Michael McDonald - Hallelujah Lyrics

Baby, I have been here before
I've seen this room, I've walked this floor
I used to live alone before I knew you

And I've seen your flag on the marble arch
You know love's not some kind of a victory march
No, it's cold and it's serene and broken, Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

There was a time you let me know
What's really going on below
But now you'll never show me that, do you?

But remember when I moved in you
And this holy dove was moving too
And every breath we drew was Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Maybe there's a God above all
But all I've ever learned from you
Was how to shoot at someone who walks through you

Well, it's not some complaint that you hear tonight
Not just some fool who thinks he's seen the light
No, it's cold and it's serene, and it's broken, Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

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Michael McDonald Hallelujah Comments
  1. Spartanm333

    Eric Clapton I believe on guitar.

  2. curtis britcher

    Cannot be overplayed and as incredible as MM’s vocal and piano is, that Nathan East bass line is perfection.

  3. Ruby Chew

    He really puts emotion into this song.

  4. Sandy

    love this by Michael - K.D. Lang does a great version also

  5. thatMimosaGrove

    So everyone acknowledges that this is a cover of Leonard Cohen's classic, but... but the lyrics are completely different?


    Ha, I never realized he changed the lyrics around before, no wonder I love this version so much. It flows so much better than the other versions I've heard.

  6. Dal Santos

    Who made this drawing? please...

  7. Mary Heltzel

    WOW! He is incredible! Just beautiful inside and out! Love this man!

  8. Kelly Curtis


  9. Paula Williams

    this has become my morning pick me up.


    Mine too, play it while in the shower.

  10. Robin C. Baldwin

    Knew ya??????????????? Knew ya??????????????????? nono    no no no no          The scared never got you time people!   Goldy Goldy you played my soundy for a while! sound feeds the soul!

  11. Mark Bailey

    chardonnay for the ears as time marches fourth Aretha Franklin might be the queen of soul but he's got to be an uncle we can nod and say check his DNA God dropped
    Some soul and blues into.his spirit while stirring his essence and you can feel it You can't walk away without feeling blessed with this quality of talent shared All I can say Thank you for sharing----

  12. Las Latty

    WOW,!! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW!!!!

  13. ian reid

    like this and the jeff buckley one both really good

  14. Brett Bass

    This Brother just took me to Church!

  15. Daniel Ramos

    There is nobody like Michael. He has been doing this kind of music since the 70's. I grew up listening. Oh, that musicians would get away from the computer and auto-tune and perfect their craft the way they did back in the day!

  16. Jan Caffrey

    Love this,❤️

  17. IndigoDaisey

    Beautiful. And he didn't even need to sing all of the song.

  18. Fred Garvin

    I can't quite put into words why Michael McDonald doing this song offends me so deeply.

    john manasco

    I'll pray for you. no, nevermind

    Craig Te Hau

    I'm not offended

  19. jcrabberob5

    Michael is one of my favorites vocalist.

  20. ken halloran

    THAT VOICE..........

    Fred Garvin

    ken halloran .....IS FUNNY.

  21. Micki Broschard

    he makes me melt..........amen

  22. spainishgirl

    Simply so very beautiful:))

  23. grace thomas

    Love this version of Hallelujah...its worshipful and soulful YesGod

  24. Annette Robison

    I love the way he talk so clear with his fine self i can look at him all day long.

  25. Annette Robison

    This wife sing so beautiful just like she look .

  26. Master Jersey

    This and John Cales version are the best!!!!

  27. T F

    Always perfect...

  28. Bill Roberts

    This brother make ya feel it.

  29. Beverly Cooper

    YEAH Baby....!

  30. MGP

    Gotta love Michael's voice and what he's singing about! NICE!

  31. Joe Turner

    Quite simply, THIS is the way the song should be sung.  So tired of the endless dirge-like versions out there where EVERYONE sings it the same way.  Michael, thank you!

  32. JakcF

    Casios are for peasant wankers and Yamaha aren't keyboards they're bikes lad! #intheshedwithmichael  

  33. JakcF

    Michael mate, your progressions are something of wonder mate. Mate sometimes I roll around on the floor with my keyboard and imagine i'm your Roland. You Nord Nonce.

  34. yumiko kido

    now i know all of the pains have the right meaning god gives us. so i smile and say hallelujah!

  35. AdventuresOfTheKanFam

    Blue-eyed soul cooked to perfection.

  36. chefmarkable

    Just How Truly Great is this Man's Voice? Hallelujah...! Thanks Michael...Peace...!

    James Berry

    Hi Mark ,I love this version.J eff Buckley`s for me is the definitive though.it`s strange that I am not a Leonard Cohen fan but love other people doing his stuff.Check out Jennifer Warnes cd Famous Blue Raincoat  James

    James Berry

    I sent some photos,on hangout did you get them/. regards etc

    Russell Reeves

    God broke the mold after Michael....

  37. yumiko kido

    sometimes we say hallelujah,breaking down and crying.  why is life so much painful?

    Daniel Gartner

    This Man is awesome my his spirit live & Rock on in the gospel world!!

    yumiko kido

    @Daniel Gartner I agree with you.

  38. Marta Von Runge

    I also like Kate Voegele's rendition of the song.

  39. Edwin Striggles

    best rendition of Lenard Cohen's classic that I have heard


    Edwin, it's hard to imagine ANY Rendition of Any Song Michael McDonald sings/preforms is NOT the Very Best we will have the great fortune to hear and experience! IMHO....Thanks Simon Lind for posting! 

  40. tiram58

    Love Michael McDonald`s music.Great voice.So relaxing to listen to.

  41. chefmarkable

    I'm soooo Very Grateful for Michael's rendition of this Leonard Cohen song! Thanks Simon for the upload!

  42. puppetlady1

    Michael McDonald has created a magical musical work of art.

  43. Limor TOURDJMAN

    Shalom from Paris !!!

  44. Limor TOURDJMAN

    Michael McDonald, une voix magique, un talent fou ....Quand viens-Tu en France pour nous faire vibrer ????

  45. Dee Last

    Halleluja . . . hope he sings this in July when I see him live!

  46. Andrew Flood


  47. Tom Bell

    the man is easily one of the best singers theres ever been - what a voice - i've loved it since the eighties

  48. missatrebor

    I totally agree with babcn, I had even started to think that is was a very abominable song, because of all the bad performances. I could not believe my ears when I heard Michael sing it, thought it was a different song. Thanks Michael and I'm sure Leonard Cohen is delighted!

  49. Brian Ahern

    This great song has been so overplayed & rerecorded by first, second & third rate performers I have grown to wish I would never hear it again ............until now, Thank you Michael for this, it is simply wonderful.

  50. John Griffin

    Beacuse of the very nature of this beautiful song, it need to be sung by someone old enough to be broken. Great job Michael.

  51. swiftwinglofts

    Love it love it!!! god bless you my friend!! what a wonderful song!

  52. DJ DOGO

    Jeremiah 33:3....GLORY BE!!!!

  53. chemistrywascrazy

    @NitroMedic Couldn't agree more, my friend...Thankyou for reaching out to spread love, not hatred...xx

  54. Noob Saibot

    @chemistrywascrazy Amen & amen. Very well said. There's no one quite like Mr. McDonald. We need MUCH more of this in our sad world. Guarantee it would be a better place.

  55. claire cauchi

    Une merveille !
    Cet artiste est incroyable ! Dommage qu'en France il soit méconnu !

  56. chemistrywascrazy

    I saw Michael McDonald do this live recently...and I had tears running down my face and shivers up my spine. It was an experience I'll never forget...sheer musical beauty of the highest calibre. This is what all singers and musicians should aspire to...just totally, breathtakingly gorgeous...like the man himself. LOVE LOVE LOVE this soooo much....LOVE Michael McDonald....


    Because he feels it to his soul, like Ray, Aretha, Marvin, Donny, Stevie, and Bobby Womack. All the great singers do - its emotional every time they engage with a song. The secret of engaging people is that you move yourself first. "If you believe, they will come". :)

  57. TheJuliusJT

    he can make everything into the sweetest soulfeeling

  58. David Garcia

    Like velvet!

  59. londorika2

    my favourite singer, such a voice, such a feeling, sometimes i joke that he has a tube(lamp) in his throat :)