Michael Learns To Rock - I'll Wait For You Lyrics

I know a secret place to go...
nothing to fool me.. my heart's still close
rising up to the air, just without any care
yeah I'm watching the birds
they don't know how it hurts
to be loving you...
and to feel this kind of blue

I'm talking to myself try to break the silence
I'm going crazy and I promised that I'll wait for you
staring through the candle light
I no longer see your eyes
and I promise that I'll wait for you

I thought that I saw you in my room
but that was the curtain
playing with the moon
when my hand on the ground
I've been fooling around
yeah I'm watching the birds
they don't know how it hurts
to be loving you...
and to feel this kind of blue

I'm talking to myself try to break the silence
I'm going crazy and I promised that I will wait for you
staring through the candle light
I no longer see your eyes
and I promise that I'll wait for you

The picture of you is frozen in blue...

I'm talking to myself try to break the silence
I'm going crazy and I promise that I will wait for you
staring through the candle light
I no longer see your eyes
That I'll wait for you
That I'll wait for you

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Michael Learns To Rock I'll Wait For You Comments
  1. Dinus Maling

    the best

  2. Оксана Вахитова

    It is a really amazing song. All words of any language can't reflect my emotions concerning this song and video! I wish MLTR much success. I hope you will create more masterpieces such this one!

  3. salsal Marak


  4. Lianne Chavez

    Bullshit for those who dislike 🤨🤨🤨 i really love this band

  5. Nurul Tea

    Jan 13th, 2020

  6. Justice Althings

    2020 whos with me

  7. master unix

    1 january 2020 up your hand's ✋

  8. Gwen Manila

    Wait for me mylove I will be coming I'm still saving money for the immigration check🙏

  9. Jossi

    holy moly

  10. Maxime Kameni

    December 2019... still listening... Who else

  11. Arrchee D'man

    its me Dec 21 2019 still listening and watching...anybody else

  12. Quench Gamer TV

    i dont know why this song is so underrated maybe because some of people know a days dont listen to soulful songs

  13. Bouba Bachirou

    J'aime la mussic mlrt

  14. Mykonick Bumbumboys

    One of their best awesome

  15. Nhật Tú Trần

    it's the end of 2019, anyone hereeee?

  16. Pisces March

    Was pretty good to see you MLTR here in Bali in Double Six Roof top Seminyak Nov. 29, 2019.... 💟💟💟 Love you guys.. Greetings From Philippines 😘😘😘

  17. Xu Fei

    November 2019 😍

  18. Just a Guy

    I'll wait for her

  19. Athing -

    Name of the actress??

  20. Sintu Teronpi

    still listening on 2019..MLTR forever❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🔈🔉🔊

  21. Ryan Booc

    450 souls will never find happiness

  22. ShobuJ SmuleaN

    Love it core..im a crazy fan of mltr...love from Bangladesh...

  23. Pradeep Kumar Rai

    I still listening MLTR songs
    😍 love from Nepal ❤💖💖🤘

  24. kurt krauer

    Think about this when we get in to 2020 and 2021 and further, we are still going back to what was good.. and this is really good.

  25. Ken Iglesia

    Nov.08 2019😍😍😍😍😍😍

  26. Nelo Monderondo jr

    Novembre 06 2019 i love this song(;

    Mildatu Mil

    Me too 🤗😢

  27. Johan Kurniawan

    Omg... i like all song you make it so beautifule Mltr forever my life

  28. media eliza

    Hey hey not bad ;-)

  29. Lalthazova Khawlhring

    I'm Still talking to my self



  31. Niyitegeka Jmv

    so emotional I remember when I heard this song for the first time became great memory

  32. Physics Boi

    Always 💚💚💚 MLTR

  33. Muhammad Fahmi

    Lagu terbaik yg pernah saya dengar, ini termasuk

  34. Ha Vo Nguyen

    Nghe bài hát này bổng dưng mình nhớ lại nhiều KN đã qua nhất là gương mặt cô gái trong clip này tựa như cô gái tôi làm quen lúc bấy giờ... Tối đó và sáng hôm sau chúng tôi được lệnh rút về đơn vị củ tại Cần Thơ tôi đã ko có 1 lời từ biệt cô gái trẻ đó, lúc ấy đơn vị tôi đóng quân ở Dĩ An Bình Dương 1/1991

  35. Diah Fidayanti

    Really hurt to be loving you...😭😭

  36. Dj Micay

    still listening michael's learn to rock song💕😍

  37. Dj Micay


  38. Shan Odyuo

    October 2019 anyone???

  39. Kay McKean

    Love this song...
    It's beautiful and sad at the same time. ..
    I know the feeling. ...
    It hurts to be loving you, feeling this kind of blue. ..
    Because it reminds me of something that I'll never have with my best friend. ..
    Unrequited love is painful. ..
    But unfortunately you can't make someone love you the way you love them...

  40. Maro

    Every time I hear this song, I cry hard. Until now when I remember the past, I always say that I'll wait for her even if she will not come back anymore.

    3skemo fromYT

    I feel u😊

  41. Mul Yati

    I love all the song mltr
    From the 1997 until now 2019
    Love mltr

  42. M.L. Lee

    This new song i love.

  43. Nmay Nongbak

    7 Sep 2019 still listening... Favorite all over the years

  44. Valdelte Bernardo

    MLTr. Thank you for existing, and make me so happy. Beautiful songs. I love mucho.

  45. Bhuwan Chettri

    Why cannot i download what's the matter

  46. Alexander Pandang

    MLTR songs ever lasting

  47. Jonathan Cajucom

    You're such amazing band, MLTR..all you guys have something about your songs that entice your fans..

  48. Angela Kinga

    Never gets too old!Still loving it💜

  49. luky Al Hakim

    I wait MLTR gotta Indonesia

  50. a_little big

    That's I wait for you. Please come back again. Thailand

  51. Jean Lanz

    who loves MLTR until now 2019?🖐

    nindot jud paminawon ang song na mga karaan kaysa bag.o.🖐

  52. Plok Plot

    Hi, have a nice day.

  53. 노장공시생

    the girl is so pretty. anyone know who she is?🙏

  54. Nhing Villamero

    Whos with me listening july 2019..
    100% talents

    Budi Sutiekno

    It,'s august now😊 well agree with you..no nude, no drug, no stupid issue...

    Ehmm maybe i will see them in jakarta this November😚😊

    Sri Maharani Hartini

    Me it's me

    Real Name

    I listening this in September . I agree with you .. They are amazing and legend

  55. Pranay Chaturvedi

    Who else cried?

  56. Raeyza Desmo

    gak bosen bosen coy... mana yang dari tahun 2020 nih???

    Adam Dharmawan

    hadir bang

  57. Su Wint Hlaing

    beautiful song

  58. Jay Andres

    I luv u so much idol MLTR ur the best ever

  59. Riz Keith

    stupid people unlike

  60. Divya Drishti

    Will I be happy anymore?

  61. Sunrise Pohtam Tyan

    MLTR, keep on carrying your legacy as long as you were all alive. No pervert modern artists and bands can beat you up guys...Keep singing up the good ballads ☺😊

    Constance constance

    They are good

  62. Alok Hota

    I will pass this song to my children and grandchildren to make them understand what true music is and how emotions are intertwined in a song.

  63. GnaReffotsirk

    What's the story, was the military guy reincarnated into the girl?

  64. Mark Louie

    Asians love you MLTR a lot specially here in Philippines keep making songs MLTR😍😍😍😍

  65. Lutfi Iskandar

    His voice never change

  66. Evanescent

    I'm in tears ❤😭

  67. hananto dwi

    Can u tell me whats is the car that use by the girl?

  68. Maman Wbk

    Putar berulang ulang ga masalah memang enak lagunya.makasih MLTR n penyedia.

  69. rgr11music

    MLTR 4ever

  70. sanaya drama

    i love you

  71. Dede Samsudin

    The songs lovers MLTR alway in my heart.

  72. Made by Söçîèty

    Nagaland again 😰

  73. taleta nasi

    Hackingnya kapan selesai bebe?

  74. taleta nasi

    Nunggu dimana? Dendi aku kan dapt nomormu. Dijawab dong smsnya

  75. Headshot 1 Shot

    Next time please go to northern part of Philippines.

  76. James Souza

    Just heard it again, my goodness, only MLTR has their sound intact which is good,

  77. Constance constance

    What a song one of my favorite

  78. Artis Mercer

    Thank U...tears😓

    Artis Mercer


  79. Nhan Phan Tran

    Love you forever

  80. Raihan AB

    Very touching song😭😭😭

  81. kangleipak nub free star

    I confused she just like my girlfriend twins hit like for mltr from India

  82. jeriman marak

    Beuty band....ILove MLTR I Miss you....

  83. 4 Little Men

    so soothing

  84. Alvin Arravi

    2019 Any one?

  85. MCed Arxaga

    2019 MLTR

  86. Barney Stinson

    kpop left the chat.

  87. Bahrit Nong'z

    Mltr am big fan of yours don't breaking my heart again😎

  88. Mark Janseph Hansol

    Very nice song that's why i love MLRT😍😘since breakup with my GF i started to listening this song

  89. Eka firmansyah yogatama

    I just break up and i know that feeling 😭😭😭

  90. Thant Naing Sithu

    I'm here again to cry .:'(

  91. Robinson Hanse

    Love song..

  92. Dita Kurnia

    Beautiful song.i love mltr

  93. Yeongmi Pak

    I've heard your music since childhood. Aww...Twenty-five years have passed since then.
    I feel the most peaceful when I listen to your music.
    I love you guys. MLTR is the best! Biggest fan From South Korea♡

  94. Aerron .Baksh

    MLTR has proven that music was for impression and not for money

  95. Dianne Ducos

    I wish someone will sing for me a song like this.

  96. Hate K

    This reminds me of my father. 😢I love your songs MLTR thank you for this.