own identity,respect him for what he has to offer. This man is a living legend. 

    Harold Brooks


  18. emy1968

    what a voice!

  19. Renea Barksdale


  20. chromatic2star

    This is a GREAT cover...And Stevie Wonder is playin the harmonica solo...Absolute Genius!!!!!!!!

  21. Kohl423

    Another great performance which only serves to remind us just how fantastic those soul related numbers from that golden period were. You could feel those tunes touch you deep down. How sad those young x factor fans only have that trash to relate to!

  22. Ironman Hondo

    OH MY GOD, Stevie is blowing the hamonica!!!

  23. Ironman Hondo

    @14johnshineman If you think this is awesome, listen to the stuff Mike did with the Doobie Brothers. Take my advice, sit down, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

  24. William MacLean

    Michael McDonald has a fantastic voice and tells the truth as we are made to love.

  25. Mantra531

    Mr Mc Donald is just one of the best :-)

  26. Kala Ra

    This is Ill

  27. Hayley Viken

    This is great, Michael! Thanks!! Love from Norway