Michael Learns To Rock - We Shared The Night Lyrics

Alone with you on naked feet
Creep into your soul
We reached the end of Lonely Street
The end of feeling cold

I have cried a thousand times
I’ve been searching all around me
This time and forever
I know that I have found (the love in me)

We shared the night
We saw the light
Deep in each others eyes
The feeling that lifts us up
That feeling we know is love

Home between your loving hands
With your body next to mine
I believe that we will be together trough the time

I have gone for many walks
I’ve been reeling home from town
This time and forever I know that I have found (the love in me)

We shared the night
We saw the light
Deep in each others eyes
The feeling that lifts us up
That feeling we know is love

Walking through the door
Into a life we’ve been looking for
I’m a brand new soul
In a brand new world

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Michael Learns To Rock We Shared The Night Comments
  1. Leena Yanthan

    Mltr!!!! U really rocks in melodious tone...my painkiller....

  2. happymummy N2

    never change i still love this song! so sick stuck in ma head 💯💯

  3. asnifah young

    And I've been here this hours of Feb.2,2020 😭😭😭just really miss to the person that can not mine anymore,,I love u goodbye I hope you are happy wherever you are

    Hithatter Sam

    asnifah young that’s life😥

  4. Rayma Guiama

    Very nice !

  5. Alfonzo Ricardo

    2020. I am still here 😢😢😢

  6. Dave Guray

    Its a very beatiful lovesong. And A beautiful soul of the two lovers in the night.

  7. Losaba Inka

    Old is gold

  8. Riches Star

    My favourite song

  9. Aj Sala

    Sad im still single

  10. Neneng Khan Yee Tee


  11. Nurul Tea

    @The Andalus Residence

  12. Nurul Tea

    @Olay Indonesia @The Andalus Residence

  13. Nurul Tea

    Jan 15th, 2020

  14. Nilva Perez


  15. Daylight Palapar

    I love MLTR....

  16. Danica Buta


  17. Danica Buta

    Im so sorry for everything

  18. Danica Buta

    your the best thing happen in my life

  19. Danica Buta

    I miss you

  20. back to 90's

    i loved almost every songs that u make, simple lyric but very romantic...now i'm just curious how did you could make all of this masterpiece....


  21. Hamdan Husein

    firts 2020

  22. Ada Santiago

    Always listening ,true fan♡♡♡♡

  23. Javier Dawai

    Anybody know who is the girl in the video?
    Just curious😁

  24. T T Konyak Naga

    Dear MLTR Please come to Nagaland( India) for live Concert...!! 🙏🙏😊😊

  25. Dionesio Abing

    Every moment i wake in the morning this is the song that i played my God it makes my day great as i hear this song everyday...

  26. aRVees Blog

    I love this song 💕


    Anyone listening in 2019 Dec??

  28. alonso franco

    if you know how to reach everyone's heart thank you mltr

  29. Marahzali Boediman

    When i was child, i like your song, now iam 38 years old still like your song. by me ftom Aceh Indonesia

  30. Nurul Tea

    @Imagine Your Korea

  31. Anh Bui

    Love always...my love

  32. Orlando Aton Jr

    One of my fave mltr songs

  33. Rangga AW Purnama

    can't wait another album new.. from indonesia..

  34. Melinda Corporal

    Nov, 6/2019 listening MLTR song we share the night one of my favorite song 🎵 I luv u MLTR

  35. Maylia Paramitha

    i remember you....

  36. Neneng Khan Yee Tee

    What a wonderful song! 😍❤

  37. H Lalduhkimi

    In thiam ve thlawtt,,aw nalh bawk si😻😻 love you from Mizoram;India

  38. tarantado minominoto

    2019 listening 😍😍😍

  39. akis laalem13

    This song is really touching. Meaning that sometimes at first we have someone to be loved but at the end anything could happen.

  40. Kay McKean


  41. Soria Janeth

    Why I'm inlove with this song? Gihubuan, but I haven't meet Mr right yet

  42. Nmay Nongbak

    7/9/19 felling depress

  43. LadyAnne

    Wanting to be a brand new soul in a brand new world with you......love song so beautiful. 💞💗

  44. Valdelte Bernardo

    Beautiful song.


    Totally relatable

  46. Mayank Joshi

    2019 anyoneeee

  47. 造物主


  48. Jameboy Meñares

    Ddcated to nissa jan Halim

  49. dioresa cajipe

    2019 here

  50. good vibes

    mltr are are ageless..

  51. Bui thanh phuong

    Have been loving MLR for decades. Their songs have souls, romantic, asian taste...I can tell it's their song without knowing the title.

  52. TAD TIMB

    I love To sing to dance to listen by Michael Learns to rock👏👏👏😘🌹❤️🙏

  53. Jay-ar Adjialam

    👇 2019

  54. Prakash Doley Motivation

    After listening to this song I miss my girlfriend

    Oh wait I don't have a girlfriend

    That's the power of this song

  55. Tante Lilis

    July 23th, 2019

    Nurul Tea

    It's me!

  56. Hérida Farinazzo

    Amo MLTR ❤️Amo Jascha ❤️👏👏👏👏 amo essa música! Amo todas músicas kkkk pra sempre!

  57. gelos monteval


  58. olerilwe mosiane

    Every time I lose hope,she always plays this song just to lighten up my spirit.best mltr song,my honest opinion

  59. Valdelte Bernardo

    Beautiful music. Love.

  60. Molto Vivace

    I thought it was gonna end differently

  61. paulimik mikkulos

    still listening 2019 :*

  62. wallbreaker larry

    Mltr can't make bad song's

  63. lamphang marbaniang

    2019.... Anyone here
    This song is 👌... Walking through the door into our life we were looking for
    I'm a Brand New soul in this brand new world .

  64. Rosa Rosa


  65. Elohrii modoyio

    We need more songs....... Mltr My fav.

  66. Wamala Sifo


  67. Anoop Deuri

    My all time favourite songs

  68. Juls Black


  69. Atobo Puth

    Childhood fav band n still my fav n will always be my fav

  70. Sonly Pabeo

    MLTR No Never Die👍👍

  71. mark lorenzo

    its the only band i think that all of their songs I liked.thanks for your songs MLTR. <3 from philippines

  72. kenny doungul

    June 2019 #mltr #love3000

  73. ram ram

    Takes me back to my school days... My goodness am in love again just like 90's ❤❤❤❤

  74. Meralona Quisaot

    Feels like he sang for me💗😍😘thanks mltr for the music💗💗💖

  75. Jonny adryan mnune

    I ❤ MLTR

  76. wAwE vLoG

    Wow this song is touching song wow love it

  77. Kay McKean

    My favourite ♡

  78. karya adji jaya

    Mr Jascha 👍👍

  79. Tandat Phom

    Who are at 2019

  80. John Joseph Reyes

    💙 from Philippines. June 2019.

    Rosária Z Ussaca

    From Mozambique 09/ October/2019. I love MLTR

  81. Toe NaNa

    2019 still listening,MLTR never die

  82. engie Lux

    2019, anyone?

  83. Zeledo Music

    my love band

  84. Cy Pricilya Tendean


  85. Happy Life

    Jascha Riscter (and MLTR), You are very handsome..and your music/songs are awesome

  86. Boli Nao TV

    Anyone listening 2019?

  87. DjMawlong

    May 3---5---2019🙋‍♂️👇👇👇👇👇

  88. Pawut Wanngoen

    sadness song 😭😭😭

  89. doca filex

    I love all The songs of M.L.T.R so meaningful & Romantic....

  90. ha nguyen

    This song is so sad, but i love it

  91. Andika Afika

    Good song 👫👫👫👫💘💘💘😎😎😎😎

  92. Hưng Nguyễn

    2019 still here

  93. I.G Channel

    Best vokalis the one and only! ❤️

  94. Happy Life

    Jascha is very handsome


    My fav band till my breath end😎