Michael McDonald - Ever Changing Times Lyrics

It's an ever changing time
I see, that clock upon the wall
Well it don't bother me at all
It's an ever changing time

And me, ever changing time
Everything is going so much faster
It seems like I'm
Watching my life, and everything I do
Wonder if the dreams that I believed in
Still come true

Caught in between, it comes back to
You and me running out of time, I gotta find me a better understanding
Everything keeps forgetting whats mine, I gotta find me a way, less-demanding
And we're holding on so tight, together, all of our lives

And I, I had some big idea
So much of my life, still not completed
Hopes and fears
Watching it change, into something new
Wondering it I'm gonna find the answer, loving you

All of my life, it comes back to
You and me running out of time, I gotta find me a better understanding
Everything keeps forgetting whats mine, I gotta find me a way, less-demanding
And we're holding on so tight, together, all of our lives

I see, that clock upon the wall, well it don't bother me at all
It's a ever changing time

All of my life, it comes back to
You and me running out of time, I gotta find me a better understanding
Everything keeps forgetting whats mine, I gotta find me a way, less-demanding
And we're holding on so tight, together
And we're gonna be alright, together, all of our lives

I see, that clock upon the wall, well it don't bother me at all
It's a ever changing time

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Michael McDonald Ever Changing Times Comments
  1. Kenny Gray

    Love this song

  2. Ronnie Jones

    Listen to my sister 💞

  3. Pipping & Tripping


    Happy new 2020 everyone.

  4. The Real Mrs. Walker

    Who is here bringing in the 2020 New Year?!?

  5. neil gordon

    Who's here. New year's eve!! 2019❤️😍♥️💪!! Massive song!!

  6. Valentina Aguiar

    Tempo que eu era feliz e não sabia.. Voz linda do Michael e da Aretha.. Haja coração né!!!

  7. Ms. Nelle

    Taking this song into 2020 with me. #missyou Aretha

  8. Hillton Jonkers

    These are ever changing times👌love this song 2019 thank God I found my soulmate cause time fly

  9. Ivanildo Oliveira

    Alguém 2019/ 2020🥰❤️🥰

  10. Joy Dillig

    Listening at this moment with my hubby xx

  11. Dewiana 09

    Beautiful song...


  12. tupac

    Black people Allah's people.

  13. Harold

    Still in my 2020 vision

  14. Cesar Campos de Barros

    Essa música despensa comentários, simplesmente the best, sensacional, maravilhosa, comovente, etc.

  15. Mthokozisi Thabethe

    Aretha's vocal range was just soooo on point

  16. HMyreO Reid

    Going into 2020 like.....

  17. Camilla Griffin


  18. Haydee Elizabeth Ortiz Castro

    ieri ora e sempre ..you you Aretha

  19. Monte Whitefield

    Smooth as silk voices!!!!

  20. Tanika Hatcher

    No more wasting time .🙏🙏

  21. zinho zinho

    grande ARETHA

  22. Rosemeri Rangel

    Alguém aí em 2019? Lindo dueto!!😍😍😍

  23. Alpha Charm

    🎊🎊🎉🎉2020 here we come!🎊🎊🎉🎉

  24. Ayalraj Ramesh

    Anyone here end of 2019

  25. Ayalraj Ramesh

    Favourite voice 😍😍😍🥰

  26. marcia mccrorey

    this song came out when I was 21yrs young wrong relationships wasted Time. sad memories


    Hope things are good for you now days

  27. Jay Williams

    We tell the ⏰ da x

  28. Peter Darnell

    Singing masterclass😀

  29. Lameque Ramos

    December 2019

  30. Success Johnson

    Wow, remember this song when I was growing up as a young man 1991, l am in love with song...RIP Aretha Franklin

  31. Illecia Joe

    2019 I am here

  32. Cambridge Mogomotsi Mabe

    2019 December?

  33. Anni Heloise

    Linda Musica !! Não me canso de ouvir ...lembro minha infância , meu pai amava essa musica ...Apaixonda em 2019😍😍

  34. Gumas Master

    when the real M&M stands up!

  35. adriana correia dos santos

    Amo amo saudades pai se é louco affff viajo

  36. Matt Turn

    Oh, the "Queen of Soul" is gone but not forgotten. Her music will live on forever. I've had a 50 year run with the queen. It was a fantastic journey. Long live the Queen. Rest peacefully. Love always Matt Turn.





    Aretha Franklin Whitney Houston

    Take that statement elsewhere This video is not the place for comments like yours


    @Aretha Franklin Whitney Houston your computer queues me. as you as me and THE GOOD LORD KNOWS WHOSE WHOM

  39. R. KellyVEVO


  40. Igor Carvalho

    Grande clássico !!sucesso eterno

  41. Cláudia V. Viana



    Algum brasileiro nesse momento

  43. A Walker

    Magnificent. Speechless.

  44. Francis Palma Saidane junior

    When music was still music, (no offense) i just appreciate the authenticity of the oldskool folks... A sweet blend of rhythm, melody and symphony... #RESPECT

  45. Betty Cooper

    I Love Youuuuu,,,,, Yes yes Yesss😍😘😇💯✌😘💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  46. langa maphumulo

    And they keep changing constantly!,back in the years i was in my early teens recording such music on a VHS from the tv,and needless to say this song made my list,if i could bring those times back believe me i would,that was my paradise as a teenager...my innocence and immaturity sheltered me from the cruelties of life.Family,friends and music were there to make it worth the while.Rest in peace Aretha Franklin,Rest in peace uncle,Rest in peace grandma and thank you all for the role you played in my upbringing.
    Let the music play on,let the new generations come to know of it,let it play on long after we have gone for:"These are ever changing times"

  47. Sandra Rodrigues

    Amo! 🥰

  48. Ny-kel Cameron

    This is music, when music was music!

  49. Manoela Leite

    Ouvindo em 05/12/19 😍😍😍😍

  50. Deejay Wallace

    I hear and never get me sick, a perfect song, voice sync with the perfect melody love

    LOVE SOUND (Wallace Brasil )

  51. Randy Sibran

    Such memories, I used to slow dance my wife to this tune on the street over 22yrs ago....timeless

  52. 2BtheBEST

    what a song! Legends. RIP Queen

  53. John Diener

    How could someone not like this song. The Queen of Soul and Michael McDonald both music legends respectively.

  54. Borboleta 1370 Schmid


  55. Carl Bradley May

    Oh Aunty Aretha how I miss you but your music will live on forever...your brought much love to this world and you deserve your rest ...much love allways...and Michael Mc...what a true legend...

  56. Masud Rana

    What a song.what a legendary singer..Almighty allah plz rest in peace heaven to Aretha franklin...i m from Bangladesh.....

  57. Fabiana Arruda

    Perfeitos❤️amoooo🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷fim de 2019🙏🏿

  58. Pedro Gabriel


  59. Baby my baby

    Está música ❤️❤️❤️ uma bela canção pra fazer um bela bela dança bem sensual!!! Aí como amo

  60. delícias da rose

    Ouvindo em 2019 amo

  61. VIERTO

    Times changing Aretha still THE SAMEEE!!!!!!

  62. Flávia Lima

    Alguém do ano de 1989 q é apaixonada por essa musica ? ♥️

  63. sabrinap48

    2019 almost 2020 still love this song!!

  64. philip eromoto

    ever changing reptiles

  65. Akani Kza

    All of Michael's duets kick butt! The Queen lives!

  66. STEPHON 10

    🎶I see the clock up on the wall, but it don't bother me at all. 🎶

  67. delícias da rose

    Essa música, me faz lembrar minha falecida mãe 😩

  68. rosemary mutopo

    timeless music..........

  69. Savio Pessoa

    Doria inimigo da educação

  70. Sueli Nogueira

    Eu Sueli Nogueira continuo afirmando que amo as músicas escolhidas no YouTube.Nao crítico e nem julgo.Apenas amo de coração.Obrigada

  71. Tulisha Harris

    Do i ever cross your mind

  72. Kelly Santos


  73. PariNicole

    Michael McDonald has such an iconic soulful voice this dude only needs a chorus, no verses in a song to be recognized. And Aretha does what she always does, shuts it down. Beautiful song and vocal team.

  74. Ilma Triasa

    Tau lagu lagu enak kaya gini dari D, selera musik dia memang gak diragukan lg deh (beda dr yg lain) and I’m proud of him. Setiap dengerin lagu ini pasti lgsg inget sama D. I hope you’re gonna be my last, D.

  75. Wesley Providence

    I love song, omg!!!❤❤❤💜💜💜

  76. Marcossantanabarros Barros

    Simplesmente fantastico grande dupla

  77. Edson Coelho

    O saudade da Gislene como a gente amava dançar essa musica😭😭😭

  78. Edimario Fernandes

    Muito bom que música linda bons tempos final da década de 80 início da década de 90 30anos essa meninada de hoje não sabe o que é bom

  79. Carlos Magno Santosde Souza

    Era a diva maior do soul Aretha , junto com mestre Michael McDonald canta muito. Eu sou fã de carteirinha

  80. Colin Smith

    She was amazingly pretty when she was younger the undisputed Queen of soul indeed

  81. Luiz Henrique Rezende

    Quanta Saudades de uma pessoa que eu amo muito gostaria tanto que ela estivesse aqui do meu lado agora pois essa pessoa me faz muito feliz ela da sentido para viver... Agora estou aqui pensando nela ouvindo essa canção linda

  82. Melissa Baird

    November 2019

  83. Mônica Costa

    Verdadeira música romântica.😍

  84. Tye pretty girl

    OK like I totally love her hair on here ♡☆

  85. Jackson Lamont Donald 30

    I do miss her

  86. Rozeli Barranqueiro

    Isso sim é música , que pena não temos

  87. redeemed1352

    It's something about the music from back in the day gives me a good feeling. The good ole days when music was beautiful and real and they were singing about something besides the superficial.

  88. Franciaca Oduwa

    Beautiful song. Amazing voices

  89. Peter Littele

    I'm Only 21 Years Old With 3 Kids And This Song Keeps Me Going When I Feel There's No Hope🙌❕

    Lorenzo Sloan

    It'll get better!!!

    ase cisneros

    Dam ,one thing I've leaned throughout my life ,life can be a mother fucker at time .But what can I say keep going for those of us who won't chose suicide as a way out.#keep running

  90. Maxwell Romeo

    These are really ever changing times... Nov 2019. One of my all time fav old school songs.

  91. Maria Ignez de Oliveira Martins

    Show!!! Música top!! ❤️❤️👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷

  92. soultree serenade

    Hateretha sounds and looks beautiful in this..

  93. Melissa Fredericks

    love this song.

  94. Collins Charles

    Miss you Michael

  95. Collins Charles

    Continue to sleep in peace miss you so much

  96. Collins Charles

    Continue to sleep in place miss you

  97. Collins Charles

    My favorite lady

  98. Wilson B. M.

    Simplesmente, maravilhosa canção....