Michael McDonald - All I Need Lyrics

Like a river runnin' to the sea
There must be a reason for all these shattered dreams
Starts with our believing and ends with our backs against the walls
If I'm not careful I might convince myself
This is the way it's always gonna be
Spend my whole life wonderin' just what it means to survive

So I wonder, am I strong enough?
Do I have the strength I need to carry on?
All I'm askin' for is the path that's gonna lead me home

All I need is a shinin' light an open door
I'm askin' for nothin' more than a little hope

Another mornin' strange as it seems
Here once again with all these broken things
That once hung in the balance between the extremes of my life
With the will of a runaway train
I took my chances time and time again
Leaving nothin' but wreckage and pain behind


All I need (is) just one answer I'm lookin' for
I'm askin' for nothin' more...

Than a light in the window
Enough that I might see
A voice to call my name

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Michael McDonald All I Need Comments
  1. Fiona Phillips

    Underrated, love this....

  2. durringtongull