Michael McDonald - Hey Girl Lyrics

Hey girl, I want you to know
I'm gonna miss you so much if you go
Hey girl, I'll tell you no lie
Something deep inside of me's going to die
If you say so long, if this is goodbye

Hey girl, this can't be true
How am I supposed to exist without you?
Hey girl, don't put me on
What's gonna happen to me when you're gone?
How will I live, how can I go on?
How can I go on?

Hey girl, now sit yourself down
I'm not afraid to get down on the ground
And beg you, beg you to stay
Don't go away

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Michael McDonald Hey Girl Comments
  1. Morgan Myers

    Have a nice wife.. Lol

  2. Mark Dezii

    The absolute best!! He's in a league of his won. Love his singing and playing.

  3. Dariusz M

    zajefajna nuta swidnik

  4. Gerri Miller

    The most authentic and romantic song that make me tremble listening to his voice


    I love what you just wrote!!

    elaine luckett

    Beautiful song. Speaks to my soul. Don't go baby

  5. elaine luckett

    Beautiful song. Sad but warms my heart to hear such lovely words

  6. Anna Storonowicz


  7. Luther Buckhurst

    This is amazing. Check out Billy Joels version

  8. Tracy Williams-Lindsey

    No one else has a voice like Michael McDonald. Love this guy.

  9. fogologo100

    God that hurts..

  10. Jose Hernandez

    This white boy can sing....OMG what a voice.

  11. Robert Dillon

    The Righteous bros did this song also.Bill Medley and Michael McDonald,doesn't get any better then these two.

  12. Joy Carter

    Oh, Michael McDonald you have more talent in your finger than most musicians in this big old world !! Your voice and music transport me to all my happiest and saddest places, always.

  13. yazkaz

    I remember having heard another remix version on radio, but couldn't locate that version since then......

  14. jeremy moviefan

    Real music from a legend

  15. Feiko Temme1

    I remember kneeling down in front of my girl like that.It didn't help me.I clutched her leg,kneeling.She shrugged me off.It took me years to understand.That deep down she knew she hadn't been given time enough to waste time with anybody who threathened her limited span of life - me,at that time.She passed away,39 years old,19 years ago.Married to somebody else.I never met her again after we parted.Because we didn't want to hurt each other.I only visited her grave once I learned she passed away.I'm 60 now,but it comes back to me every once in a while,it can be a sound,a smell,a place,a lightfall,everything.But most of all this song.

  16. Simon Johnson

    If I could sing like anyone in the entire history of music it would have to be Michael McDonald.

  17. Denise Mansell

    So beautiful and haunting . The man, the song and the images are so perfect . Love it .

  18. cea319

    The photography in this video is simply amazing.

    Ruben's SmoothJazz

    Every song deserves the right photos in order to bring us into the rhythm and soul of the composer. Thanks for watching.

  19. Shanay Hicks

    This song touches my heart hes begging don't go please stay

    Ruben's SmoothJazz

    Glad it did touch your heart like it did mine. Best wishes to find happiness.

  20. Maria Gabriela


  21. Victoria McBee

    Thank you so much for posting my favorite love song

    Ruben's SmoothJazz

    You are very welcome Victoria. Keep safe and happy wherever you are.

  22. trk327

    If you have not felt anything by this song in your heart and soul..then you didn't truly love her.

  23. m&j hare

    Ya got that right!

  24. Colin Jones

    Hey girl this is heart wrenchin

  25. M Moore

    So beautiful.

  26. Omniavincitlove 1956

    I love him!!!!!!! Still... 😚😚💗🎶🙃💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  27. Tamriko Merkviladze


  28. Edward Sarkisian

    THIS is the Best version...For ME😀😀😀

  29. Michael Sullivan

    Takes me too another place ,happy happy

  30. lovinsfun

    For this Tune . . . Michael and Billy Joel - in the house and Through The Roof !!!!

  31. Jak Wilson

    they call this "BLUE EYED SOUL"

    Diane Johnson-Smith-Terry

    His voice is fantastic, I followed him from the Doobie Brothers

  32. Jak Wilson

    blue eyed soul at its very best

  33. Edward Sarkisian


    Ruben's SmoothJazz

    Thanks for listening and watching ... the song is the inspiration.

  34. Sondra Allen

    He covers Motown tunes like white does rice. Does a good job.

  35. lisabartholomew1953 bartholomew

    My heart splits into when I hear Michael's interpretation ot this song. There are no words to describe what this tune does to me.

    Jodie Elliott

    Didn't even know he covered it until just now. Did me in!

    Feiko Temme1

    So true.

    Diane Johnson-Smith-Terry

    So true just a pure version

    renaissance man

    your heart splits in two.

  36. Cartier Cartier

    im tearing up..omg the memories..thank u

    Ruben's SmoothJazz

    You are very welcome ... glad you like it. It was so pleasant to do this one. Best of luck.

  37. Nani Novals

    my favorite voice on earth

  38. Colleen

    Simply put, beautiful <3

  39. lino klein meuleman

    what a voice .

  40. Alfredo A Atwater

    share the blame ?

  41. Alfredo A Atwater

    hey girl, michael sings, the way, we feel...

    Billy's Gone, by Level 42

    for my friend Mc donald.

  42. Edward Sarkisian


  43. Linn Dedada

    Een kadootje..voor Ron

  44. oliver harmon

    thanks Reben, this video is magnificent, truly a visual and voice work of art , magnificent and best from manhattan, new york city !

    Ruben's SmoothJazz

    Thanks Oliver for listening, this video meant a lot to me. Best of luck from Vienna.

  45. A GM

    Nice photos on your video.

  46. Nani Novals

    just so soulfulof a song goes rightin and wantou tomake love

  47. Alexis Leonel

    Una enorme caricia para el alma,Michael McDonald,una genialidad!!!

    Ruben's SmoothJazz

    cierto que si, la musca genial solo quise reflejar en algo su alma. Gracias por escuchar pronto pondre uno nuevo de el. Saludos.

    Alexis Leonel

    Gracias Ruben´s Smooth Jazz,por esta preciosa obra de arte,no puedo parar de escucharlo!!!

  48. strills77

    its a kin disgrace this should have at least a billion views

    Ruben's SmoothJazz

    I totally agree :).

  49. radar blip

    Great Song and MM is so easy to listen too,,,maybe a little SOUL ?

  50. Arcan6121

    Good Work, Ruben !! (Y)

    Ruben's SmoothJazz

    Thanks for watching and appreciate your comment. The very best to you.

  51. Tedi Prude

    What ever happened to the video for this recording? It was beautiful! Peace...

    Ruben's SmoothJazz

    Thanks and grateful for your words .. I'll keep doing what I feel is right to express … music, feeling and peace.

  52. Wildtch

    One of my all time favorite versions. It doesn't get any better than this.

    Diane Johnson-Smith-Terry

    It truly does not get any better than this version

    Euan Elliott

    Carole King & Gerry Goffin 1963.

  53. eyescandeceive

    the rest of you can have Barry White. MMcD is the voice that gets *me* in the mood!

    nessa wright

    I was never a Barry White fan. Love Michael McDonald though

    Jo-Ann Hopkins

    Oh so very true!!!!!! Beating Heart!!!! Velvety smooth sexiest voice ever!!!!! In love with him forever!!!! ❤💕

  54. Edward Sarkisian

    I LOVE THIS,...

  55. Mason Martinez

    The original by Freddie Scott is one of my all-time favorites.  Michael McDonald does it justice . . . excellent cover!!!!!

    Ruben's SmoothJazz

    Thanks Mason, Michael since the Doobie Brothers was unique and remain true to his interpretations with these songs. best regards.

    Sydney Masinga

    I thought the original was Carole King and Gerry Goffin: I could be wrong.


    @Sydney Masinga Freddie Scott recorded the original version in 1963. Carole King and Gerry Goffin did write it, but Carole didn't record it until 1980 (although she probably recorded a demo originally).

  56. Al Gibbs

    This is one fine recording

    Mason Martinez

    +Al Gibbs This is good . . . also Billy Joel's version.

    Al Gibbs

    Michael is in a class by himself

  57. gerardo gonzalez

    la mejor version de hey girl.

    Ruben's SmoothJazz

    +gerardo Gracias Gerardo por tu comentario, luego de no haber encontrado una versión que me complazca pues la hize y me alegra que guste. Saludos.

  58. Bill Roberts

    The best sounding one I could find. Thanks for putting this up.

    Bart Blaine

    Leon Thomas honey man

  59. Ruben's SmoothJazz

    Thanks Gene, appreciate very much your comment, love the music.

  60. Daniele Thomas

    Divinamente bello

    Ruben's SmoothJazz

    +Daniele Thomas Thanks Daniele, Gracias y buen dia. Saludos.

  61. junebug29

    Hauntingly lovely

  62. Andrew Flood

    I LUV THIS SONG !!!!!!!!!

  63. John Vandehey

    Beautiful. Melody, lyrics, voice and Ruben's upload, piecing together graphics as gorgeous as the song it accompanies.

    Ruben's SmoothJazz

    +John Vandehey Thanks John, sorry for late response. I appreciate your comments and keep doing it same way. Best regards.

    Angela Austin

    John Vandehey total package here. Loving it .

  64. Phil Watson

    Beautiful cover of Goffin & King's classic!

    Aggie Chip-Nelson

    Great beat!!!

  65. adetector

    Great Song Great Video Nice !!

    Ruben's SmoothJazz

    +adetector Thanks for your comments and that you liked it. Best regards

    Bob Bodzenski

    adetector b