Michael McDonald - I Can Let Go Now Lyrics

It was so right, it was so wrong
Almost at the same time
The pain and ache a heart can take
No one really knows

When the memories cling and keep you there
Till you no longer care
And you can let go now

It's wrong for me to cling to you
Somehow I just needed time
From what was to be-it's not like me
To hold somebody down

But I was tossed high by love
I almost never came down
Only to land here
Where love's no longer found
Where I'm no longer bound
And I can let go now

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Michael McDonald I Can Let Go Now Comments
  1. Jeff

    Michael is one of my favorite artist. I was 14 when this album came out. I bought it because of his hit song “I Keep Forgetting “. What I ended up buying was an album that is still to this day one of my favorites and I can’t wait till October when he performs live with Dobbies. Just an unbelievable talent

  2. quamin finney

    This song is helping me to move on. I don't know how long it will take, but thanks Michael.

  3. quamin finney

    I must say, in 1982 this song was relevant, as is today. Having to walk away from a relationship twice is quite donting. It's never easy. That pain never stopped.

  4. Mary Schenault


  5. Anita El ghandor

    Good STOP stalking me!!!!

  6. sherry Sherokee

    I can let go now ☹️

  7. orlandotj1

    I must have something in my eye.

  8. IrishnPNW

    Kerry Francis.... you were such a dear sweet man and brother....you lived quietly and you loved so many....you left this life too soon...and so awefully...but...BUT you lived and you were loved by a lot of folks.... you left me something to help me stay afloat til I die... I love you, KerFran...I love you!!!!

  9. Zaxaze

    If you're one of the 65 people that down voted this, I hope you find what you're looking for in your miserable lives.

  10. Mary Schenault


  11. Ryan’s Gaming channel

    the strain on his voice at the higher notes is just beautiful... Have always loved this song.... found it when M Mcd's other songs where more main stream and popular....still to this day a beautiful piece of art......

  12. Will Rodgers

    This song just moves me. Simply beautiful!

  13. simon wales

    This is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written or sung. McDonalds voice is priceless.

  14. Louise Gale

    Sums up heart break and loss...what a voice. Amazing

  15. R R

    If someone sang this to me, I would not care what he did, I'd take him back. 😪

  16. Lewis Jones

    I love his ballads

  17. Fox1nDen

    once you get used to loving someone it is so hard to stop, like trying to tame a great river to wide to cross. To lose love left me a basket case many times. Time was on my side. The best Love we will ever know is able to heal every heartache and was with me all along.

  18. Pam Benningfield

    My first time hearing this, beautiful; ❤️

  19. Debbie Mitchel

    This song always makes me cry. Life is so short , love ,live,appreciate

  20. Hope Springs

    Incredible song!💖

  21. Sharon Vaughan

    Tearing me apart....

  22. AJ Sassy

    I heard Nell Carter sing this song for the 1st time back in the 80's and it's still a tear jerker!

  23. Roz M

    This always reminds me of my dad as he passed away and i heard this on the radio.

  24. Edgar Hudak

    How gorgeous is this?? Amazing

  25. john pati

    John Pati-My two favorite songs in the world are "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" & I Can Let Go Now" by M. McDonald. This song spans all styles, eras & genres. It's the perfect song, on every level! My God, Michael you can write & sing, but this is a flawless work of art, if that's even possible! I've cried just thinking about this song! Oh-the singing is as great as it gets!

  26. Euan Elliott

    It was a long time ago now, but one day I walked into the flat of a friend, and reclining on a sofa was a young woman who I only had to look at for two seconds to know I was in love with her.
    I walked toward her and stretched out my hand and felt how slender hers felt in mine. And when she spoke her voice sounded feline and captivating.
    She married someone who treated her badly, and I traded my shining armour for a shot of reality.
    So I can let go now.

  27. Bonsai junkie

    Beautiful song... I miss you Molly I miss you Jake. Rest in peace.

  28. conrad ford

    Such an incredible song.

  29. Euan Elliott

    Heaven is finding love, and hell is the sound of goodbye......

  30. Dion Albers

    When lyrics really ment something.

  31. Charles Williams

    Short, sweet and to the point. Excellent heartbreaking song.

  32. Janet Lee-Crawford

    So beautiful.....

  33. Yvette Pennington

    Michael McDonald& Nell Carter really did an excellent performance on this song. I love this song memories

  34. Maggie Harris

    I love this song ... it for me is about a lost love that I should not have let go he was amazing and I was stupid!!!

  35. Jacob Hayes

    Nell Carter did this song wonderfully

  36. the Cannonball

    Sounds like it's coming straight from Mike's heart . But if you scroll down ... it appears to show it was written by a couple of Foo Fighters .

  37. Brian Donnelly

    I can see what some are saying about being a heartbreaking song ... but sometimes lovers have to part for a lot of reasons .... so it is about the pain of freedom and the awakening of that freedom ... still a lovely song ...MM ...

  38. Rick Ahrens

    Is it ok to let go now.

  39. Greg Waddell

    "It's wrong for me to cling to you..somehow I just needed time..." This song is about love lost and letting go. We can't be bound by our losses forever. There is a time to cry, be angry..clinch our fists and shout out in anger, if not sadness, but we have to let go. LIFE GOES ON!!!

  40. Camilla Edwards

    When the memories cling and keep you there. 💔 💔

  41. May Rose

    simply stunning------

  42. Michelle Blanchard

    There is no better singer than Michael McDonald.

  43. Futuristic Concepts

    Bye Lisa. I wish I had been there for you but I didn't
    know that your life had become a living Hell. No one told me. May you find peace in the afterlife that was not found in your living years. We will see each other again. I will always remember your beautiful smile and your loving spirit. Blessings my love.

  44. clancymc

    Love him, his beautiful voice and his incredible songs. This one is one of his greatests.

  45. Vincent Martin

    Nell Carter Gimme a Break brought me Here. I love both versions of this Song. But, Nell's heartbreak over James epitomizes the pain of this Song. Simply Beautiful and Sad at the same time.


    The absolute pain of breaking up with someone special.....and that seemingly never ending period of time, vulnerability and heartache before you are able to move forward..............

    Damn.....that hurts.

  47. Camilla Edwards

    It was so right. It was so wrong. Almost at the same time. 💔

  48. mzmiller52

    Great. Betty Buckley medley from Carnegie hall brought me here.


    One of thee most beautiful tunes ever Xxx

  50. Sandy Anderson

    Takes my breath away ~

  51. Camilla Edwards

    When the memories cling & keep you there. 💔

  52. jacky more

    What a beautiful song I love you Michael your voice touches my soul... this song is for a guy I'm in love so much but we not meant to be so touching..

  53. IrishnPNW

    Hugs to all of you listening now....no one knows or understands what 'hurt' is until they go thru it. Micheal always knows how to write songs to hit those areas in our lives and hearts that matter....and then, help up us work thru them or just .....let go now....

  54. dhloup1

    Maybe the saddest song I've ever heard

  55. Jay Mulligan

    I knew my marriage was over when I first heard this. It captured the truth and the deep emotion of my break up. Poignant.


    oh this makes me sadd but I do so hope you will find happy again!!!! There are so many lovely people out there!!!! Just heal, be kind to yourself, and know...it will be ok soon....I live in the Pacific Northwest and it's difficult to meet people. Best of everything to you, nice man...please take care and be kind and gentle to yourself....sometimes just a little downtime and kindness and pampering helps. bless you.

    Jay Mulligan

    Thank you -- Your kind words are a panacea

  56. Queenie Miller

    Love this song micheal i can't let go now beautiful but ido love all but this one is my favorite keep it up brother.

  57. Yvonne Turner


  58. DGMG Neco

    one of my favorites

  59. Patrick Le Meur

    M McDONALD ! est un super compositeur arrangeur !! génie !!

  60. Nancy Lytle

    This song always makes me cry and remember past loves....

  61. Eddy G

    Straight from the soul...you know he's been there like so many of us.  If you want another beautifully aching blow to the solar plexus listen to Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTIu4UbkK94

    christian mumbles

    Eddy G spot on

  62. gail martin

    Love Michael music

  63. Yvonne Turner


  64. Stephen Smithee

    "i WAS TOSSED HIGH BY LOVE - i ALMOST NEVER CAME DOWN..." I can never let go, Tammy. RIP

  65. Debbie Mitchel

    Song from last episode of '"China Beach" reminds me of dear friend Kathy who is gone now. 😢

    Israel Ramos

    I lost 5 people I loved accidentally young I wish it could me in my older years I know it selfish but I've seen a little life when they seen nothing through my eyes

  66. Emmanuel Barroga

    Just can't let go of this beautiful song..tnx michael

  67. Wayne Jorris

    I love this song ,,, listen on a good sound system

  68. Aidan McMurry

    It was this song that found me when I was lost.

  69. Jay Mulligan

    Heard this song and I knew I'd be divorced within a year. And I was. " It's wrong for me to cling to you"

    Karin Smith

    You can be with a hundred people and still be alone. I have my bedroom I stay in most of the time I just try to shake it off and go on

  70. madeline stone

    so beautiful...so beautiful

  71. C' Note Carlton- Rhythm House Records And JINGLES

    such a beautiful song

  72. J LW

    Love this song Xx

  73. Rudolph Saville

    Brings a tear to my eye everytime I listen to this song. Makes me appreciate my family and my life.


    This beautiful tune is very similar to Kenny Loggin's Only A Miracle which he wrote for his second newborn

  75. Emmanuel Barroga

    Beautiful string arrangement..Michael is one of a kind!

  76. Stephen Smithee

    What a wonderful song, so emotional. Sometimes I wish I could let go, but we have unfinished business, Tambra Lynn - RIP...


    Stephen...sending you a quiet hug and a prayer...whispering to your angel to help you thru what is hurtful for you just now......the 2 tears falling down my cheeks are for you and whomever is part of your pain just now.... k?

    Stephen Smithee

    Thank you, Irishidy. Tammy's death was sudden - no prolonged goodbye. Sometimes I sing (very badly) to her picture here on my desk, like this song. It actually helps. Another great song, I recently discovered, is a Michael McDonald and Patti LaBelle duet, "On My Own."

  77. J LW

    Michael McDonald has got a truely beautiful voice.

  78. Paul Allison


  79. Abet Basmayor


  80. Rob Phelan

    I miss , so many so much !
    This brings back so many memories.
    Life is so beautiful yet so painful !

    He sings it all in one song.

  81. mvrick1

    Alison Krauss' cover of this song is most amazing too.

    Sean Eric Howard

    Marti Pellow knocks this one out of the ballpark.

  82. Andrew Flood


  83. SuperBking1340

    Superb artist in all he does.

  84. MaryAnn Parrish

    One of his most beautiful songs.....

  85. SuperBking1340

    Thats all one can say.

  86. Kyran McCourt



    I just come across this song. Love it! I can't stop listening to it. So beautiful! and Michael'voice...

  88. Alfredo A Atwater

    it broke my heart to see you had lost your voice
    no is not the cigarette . its the heat of booze, coffee,
    and yes the cigarette. If you


    Sweet pea....I can't feel your pain but I know what pain is...regardless of what is the source....please find peace...and here is a silent hug...bless you...

  89. Thomas Grzych

    michelle l. listen to this heart wrenching song then maybe you might now what i went thru t.g.

  90. Alfredo A Atwater

    we can let go after she lies steals cheats or pretends love to perfection.
    we have brothers who are men just like me who believe in love in a world
    in wish only a woman is our only choice.

  91. Ken Murray

    What a brilliant song!

  92. Mónica orellana


  93. Karin Holdridge

    A timeless heartbreaking song...melody, lyrics, and arrangement..and Michael's unique
    soulful voice...

  94. Gregory Thacher

    yes, I can...

  95. Gregory Thacher

    oh my, Michael McDonald, your voice in this...WAY good.

    Mary-Ellen Randolph

    The angels voices are supposed to sound like instruments, and you sure sound like an angel on this song. I have never had something move me so much .

  96. Jeanne T

    It was so right, it was so wrong
    Almost at the same time
    The pain and ache a heart can take
    No one really knows

    When the memories cling and keep you there
    Till you no longer care
    And you can let go now

    It's wrong for me to cling to you
    Somehow I just needed time
    From what was to be-it's not like me
    To hold somebody down

    But I was tossed high by love
    I almost never came down
    Only to land here
    Where love's no longer found
    Where I'm no longer bound
    And I can let go now

    Mary Schenault


  97. Chris Rebori

    This song is stunning !

  98. Yvonne Turner