Michael McDonald - Baby I'm For Real Lyrics

Baby, baby, you don't understand
How much I love you, baby
How much I want to be
Your only man, oh, baby, my baby, my baby

And baby, baby, baby, you don't have to go
Stay a little while longer, baby
I want to talk to you
Just a little more

I see the tears in your eyes about to fall
You are wondering if I'm for real
Oh, but if you cry, I wonder why you cry
I tell you no lie, this is how I feel

You need to, baby, I'm for real
So real, baby, baby, baby, baby, girl

And baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, you don't have to go
Stay a little while longer, baby, hold me, baby, love me, baby, yeah, yeah, yeah
This is how I feel about your love, yeah
But if you cry, I wonder why you cry
I tell you, tell you no lie, this is how I feel
Oh, now, baby, now, baby, now, baby, yeah

Baby, I'm for real (I'm for real)
You know (I'm for real)
You know, you know, you know, you know, you know

(Baby, I'm for real)
You know I'm not lyin' to you, baby
I would never, never tell you a lie about my love
(Baby, I'm for real)
I'm so for real, I'm so for real, I'm, I'm real, I'm real

But if you wanna know the truth about it
Girl, I just can't live without it
And that's why I'm professin' my love to you, baby
So that I can live my whole life with you

And baby, baby, baby
Never, never, never gonna leave you, baby
No, no, no, no, no, no, no

Oh, baby, I'm for real
(Baby, I'm for real)
Wipe the tears from your eyes
Now you won't have to cry, no

(Baby, I'm for real)
And darling, hey, hey, baby

Take to the sky on a natural high
Lovin' you more till the die I die
Take to the sky on a natural high
Lovin' you, kissin' you, tellin' you why

(Baby, I'm for real)
Oh, you need to know, you need to know, oh
Baby, I'm for real

(Baby, I'm for real)
Wipe the tears from your eyes
Now you won't have to cry, no, no

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Michael McDonald Baby I'm For Real Comments
  1. Caleb Torrez

    X 0.75 speed... .. .

  2. donna br0wn

    ❤️🌹👍Gets you right in the mood for that loving slow dance.😳2019

  3. David Estillore

    If I got the talent to join a singing competition - this is the song I'm gonna sing. 😁😁😁

  4. Luther King

    Uncle snoop's post on insta brought me here


    Luther King same I’m young and shocked he’s white

  5. cza

    Nice version but nothing like the "The Originals"

  6. Motopela Mohapi

    Blue eyes soul

  7. Sheila Ivory

    I have listened to several versions of this song. Michaels is one of the best! A great singer!

  8. Deborah Smith

    OMG. Love this man

  9. Chad Cloer

    Get it brother. He kills these Motown jams. He crushes Marvin Gaye's Distant Lover too. My two favorite songs on the lp.

  10. Charles Williams

    This is cold, cold, version of this song. Awesome U feel his heart in this song. It's hard to top this translation of this classic.

  11. Cheryl Polk


  12. Therone Dawson

    Dam if he didn't put his soul and heart in this classic by The Originals.

  13. Charles Williams

    Love Michael McDonald interpretation of this song. Singing from his heart as only he can. Simply Awesome.

  14. Charles Williams

    Simply Awesome the one and only Michael McDonald.

  15. Ricky Lewis

    This song is drop more panties and they got no Victoria's Secret store Michael's beautiful voices outstanding

  16. sherrie Wilkins

    Sing Michael

  17. Yanina Acevedo

    so beautiful so romantic

  18. Ruby Chew

    I'm glad that he left the Dobbie Brothers because he was using his full potential. When he went solo he excelled.

  19. Melek Alrahim

    M M eres el mejor, no mames no hay mejor soulmaster que tú. Todas tus rolas son rayos de magnificencia y esplendor. Why are you so damm good bro? How is that possible to touch a tune and make it the best song from the soul ?

  20. Damian Christopher

    Sing it Michael!!! 👍🏼😎

  21. Linda Barnes

    This Michael McDonald is too much make a woman feel a special way. That voice!

  22. Owen Fielding

    Voice complemented by slick arrangements and awesome band with some big hitters: Nathan East, Billy Preston et al. Hard to fail.......

  23. Cordney Harris

    He sang the PHUCK outta that song!!!

  24. Maria Nuria Rodriguez Silva


  25. cea319

    I would fall so in love with any man that would sing this song to me, and mean it!

  26. Herman Foster


  27. Paul Allison


  28. Kevin Williams

    I love micheal mcdonald but this one was off. Sorry had to 👎

  29. Annette Robison

    Baby u are for real u got the most beautiful smile when u smile and the way u look is dangerous for both of us .

  30. Terry Sanders

    Michael can sang the hell out of song. But he always seems to be pleading his case. He's some kind of wonderful. He touches my heart every time.

  31. Hamzah Elsulayman

    This is a great remake

  32. Audrey Evering

    Ooh baby baby baby!

  33. HackerMultiful

    Spor brought me here :D

  34. Linda Barnes

    Mi:heal, just you singing is all women want to hear. Now I'm beeing nice cause you married and I respect that.

  35. Linda Barnes

    Mi:heal, just you singing is all women want to hear. Now I'm beeing nice cause you married and I respect that.

  36. Emilie Smith

    Nobody's real.... !!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Bill Roberts

    Soulest white boy ever, I don't care what nobody say. Sang dat song, boy-ee!

    Maria JONES


    Danielle Shaw

    Bill Roberts Yasss!

  38. Glenn R

    Better late, than never. Going to see Michael McDonald in concert, April 4th! Beautiful cover.

  39. s2ace1

    I just love the way Michael sings.

  40. Kim Sayles

    sang boo

  41. lamar Winchester

    This Cover is so Dope, I love Michael Mcdonald!

  42. LMmccallL57

    Michael's voice. Yes, goodness!

  43. littlemisssunnybitch grayline

    P r o v e. I t !!!

  44. Daddyman G

    Black man's voice in a white man's body. Mike is The king of blue eyed soul. Bravo!!! this dude never disappoint the listening ear.

    Maria JONES

    yes he's my white crooner and I love him

    Nigel Stewart

    He and Michael Bolton

    sean rickards

    Let's not forget Daryl Hall from Hall&Oates, he is blue eyed soul royalty also!

    Michael Coulter

    @Nigel Stewart Michael Bolton was boss back in the day

    Deborah Smith

    Love him

  45. HisMajesty8787


  46. Sue Newmeyer

    I get CHILLS every single time I hear Michael sing this! Lord have mercy, this is a cuddle song no doubt about it! Love you Michael!

    Renée Hut

    same thought here!!

  47. JRC 71

    I love you!

  48. Eddie McCloud

    Nice rendition, but no one can sing this song like the late, great Sherrick. https://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=FYxq2EF9DSE not taking anything away from Michael though. He does an admirable job here.

    IamGod GodIam

    You are correct! I never heard of Sherrick til today, July 5, 2016, but I wanted to hear if any version of this song came close to the orchestration and vocals of the Originals, and Sherrick did a hell of a job. After 7's version, they sand it too much! They tried to show how loud, how many hi notes, etc.. The Originals sound more like the average man off the corner, saying all of this to his woman. Michael doesn't mess it up, but his version doesn't prompt me to want to hear his version again! And replay, is the true test of a song.

  49. Dorothy Bostic

    Sweet music to my ears. ..smooth Michael McDonald. What a voice....

  50. anabel2525

    can I just say, I love this man.


    Love his voice, Michael can sing.

  52. manny martinez


    manny martinez

    im a lucky man ///is all about frends and family

    Daddyman G

    Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. "So as a man think, so shall he be in his heart" Speak over yourself, over your life, "I shall live and not die" believing in the power of Jesus Christ it shall be done.


    Manny, you got this!!!! Prayers for you my musical brother!!!!

  53. mocarry

    An outstanding cover of an old classic by the Originals . Also check out the cover by" After Seven ". Michael stole all the ladies souls with this cut..

  54. Taja Lee

    Damn! Man can sing......love this!

  55. Marylin Reed

    Folks, I simply love this guy- been a fan since he was playing with Steely Dan. God I love his cover of this song- just lost my mind girls. LOL!!!!!

  56. Lovely Butterflies

    he is so sexy on this cover

    Maria JONES

    He sexy off the cover too, I love this man

  57. julia a

    BABY... You are for REAL.. You are bringing it..

  58. DOCTOR562


  59. Zarrock184

    I am michael mcdonald and I listen to the yogpod all day.

  60. Dee Harp

    He sang the hell out of this song....Damn!!!!

  61. Ironman Hondo

    I am NOT suprised how Mike did this tune. HOMERUN!!! Rounding the bases.

  62. Carlos renato Dos Santos

    Este realmente é Michael McDonald com esta extraordinária voz de um autêntico soul man,o que na maioria de sua carreira foi o seu forte.e agora com esse magistral albúm com interpretações da grande gravadora Motow.que bela regravação!!!

  63. Flowcimarosa

    entre la musique et la voix magnifique on fond

  64. Keedeeg

    Next to the original, this is my FAVORITE cover of this song. It's just... right!!

  65. GIRASOUL65

    so real!

  66. Jed Florex

    Sorry I love this guy's voice, but this cover is way too over-produced and has to many coputer over-tracks. If you want to hear it "For Real" check out the original by The Originals, co-written and produced by Marvin Gaye...

  67. MrEveryman9

    Totally ridiculous and outrageous statement!

  68. TheJuliusJT

    such a STRONG voice! amazing..

  69. GIRASOUL65

    so so so special!!...the song of my house,....

  70. Mehki

    Michael McDonald is too fine...