Michael Learns To Rock - Crazy Dream Lyrics

The party's on the room is crowded
your conversation is so polite
And when you dance you keep your distance
noone's gonna walk you home tonight

You're searching for perfect love
you dreamed of when you were young
you'll find it or you won't have anyone

Why not forget your crazy dream
about a love that can't exist
'Coz while you dream so much you miss
you waste a lifetime

Just take a look below the surface
his golden hair will be turning grey
Though in your mind you pictured heaven
even heaven has a rainy day

No one can touch a dream
so forever you've been on your own
you're older and you are still all alone

Why not forget your crazy dream
about a love that can't exist
'Coz while you dream so much you miss
you waste a lifetime

Why don't you take a look around
now everyone has settled down
But you still think you're seventeen
It's a crazy dream

So take a chance and take your shot
No paradise but it's all we've got
and I will try to make your dream come true

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Michael Learns To Rock Crazy Dream Comments
  1. drextler gallenero

    2020 anyone? 😁😁😁

  2. Marlon Abucejo

    #complicatedheart / neverfade / MLTR

  3. Tsulem Tkr

    October 2019........

  4. Pushpa Phangchopi

    It brings back old memories

  5. Daniel Brahma

    Songs about a guy who couldn't live his crazy dream.. Dating and fooling around .. Now reached his 40s but still missing his college days..

  6. S and L twins

    Mltr never die

  7. Marlon Abucejo

    The melody and rythm so great! Thanks MLTR

  8. luar biasa

    MLTR ❤❤❤ teenage song 1997

  9. Ryan Tayo

    still listening in 2019

  10. Aremi Bawihtlung

    This song is my all time favourite song

  11. Joey Mantka

    This song is or people who think they can one day fall in love and be happy with their lives.
    But in reality they are ugly and no one wants them. This song reminds us that In reality, some people are just not meant to happy or find happiness in relationship and better look for something else.

    kelba leo

    No one is ugly you fool.

  12. anup dalmeida

    Lovely Song by my all tym fav band!


    I growing up with mltr song. Love it

  14. Manilyn Gagui

    My favorite music of mltr

  15. boru jabat jabat

    This song
    Why you take me alone?

  16. Khual Tonsing

    I still love this song after 20 years. Can't get rid of it @2019

  17. oxygen inhaler

    My Favourite mltr song

  18. Andhika Suryananggala

    Who still listening it in 2019???

  19. Akbar Sarosa

    2019 is still listening..


    I never knew I will listen again after 20 years later... (Missed old days in 1997)

  21. 김유진

    I think this song is really good song

  22. เพลงที่ชอบเพลง 999

    I don't want to see Crazy time .

  23. Raisa Cherry

    MLTR visited my country Bangladesh some years ago! Unfortunately i couldnt go to their show cuz I didn't have anyone to take me to their concert,and second, didn't have money to buy tickets 😩 MLTR made my childhood days so cheerful and memorable.

  24. Ubas Josel

    still kilig for me

  25. Raisya Syafa

    love song memoris

  26. RithySK

    Crazy Dream is a tipical Asian cultural type of song.

    Lobrigo Emily

    Still love this song😍

  27. Idle 26

    Anyone still listening 2018?😊😊😊😊😊

    Raisa Cherry

    Idle 26 me ❤✋


    Damn yeah.

    zyryll Ayu

    yes and its one of my fav song

  28. Julia Erni

    I love this song when I still in Elementary School. Now I have two baby. All of MLTR's song is the best 👍.

  29. Ngangom Sanajaoba

    Mltr song is beautiful and evergreen

  30. Vanessa Latawan

    my fav.song of mltr

    vonny sakura

    Suarajaschaenakpisan iloveit

  31. da rimi

    Melissa Ashley❤

  32. Nati Guab

    Loved💙💚💛and liked👍👍👍it.Thanks mltr love all your songs.I will try to makE my crazy dream comes true..

    vonny sakura


  33. Nomar Ancheta

    dont leave what u can do today.

  34. ryan lopez

    thanx i love so much this songs

  35. Tamerlane Mark

    i really like this song...

  36. Tubagus

    Underrated piece of work. Powerful lyrics.

  37. Muhammad Shakir

    my favourite song...really blown my minds with undivided memories..

  38. basket ball & sleeps

    i love this song since 1997, iv been looking for its title for years and i just found this now.. been wondering y it isnt popular just like other mltr songs..

    Lea Brøgger Detlevsen

    I'm so happy you found the song. It's a very popular song in my heart <3

    Joseph Karthic

    *1997* Oh those were the days...MLTR, AQUA

    Peters Chongom

    Leda Macahilig even my favourite


    Don’t forget “strange foreign beauty” also underrated 😪

    Khual Tonsing

    It's quite popular with me😂

  39. Rowena Santiago

    Iloveu guys,mltr💓💓💓💓💓

  40. Vanessa Latawan

    my fav. song crazy dream...

  41. Josephaty Shirima

    Crazy dream.

  42. Golian Phaltual

    I love you uploader .....miss u hahahaha

  43. Yhance Ancuelo

    my fave

  44. Janet Gutierrez

    this is really my song....

  45. Janet Gutierrez

    this is really my song....

    Nitesh Tomar

    mine too Ron Peterson

  46. robert kingi


  47. robert kingi

    the only one mltr

  48. Romeo Lone

    like this song, thnks for upload Lea <3

    Lea Brøgger Detlevsen

    You are welcome, Romeo :)

  49. Yhance Ancuelo

    a very beautiful song by MLTR...my fave

  50. Januar Tistiyanto

    wah sayag g bisa d donlod

  51. Neezhom

    Thanks for this lovely song :-)

    Lea Brøgger Detlevsen

    You're welcome :)