Michael McDonald - For Once In My Life Lyrics

For once in my life I have someone who needs me
Someone I needed so long
For once unafraid I can go where life leads me
Somehow I know I'll be strong

For once I can touch what my heart used to dream of
Long before I knew
Oh, someone warm like you
Would make my dreams come true

For once in my life I won't let sorrow hurt me
Not like it's hurt me before
For once I have something I know won't desert me
I'm not alone anymore

For once I can say this is mine, you can't take it
Long as I know I'm in love I can make it
For once in my life I've got someone who needs me
Someone who needs me, someone who needs me
For once in my life

For once in my life I won't let sorrow hurt me
Not like it's hurt me before
For once I have something I know won't desert me
I'm not alone anymore

For once I can say this is mine, you can't take it
Long as I know I'm in love I can make it
For once in my life I've got someone who needs me

Someone who needs me, someone who needs me
Someone who needs me, someone who needs me
Someone who needs me, someone who needs me
Someone who needs me, someone who needs me
Someone who needs me, someone who needs me

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Michael McDonald For Once In My Life Comments
  1. Broadhurst Gardens

    Excellent cover, shows total respect to the original and deserves applause

  2. The Stark Knight Returns

    This guy damn knows how to sing and how to cover a classic
    Besides, he sings like a black man - most of my favorite all-time singers are black - and looks like the comic book character Deathstroke!
    Triple win!

  3. Victoria Juergens-Renfro

    Love 💓

  4. StrangelyInfinite

    So many great covers i've heard of this song. This one is cerntainly one of 'em.🎵🎵

  5. Iz The wiz



    Proof soul has no colour.

    Dolly schoenewald

    Soul never had a color! people said it had a color

  7. Charles Williams

    Not many people can Stevie Wonder, but Mr. McDonald can and what a job well done. Thanks Mr. McDonald.

  8. ana cristina silva silva

    Simply the best👏🏻

  9. Patricia Wohl

    I love Michael,his music is awesome and he has a very sexy voice .

  10. Ed Zehoo

    I've always been Colonel Sander's fan, but after hearing this song I'm now addicted to McDonalds

  11. king tvt

    hes a great artist but i dont like him doing stevie wonders songs hes one of my idols

    Dolly schoenewald

    King tvt Stevie doesnt seem to mind!!

    Dolly schoenewald

    Deal with it

  12. Maria Chelles

    Linda música , me remete a sonhos em lugares imagináveis. ..q voz !!!

  13. Deborah Coleman


  14. bernadette garcia

    I soooo love this version!!!..good job MM..💚💚💚

  15. Alessio Roma


  16. Sue Richardson

    Me too, lili M. Incredible! worth repeating, James Bond, "This man can sing!" Just keep singing, MM. We love you!

  17. Sue Richardson

    Me too, lili M. Incredible! worth repeating, James Bond, "This man can sing!" Just keep singing, MM. We love you!

  18. Letitia Yvette Hayles

    Michael McDonald has the type of voice that makes a woman want to say baby where have you been all my life. And those beautiful blue eyes of his are worth staring into. This man can sing to me anytime. I love you Michael, you always give 110%of yourself and more. Thank you for bringing your gift of music into my life.

    Karlee Whitton

    Love love love yah Michael McDonald

  19. Rebecca Randleman

    Michael McDonald a blue eyed soul man. Sing it Michael...

  20. Rebecca Randleman

    Saw this man in concert...fabulous evening of entertainment.

  21. Rebecca Randleman

    Michael does a great job on this song with his golden pipes. Sing on and bless us all with your smooth, soulful voice😀

  22. lucia correia medeiros

    lindo..lindo...linda vóz..amo.

  23. Jan Caffrey

    I just love him, what a voice❤️

  24. emdman1959 Spaziani

    I love how he does not butcher Stevie's song, he has an incredible voice. WOW.

  25. Chris Dority

    A black man in a white earth suit...He is just wonderful...grew up with him

  26. CONTENDER791

    Simply the best in blue eyed soul.

  27. Lydia Cartagena

    Sing it Michael

  28. Dorothy Arwood

    C Harris.   Still think of you.  Remember Robinwood Dr.   1970's.

  29. Lydia Cartagena

    Great job Michael McDonald

  30. branco44444444

    L'assolo di Stevie all'armonica è qualcosa di paradisiaco ... esattamente come questa meravigliosa canzone e questa incantevole interpretazione di Michael

  31. Deneece

    Very soulful voice!

  32. Brian Howai

    Sing my brother sing..

  33. Frederico Fernandes

    Que voz !!!

  34. lili M

    Oooh i love his voice

  35. Annette Robison

    I will always love his songs they are so sweet just like him say that again. T L. C.

    Annette R0bison

    I will stay true to this person song listen to him day an nite .

  36. marcos rj

    Canta demais!!!!

  37. Jeff Solenberger

    Is that Toots Thielmans on harp or Stevie????
    Michael rocks on everything he does....

    Aquiles Torres

    Stevie Wonder .

    Jeff Solenberger

    Thanks...Stevie is awesome!


    Stevie was also the first to record an upbeat version on this song (1967).

    Rebecca Randleman

    Michael McDonald does a great job on this song...but he usually does on all of his songs.

    Gracie Stephens

    Jeff Solenberger a little help please

  38. james bond

    It is not about White, Black, Soul, whatever, whatever - I'm as old and Black as they come.  It is about The Creator truly Blessing this Brother.  This man can sing. (I spent the better part of my life out there at it as a professional too - and I never got even close to this man's gift.  What a Blessing to us all.

    James Nesbitt

    james bond Hahahahahaha
    Yes this guy has a marvelous gift of voice !! I have tried for the longest to mimic his voice so I can run away with it. Hahahaha I'm not even close Hehehehehehehe. And what a magnificent pianist he is !!!👍
    Let the nay Sayers yap all they want. God bless Brother Micheal McDonald👏👏👏👍

    Broadhurst Gardens

    As Louis Armstrong once said 'A Note Doesn't Care Who Play's it'

  39. Becky Yeager Smith

    I SO LOVE, Love this song bc it was on my lips after I gave birth to my only child...I have someone who needs me.

  40. rbkpetroleo

    Great song!

  41. Helen Akram

    oh wow, Michael, u still look good, u know i did buy one motown cd, this sista really diggin that "second that emotion" remake

  42. Rosemary Pocklington

    Absolutely adore this mans voice and could listen to him forever.

  43. Greg T

    My favorite recording by McDonald.  Great great music!

  44. Peggy Gurney

    Not enough good I can say about this man. LOVE him!

  45. Yvonne White

    Love his voice 

  46. James LastMalone

    I'm really hard pressed to think of a match for this guys vocals, what a voice!

  47. missatrebor

    I'm Stevie Wonder's biggest fan and I think that Michael does him and this song terrific justice. Bravo and chapeau!

  48. Shelley Faleono

    Tiamo mi amor

  49. Anthony Peters

    Worthy of the great Stevie Wonder, well done Michael. Some people have complained that Michael does a lot of covers ... when you can cover something as well as this then it would be a crime not to!

  50. Carol O'Mara

    This man is so truly gifted...I love this version of this song so very much! Michael, Loved and Gifted Michael McDonald sings with such passion and soul. Thank You!

  51. Mariela

    Never heard this version before!!!! From now on, my favourite!!!! Wow!!!! Thanks! Love him!

  52. Skip Mascheri

    great voice

  53. ♡ℕ


  54. Andrew Flood

    I LOVE THIS SONG !!!!!!

  55. Bruce Horton

    Very funky version

  56. Rossiel Torres


  57. dddave999

    I thought only Stevie could sing this,
    Not anymore! This is a great cover.
    Have you heard his version of ‘Tuesday Heart Break’? pretty dam good!

  58. haggardly79

    sings with a whole lotta soul

  59. Donna Stowers

    awesome voice soul brother....

  60. Aidan McNally

    what're STL & KC?

  61. Rifuar1

    theres stevie wonder forever. this new version bring back this classical song to this new century. thanks to share this. from Perú, South America thanks a lot.

  62. kronos350


  63. John Lawrence White

    Great Rendition. And Mr Stevie Wonderful on the Harmonica. Bomb. Living the Dream.

  64. afrosensuous

    I woulda been yo daddy, but the line was too long. Nigga deez nuts!!!

  65. Ironman Hondo

    DebbyinStKitts is evidence of why you should say No to drugs!

  66. Ironman Hondo

    This is what happens when you DON'T say no to drugs!

  67. Ironman Hondo

    I'm sure that you're a decent young lady. So I'll say this as respectfully as I can. GROW THE HELL UP!!! This is just a place for those of us that love music to give our opinion. That is all. If you dissagree, that is okay. But to desend to the level that you have is very unbecoming of a young lady. And I'm assuming that you are a lady. Raise your maturity level 100x and may be you learn something.

  68. Ironman Hondo

    Must we go there? Please try to have a MATURE conversation. We're all ADULTS here.

  69. Ironman Hondo

    Name one black artist of today that can match the range that Michael McDonald has. And that can do this song without electronic modification.

  70. Ironman Hondo

    Yes. As a matter of fact he does. He did. Just check out his work with the Doobie Brothers. Classic stuff.

  71. Shampoo Max

    i love him he is a great singer
    <3 :)

  72. Pedro Del Carpio

    Ok, it's a toss up... just listened to Stevie Wonder and Laura Fygi sing this song.. like them all !!

  73. Ironman Hondo

    Lets face it people, if Michael McDonald couldn't do this song, Stevie Wonder wouldn't be doing a harmonica solo. This should end all arguments about who's version is better. As par usual, Michael McDonald knocked it out of the park with Steveland Morris waiting for him to cross homeplate.

  74. Jennifer Villanueva

    He still look so very good.

  75. kiaoraguy

    extremely cool!

  76. chromatic2star

    GREAT solo!!!!!!! By "The One and Only," Stevie Wonder...

  77. mayelaara

    He still so so so so so good looking guy, the 70's 80's, 90's.... He still looks great!!

  78. Denyse M Elliott

    I know! I just want to run my fingers thru his hair!!

  79. Keith Casper

    It is crystal clear that the man HAS LOST HIS WAY!

    Dolly schoenewald

    keith Casper the hell u say!

  80. claire cauchi

    Harmonica ! Mr Stevie Wonder himself !
    So good !!!!!

  81. Toni Kerly

    @sugarworm28 Yeah ,he is soooooooo Cool

  82. Ivan Powers

    Dear Metal,

    Mike has written hundreds of tunes.. He's doing these because he loves them.. Now, go stand in front of the mirror and say your youtube name over and over again..

  83. Jeff Lamb

    I hate the way he does so many covers and write so little of his own

    Ebony Starr

    You're an idiot. Motown asked him to do these covers. If that was what they wanted I don't know why you think you get to have a problem with it.

  84. Jeff Lamb

    I hate the way he does so many covers and write solittle of his own

  85. Eliane Hess


  86. lilmartmar

    the back up vocals are really cheesey. I love MM but, kinda agree with airbo23. He didn't do a good job of making this song his own...good effort though...

  87. jaketaz

    What a moron... this music is so terrible. I feel like a grandpa listening to this derivative crap.


    Then why are you here? To talk crap on someone's tallent? Get a life.

  88. Magnus Säfström

    I like them bouth even the version of Frank Sinatra is realy good
    Maybe its all about that its a nice song from the start

  89. afrosensuous

    Stevie's version is not the original. It's a POP/SOUL versionof the orignal, but it wasn't written by Stevie. He recorded it at 17 years old. Most of the current top male vocalists can't sing a song with this type of vocal range. Michael has been and always will be top-quality.

  90. afrosensuous

    It's not a matter of whether Stevie's Version is better. He's paying tribute to Motown. However, you can't name ANY white dde that can handle Stevie's songs in their original key. Stevie's sng a song with Paul McCartney's no-singing ass, so it's about the music. Stevie approved!!!

  91. WE Krebs

    He sounds like an American Idol contestant... Ew...

  92. Sarah Gregory

    Stevie Wonders version is better but Michaels is ok too