Michael Learns To Rock - Everything You Need Lyrics

You're sitting in the bedroom playing the guitar
Writing in a notebook your wish upon a star
You are like a snowflake melting in my hand
Vanish like a footstep sinking in the sand

You're living in a greenhouse playing with a stone
You wanna be a princess looking for a throne
You cry a litte teardrop when you had enough
But you don't wanna listen when I sing about love

Don't wait for better days
Reach out and take away
Everything you need
The world is at your feet
Inside you wanna stay
Don't try to run away
Hold me in the sun
The best is yet to come

Just around the corner there's a happy life
Dreaming of tomorrow when you could be a wife
You cry a little teardrop working with your hair
You're running away from everyone who cares

Don't wait for better days
Reach out and take away
Everything you need
The world is at your feet
Inside you wanna stay
Don't try to run away
Hold me in the sun
The best is yet to come

(Don't run away)
(Hold me in the sun)

Don't wait for better days
Reach out and take away
Everything you need
The world is at your feet
Inside you wanna stay
Don't try to run away
Hold me in the sun
The best is yet to come

(Don't run away)
(Hold me in the sun)
The best is yet to come
(Don't run away)
(Hold me in the sun)
(Don't run away)

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Michael Learns To Rock Everything You Need Comments
  1. Cláudia Borges

    I was sad then i founded this Song.... Thnk u so much... Big hug from Portugal

  2. arun peter

    Loved it

  3. Nurul Tea

    Jan 15th, 2020

  4. March Heart

    I love you still MLTR

  5. Sangita Shah

    I realy feel so nice when i listen michael learns sobgs are realy awesome

  6. Sihar Sihombing

    Molo songonon mantap suara na, tikkos from indonesia cullture sub tittle batak

  7. Rumiati Rum

    MLTR myXLCare favorite

  8. Fenik Linatra

    I really hope MLTR Karaoke Video for those new songs are available like the old times..

  9. Ejike Ike

    My best voice since I was a kid

  10. Rajesh nagarajan


  11. Budi Sutiekno

    They are : Simply The Best😊

  12. Christine Hachiwa

    Am from zambia

  13. Christine Hachiwa

    Wow......nice song with well arranged beats,my MLTR love you

  14. muji Kirani

    No comment

  15. Siti Hajar

    "Everything you need" is really nice song..like it very much

  16. Italian Stallion

    The best soft pop rock band in the world. There songs are so soothing, lovely, calming and full of emotions and love. They will never get old. I loved you since i was 15.

  17. shannenlee2011

    Love his voice soon much!!!!

  18. Rhesa MR


  19. musarrat syed

    I still love this band and their voices.

  20. sodok Chakma

    Boring dont make anymore you bloody busket

  21. April-lheR Gunzales

    MLTR one of the best Boyband ever.❤️they never leave each other.great song.

  22. Garth Mikes

    Michael Learns to Rock forever.

  23. ming ming

    Very nice song, love it....michael learn to rock!! One of my favorite...band
    I'm not tired watching and listening their videos....
    Who else not tired ..april 17, 2019, wed!!

  24. Julienne Joyce Ibarra

    MLTR never fails me to dislike their songs ❤️❤️❤️

    Surya Widi

    Umm.. you mean to like their songs, right?

  25. Jo-ann Louw

    Nice ❤❤

  26. Alifsar Nurfauzi

    I love this song

  27. Jon Cahanap

    Can i share this to facebook?

  28. detonador futuro

    I love MLTR


    2020? 😘

  30. del mad

    i ❤️ this song

  31. 그래요

    Is the new song always released?

  32. Lilla Yie

    I have seen them "live " last year in Copenhagen! ❤️

  33. dudung ninung

    indonesia ?????????

  34. Clarion Lansangan

    mltr nice

  35. Anne Shv

    Don’t try to run away. Hold me in the sun. The best is yet to come.
    Great song #MLTR. You guys really rock👍

  36. Tante Lilis

    January 20, 2019

  37. Ana Nurbuana

    Beautiful song🙏👌😇😇❤️

  38. Sari houche

    selalu suka lagu MLTR. buat adem hati slow energic.. keren MLTR

  39. Ripson Moirangthem

    Love from Manipur(🇮🇳) 😘😘

  40. Vevozo Lohe

    MLTR always my favorite band.... listening in 2019 2 January

  41. Cathy Sinaga

    MLTR I Love u,, 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  42. Reinalda Alcarazrocio


  43. eNHa piZZa

    Jascha...i will waiting you at radisson batam hotel...love you😘😘😘

  44. Rain Raiden

    i really love MLTR .i love ur songs!!! the BEST

  45. Joan Vettel Yettel

    As jenis kelereng Ui

  46. Doma Bee


  47. laura ara

    LOVE MLTR love the song yes the best yet to come


    I love this song.. I would like to use the part from 2:40 until end in my chanel, on a video with translate for portuguese. Can I do this? In discription I would put the link to this video here....

  49. araya wisesa

    See you Dec 2Dec 2018

  50. Jeffri S

    Almost 30 year...and i still love their songs & music...

  51. Bilex Biyela

    nice !!

  52. margarreta binyola

    I like all song from MLTR...meaning so deep for me.. 😍😍😍 love u all man..

  53. GERALD AL 11

    Everlasting MLTR never die love love their song too much

  54. Wisdom Christopher

    I am the greatest mltr fan in Nigeria, I love the band amazingly, their songs are well arranged. Cheers

  55. Natalis Satria Juventus

    this song makes me fine

  56. Keith Nigli

    This group is AWESOME and the Song is FANTABULOUS

  57. Mayank Yadav

    Amazing song 😃

  58. The Good Guy

    Still rocks, fan from Philippines 🇵🇭

  59. Ravi Aparanji

    Great one..so positive!

  60. Osang Bubuyog

    I'll never get tired of listening to your songs ❤❤❤ I'm one of your million fans. I hope someday you come and visit japan 😌❤

  61. Chris Daryll


  62. Tante Lilis

    Love this song.

  63. Renáta Hunyadi

    Good music...I love😍😍😍

  64. Blumengeschenk

    Eine Wahrnehmung. Dieses Musikstück kommt mir so vor als würden Kinder mit der Musik im Kreis herum tanzen und sich freuen. Vor allem ein Teil des Refrains. Danke. Schön wie etwas sowas kindlich. Echt aufbauend!

  65. Blumengeschenk

    Danke sehr schönes Musikstück. Liebe Grüsse

  66. Rkp R.G.


  67. Blue Ocean

    Soulful 🎶

  68. Viet Ha

    Love u forever...



  70. People Smart

    I hear your songs since i was in elementary school,now iam 32.what a great songs man,i love your songs

  71. mualiful mizan

    The best

  72. nur mimi

    Great beautiful song 👑 cool tune 🎵

  73. There

    Love ❤️ die With Him 😘😘😘

  74. Meri Ayen

    I love ❤ them

  75. Teti Rusheti

    Nice song

  76. Anderson Dot

    Thank you for saving us with real music from the shits out there!!

  77. Richelle Khimberly

    mltr i love all ur songs..nice song again mltr

  78. Yasmin Chilito

    Me encanta!!!

  79. tinns usada

    you have stood the test of tym, now we are here, from paint my love to everything you need,,,wooow,,,

  80. Dewiq

    even you getting old, your voice just awesome like the past 28 years ago.... ah iam old tooo😂😂😂

  81. Magic Music

    perfect song!

  82. Marites Miceli


  83. Pema gyurme Pema gyurme bhutia

    Nice lyric great wow awesome ...

  84. mama mama

    awesome,,,best band in the world 😘👍👌

  85. คุณยายต้อย PP


  86. anson

    i love MLTR since 1995

  87. Arka Mitra

    I just wonder how simple and lovely English could be. <3

  88. Neinuo Tsuha

    Its all about me 😢 thankzzz 😘

  89. Varun Edward

    My love to MLTR ♡♡♡♡

  90. Bach Tung Mai

    that's great.....mltr in my heart

  91. Naresh Kumar

    I am always waiting your new songs

  92. siung Mesu

    I like to song mltr..goood is so goood

  93. Paulo Beraldo

    I want new album in vinyl

  94. Tristen Thunder

    michael learns to rock is BACK!!!

  95. Tom Koshy


  96. Heru Jaya Permana

    Always be legend in my heart.. Love ur music so much since I was young till now and forever.